My New Girl


Until tomorrow, she would be my best friend’s girlfriend. And until tonight, I would be a virgin.

Yesterday had gone swimmingly, with a long drive up to my mom’s house to pick up my dress uniform. In fact, I think I scored some brownie points when I asked if she wanted to take the long way back to Tucson. We talked almost the entire way, although I was hoping she would want to pull off the side of the road somewhere and make out. She was my best friend’s girlfriend and I didn’t care. At the end of that night after much talking, we stopped by her apartment and picked up a movie that I had to watch for a class of mine; Shakespeare in Love. We sat on my loveseat, watching that movie and having a little idle chit-chat. I told her that I loved to cook, and would love to have her over for dinner at some point. She suggested the very next day, and I was happy with that because I was planning on fixing some bourbon chicken. At the end of the night, after a whole lot of nothing had happened, I walked her out to her car. I leaned in to give her a kiss goodnight, carefully keeping my raging erection away from her. I didn’t want to frighten her away.

I guess I didn’t frighten her away, because there she is sitting across from me, sharing my dinner with me. My apartment is small, cramped actually, and it is still messy from me moving in. But there she sits in a light blue crop top which sags just a bit on her frame, so that when she leans forward to take a bite, I can see down her shirt. I can see her blue satin bra nicely cupping her petite breasts. Just being able to see the flesh of her breasts makes me want her enough that my cock begins to grow hard as I’m eating. We have idle discussion through dinner – I’m not sure she knew how turned on I was the whole time or how hard my cock had gotten. Any time I would shift positions while eating, my cock would throb in my shorts, tugging to be released from its cloth prison, so I tried to keep still as much as possible while we talked. After we finished eating, we sat and talked for a while more which allowed my rock solid cock to relax to the point where I felt comfortable standing up. Even then, I could still feel my dick making a bulge in the front of my shorts.

Not wanting to give my arousal away too easily, I gathered up all of our dishes with the intention of doing them immediately. But as I was moving around, my cock relaxed a little bit more, so I decided to take care of dishes later. I was full and happy, so I sat down in my easy chair and she sat down on the loveseat. There was nothing good on TV, so I put on a little music while we talked, to provide a little background noise. As U2’s greatest hits started rockin’ away, we were having more and more trouble thinking of safe topics to discuss. She was leaning on the arm of the loveseat closest to me allowing me to see her blue bra again, and I felt my cock growing again. Trying not to be cheesy, I asked if she wanted to move my coffee table out of the way and dance right there on my living room floor. She surprised me when she agreed to it, but I was hoping that this night would lead somewhere. So we started dancing to U2’s With or Without You. Her body felt delicious pressed up against me, and I had long since stopped caring that she could more than likely feel my boner pressed up against her belly.

We kolej escort kept on dancing through song after song with me skipping the faster ones so we could remain closer together. We kept dancing while we caressed each other’s back and neck. Every so often I would allow my hands to drop and give a light caress to the curve of her ass, which she didn’t object to. Each time I did this, I would get a little bit braver, and my cock would begin throbbing again in my shorts. I actually felt the head of my dick poking underneath the elastic band of my underwear – hoping that she would take my dick in her hands and massage it’s bulging head with her mouth. As we danced there in the living room of my matchbox sized apartment, all I could think was that I was holding this wonderful woman in my arms, and that I would be a fool not to act on this opportunity. Her scent filled up my nose, and her body filled up my arms. I wanted to do something to fill her up with me.

“What would you do if I kissed you?” I asked.

“Kiss me and find out,” my beautiful dancing partner responded.

So I kissed her. Gently, hesitating at first, allowing the electricity of our kiss hang in the moment. After what seemed like an eternity, we broke the kiss, both too speechless to say anything. I didn’t think my cock was able to get harder than it had been while we were dancing, but it was sure trying, and it was throbbing again. The dancing wasn’t happening anymore, so I moved my coffee table away from the loveseat and we sat on the loveseat making out, my hands beginning to explore her body and seek out the places that give her pleasure. As I caressed, I wanted to feel more and more so I began to pull her shirt up and over her breasts and exposed her blue bra with a light swirl pattern on it. I kissed all over her body, getting lost in the sensations I was feeling from her hands on my body. She pulled my shirt up and over my head and I reached down and unclipped her bra, completely exposing her beautifully petite breasts which were very round and soft. She lay there looking deep into my eyes dressed only in her beautiful red hair and her blue and white shorts. I leaned in to kiss her again, kissing her deeply and fully, exploring her mouth with my tongue, feeling her tongue on mine exploring my own mouth. I felt her moan lightly into my kiss as I pressed my whole body against hers, my chest against hers, my legs against hers, my dick against her hips. I broke our kiss, but kept kissing her chin, her neck, her chest. I suckled on her breasts and felt her press her chest into my mouth with the pleasure she was feeling. I slid my hand down to the mound of her pussy and began to massage her pussy through her shorts. Just the feel of her moist mound through her shorts sent my cock into overdrive. I began to get lost in the passion of the moment, when she pushed me up and led me into my bedroom, mentioning that the loveseat was getting uncomfortable.

In my bedroom, I sat down on the edge of my bed, pulling her close to me to nuzzle her breasts and run my hands all over her body. She gasped as I lightly ran my hands up the small of her back, then caressed the curvature of her luscious ass and pulled her down onto the bed with me. My bed was up next to the wall, so as we rolled over on the bed, she came to rest maltepe escort nearly up against the wall. Our lips were still locked in an ongoing kiss, our tongues searching… feeling… exploring the others. My whole body was driven by desire to please this gorgeous woman before me, to captivate her emotions and senses in a fiery lustful passion. This translated to a throbbing in my rock solid cock that she could feel through my shorts, and a need which began to take over my thoughts. I pulled away from her, sat up and untied the drawstring on her shorts, pulling those off of her long and shapely legs. I noticed in passing that her panties matched her bra and longed to see the treasure that awaited underneath her satin underwear. I then took off my own shorts, dropping them to the side of the bed. Our bodies then immediately fused back together in an embrace which had her arms wrapped around me, caressing my back, my legs, my hair. Every few moments she would run her hand over my pulsating cock which was still imprisoned in my own underwear, which would send tremors of delight through my body.

I was being filled with the scents of her hair, her skin, her perfume, her desire, and being driven crazy by each one. I prayed that she would simply reach inside my underwear and play with my dick. I knew then that just making out in our underwear would not allow our bodies to become close enough to satisfy the desire I felt within. My hands went to the mound of her pussy, massaging her clit through her panties as she moaned into my kiss. My cock strained to be where my fingers were going as I reached into her panties to feel the folds of her pussy, to feel her juices on my hand. Our kissing was getting ever more daring as we licked and tasted each other, nibbling gently on her neck or her earlobe. We were now beginning to be lost in each other. I eased her panties away from her pussy, anticipating the point at which she would tell me to stop, but she never did, which made my cock swell with each moment she said nothing. I pulled them below her knees as she lifted her legs to help me get her panties off her legs. When I turned to look at the treasure I had uncovered I was elated to see her mound of hair and her pussy peeking out from the bottom of it all. My best friend’s girlfriend was now completely naked with me in my bed.

I reached down to feel her juicy pussy, to explore her folds and further her arousal, not realizing it would nearly send me over the edge of mine. I rubbed the node of her pleasure and marveled at how she responded to my touch. This went on for a minute or two as I would pleasure her and then lean in for a kiss – until she began to tug lightly at my own underwear. I realized then that I wasn’t naked yet, so I pulled my underwear off, freeing my swollen and throbbing cock. She pulled me back down to the bed, and wrapped her hands around my cock, unable to hold the entire shaft in both hands. Without saying a word, she began pumping her hand up and down on my stiff dick, causing several drips of pre-cum to leak out onto her hand. I pulled her hand off my shaft and rolled on top of her, and began kissing her, with my now granite hard cock pressing up against her very juicy pussy. As we kissed and rubbed some more, I began to fear the worst. I began to fear that she mamak escort would ask me not to go “too far” and that I wouldn’t be able to slide my throbbing manhood into her delicious pussy. But this did not happen which again caused my dick to swell – almost painfully. While caressing my back, she pushed down slightly on my ass, pressing my cock harder up against her pussy which surprised me.

“Do you want me inside you?” I asked, a bit surprised.

“Oh yes…I want you inside me…” she moaned.

I sat up, a little timid and unsure what to do as I was a virgin. My cock had never experienced the depths of a pussy before, I had never felt the wonderful warmth of a woman’s folds enveloping my shaft. So I positioned the quivering head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy and began to push my throbbing eight inch cock inside her beautiful mound. Her warm pussy was so tight, as she had never been with anyone with a cock as big as mine, that it took a couple of thrusts to get her pussy juices all over my cock, and allow me to move freely in and out of her. But once I had my whole cock buried in her tight cunt, I began to grind with my hips, driving her wild and leaving her gasping for breath. I could feel her moving her hips to the rhythm of my light thrusting, making sure that my hips would rub her clit with each pass, making sure that my thrusts caused my balls to lightly slap her ass. And with each gentle thrust, I was getting closer to my own climax, but I was holding back as best as I could because I had not felt what I thought her orgasm would feel like. Her whole body was shuddering the entire time, and so I kept my rhythmic hip motion going, pressing up against her clit with each pass. As I moved, I could feel her tits pressing into my chest, I could feel her hips rocking up trying to get more of my huge cock inside her wet pussy. Her arms wrapped tightly around my body held me down where every little move would cause me to rub across her clit.

Before long she was just moaning and writhing on my cock, which nearly made me erupt deep inside her already soaking pussy. But I managed to hold off because I still didn’t know that she had felt that wonderful pleasure of an orgasm – and I kept up with my light thrusting and grinding on her clit with my hips and my hard, throbbing cock still buried deep inside her glorious pussy, my nut-sack still lightly slapping up against her ass. I had to break the silence to ask her if she wanted me to cum inside her or not, and she could barely eek out a “no” because I was still massaging her clit with my hips. I knew I was close, and so completely lost in the sensations I had with being inside her that I misjudged how close I actually had gotten to cumming inside her. I could feel the cum starting to build as my balls continued to slap her ass with each thrust into her. It was only when I felt the head of my massive throbbing cock swell that I knew I had to pull out of her dripping pussy. I managed to get out of her just in time as the head of my dick had just come out of her when I shot my hot cum onto the mound of her pussy and her stomach. I felt surge after surge of pleasure as I reached down to stroke my spasming cock which shot several large spurts of cum all over her. As my orgasm subsided, my arms were shaking as I lowered myself down beside the beautiful woman I had just had such glorious sex with.

“There’s something I have to tell you,” I managed to whisper.

Her eyes got big with worry and wonder. “What?”

“I’ve never done that before,” I whispered.

My best friend’s girlfriend had just taken my virginity.

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