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Subject: My Nephew’s Sub Adventure Part 6: Night Rider Disclaimer: This is a story of erotic non-fiction/fiction and meant for adult readers eighteen years old or older. All rights reserved. No part of the story can be reproduced in any form without the permission of the author. And pay attention, if you enjoy these stories (you know what I mean), then take that sticky hand of yours and send a few bucks to Nifty. Go fty/donate.html NOTE TO READERS: I love feedback, so please send comments or any perverted thoughts, ideas, pictures to my twitter nakedinla @nakedpervyinla or email hoo My Nephew’s Sub Adventure Part 6: Night Rider By Thomas Sinclair Reminder this is actually true. I’m real. Jason’s real. I give a lot of details and add color but this happened. So as some of you know I’m an avid cyclist. I love it. Not just distance riding but I’m really into climbing and of course the best part about going uphill is you get to turn around and come back down. Also if any of you popped in on my twitter page @pervyinla you may have noticed a picture there… no not of Jason cause I just can’t do that but of me naked cycling. It’s part of the world naked bike ride. Google it. So my love of cycling and being naked are a great combo… it’s legal that one time of year… but between you and me I still do it other times. So this brings me back to Jason… after our movie theater romp we didn’t see much of each other. We were both busy with work. He’s got his girl and made some new friends out here and I have my friends and hookups. But we do see each other again… so it’s a Saturday night and I’m so fucking horny. I’ve been jerking off for weeks coming up with a plan of what to do with Jason next. I send a text “Hey how’s it going… what time you get home tonight?” Jason “Be back around 1. We’re going to a party.” Me “Text me when you’re getting home.” Jason “OK.” I wasn’t turning dominant uncle yet. I wanted to wait. Around 1am I get a text he’s on his way home. They’re in an uber. I asked what they did and they had fun… the usual. They did some house party. Little buzzed. Music dancing etc… nothing special. I reply “meet me in back at 2:15. Leave the apartment totally naked but bring a shitty tee and shorts. Plus sneakers and socks. Reply with two words and we are set.” I wait… it goes on for like a minute… then like the good boy he is… “Yes sir.” BAM! I’m hard. We’re good. I reply… “Just make sure you leave naked and I will see you in an hour. 2:15. And leave your phone at home.” So I get ready… not exactly sure what’s gonna happen but it’s best not to plan things out too much. Around 2am I’m outside my place. On my bike… helmet… I don’t do the cycling outfits… just tee shirt, compression shorts and shorts on top. I head off to Jason’s place… it’s just a mile down the street. Once I get there I wait in the back parking lot. I can’t wait to see him walk out. It’s a tad risky since it’s 2am and this is when people come home from the bars. But the small parking lot in back is full. I hear the door on the side. Someone’s coming. And here he is… what a site. He’s so handsome. He’s carrying his clothes but totally nude. He walks up to me. He’s not covering his dick. He knows better. He’s already semi hard. Me “Good boy.” I grab a hold of his dick. It’s such a great handful. It’s warm. Stroke it. He just stands there and lets me do it. Even hotter is the fact his girlfriend is probably 20 feet away from us in bed. I stroke his cock for a few minutes as I talk to him quietly. Me “We’re gonna go for a ride. I brought the extra bike.” The look on his face was amazing… like holy shit. It’s not what he was expecting. He would have done it if I told him but I said “Don’t worry you can get dressed.” I let go of his stiff dick. Me “get dressed… let’s have some fun.” He gets dressed… we grab the second bike I locked up here earlier today. Also a helmet. Gotta be safe. And we head off… Where are we headed? We’re headed up. Up into the Hollywood Hills and in particular the top of the hills… the famous curvy scenic Mulholland Drive. It’s a 1000-2000 foot climb. A decent workout. It’s not the tour de france but you gotta be fit. Jason is. So we head on up this beautiful road. One moment we’re in city and the next we’re cycling up this very dark, curvy, tree lined mountain road lined with expensive houses but they are spread out. It’s a different world. It’s quiet and peaceful and dead. Maybe a car goes by now and then but at this time of night not much is happening. As we head up Jason’s breathing heavy but he’s getting it done. I will admit it’s a tough climb. I keep checking in with him and he’s fine. When he was a little kid we used to go riding by his house. He was so cute. Was so excited to riding with his uncle. Midway up we stop at a trail head. Ask how he’s doing. He’s still good. I say “I gotta piss.” I lean the bike on a rock wall and walk to a locked gate away from the road. He follows. Me “Pull down my shorts, hold my dick while I pee.” Jason “yes sir.” He does what he’s told. Jason pulls down my shorts and compression shorts and holds my dick. Since he’s down there… “Play with my balls.” Jason Yes sir.” There’s something so relaxing to be exposed in nature as your nephew fondles your testicles. I concentrate and then I piss as he’s holding it. Feels so nice. I tend to piss a lot… I keep going. When I’m done I tell him “Squeeze it. Make sure it’s drained.” He does that. Squeezes my dick. Now it’s getting hard. He gets some piss on his hand. Me “Sniff your hand.” He does it… smelling his uncle’s piss. Loved looking at him sniffing my piss. Me “you gotta pee?” Jason “yes sir.” Me “drop your shorts” He does it… I hold his dick and he lets out a tremendous stream. Damn. While he pissed I gently caressed his dick. When he tuzla eve gelen escort was coming to an end I slide my hand down and get it a little wet. Me “Lick my hand clean.” He hesitates but then licks. Me “Each finger.” He licks and sucks each finger clean. When he’s done we pull up our shorts and we get going. Back uphill… We reach the top after about 30 minutes. Imagine a tree lined country road on the top of Los Angeles with an amazing scenic view of the second largest city in the US. Sort of crazy. We continue on and ride for another hour… we head west then back east. No perverted uncle tricks just a great ride. Road curves and has hills and amazing views. Eventually we reach the entrance to a hiking trail and park. The big black metal gates are closed. The small dirt parking lot empty. Dark. Quiet. We lean the bikes on a large rock and I sit on the dirt. Jason starts to squat down but… “stop. Just stand there.” Jason “Yes sir.” I sit for a few minutes. Then I get up… I grab Jason’s tee shit by the collar and I pull down hard. Jerk it and RIP… it tears. I pull apart even more and the shirt rips open exposing his nice body again… nipples are hard… great chest… smooth… flat stomach… As I pull and rip his shirt he balances himself so he doesn’t fall. I pull the shirt completely off of it. I go on the rip it even more. Rip rip… it’s in shreds. I don’t want this to be worn again and I want him to know he’s not putting this back on. Now he’s just in shorts… I reach into my pocket and pull out a small pocket knife… open it… pierce the lower end of one leg and then again RIP and tear… when I do this his dick, his awesome floppy meaty dick hits my hands and flops and jiggles as he’s trying to keep his balance. I pull apart again. I do this on the other leg and rip all the way to the waist line and cut until the damn thing is off. Yank… he’s not naked. Naked and nothing to wear. No back ups. No safety net. Just naked dick out hard and exposed. Again I cut some more of the shorts for him to see… he ain’t getting this back on. He’s not getting anything on. He’s staying totally naked. Miles and miles from the apartment. His dick knows it too as it’s growing… I grab it and stroke it a few times. Then I slap it hard. Me “I didn’t give you permission to get erect.” Jason “Sorry sir. I can’t help it.” I take his shreds of clothing and toss it on the ground. I take out my dick and piss on the remains of the clothes. It’s been about an hour since we pissed down the hill. Me “You got any piss left?” Jason “Yes sir.” Me “Piss on it.” Jason aims his dick and pisses on his old clothes. Me “Good boy.” I grab the piss covered clothes, walk it over to a metal garbage can and throw it out. It’s gone. Walk back to Jason… put my hand in front of his face me “Clean my hand.” He again licks my hand and fingers. His dick is rock hard. I pull away and feel his naked body. I feel his chest. I squeeze his nipples but really hard. Pinch. He winces. Pinch harder. Moans. He’s floating. He’s on such a rush. I turn him around forcibly. I’m really feeling dominant tonight. I caress his ass. I slap it really hard. SMACK! It has such a nice sound to it and jiggle. Me “You’ve been a good boy lately?” Jason “yes sir.” I slap it again. And again. I don’t know why but it feels so good. It’s so hot. I don’t make it too painful though. Just embarrassing. Imagine someone from his legal office or his friends saw this. This straight guy naked getting spanked by his uncle. Me “That’s good. If I find out you we’re bad I’m gonna have to punish you harder. And in the future if you’re bad you’re gonna tell me understand? Jason “yes sir.” Me “Go across the street, walk slowly and turn around and jerk off but don’t cum.” I smack him again to get him moving… he starts to go. Then I stop him. Me “Wait… take off your sneakers and socks. I want you totally nude.” Jason “yes sir.” There’s a bit of desperation in his voice. He removes his sneakers and socks. He then walks across Mulholland Drive and stand tall, naked, next to a large bush on a corner of a street that heads more uphill. No street lights. It’s pretty dark but I can see my boy. He plays with his dick and I sit back on the ground and watch. Enjoying the display. He strokes. Takes in the night air and scenery. Lifts his hand above his head while the other works his dick. This goes on for a few minutes when I see headlights heading our way. Me yelling “keep going, duck if you have to.” He keeps on jerking, the car is getting closer, he ducks behind the bush. The car as expected just keeps going after stopping at the stop sign. I get up, walk across the street and join him. I feel his heartbeat… it’s about to pop out of his chest. Me “How are you feeling boy?” Jason “Great sir.” He’s getting braver. I take his hand, like when he was a little boy… and walk him, not back to the bikes, but up the hilly street. I know this street… it’s like a giant driveway towards a residential area. As we hold hands we walk up. Him naked me clothed. And just go up. Takes about 2-3 minutes. We get to the top. Great view from up here. It’s really chill and relaxed right now. He’s even further away from clothing and the bikes. So quiet. So dark. So horny. Me “play with yourself.” He jerks more. Then I pull down my shorts and start to as well. We both jerk our dicks. Me “on your knees and smell my dick. Then I want you to kiss it and call me master.” He does what I say. He lets his dick go… he gets down then puts his face next to my dick and sniffs it… then he leans in and kisses it. Kisses the head. Jason “Thank you master.” Me “Sniff my balls.” He does that too. Me “Lick my balls”… he hesitates for a moment… looks at my sack then sticks his tongue out and licks them. One and then tuzla otele gelen escort the other. It feels so wet and hot and amazing. I place my hand on his head… I lower my other hand down to his face… I take my index finger and gently play with his lips then I feel his teeth. Me “Turn around.” On the ground he turns around. I squeeze his ass… feel around… find his hole and finger it just for a few seconds. He tense up not sure what I’m gonna do. I stick my finger a little up his asshole but that’s it. Just a hint. Me “turn back.” He turns around. Still on his knees facing my dick. I smell my finger because I just gotta know what my nephews ass smells like. It’s hot. It’s musty. Me “Open.” He opens his mouth and I put my dirty finger inside. “Suck it.” He sucks my dirty finger again. He’s rockin’ hard. So you have to picture how this is going down… my dick is throbbing and next to his face as he’s blowing my finger… Me “Do my thumb now.” He pulls off my finger and goes to town on my thumb. Same thing. Suck. Suck. He goes deep. As deep as you can with a thumb. He’s really giving it his all. So obedient. The suck pressure and tongue usage is great. I know I didn’t want to cross the line with Jason but my head is spinning at this point. His submissiveness is electrifying. I still didn’t want to force him into anything he didn’t want to do. But as he’s sucking my thumb I inch him even closer to my dick. My dick is now caressing his cheek. It’s rubbing against it. I feel his stubble. So good. His mouth is so close to my dick… I slide my thumb out of his mouth. Me “Lick it.” He licks my thumb… Jason “Yes master.” He licks it. I keep my thumb next to my dick. I can feel his breathe on it… “Keep licking.” I slide my thumb away leaving him right there. Staring at my dick. His tongue out, cock adjacent. I’m leaving it up to him. Then he does it… he licks my shaft. OMG I can’t believe it. When I started this whole thing this wasn’t what I was going for but now it’s the best thing ever. He licks my dick and I know he’s never ever done anything like this before. Me “Good boy. Do you like that?” Jason “Yes master. I like anything you like master.” Every time he says master I want to scream. Me “Good boy Keep licking.” He’s licking my dick like a lollipop. He uses his hands and licks all around it. I move his hands off and grab my dick and aim it directly at his mouth and he opens up without much hesitation… he’s staring right at it… and takes it in. It’s incredible. That skinny little boy I used to know is now a full grown man naked in public sucking his uncle’s dick. I know this is the first time he’s got a dick in his mouth. That makes it even hotter. He’s just sucking on the head. Me “Good boy. Make your uncle happy.” He sucks the head for about 30 seconds then slowly gets deeper and deeper. He leans in more and really works at it. A car comes down Mulholland below us, but keeps moving. Jason doesn’t stop sucking. He’s gotten more into it. More forceful. He’s hypnotized. Focused. He’s moving really fast which is funny. Me “Slow down.” He does. I don’t want this to end. I still remember the sounds he was making… The spit and slurping and gagging and breathing. I let it keep going for a few more minutes. I don’t wanna cum right now and not sure if he could handle that. But nature is taking over and I can feel it coming and I don’t have the strength to stop. We’re gonna know soon enough if he can take it. At this point I’m dizzy and breathing heavily and “I’m gonna cum.” Curious to see what he does but he keeps sucking. A great slow rhythm too. I grab the back of his head and gently go with the rhythm…” Me “I’m gonna cum. Be a good boy. Keep going. I’m gonna cum.” A few more seconds then HOLY SHIT… I spurt into his mouth… I’m cumming into my nephew’s mouth. Loads of it… and he keeps sucking. My whole body is vibrating and jerking. It’s honestly the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever had. I just keep shooting. And he’s amazing. The feeling of my hard dick in his warm mouth. Perfect. For a flash as I was coming down from the high I imagined his dad watching us. Would he be turned on by this or disgusted? Not sure. Me “Slower… slower.” Eventually he stops but I’m still in his mouth. Me “Did you swallow or is it in your mouth.” He pulls off my dick and says to me clearly with a mouth full of cum… “It’s in my mouth.” Me “Stand up. Open your mouth.” He does it. Stands… opens. I see my cum in his mouth. Me “Good boy. Stay like that. I take out my phone and snap a pic of my cum in his mouth. Me “Now swallow it.” He struggles a bit but swallows it all down. Me “Open.” He opens his mouth… I inspect him again… all gone. Me “Good boy.” DAMN! That was hot. So here we are… I’m exhausted… he’s naked… he’s so horny he could probably light up the whole city with his sexual energy. But now we have to go back. I pull my shorts back up. I take his hand again and we walk downhill back down to the entrance to the park. I keep picturing him as this skinny 14 year old but he’s not… he’s this gorgeous man. So weird. We get to the bikes. It’s just now hitting him he has no clothes for the return ride. He’s gonna have to ride nude. Me “If you see anyone just get next to me or keep going.” So I watch him put his naked ass on the bike seat. Yes I know what you’re all thinking… you wish we were the bike seat. I’m thinking it too. I’d love to eat that ass. But jesus how much can I do to this kid before he flips out? So we get on the bikes, lights are on… and off we go. The trip downhill is much much quicker than uphill. No exaggeration what takes like an 40 minutes to go up… take less than 10 minutes to go down. And we go fast. I envy him… the feeling of going down this road naked is amazing. tuzla sınırsız escort How do I know that? Because I’ve done it. The feeling of the wind and night air blasting your naked body is awesome. So here we go… you don’t even have to pedal most of the way. Wooosh!!! Down Mulholland for about a mile… then Whoosh we turn down the road we came up… it’s amazing. Naked or clothed. Jason wasn’t used to the road so I slowed down a bit riding the brakes. Giving him instructions. We zip and ride and turn. There’s one horseshoe turn that’s scary fun. We get around that. We finally make it down to the bottom. Passed no cars. But here’s the issue… we have to now get through the city… not far… but have to pass Hollywood Blvd and Sunset Blvd. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. At this time of night scary but doable. I do have a trick up my sleeve just in case. We stop at a dark spot near the bottom of the hill and the light at Hollywood Blvd. No one’s around. Me “How was that?” Jason “That was amazing.” I could see it in his face. It’s what I feel when I come down naked or clothed. It’s exhilarating. But we got the hardest part to do… getting through the one mile of city streets naked. He did put his sneakers on BTW. So here we go… we make it passed Hollywood Blvd and then down some side streets then dart across Sunset Blvd and back on side street. We def saw people. Some cars. It reaches a point if you don’t see a cop you just got for it. So now we’re close but we’re on side streets again. It’s mostly dark but I can see a car blocks away coming our way slowly… and I can tell it’s a cop car. I see the lights on top. I calmly tell Jason to pull over. Me “There’s a cop car up there. Get off the bike.” He does what I say. He’s nervous. Then I pull down my shorts… I have compression shorts on underneath remember. I give him my pair. “Put these on.” He does. We’re now fine. We get back on the bikes. Cop car drives by us and leave us alone. We look like two normal late night cyclists. Jason “That was close.” Me “usually is… that’s what makes it hot.” We make it back to the apartment. Get to the back of the building. The parking lot is full. We’re under the apartment again. Me “I’m gonna need these back.” I reach out and grab the shorts and slowly slide them down his legs. Thighs. Ankles. Feet. As I do I’m looking at his big dick. He lifts his legs like a good boy and off they come. I put them back on. I look at my boy, naked. We’re back in position. His gf is just above us inside asleep. I can’t take it anymore. I’m just staring at his dick. It’s more swollen. I reach out and grab it. Stroke it. Me “Hands on head.” Jason “Yes sir. Yes master.” I stroke him. He gets hard immediately. He’s been through a lot. He’s gonna have a great orgasm. I lean in and spit right on his dick. I stroke it some more. He’s moaning. Breathing heavy. Head tilted back. I reach under and tickle his balls. They are tight. I get behind him. I reach down and grab his dick from behind and stroke him. I jerk him off. Slowly. I don’t want him to cum yet. I’m so close to him. Bosy to body. Hand on his hard dick. Stroking. Whispering in his ear… Me “How does this feel? You’re my naked boy. You’re my naked slave. You will do whatever I say.” On and on like that. I own him right now… Jason “yes master. I am. I’m your slave. I’m your naked slave master.” He smells so great. My face is flush with his neck and cheek. I kiss him on the cheek. I lick his ear. It’s so hot. I swiftly get in fron… I keep stroking him. I get down and stare into his cock. Stroke. Stroke. I really can’t take it anymore… I slowly lean in so he knows where I’m heading… he doesn’t stop me. I stick out my tongue and then lick his head. I engulf the top part of his dick. It’s so delicious I can’t even describe it well. It’s hot and sweaty and throbbing. He shudders when I go in. He wants it. I’m sucking my nephews dick. OMG. I stroke and suck and lick. I know this is gonna go fast. He sighs and breathes heavy. He moves his hips back and forth. His body is leaning against the brick building. Up down up down up down… I can’t wait for the explosion. I’m sucking and feeling his tight abs and chest. Then I can hear him… he’s getting closer… I reach out and grab his ass and squeeze his cheeks… I keep blowing him. Closer… closer… Then… fuck yeah… he’s gonna cum… he’s gonna cum… then he shoots a stream of hot cum into my mouth. It’s so strong. I feel it hot the back of my throat. I swallow it all. I enjoy every drop. There’s more. Lots more. There’s tons of it. He shoots so much into my mouth it was amazing. Stream after stream. He’s moaning violently but trying to muffle himself. It’s like he’s in pain but loving it. Then is slows… he slows down. Feels like the world does too. After I suck every drop from his dick I pull out. I’m wiped. He is too. I get up. Look at my boy. His hands are still on his head. I take them and lower them down. Caress his face. Stare into his eyes. So cute. So sweet. I love him. I lean in an we kiss. I couldn’t help myself. Not to deep. Just a bonding kiss between two men, uncle nephew. A secret we will always have. It lasts a good 30 seconds. He kisses gently back. I’m rock hard again squeezed in my shorts. I pull away. Me “Go take a shower.” Jason “yes master.” Me “You can call me sir again.” Jason “Yes sir.” He walks off. Again his hot ass walking away from me. He’s walking like he’s stunned. In a good way. He turns the corner. I watch him go into the building naked. From there he passes two other apartments… goes up the stairs and into the apartment quietly. I wait in the back for a few minutes just enjoying the moment. I can see the apartment from the parking lot and his bathroom light turns on and I can hear the shower. I wonder what he’s thinking? What a night. I’ll never forget. It’s not what I intended when all this fell in my lap last year but it feels right. He wanted it. I wanted it. He had an amazing sexual experience. Feel free to send comments, naked pictures, or your devout obedience (or request mine) to hoo or follow me on twitter @nakedpervyinla

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