My neighborly encounter with Carol turned hot


I turned forty this year. As a married mom of two teenagers, my expectations of real love, sexual gratification, and desire faded long ago. My husband George was a good provider, hard worker, and dedicated family man. Our love life was okay… just okay. I suppose I had almost everything to be thankful for! I read my share of romance novels, sometimes wishing I was the main character – Perhaps the woman full of lust, passion, and opportunity.During summers, the local families would get together regularly for neighborhood parties. We all had swimming pools, kids, and expert BBQ-chef spouses. My next door neighbor and friend Joan and I would talk about our lives, family, and of course the neighborhood gossip. She was a close buddy and I valued her opinion. During the season’s first party, she and I were enjoying a cocktail by the pool.“So you hit the big ‘4 0’ this year, huh,” she said with a wink.“Yea, I’m getting up there,” I sighed.“Marie, it’s just a number. You look great and I wish I were forty again. Look at you in your two-piece bathing suit. I haven’t worn one in over three years.”I glanced down at my suit. Hell, I didn’t look bad, I suppose. I was at the correct weight due to proper nutrition and exercise. My boobs were still perky, but not big. People also told me I was attractive and dressed nicely.“Thanks, Joan,” I said. She was at least five years older than me but in relatively decent shape. More importantly, she was a great confidante.Joan leaned over and whispered, ”How’s the love life with George? Has it improved any?””Same,” I replied. “We make love, but I don’t get into it. I fantasize to get off.”Oops, too much info, damn. Alcohol always loosens my tongue.“You have fantasies? With anyone in particular?” she immediately inquired.“No one in particular,” I quickly responded.“Honey, we all do. Don’t feel funny about it. To be honest, it’s very normal and usually a transformational stage in our lives.”Bewildered, I asked, ”Transformational?”She lowered her voice, “Well, my transformational moment came last year, except it wasn’t a fantasy this time. It’s odd really.”“How transformational did you get?” I leaned forward, “You had an affair?”Joan whispered,” Do you know the girl who delivers our mail? It’s her.”I don’t believe what I just heard. My friend had an affair with the mail lady?Smiling, I replied, ”Get out of here. You did not.”Joan leaned closer, “Yes, she and I had sex for the last six months. We see each other every week or so since she is single.”I can’t believe what I’m hearing… my good friend and the mail carrier? Suddenly, my face became flushed. “You are now bi or perhaps a lesbian?”“Sort-of… I’m bisexual or think I am. Let’s chat this week. I’ll fill you in. We should get back to the party.”The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. My mind kept slipping to our conversation. My good friend was bi. My mail carrier was bi. My God who else? My thoughts drifted back almanbahis to my college days – the few times at college parties where I engaged in same-sex exploration. Hell, I was young and probably drunk back then. I was always interested in guys, but also experimented in naked light play with several sexy female college classmates. It was hot! As we walked home George and the kids were babbling about various subjects and appeared distant.Later that night, George went to bed and I sat in the dark study illuminated only by the TV screen. My mind wandered. Joan and the mail carrier’s images danced in my head. I imagined them naked as they embraced. Their mouths and tongues explored each other. Their tits were nipple to nipple. What was amazing was how excited I felt. The more I thought about it, the more turned on it made me feel. I glanced down my nightgown to see two hard nipples shaped like pencil erasers. My body tingled. My pussy felt warm.My goodness! I’m thinking of how I felt during my college escapades again. Stop it; it’s time to go to bed.Joan and I had coffee at her house three days later. She and I both worked part-time so socializing was easy for us.“Did I surprise you with my confession last weekend?” she asked.”You floored me. I would never have thought you would have done that.”As Joan poured us a refill, she sighed, ”Honey, our marriages grew too routine. I had experimented in college years ago, so I did enjoy a woman’s touch. Besides, woman love is hot. Did you ever see our mail carrier?”“Yes, I had to run out to the mailbox yesterday to get some letters out before she drove through. I chatted with her for a minute.”Who was I kidding? I must have waited an hour for her truck to arrive to check her out. She was young, leggy, and dark-tanned. Her blouse exposed enough of a nice cleavage too. She was similar to one of the girls I knew in college.With a big smile, Joan shot out, ”So you are hitting on her too huh? Honestly, what do you think of her?”“I thought she was nice.”I could do better than that. She is asking me for my thoughts about her new lover.“She was hot. I liked her smile and personality. I could see why you would be attracted to her,” I said.”Marie, she is twenty-seven years old. Her body is wonderful. Her tits are awesome, and her pussy is warm and juicy. She has been a lesbian for several years. She took a liking to me and we began to flirt… anyway it’s a long story.”Surprised, I needed to know more. “Were you planning on leaving your spouse?”“No, not really. I’m stuck. But this is a world of good for me. I was undecided for years. Once I tasted pussy again, I was committed. I initially thought of approaching you, but I didn’t. Nothing personal.” I can’t believe I’m hearing this! I always liked Joan, but not in that way…she’s not my type. Hell, perhaps if I knew earlier, Joan and I could have played. I must still have some appeal to femalesI needed to know almanbahis yeni giriş more. “You thought I was bi? What brought you to that conclusion?”Joan smiled, “Honey, I knew you were sexually frustrated and you always ignored advances by guys. Plus, you were committed to George and your family. Also, you always compliment women on how they dress and commenting on their shape and legs.”I didn’t know what to say. Worse yet, I couldn’t prove her wrong. Perhaps it must have been obvious.She continued, “I think you need to try it. It’s not like cheating. It’s like having a girlfriend to do things with.”Searching for the words, I stuttered, “Are you trying to seduce me, Joan?”Smiling, she nodded no. “I think you are very pretty and sexy, but we are too close for comfort. Besides, I have a nice relationship going. I will tell you that you do have an admirer though.”“Who?” I asked.“Do you know that couple that moved in the Collins’ house last year? They are both attorneys. She is a short attractive brunette. Well, she was hitting on me last week and I told her of my involvement. She then asked who you were.“What did you tell her?”“I said I would introduce you two. I hope that’s okay. Her name is Carol. We have LeClair’s picnic this weekend. If it’s okay, I will introduce you then.”Suddenly, I was sweating. I didn’t know how to answer other than a quick, “okay.”The rest of our coffee session, Joan spoke of her exploits with her mail carrier friend. During all the time I knew her, we hardly talked about sexual techniques or private things. That morning, however, it all changed. Joan’s detail in describing her younger friend was graphic, to say the least. She described everything from kissing, sucking, to dildos. I left for home and as soon as I walked into my bedroom, I stripped down to my bra and panties. The visuals Joan created were etched in my mind. I caressed my slender nipples and cupped my breasts pretending they were someone else’s. My pussy flowed with my juices. I masturbated repeatedly for at least an hour.I was committed to attempting something new. I was unsure to what degree I would engage, but I hadn’t felt that alive for years. George and I had sex one night and he commented how active I was. I shrugged it off to too much coffee, but as he fucked me, I thought of other naughty thoughts… this time involving women.Sunday’s party brought the jitters. It also brought apprehension and doubt. I took considerable time preparing for the weekend event. I had a manicure and pedicure with matching colors. I took a long bath and shaved smooth, often taking a few minutes to caress my pussy. I dressed in a yellow sundress wearing platform open-toed sandals laced to mid calve. My cleavage was visible – perhaps too much so. I felt sexy and hot. Even George took a double take when I came downstairs.“Looking good babe,” he said.After we arrived, we mingled for an hour, but I heard from almanbahis giriş Joan that Carol hadn’t arrived yet. I didn’t know whether to feel relieved or disappointed.As I walked to use the bathroom, a voice behind me asked, ”Marie, is that you?”I spun around and smiled, “Yes.”“Hi, I’m Carol,” extending her arm to shake my hand. “I believe you are a friend of Joan.”Just then, Joan came running over. “So sorry, I didn’t see you, Carol. I’m glad you reached out to Marie.”Joan stayed with us for a few minutes before running off. “Get acquainted you two. We will chat later.”The party had a large volume of guests so there were plenty of interruptions as Carol and I spoke. That helped break the ice. Carol couldn’t have been taller than five foot two inches. Her tight body revealed her excellent curves combined with her full breasts. Her body was tanned and accentuated by her floral sundress and open-toed sandals. Her shoulder length hair was meticulously groomed. Her finger and toenails were polished in stunning pink. She looked hot.Carol smiled and said, “I talked to Joan and she thinks we have much in common and would be good friends.”My God, this is sudden. Not sure this is supposed to work this way. Perhaps the alcohol is making us both silly.“I agree,” I replied.Lacking the words, I suggested we meet for coffee some day. As an attorney, her schedule was tight, however, she seemed willing to accommodate. By the end of the afternoon, we parted ways to be with our spouses and family.From across the yard, we both made casual glances towards each other. She looked stunning as my mind wandered. I felt that warm feeling again in my pussy as the unknown taboo ritual had begun. I was glad I took the time to make myself attractive earlier. She took notice and it excited me to no end. It also excited me knowing that she probably dressed sexy to lure me in. It worked.For days, my thoughts were driven towards her. I didn’t know what to expect but my orgasms intensified. My curiosity was piqued as I started watching porn… lesbian porn. That following Thursday, Carol texted me asking if I would go shopping. I immediately accepted and we met Friday for breakfast, followed by a few hours at the mall. Her choice of clothing and shoes were smart. She also shopped for lingerie, which, I helped her choose.“I’m thinking we could head over to my house and perhaps try on some of these clothes,” she suggested.Anxiously, I agreed.Their home was a beautiful spacious single floor house set back from the street. We proceeded to the back sunroom, which offered a stunning view of the nearby lake.“Sit down and I will get us some wine.”As she left the room, I thought about my appearance – white shorts, laced sandals, and an orange blouse. I also thought of my lace bra and sheer panties. My heart pounded and my palms became sweaty.“Here you go, I thought a nice Chardonnay might appeal to the palette.”Carol’s jeans appeared as if she was poured into them. Her neat white blouse showed every detail of her voluptuous breasts. She was standing barefoot. We toasted and the wine flowed effortlessly. I was starting to feel the buzz, which helped relax me.

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