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Author Joseph Chance



It was raining hard today as I deliver my papers. Never thought about this before, I get soaking wet and can piss myself all I want, the warm piss feels so good flooding my jeans then I just let the rain soak me more. I love the way my soaking jeans cling to my body and the feel of water running through and around my cock and balls. Father Shafer answered the rectory door of the church and naturally he came to the rescue and said I should get out of the rain.

“Hey, come in, come in, your soaking.” He recognized right away that this was going to be his best chance to in a long time to molest or even fuck me so he felt totaly at ease removing my wet shirt and rubbing the water down off my pants. He couldn’t help it but mauled my crotch and ass all over. He was acting without caution as was my boner that was obvious. He went in for a kiss and wouldn’t leave my cock alone until he got it fully hard and ready to play. The other priest was out he told me. He unzipped me and put his hand inside. I didn’t have a lot of piss left but I filled my undies and he moaned when he felt the warmth of my piss stream. It was obvious we were both hungry for each other”s touch. Pardon the pun but God this felt so good. We haven”t seen each other in over a year when Sister Superior caught him molesting me at school. Fucking EPIC. When he stood up I felt the front of his pants and quicly realized he was getting very hard. But unlike the last time, his cock was stretching far out to the side. I moved along his shaft to discover the shape of a beautiful and ample head at the end. He moaned.

“Let’s go in the back.” He took my hand and took me to the room behind the altar, with all the altar boy cupboards, and the large table with thin wide drawers. Priest vestments drawers, and a washer and dryer, and candle sticks beside a sellection of chalices. We made out for a while. I wanted his pants wet so I started by sucking on the head of his cock through his pants getting him wet with my spit. I pulled my cock out of my pants and pushed it against his pants. I love to see his cock pushing over his leg and stretching his pants out to the side so I let a little piss run along his shaft and over the head. He moaned again.

“Father McCann will be back in about an hour so we want to get your wet clothes into the dryer soon.” I pissed more on his cock and some of my piss ren down his leg.

“OK Father.” I was ready to get into it fast. I looked around and came up with a new kinky idea. I went through the alter boy’s closets until I found a pair of jeans and took them out. I took all my clothes off and threw them in the dryer.

“Father, don’t dry them yet.” I sniffed the crotch inside and out to enjoy some of the altar boy’s scent which I caught giving me a beautiful boner, then put them on. I wear a 24 these are 26 so this kid must be taller and older than me. HOT. My cock was raging with excitement. I tried to envision the build of the alter boy by his pants. I know in high school which I start soon I will be exposed to other kids, underwear and pants or jeans just like these, in change, and locker rooms which will mean a lot more pissing and jerking off. I”m too sick to go into a locker room and resist wetting or cumming on some guys pants. I know when I get a chance and think no one is around, I”ll jerk off on or into jeans or pants left lying around in the locker rooms, and if I know the jeans or pants belong to a particular boy I like, I make sure at some point he sees me with wet pants or pants with cum on them.

“There Father, please soak me down now.” My boner tented this boy”s jeans. I could tell this excited Father, his cock got so hard and within seconds he was pissing on the boy’s jeans as I wore them. I love these jeans, you could see the outline of my balls and cock, and crack as they clung against me with Father”s hot piss. What a gorgeous cock Father has. When he was done, I took the kid”s jeans off and washed my hair and face with them enjoying the smell and taste of Father”s strong hot piss. I don”t like to drink piss but really enjoy when it hits my lips and I taste it. Then we threw them in the dryer and Father started the drying cycle. We made out for a while, I loved that he allowed my pre-cum to mark his black pants as I pressed my cock against him. The slimy stuff was marking him up good. He looked so hot. His cock was totally rock fucking hard as was mine. My only thought now was, how can I get this thing of his up my ass. Since I saw him last year, I usuallly didn”t want cock up my ass but now I”m getting to need it more and more after a few teachers and the school janitor fucked me. We went up against the vestment table which has solid sides ans back.

Father was eager as he seemed to be more aggressive than usual. He pulled his pants right to his ankles taking my balls and cock in one hand at once then went down to suck my cock. WOW, this was good. His hands were all over me and to my joy he found my boy hole. I can”t believe how much I”ve come to love my asshole since the janitor at school and Mr. Hillman my grade eight teacher fucked me. I spread my legs as Father”s finger made it’s, way in. I pushed my asshole onto his finger indicating my pleasure hoping he would sense my eageernes. I moaned and took my cock out of his mouth and put it against his rock hard cock then allowed my pre-cum to land across the shaft of his cock and stroked it and let more pre-cum out. I slowly stroked his cock spreading my pre-cum all over it and it”s beautiful head. He pressed his fingers under my cock so I leaked more pre-cum. I have to be careful because if I push too much pre-cum out it turns to piss. He moved his slimy fingers to my asshole and slid three of them in at the same time. I pushed my butt down taking his fingers all the way in. The excitement knowing he was planning to fuck me was too much. He wasn”t as thick as Mr. Hillman but he was longer with a bigger head. His slimy cock was totally rock hard and ready so I turned around. I leaned over the table with my cock and balls pressed hard against the side of the table. Father stretched his arms out and grabbed each side of the table as the hard head of his cock sought my asshole and when he found it, his cock slid all the way in. Painful at first but once I felt his balls on my ass it felt EPIC. I pressed my cock head hard against the side of the table. He started stroking all the way out and in at a steady forceful pace pushing my boner and balls against the side of the table harder again. The more he pounded the more I rammed my cock against the table, spitting my pre-cum which made my cock grow harder and harder till I started feeling my cum climbing up my shaft. I got another idea and asked Father if he could pull his cock out and fetch the alter boys pants from the dryer. They wern”t all dry but half there. I hung them over the table to cushion the head of my cock against the front of his jeans. Again Father penitraded my boy hole and continued long hard strokes driving my nuts into the hard table. As he pounded my cock banged against the alter boy”s jeans and the hard wall of the table. I could smell Father”s strong piss from the alter boy”s jeans. Fucking beautiful. My cock spat more and more pre-cum on the boy”s jeans as Father pounded me harder and harder and faster. Mmy cum started shooting, this time against the front of the alter boy”s pantss running down my shaft and balls. As Father pounded at a faster rate my sensitive cock cried for a break but Father was unforgiving. His wet pants were hitting my ass with each thrust whic just made me more horny. He was like an animal gone wild, then I noticed that my cock came full circle and felt like it needed to fuck. I was now again enjoying a new round as my cock eagerly rammed the table sliding in my last shots of cum, then another round of cum shot out and the warmth of that cum could be felt over the head, shaft and balls, dripping all over the boy”s jeans. Father was pounding harder and harder and faster as he gripped the sides of the table. He straightened up and with a few final hard pounding strokes we both stopped as the dryer stopped, then the real pounding went three or four more times then he pulled his long hard rock cock out as he started uploading his cum all over the front of the alter boys pants. He shot a lot. My cock was sore and my balls had that beautiful acheing which I love. Father”s cock soon softened right after shooting. I thought of all the sins we were commiting and all this fucking pleasure. Didn”t Got think this out, that horny animals like us are just going to fuck. When Father stood up I pulled away from the table and started beating my cock unloading a final asault of love juice onto the jeans of some alter boy who will come to church next Sunday and wonder what ever could have happened to his jeas. The smell of piss and all the dried up lumps of cum on the front. Just made me hard again thingking about it. I want to know who this kid is.

Father and I embraced again, with my sticky pre-cum and cum cock pressed against his wet black pants. I got my clothes from the dryer and put them on, my still hard cock sticking out above the waist of my pants, then my shirt pulled over so it couldn’t be seen. I went into Father’s pants and worked him up for a second load. I aimed his long cock over the kid’s jeans and he uploaded a second round of beautiful strings slimy cum which landed over the cum we already left. We talked and touched and made out for a while as Father showed me things around the room, then I put the boys jeans back into his closet, noticing his name on the inside of the door. “Jeffery Moorly,” I took note of it in case I ever find him in my bed. (Yeah, in my fucking dreams.) The rain had eased up a bit but it was quite wet outside. I felt like a million bucks with my renewed asshole. Am I ever going to get to be a top. It worried me but this cock up my ass thing is consuming my every thought.

“A lot of bikes have no fender anyways, I like when the water on the road spins off my back tire and soaks my butt. I suspect other bike riders do as well.”

“Your so sweet. I loved our time together today. Hope we can do it again.” Father said.

“So do I, I love the way you love me. I don”t want to sound dirty but I totally love your long hard cock. I will need lots more of it.”

I”m going to dream and relive this day for a long time, certainly on rainy days.” Father said.

“You want to get inside Father, you”ll get wet.”

“I will but I want to watch your bum as you ride away.”

“Love you Father.” I stood up as I rode off, enjoying how my cock and asshole felt hoping he was watching my ass all the way. The water from the back wheel soaked my ass including my hole. FUCK it felt so EPIC getting fucked again. I didn’t have a lot but I pissed myself again as I rode standing up, letting the piss run down my legs. I will never forget my first fuck with Father Shafer and his super long and rock hard cock and his cum running down my leg, and the smell of his piss and my thick cum on the alter boy’s jeans and Father’s cum on top of that.

Mom wasn”t surprised when I arrived home wet but she called me into the kitchen and asked me who I was with and I told her Father Shafer. She remembered that he was the one that got caught by the nun when he was going down my pants. If the nun could have been 10 seconds later Father’s hand would have been full of my jizz. My very fierst real jizz load. Mom gets jealous when my piss is not for her. Mom asked if Father Shafer fucks me. I tell mom everything, so I lied.

“No mom, he didn”t.” She started feeling me up and down all over my damp Jeans. When she got to the back, she started poking her rock, hard nails into my crack and went right for my asshole. She was satisfied that I was still tight so she believed me. Like I said mom is very jealous of me and who does what to me but I had to lie because I figured out, I like getting fucked and want a lot more of it. Mom won’t be privy to all who fuck me, it just upsets her.
Mom continued to fondle my very soft junk and it felt so good but that”s not our deal. She”s allowed to watch me piss my pants but I”m weak. I let her continue.

“It”s not getting hard.” she said.

I told you, it won”t, it knows it”s you but it does feel really good.”

“Should I keep going?” I moved in, I caved, I”m a pussy and just can”t say no I shagged my jeans down a few inches to allow my long, thick horny flacid cock hang straight down with the head rasting at the very bottom of the pouch in my wet undies.

“That”s exactly what it”s begging for now that you started mom.” As always when we are doing one of these feel up sessions, she pushes her middle finger right into me asshole taking my jean’s in with it. FUCK it felt good.

“It”s going to take longer because it”s soft, but don”t stop, OK? It feels awesome.”

“I can stroke all night, don”t worry. Are you going to piss?”

“No I pissed myself riding in the rain.” I moved my butt hole as hard as I could against her fingers. I was getting really horny, pushing my butt onto her hard finger nails, then my crotch onto he fingers grip. I can feel this load working it”s way up but it takes longer when I”m soft but if I just leave it to her slow pace it will feel better when I shoot my load. I knew dad would be home soon but I can”t stop now. I moaned and mom was right into it, stroking my long soft cock up and down in my jeans with her thumb on one side of my zipper and her finger on the other side. She could feel when pree-cum would warm up my wet jeans.

“Oh mom that feels so good, I can”t stannd it.” I pushed my groin into her hand as hard as I could when I could hear dad”s car driving into the garage.

“You better go to your room, your dad is home.” I let some piss wet the bottom of my crotch knowing mom would never pass up or quit.

“NO No mom, keep going it”s going to cum like now.” The car door closed as my cum starded up my shaft. Mom could feel my cock getting fatter and and throbing. Dad opened the side door, mom kept stroking and my cum started shooting as he came up the stairs.

“Keep going, don”t fucking stop, please mom.” I whispered as my load was dumping into my wet undies.

“FUCK that”s hot. Holy FUCK, so fucking sweet ” I whispered, out of breath as dad walked in. Mom”s hands were still on my cock as I quickly turned to the window so dad wouldn”t see. I can”t believe how fucking hot that was I thought as I squeezed my boner haed as cum was still oozing into my jeans. I reached into my pants and pulled my cock up towards the top of my pocket where the rest of my cum flowed out. I don”t know if dad ccould tell I was squeezing the last of my ccum out of my cock as I pressed myself against the counter hard. My head was light and a little dizzy but what an orgasm. Mon tried to distract from the situation by pulling stuff out of the fridg. Then she spoke loud in my direction.

“If you ride in the rain and get that wet you”ll get sick, go and change right now before I serve up supper.” Mom was trying, I”m sure in vain.

“What are you doing?” dad asked.

“Feel his clothes dear, he did his papers in the rain.” As I went to leave the kitchen to change dad stopped me and felt the side of my leg.

“They are wet.” As mom was running around acting like nothing happened, dad could see me breating and could tell by my face something was wrong. He could clearly see two large fresh wet spots, one on the right side of my zipper at the bottom of my crotch and one at the top of my pocket. He felt my crotch and could feel the warmth and wettness as he squeezed fresh hot jizz through my pants. After licking my cum off his fingers he got a beer and went to the living room. When I got to my room I took off my jeans and undies and ate all the cum still there. FUCK it was good. Then I put them back on because dad already saw them, I”ll look too guilty if I try to put on clean ones now. I think this was the best event I had with mom but I”ll never tell her or she”ll want it all the time. Funny, the two best things I love are with mom. Only with mom can I empty my full tank of piss into my jeans then jerk off and only mom can slow jerk like this. FUCK that was awesome. I looked in the mirror and thought I looked so fucking epic. I get hard thinking how hot I look. If a male tries to slow jerk it”s not as good because I get too hard, but with mom my cock stays so soft, long heavy and fat and it takes longer which drives me nuts but I love it. Sometimes I slow jerk my cock during class and it takes forever, but it too is so fucking awesome but not as hot as when mom does it. I went back to the kitchen.

“Mom, check out the cum and piss patern on my jeans.” I whispered. She looked down.

“You look so hot with wet pants. No wonder the boys and even men are so eager to get into your jeans. Also I think your bigger now. You did grow about half a foot, that happens when boys are about fourteen, so you cock must have gotten bigger too?”

Suppper was quiet, as we all secetly plotted our stories. I stood right in front of dad a few times so he could see the results of the obvious. He stared at them each time I got up for something. I was hoping he would get a reaction in his pants, something like a boner. Funny he didn”t say anything, somethings up. He got a beer before supper so he must be watching the game tonight or he”s angry at someone, one or the other. Turns out we got through supper without talking about it. After supper dad went to watch TV while mom and I did the dishes.

Mom told me she was so excited to realize she made me cum.

“We got caught mom.” She ignored me. She pulled me over to the side where dad couldn”t see us.

“Let me feel you again.”

“Hold on.”

I went to Paul”s room in the basement to where he hides his brownies, you know the kind. I ate half of one the went to the living room and gave dad the other half told him to taste. I stood there while he ate it, starring at my wet pants. He didn”t know what he was eating. I went back to the kitchen and let mom play with my junk. God it feels so good. My head went all the way back as I pushed into mom”s hand for more. I let her rub around and play for a while and could feel a slight buzz coming on from the brownie. Mom was getting me too horny but I was too weak and let her play. Fuck this is awesome. I just let her at it until I got close then pulled back.

“After the dishes, I”m too close.”

I think dad likes me sloppy and dirty and wet. I remember now a few years ago when I spilled pudding on my pants, he took great care and time to clean it off for me. Although he pressed against my junk quite hard, I was too young to appreciate it or think that he had a motive. But now today for the first time it came back to my mind. I”ll have to make a play on him tonight and see what he saw of what mom and I were doing and find out why he didn”t say anything. I’m in the mood for a load of his thick pure white creamy delicious cum anyway. Dad”s fetish for white socks and undies usually gets him aroused and with his beer and the brownie, wow.. He gets weak so easy for me when he”s like this. Why would he pretend not to notice what mom and I were doing when he walked in? I think I might be in big trouble, I better watch the game with him and suck up.

“I can tell when you’re high, are you.” mom asked.
“How was I today?” she asked .
“Mom, that was epic, so fucking epic You did perfect. I ate all my cum in my pants, but your not suppose to make me cum, that”s having sex and we don”t have sex, you”re just suppose to watch me piss, but it really was so fucking EPIC. What am I supose to do?”

“Are we doing anything tonight ?”

“Yeah for sure.” She moved in close and cupped her hand over my junk. Oh fuck, that feels so good. I moved my groin into her hand again and moaned. Fuck she has a nice touch, I want to do it all over again. I couldn”t pull away, it felt so hot, but I did. I pulled away and looked down at my pants.

“Mom, don.t the front of my pants look owesome?” She moved in and touched me again. I caved again and moved around. Fuck this is hot.

“I can”t keep my hands off of you. Youv”ve groin so much this year, into one sexy hot gorgeous boy and your bigger down here. What a fucking cock and those balls, don”t you notice how big your getting?” I leaned in again and let her go at it. I couldn”t get hard but holy fuck it felt good. I was so horny I relaxed and let some piss flow. I let too much, some went down my leg. I could feel my balls tighten as my jizz moved up my cock.

“Oh mom,,,,Keep going, it”s gonna come. Oh Fuck, this is awesome.” Mom put her other hand on my asshole and once again tried to push my jeans up my ass. I relaxed again and let a good shot of piss out, just them my cock started throbbing and shot my load. My whole body went stiff. I hope dad isn”t around this time. Mom kept rubbing my load out into my jeans. I looked through the pass thru and dad was still in front of the TV. Mom went on her knees and started sucking my crotch. I was so stoned and dizzy, I put my head back and let her do her thing. Holy Fuck it felt so good as my jizz just kept flowing. Then I did the worst thing. I pushed on mom”s head, pushing her face into my crotch harder then pissed more. I ran the sink water to start the dishes, mom stayed on the floor enjoying my juices. After ten minutes or so dad called and asked for a drink. Mom got up and yelled “OK” We looked at the front of my jeans. They were a quite wet. I loved them.

“I”ll be right back.” mom said as she took a beer from the fridg.

“Hold it mom. I want to take it in.”

“Are you nuts?”

“Mom, dad saw us. It”s not a secret anymore, trust me.” I checked out my pants and loved the way they looked. Maybe I should walk down to the corner store and show them off.

“How do I look mom?”

“Hot.” mom said as I left for the living room with dad”s beer. Mom continued with the dishes. As I got close to dad, again his wide eyes took in the picture of me in wet pants. he didn”t reach out so I had to get close to him to give him his beer but that”s OK I wanted him to notice my wet pants. I handed him the beer and bent over to get the empty. His hand took hold of my crotch.

“Ah!!! Fuck,,,,Nice and warm.” he said as he started to play with my soaking junk. I didn”t move. My cock started getting hard. Oh fuck, Oh fuck this feels so good. Soon he was stroking my rock hard cock through my wet jeans.

“Holt fuck, your cock is getting bigger. You grew half a foot and your cock seems like it”s an inch longer, and thicker, I cant”t wait. Are you watching the game with me at seven?”

“You bet dad.”

“Wow, this is hot, but don”t jerk off any more till the game, OK?”

“OK.” I went back to the kitchen with the empty.

“Mom, quick, feel my cock.” She reached out and for the first time ever she grabbed my rock hard cock.

“Oh my God this is beautifull, and it is getting bigger I see.” As she stroked my cock and played with my balls. I went soft.

“That was great, see, I told you, even men want to touch this.”

“Dad wants me to watch the game with him.”

“Even after seeing how wet you are.”

“Mom, he played with my junk and stoked my cock through my drenched jeans, that”s what gave me the boner.”

“Wish I could give you a boner.”

“No you don”t, I love the way we do it.”


“Totally mom. Your so awesome when you let me piss myself. Don”t you get it. Piss is the holy grail. From the time I open my eyes till I fall asleep. No where else can I totally soak myself except maybe alone in the woods. But here, your with me, that validated my pissing. I just ate supper wearing wet pants, how awesome is that? OK No more playing, I”m saving for dad now. I need a root beer.”

“I”m jealous.”

“Don”t be mom, I have to find out what all he really knows about us and what happened when he walked in on us.” It wasn’t long before the game started. I was stoned and horny and wet again. Well not totally wet it”s been two hours since supper. I made sure dad always had a fresh beer, I brought another root beer. Dad isn’t stupid, he thought as I did that I was there because I want us to exchange hand jobs as usual. but I have to know what he thinks he saw. Once the game was under way I sat on the couch resting my hand on dad’s leg. It wasn’t long before his hand was on my wet crotch playing with it. Mom was in the sewing room upstairs, as always when dad and I are fooling around. She also knows that when the games over if I have any piss left we can go into the kitchen and play our piss game again.

I think dad started feeling the goodness of the brownie as he was moving more. When he moved forward on the couch I put my hand right on his crotch. He moaned and push his hard cock up into my hand. He moved his hand around on my crotch that was getting hard. He was causing more pre-cum, actually a lot, making a fresh wet spot. He started making noises as we played. He used his spare hand to push my head onto his jeans right on his throbbing cock. My syliva was making his pants wet, and my cock super rock hard now sticking out the top of my jeans rubbing against my buckle. Every now and then dad pulls his hand off my pants and licks my pre-cum off his fingers.
Now I’m totally fucking stoned. We edged for about an hour while we watched the game. I stood up over dad and with two hands I showed him the outline of my cock in my jeans and how long my cock was getting.

“Dad, look at this.” Dad put his hand around my shaft.

“I noticed, it’s growing, is it ever growing. I noticed a while ago that you grew about half a foot or so and now you”re sporting a much bigger bulge too.” I knelt on the couch over dad’s legs and air humped his face so he took my shaft between his teeth through my wet pants. I reached my hand back to his cock and stroked hard through his jeans then moved back on his legs and reached between my legs and pulled his zipper down. He spread his legs a bit and raised his groin to accomodate me getting his cock out. I so love the sound of a guy’s zipper coming down or a buckle making it”s noise. I reached into his undies and worked his boner out as he let out a pleasurable sigh and pushed his groin up more. The end of his cock was loaded with pre-cum so I closed my legs and moved up and down on his lap. He must be stoned, he’s trying to move his face in for a kiss. I went to his ear.


“Bite my neck.” I turned my head and his mouth moved in to bite me. I don”t know if I was ready for kissing. I moved his cock around as he got lost in my neck. He was biting hard and deep. I moved my crotch back up to his mouth as I worked his cock up and down between my wet legs. Dad moved his mouth up and down my jeans and when he found my cock”s head I let him dug in, so I let a tiny squrt of piss go. I moved closer into dad and flipped his cock behind my butt. He humped the crack of my ass like crazy against my jeans. I knelt up and sagged my jeans down so that my whole cock was over my jeans waist band. The more I pushed back on his cock the harder he humped. I let my pre-cum drip istanbul travesti over the front of my jeans. Soon I was allowing spurts of piss and it wasn”t long before the front of my jeans were soaked, and warm and slimy. We had never done this before, we always just did hand jobs. I let my pants slide more and more. Dad reached back and pulled my jeans off my bum. His pre-cum started running down my crack of my bare bum and soon the head of his rock hard cock was at my asshole.

HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! He wants to fuck me. I moved my hole around and hugged him. We started moving passionately. He went for my neck again and bit hard again as I let the back of my jeans down further and dad just started going crazy with the wet end of his cock looking to breach some cute tight asshole to fuck. He was actually getting all agitated working his cock against my asshole. He knew where it was but was afraid to find it, to take that big step, in case he actually found it and would have to make the decision, so I reached back and placed the head of his cock right on it and as he lifted his groin I sat back right onto his cock and once he past my tight boy ring he pushed in all the way up my ass and let out a beautiful moan of pleasure. Father Shafer”s much bigger and thicker cock that was up there earlier made room for dad”s cock to just slide in. It wasn”t just a hand job anymore. Dad was making out with me like I was a lover. Also, he was so fucking stoned. I sat hard on his cock and leaned back and undid my buckle and pulled down my zipper to release my balls. I started riding dad’s beautiful cock and stroking mine. One thing about dad’s cock, it’s not as big as most but boy is it ever fucking hard. I loved the feel of it as I rode it up and down, and dad was going nuts trying to fuck me hard and harder. He was too excited. He kept looking towards the stairs in case mom was coming. I knew she wasn”t but dad was full of fear which made him fuck harder. I had a ton of piss in me that I’m saving for mom later on but as I stroked my cock, I had to let some go, then more and more. It was running over my fist and onto my balls and soaking first my jeans then running through to dads. When dad fucked me his wet pants hit my butt so I wanted more piss so I let a lot go, again and again.

I knelt up and dad took my cock head into his mouth just in time to take my load. He opened wide and just let it shoot and shoot. When I sat back on dad’s cock the remainder of my cum load flowed over my fist and landed on my jeans then to his pants. He just kept pounding until he stopped and I could feel his hot thick cum fill my ass. He was sweating and breathing hard as was I. As usual after he cums his cock went super soft and easily exited my boy hole followed by his ample load of cum which ran out onto his jeans. We hugged tight. He sucked on my cock again and then bit my neck. We hugged real tight our hands and groins moving all over each other. I can”t believe that the same cum with the same DNA that made me was in me, Soon I want to swallow it.
When I got off dad we assessed the damage to our jeans. I guess he was still stoned because he seem to love his jeans. I ate his cum and licked his crotch and sucked my piss out of his jeans. Then he whispered into my ear.

“The best fuck ever, really. Your so tight, must be why your so busy. You really love it son don”t you?”

“Dad, I crave for it every hour of every day.”

“I don”t know how do you keep your marks so high, and have time for all the fucking you do, which by the way is beautiful.”

“Funny thing about that dad. After I cum I want two things. First to be in clean and dry with pristine clothes and then to study and syudy to learn something new.” I went to the hall closet and got a foled bath towel to sit on. Dad and I just sat watching the game in our wet jeans. We rubbed each others crotch, his was soft, mine was still hard. I didn”t realize until now how hot he looked in wet jeans. We hugged as he felt my whole body all over, stroking my cock and pushing his fingers, with my wet jeans up my ass. It feels so good when dad handles me. And boy was dad ever an epic fuck. I loved daddy’s cock up my ass and want it more. My asshole feels so hot.

“I know you saw mom jerking me off.”

“I knew there was something, that”s why I didn”t say anything because I”ve been wanting to fuck you for so long and your mom just gave me the right.”

“I love what mom and I do.”

“I know son, we both love you and we both want you. Your so hot to the both of us and can”t help ourselves.

“Go and se where your mom is.” I went to the sewing room to catch her look of pleasure as she looked at my wet jeans.

“WoW,!!!! What happened?” I moved close to her so she could feel my crotch. My cock was just starting to get soft. Mom felt all over my nuts , butt and crotch.

“Dad Fucked me.”

“Holy shit, for real, did it hurt.”

“No it was EPIC. Then he sucked me off.”

“Was he able to get your cock into his mouth? It”s geting bigger you know.

“He got enough and wow it felt good.”

“Wish I could do that.”

“No, we have two things now, that”s enough, plus I wouldn”t want my cock in you, your my mother.”

“That true.”

“Mom you have to go to the living room and check out how fucking hot dad looks in wet jeans.”

“Is he upset?”

“No mom, I got him stoned on half a brownie, so he didn”t object when my piss got on his pants. Mom, Isn”t his cum epic?” Mom rubbed my now soft pile of junk. I moved in closer again as she started to stroke my very soft cock. Again I just stood there and let it happen. With my eyes closed and my mouth wide open and my head back I felt my balls stiring a load. Fuck it felt good I just wanted to stand there and let it happen again but I have to get back to dad.

“Give me five minutes then just cime down and check us out.” I went back and sat beside dad. We put our hands on each others wet crotch and played with each others soft pile of junk. God it felt good. A few minutes later mom came to the living room. She stood right in front of dad. I could tell by the look on her face that the view of me and dad, in wet jeans, playing with each other”s junk was a total turn on.

“I”m thinking threesome.” The she laughed out loud.

“Just kiding guys but you both look hot, hot, hot. Take a selfie.” We did, in fact a few.

“Are you going to show these to your friend at work? I dare you.”

“Don”t be surprised if I do, only thing is, he already wants you and that isn”t going to happen.” By the time the game ended and dad showered and went to bed, it was 11pm and mom and I met in the kitchen. We stood close and mom started working my nuts, then my cock, through my damp jeans. She played with my junk for over a half hour. My body got annimated as my orgam got closer. Mom started to drill my asshole with her long rock hard nails trying to rip through my jeans. I pushed my hole harder to help her then I pushed my super soft horny cock into her hand more and more when suddenly she could head a faint cry of pleasure as my cum stated shooting into my undies. I grabbed the back of her chair and held onto the table and pushed into her hand with all my might. This time she knew to squeeze hard letting my cum seep through my jeans. We were both breathing heavy. I let her continue to play with my junk for some time but decide I”d better stop before another round of cum wants out.

“You know what mom? Cumming when I”m totaly soft feels just as good as cumming when I”m hard.” She took her hands off and ate the cum that came through my jeans. I reached into my pants and pulled my soft cock up and withing a minute a strong stream of piss shot up over my jeans then down soaking all my jeans and socks.

“I can”t believe how big your cock is getting.” I took all my wet clothes off and dropped them into my puddle of piss as usual. Mom just stood there gazing at my cock and balls. She kissed me on the cheek.

I went to my room and tried to study a bit but I was too stoned so I watched porn and edged for a couple of hours until it was late. I watched a lot of boys and men pissing their jeans and jerking off. I ran down to the kitchen for a pop. It was all clean and mom was folding my clean clothes and the lights were off. I didn”t exspect to find her there. I stopped in my tracks, naked with my rock hard boner standing straight up well past my belly button and my balls swining.

Mom was starring at my cock. I instantly realized I was in a jam. If ever I was horny and ready it was now and mom and I don”t do the naked skin thing. My mom”s hand was hanging right in front of my cock. She moved her hand a bit closer. I took a very small step back and we looked each other in the eye. I could see here eye balls even though the lights were off. There was a pause as pre-cum rolled over the head of my cock. I flexed my cock making it bob up and down with the pre-cum landing on the floor. My heart was pounding and I started to sweat. I”m sure she could see the shimmer of my skin with what little light there was. My balls were aching but mom knows we don”t touch each other skin. Knowing this, she lifted her hand to my arm and rubbed down my arm then stuck her thumb out to just reach my boner as she slid he hand down. I turned my head away, and started to cry. She leaned in and kissed my cheek, slightly touching my cock. Everything was moving in slow-mo.

Very slowly and against our whole deal, I froze and caved. Mom could tell and moved a bit closer, then closer until I felt the back of her hand touch the back of my hard shaft. She very slowly and lightly rubbed up and down the back of my shaft. My cock was flexing and bobbing around like crazy so mom softly wrapped her hand around my naked rock fucking hard cock. I could feel my cock head swelling. She lightly moved up to the head, her breathing getting heavy. Pre-cum was covering her hand. She moved down my shaft and squeezed prompting a stream of more thick pre-cum running down my shaft to her hand. She removed her hand eating my pre-cum then paused. I stroked up on my cock to catch the rest of my clear slimy syrupy pre-cum and ate it, went to the fridg for a pop and started to leave. I stopped and gave her a kiss on the cheek, my rock hard cock agaainst her wet hand making me pause and resting my cheek on her shoulder pressing my boner a little up and down, then did it again and the cum created by all the edging I did came shooting out onto her hand. I leaned in hard as the rest of my cum flowed out till I was empty. I lifted my head off her shoulder and kissed her cheek again and with my very satisfied boner and balls swinging I left. Mom and I never go that far ever but I was stoned and dad was an epic fuck, so I was totally done.

I lay on my bed naked face down pushing my boner hard into my bed. I felt so fucking EPIC. I woke through the night realizing I had pissed the bed. It was warm and put me back to sleep. Later Paul got home and crawled in behind me. He got on top of me and let me enjoy his hot piss flowing through his jeans, kissing me and licking all over, then slowly pulled his boner out and slid his it up my ass and slowly fucked me, his wet jeans, belt buckle and zipper teasing my ass. FUCK it was beautiful. I remember feeling his cream fill my butt then we fell asleep.

The next morning mom opened the curtains and saw Paul on top of me. I knew she could see his flexing butt as he was waking up and started moving his cock around inside me and the motions he made as his cock hardened. God he felt good and mom watching as Paul started fucking me made me hard and in no time I was shooting my load onto my sheet. Paul just couldn’t stop and mom couldn’t stop watching as my gasp of pleasure indicated that something indeed happened. When Paul got too close he moved into high gear so mom left then we both started making noise as Paul pounded and pounded out his morning load. We both lay there in place to find air. Yesterday and last night replayed through my head. TOTALLY FUCKING EPIC. After a few minutes I could feel piss escaping Paul’s soft cock which found it’s way out of my ass AND BACK INTO HIS ALREADY WET JEANS. A lot of hot smelly piss resoaked his jeans. At that, I let my morning piss go. We both lay there for a long time, Paul kissing any part of me he could reach. After my cock got soft, which wasn”t too long, I turned over and Paul and I just lay in our piss and talked. He’s not a pisser except when he”s with me. We got up and left, leaving our wet clothes there. I just put clean dry jeans on, they will dry me. Paul went down to his room and did the same. When I went to the kitchen for breakfast mom asked me if she could clean my room, then kissed me on the cheek. My crotch started to swell.

Paul was shaken a bit because mom caught us so we stayed apart for a few weeks, and I didn”t go near dad either. Mom and I had one piss event, but I still pissed myself every day and jerked off every day. I started a new kid on my papers. High school starts next week and I won”t be able to continue papers. I have all the phone s for Father Shafer, Mr. Hillman, Leo the janitor, and (Huge Cum Load) Roger, remember (I”m his boy pussy), and Tim in unit 808, so I can text them and maybe hookup after I get settled into school. I”ll be fourteen in a few month and I gew about half a foot over the summer. THis is normal so mom and dad tell me. My balls and cock grew too. Maybe I”m getting closer to being a top.

The week before school starts, mom and I went shopping to pick up my school uniform. I start grade nine next Tuesday after labour day, and we have to wear a certain uniform. Light grey pants, I would have liked black pants, light grey shows up every little mark. Anything wet shows up deep grey or black and can be spotted a mile away. Any subtle wetness will not go unnoticed. A white shirt, a maroon tie and maroon jacket. 2 Shirts and 2 pants.

“Remember mom, on the first day of school I don’t go to my school all day, I have my public speaking in the morning at Fatima.”

“Does your voice coach take you?”
“Right at lunch time.”

“I’m glad you remembered, but what about your speech, do you have it committed to memory?”

“Long ago.”

“What about your impromptu.”

“Well, there”s nothing to remember, I don’t get my topic till I walk on stage, but for me that’s easier than most other kids.” I loved that mom went with me and not dad to get my clothes. I want my pants to fit perfect and mom, since we have a close relationship and she cares that I will want my pants to fit as perfect as possible. I don’t want baggy or loose crotches or loose butts. Well I got lucky. The pants did fit perfect. The crotch and butt were absolutely perfect. My butt showed my cheek dimples and my crack so perfectly and no extra material below my junk. My junk looked ample and firm as they lightly pushed the front of the pants out. No material flapping around. The guy suggested as best he could, in front of mom, that the bulge at the front could be minimized if he let two pleats out, but both mom and I said no at the same time. If my bulge stops traffic all the better, mom explained that in the car. Mom knows that I will wet these pants and when get wet they get loose, so better they start off tight. Mom knows I believe in show and tell when it comes to my pants. They looked so good in the mirror and the way mom was looking at them made me start to get hard.

“Mom, I’m glad you sided with me on my bulge, I love having and showing a bulge, just like uncle Johnny, but it wasn”t that big plus the pants fit up my butt perfect.”

“So am I. First of all, I like you to be looking hot and ready. You have a beautiful growing body and you are 100% sexually attractive. As long as your marks are good, I want young boys to gravitate to you. You have far too many adult friends and now is the time for you to have more friends your age. A lot of boys your age and even older, don’t have a bulge like you, so why waste it. You get a lot of action and have attracted every male you ever wanted. I think you will probably have a lot of boys who will want you, gay or straight. Go for the young boys, it’s healthier for you.”

“Thanks mom. What do you think the odds are of me having a mom that likes pissing and protects her piss loving son?”

“I don’t know. I like boys in wet pants, especially you. Will you still appreciate me when you get stuck on some cute boy with a big cock and wet pants?”

“Are you kidding, if you think that you love when I piss myself you have no idea how much I love it when you like or notice that I’m wet. If you see me wet, just know that I noticed that, and will soon be jerking off and pissing myself again. It’s a vicious circle, I never piss in a toilet. And yes I will appreciate you and when I find the boy for the rest of my life I will know instantly when that happens and tell you.” I wondered to myself how my new school pants will make out on the longer school bus trips with all the vibrating the school bus does? High school is a lot further than last years school. On the bus my cock gets too hard too many times, up and down and up and down. I upload a lot of pre-cum, and since it’s a boys school, all the kids on the bus will be boys. It’ll be interesting to see how my cock makes out as there will be a lot of morning boners, straight or gay and a lot of beautiful crotches, not to mention, they all will have beautiful high school boy butts dealing with puberty. Also, most of the grade nine boys will be a year older than me. WOW, and like a lot of boys, I will not make any effort to hide my morning boner.


FRIDAY September 2nd 2011 Labour Day Weekend

Labour day weekend is usually nice. School year starts Tuesday September 6th. This year I start high school and will turn fourteen in December. I”m going to the mall to look at boys, jerk off a few times then piss myself, then dry my jeans in the sun riding my bike up and down the boardwalk. I”ll probably do the same Sat, Sun and Mon. Going to be one hot, horny and wet week end. Can”t wait to start grade nine, the boys will be bigger and so will their crotches. Bigger cocks, balls and hotter butts. Going to an all boys schools means a lot of morning boners on the school bus.

The mall was busy, with lots of older boys in groups. Wish I was in a group. Wow, lots of nice butts and crotches, cute faces and lots of long legs. After an hour or so I headed for the washroom. All this boy hunting had my undies wet, what with my cocķ going up then down and up and down, I”m edging to and from and back to a wet ending plus, I have to piss bad. The washroom was busy especially with dads and their sons. I waited for the end urinal, reached into my jeans then my wet white undies and pulled my boner out. It stood up hard, dripping pre-cum. I moved in close so nobody could see and held back an eager piss. I couldn”t help slowly stroking. I flexed my butt a few times hoping other boys or men would notice. I saw a guy beside me, he looked like he was over thirty, straining over a bit to see my cock. My cock got harder and I stroked a little faster and moved back a bit so he could see better. My butt bumped into somebodies hand moving up and down my crack. Holy fuck this is going to be hot. I started letting some piss out over the head of my cock. I could feel piss on my balls. Soon after a few people left, there were only three of us there so I turned sideways. The teen behind me playing with my butt also took my cock so I took the older guys cock witch was quite hard and a good size with a pretty big head. The kid behind me put the head of my cock against the other guys Jean’s which started taking on my slow piss stream as he jerked me. I looked down to notice the kid”s cock was small but hard and he was beating fast, pointing right at my wet jeans. He asked if he could. I took his cock and put it against my jeans where he let some piss shoot then his cum shot several shots of cum on my jeans.
His cock shrunk fast. He reached into my back pocket and took my phone and fed his number in ringing  his pocket. He returned my phone and played with my butt more finding my asshole and digging in, then he left. Said people were waiting for him. Me and the other guy moved into a stall, he sucked me off my piss running out of his mouth onto his jeans, at the same time while he was down there he pissed into my jeans. We sucked, jerked and pissed till we were empty. The place was a mess. Every now and then when there was nobody around we would leave the stall and walk around the room enjoying the freedom of being wet and standing in front of the mirrors amazed at how hot we thought we looked. When we would hear someone we went back into a stall, (A different stall), and made out again sometimes jerking off again. We were in the washroom for about three hours before we were dry enough to leave.

When I got to my bike I read the text from the kid, Raja. As I opened the text I remembered his huge coxk and ample cum load and the way I felt as he tried to shove my jeans up my ass, it was epic. He wants to see me again and fuck me. Well there you go, I”m all hard again. YES I replied. He replied with a heart and a kiss, told me he had a boner. A new text just in, it was dad, I had to get home, NOW. Holly shit my jeans were still a bit damp but the sun would take care of that but I could smell the older guy”s piss. Both the kid, Raja and the older guy were hot and great sex.

When I got home I saw a few cars, notably uncle Johnny”s. I haven”t seen him in over two years. They all have been keeping us apart because we beg for each other even though we have never even talked about it. Seems everyone including his wife aunt Kay, knows that he wants to get close to me and that I, since I was ten wanted to get close to Uncle Johnny”s, (Actually to get into his pants.) How did they know this? I told mom and since our little agreement she promised me that someday I would get the chance. Well guess what, that day has come. I can”t act too eager or excited and keep my growing boner hìdden.

I entered the house and he stood out like a god. My boner was straight up under and above my belt buckle but under my shirt. I never felt it this hard before. It ached right at the base. I think my balls were bouncing. Boy did it ever feel good. My jeans were a tiny bit damp and felt so hot. My pre-cum juice flowed over my cock”s hard head and ran down my shaft and into my still wet undies. Johnny”s cock wasn”t sticking two feet out to the right as usual. Well, I was ten when I first saw it, I actually thought it really was two feet long then but when I saw him when I was twelve it looked more like ten to twelve inches. Still long, still thick. It was hard and stretched over his leg and pushed the side of his jeans out of shape. Today it was missing and in it”s place a huge bulge right in the center of his crotch. Fuck it was EPIC. The seam of his jeans ran right up his crack on his butt, trying to get into his butt hole. His jaw, lips and eyes haven”t changed. Fuck he”s hot. I can”t run to him, I”ll piss myself for sure. Uncle Johnny is fucking lit and jackedd. I was getting light headed but didn”t know the best was yet to come. Mom and dad were up stairs packing a bag. Dad took me aside and took both my arms. I think when he bent down that he smelled my pants but continued to tell me that grandpa Harry died and that Uncle Johnny would have to sit me until Tuesday AM when he would put me on the school bus. I never met granpa Harry, he was dad”s father but divorced from grandma. It seems the weekend schedule was up in the air. Dad and mom and aunt Kay and my brother Paul would drive to Sudbury where grandma lived. Dad would drop mom and aunt Kay there, today. Dad and Paul would then continue to Toronto where Paul has a swim meet, Sat, Sun. On Monday, labour day, dad and Paul would drive back to Sudbury, the funeral is Tuesday AM, then mom, dad, aunt Kay and Paul would drive home arriving around three PM. I had to stay because I have a public speaking thing to do on Tuesday. I will take the school bus to school ans Uncle Johnny will go to work. From school my speach coach will drive me to the contest. I came in 2nd the first year and first last year but this year I just might bomb out. I have hit puberty hard and all I think about is wetting my pants, jerking off, checking out every single boy I see and also the grownups. To date I have only had sexual events with one person my age. All the rest have been grownups. Even my babysitter was twenty the very first night he sat he when I was five when he fondle me, then let me fondle him. He also peed a bit on my jeans then jerked off onto my jeans when hee thought I was asleep. When he wasn”t looking I ate some of his jizz. He fuck

As I went around the house hugging relatives while my mind was on uncle Johnny and the fact that we would be alone for four days. My body was shaking at the mere thought and my dripping rock hard cock poking out the top of my damp jeans just wouldn”t quit. When Johnny and I approached we both noticed that the other was checking out the other. He couldn”t see any bulge on me because my cock was pulled up. When we got close, his bulge became a monument. So fucking beautiful. My boner, hidden behind my shirt held in place by my belt buckle. When our bodies met my knees went weak. His bulge was hard and dug into my groin. HOLY FUCK. I could feel pre-çum running down the hard shaft of my cock to collect with previous flows in my undies against my nuts, which were acheing with pleasure. Johnny”s large hands dug into my sides, like a boy would hold a girl when making out. I know he didn”t see any bulge in my pants but I hope his bulge detected my boner. His hot breath exhaled into my hair and made it”s way to my neck. As we parted his finger nails dragged on my sides. My cock was flexing wanting to grind into him. I went to the fridge for a pop when I felt his hard bulge against my butt as he reached pass me for a beer. As he moved back he pushed his crotch forward. I was actually shaking I was so excited.
We went in different directions leaving the kitchen. Mom, dad and Paul were packing. Aunt Kay was with mom, everyone else filtered out. Johnny went and talked to dad while I, in a daze roamed around, my heart pounding, my body shaking, my cock still hard dripping boy juice, knowing that tonight my dream since I was ten years old of getting into uncle Johnny”s pants, that would probably be wet, was finally going to happen. I went for another pop. I want a full tank when duty calls. The biggest and most important question is, how will uncle Johnny fit his beautiful cock past my asshole and fill my butt with his load of man cream. I shouldn”t be so bold, I”M SCARED. REALLY FUCKING SCARED that tonight I could get hurt.

Mom came down and took me into the kitchen. We sat, her eyes were wet.

“Keep this very important fact in your head, uncle Johnny isn”t gay. I know for years you have been dreaming of a moment like this to be alone with him, but if you say or do anything, he may hit you, and maybe hurt you, and I will be far away.” Mom didn”t know that Johnny and I already hugged and the way we touched tells me we both want it all and soon. The anticipation and feel of our embrace, and the way our crotches touched, and the way he hummped my ass at the fridg said it all. We both know we both want it.

“Mom, I won”t do anything stupid. I promise. Yes he is gorgeous, and I want him so bad, but I promise I won”t make the first move.”

“Keep in mind, that if you both get involved, you may destroy his mariage. They have enough troubles, I can”t tell you, but if you add to that there could be huge consiquences.”

“I”ll be real careful mom, and will think about that. I promise not to do anything. I have more than enough boys, or men to satisfy me anytime, I don”t need to give Johnny problems at home, plus I have you and our little piss thing which I love and crave for all the time.” Mom is just looking out for me but one thing I totally know, she is totally jealous. Not of me getting to Johnny, but Johnny getting to me. Mom loves me. She is very sick for me but I love it. We are too close and I tell her everything everyday right down to the best crotch or butt I was on any given day. I even tell her who I want and who wants me and what I would love to do.

“That”s a good way to look at it. Don”t get involved if you don”t have to.”

“Yeah, I hope he doesn”t want anything, because you know he will be hard to resist.”

“One more thing,,,,, he is supose to be very, very big,,,, like long and thick,,,, and if you agree to anything, he could damage you for life. You were enjoying Paul too much when I caught you both at it, and Paul is only half as big as Johnny. Promise me you will be careful, please?” She rubbed my crotch and kissed me.

“I will mom, honest.” I know she”s right, Johnny is much longer and thicker than Paul, and I want the whole thing kadıköy travesti so bad. In the last two months I have been taking a lot of cock, huge, thick ones and my asshole just keeps saying MORE. Mom gave me a big hug and we talked about other things, like food, phone calls, what to say, and try and let Johnny run the house.

“You know by the time I get back I”m going to be craving for us to get together Tuesday night, save me a lot of your love?” She means piss, and I will. We got up and hugged then she touched all my junk again. I”m sure she noticed how hard my boner was.

It took everyone an hour or so to get everything into the car. I knew that Johnny and I were on edge in anticipation of what would happen after the car pulls out. My cock was leaking a lot and my undies were sosked. My piss tank was more full than it ever had been and my nuts were acheing. SWEET. Johnny and I passed each other with the look of an animal on the hunt for cock. God he”s so fucking hot. I hope I don”t blow my load too fast.
Now ask me how sore my nuts are, and how epic that feels and how bad I have to piss. The feeling of both are awesome. The car was loaded and by now I have scoped every inch of Johnny”s body and I”m ready. I”ll be fourteen in four months and feel ready for a restless horny animal who now looks like he would RIP his way into a good fuck. I actually feel like I want him to abuse me. Mabe he”ll rape me, fuck that would be hot. I was full of fear ànd excitement all at the same time. My asshole is ready and of late it has become joyful at the  thought of a long thick rock hard cock full of cum. and a good long hot piss. I looked at Johnny”s jeans a thousand times in the last three hours and I still can”t see his long hard cock stretched from his fly across the right side of his jeans to the outside edge of his right leg. I hope he”s hiding it to spring it on me. His awesome cock head he always has always beeen so eager to display just wasn”t obvious. Not a drop of anything on his pants, bone dry. I can tease the fuck out of him because I know how bad he wants me, but we have been purposely kept apart for two years because every member of every branch of our families knows exactly what kind of a weekend I”m in for.

My rock hard boner up under my buckle sticking out the top of my jeans is just fucking jumping. It”s dripping a lot, right down my belly into my undies. My undies are already soaked in pre-cum right down to my nuts. I know I”m going to bust but I”m going to make him chase me for hours. I want him to rape me hard.

OMG, their getting ready to get into the car. The time is getting close. Aunt Kay and mom were in the car. Dad and Paul hugged me then the glass door closed. I stood to watch them leave. Uncle Johnny was behind me and Fuck he felt so good just standing there, his crotch just slightly touching my butt. I was so excited, my cock never felt so hard and in need. The car was gone and my heart is pounding.

Johnny did the dishes as I studied my speach at the table. We made small talk like two 13 yr. olds put together by our parents. I could not take my eyes off his butt. My pre-cum was going to be too much pretty soon but boy it felt so good.

When he was done the dishes, which took forever, I noticed that the outline of his cock was showing to the right of ho=is zipper. He came to the table beside me and looked at the paper. If he”s looking at my crotch he won”t see a thing, my boner is still stuck up under my belt buckle. His crotch was right level where my head is. I could see up close his huge cock, getting harder and really pulling his jeans. This fucking monster was a lot thicker than I thought and fucking long. I started to get dizzy and felt like I was going to faint, as we read my paper he inched a bit closer. I was getting weak so with my eyes half shut I leaned my head towads his pants and felt his cocks hardness on my temple. I moaned as I turned toward his crotch and placed my face right on his hard throbbing cock. I caved and opened my mouth over the head of his manhood. It was hard and I could feel the heat. He nudged his cock in against my lips. Suddenly my piss just started shooting up inside my shirt and down over my jeans. Soon I could hear my piss hitting the floor. I felt his hands on my head when my mouth was suddenly filled with his hot piss shooting through his jeans. I sucked his hot piss as it soaked my face. With my hands I took hold of his hard monster with both my hands. I rubbed my face into the flow of his piss as it ran down his jeans. Then I leaned my long hair over his crotch till it was soaked. FUCK it was EPIC. He knelt on the floor and turned my chair and with his mouth went for the load of piss in my jeans. I lifted my shirt and undid my belt to let my raging boner swing out which he grabbed swallowing my piss flow. Our shoes were full and the kitchen floor was flooded. He stood up and opened his jeans and out swung this huge fucking monster of a cock, rock hard. Finally the longest, thickest and hardest cock I ever saw. I took hold with two hands and put the shaft into my mouth and bit on it like cob on the corn. He pushed it hard against me so I bit harder. I opened my mouth over his huge balls, my hand moving in his pants up his ass. I slid off the chair into the puddle of our piss on the floor, he moved down on top of me. Our cocks played sword fighting as we opened our mouths and tried to eat each other tongue. I bit his neck hard and sucked on it, then he did the same to me. I asked him to bite harder and he did. I could feel his hand under my nuts looking for my asshole so I spread my legs to make it easy. The story of my life. When he found it he just pushed his finger all the way. I yelpped but wanted more. My eyes were getting full of tears. I spread my legs more then he got two fingers in. His huge rod was sliding up and down my crack. Some kind of juice was shooting from my cock. His cock was far too big. I put my cock beside his and with my hands took our pre-cum, which by now was running down my shaft onto my nuts. I put all that I could up and down his huge thick cock and hard head. I kept telling him, it won”t fit. It put a lot of pre-cum up my asshole and once again I said it won”t fit. He started stroking his shaft. Oh I thought, he wants to cum on my butt. No, I was wrong, he wants to fuck me. I feel him turning into an animal. OK I muttered and started with all my might to fight him off. He was now getting rough. He placed his legs between mine then spread his legs out wide taking mine with them. The pain in my groin being stretched too far caused me to scream and yell. Then he took my wrists and strtched them high and out. He started biting my bones by my shoulders, then moved done to my wing bones on my back, biting hard making me scream and yell more. He just kept biting harder and harder then went back to my neck, biting all over. I could feel his hard rod against my boy cunt. He wouldn”t stop, even against all odds he rammed and rammed as I yelled and screamed when suddenly, POP, his fucking hard cock head was in. Everything stopped. He pulled my hair back hard and continued ramming his groin pushing his whole cock with all his force until his nuts hit my ass. My mouth was open wide as I cried and cried while he continued fucking me harder and harder, pounding my cock and balls into the hard kitchen floor. It didn”t take too long when his monster cock start to throb and throb so he pounded faster and harder, then after ramming every single inch up my ass he suddenly stopped and the cum started shooting into me, shot after shot after shot. His breathing was laboured and his grunting loud, yelling fuck fuck fuck fuck as he increased the force of his thrusts. He collapsed his full weight and just lay there on top of me as I cried and cried. We just lay there in our piss, with more escaping my sore cock. I knew his intention was to fuck me, but I prayed for rape and got it. I was never so happy in my life. As we lay there my rock hard cock spat out a huge load of cum that I felt coming hard and deep from the base of my cock to it”s throbbing head. We just lay there in his grip for about twenty minutes.

Once Johnny”s cock went soft he started pissing in my ass. I was in heaven not knowing where he got all the piss from. He just kept pissing and pissing letting it run out of me onto the floor. We rolled on our sides as his cock slid out letting my boy cunt cunt close. I looked down where my last load of cum lay. No wonder it felt so good, there was a lot of it with chunks, lots of chunks. I squirmed till my mouth sucked up all the cum and the chunks. My asshole was so fucking sore but I couldn”t be happier.

Johnny”s cock started to get hard again. I didn”t want more but my acheing boy cunt begged me to let him in again. This time he took his time trying not to hurt me again. After his full cock was up my ass we waited as it got harder and harder, then he started fucking. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, It was beautiful. I lifted up a bit, Johnny push his groin up shoving his cock back and forth, small strokes at first getting longer and longer. He moaned a lot, I cried. I have never loved anything more in my life than Johnny”s throbbing cock up my ass. We took our time and it took forever. Now I was moaning and he was crying, grabbing my hips and starting to drive me hard, going faster stroking each srtoke the full length of his cock. When he pushed up he lifted me, and I sat down hard. FUCK ! this is EPIC. I dug my nails into his sides as he thrust with every inch of manhood he had. He grabbed my sides and dug his nails in and started to pant. It look like my cock was cumming and pissing at the same time. Then what I feared, happened. Johnny was getting close and suddenly I wasn”t there, but this fucking crazed animal started pounding and pounding ripping his nails where ever he could trying to dig flesh off me when he found my nuts he was growling when suddenly the stroking stopped dead. His back was arched high, his rod high in the air still up my ass to the max, when it started throbbing, he came down and wrapped his arms around me and his groin started fucking me hard with all the kindness and tenderness the universe could find as continuous shots of thick hot cum filled my ass. It wouldn”t stop. He opened his mouth and took all my lips in then met my tongue, more piss escaping my hard cock. He was still humping but slowed to very long slow strokes. I leaned down and bit his neck right where I had three times leaving him marked. He bit me back right where he had bit me three times. We started licking each others face, and ears. waiting for our boners to go soft. It felt like I was sitting on a steel pole.

“I love you.” he said.

“I have always loved you since I was ten.”

“Your so beautiful. Do you know how long I waited for this?” he asked me.

“Me too, I was ten when I fell in love with you, and I waited and waited. I thought it would never happen. I pissed myself every single day since.”

“Your so fucking hot, your cock and balls are so big, like a sixteen or eighteen year olds. And that load of cum. They were right.”


“Who is who?”

“Everybody. We all know how big you are and how bad you and I have been waiting to get time together.”

“OK let”s be real, how big are you really? When I was ten I actually thought your cock was two feet long, but really, how long is it.”

“Can”t be that long, you took it all.”

“I don”t think I took it all, I think you forced it all.”

“All the same it all went in.”

“For how long has everyone known about us and who exactly is everyone?”

“Everyone, totally everyone has for a couple of years talked about you and compared you with me. They all know your getting to eight inches and thick and that you jerk off all day anywhere and always piss your pants. I think your dad must have seen it but the word is your dad is bragging, so what we’re doing right now they all know because they all know how badly I want to fuck and wet you and how you and your monster in your pants that you can”t seem to control always wants to be doing it. It”s around the whole family, your school and even your church. I bet right now your dad”s car is a blaze with what”s going on here at this very moment.”

“Why would my dad say anything?

“He must have seen your boner or something, he”s a proud father and likes to brag.” Johnny and i kissed and rolled the over the floor in the puddle of our piss making out, his cock still up my ass. Johnny”s piss was very yellow and smelled strong, it was epic. He pulled his cock out when it got soft and rubbed it through my hair, soaking it with his thick pre-cum. I love this. We have so much in common. I couldn’t help it, my whole body stiffened and my load just started shooting, catching him off guard. He opened his mouth wide and chased my shooting cock then swallowed what I had left. My body went into a jerking fit as he held my boner in his mouth, the sensitive head hitting his teeth sending me into spasms. It was fucking beautiful.

“Joe how fucking tight can your asshole be? Looks like the asshole of a six year old.” My cock was dripping all over the floor and on our soaking jeans as they lay sopping up our piss.

“You actually know what a six year olds boy hole looks like?” He took my hands and pulled them down so my elbows held me up. My ass was high in the air when he put his large hands under my chest then moved them up to hold my shoulders in place and lay this chest over my back, eating my piss soaked hair. He spread his legs, pushing mine further apart to the max and in he went with his tongue and soothed my boy hole. He moved his tongue around and in and out as cum started shooting from my cock onto my jeans. I reached for my jeans and buried my face. So fucking beautiful.

We made out, kissing and licking each other all over when Jonny’s mouth found my cock and took the whole thing deep in and again sucked the most beautiful array of feelings my cock ever knew. His hands, not his nails went over my pits, so fucking hot, then over my nipples and down my sides to my nuts. It wasn”t long when my groin moving up and down placed my hardening head of my cock at the back of Johnny”s throat and let loose a barrage of hot cum shots. I know I normally get a lot of cum but I knew I broke my record for volume. My cock just pumped and pumped it out. My cock never felt like this ever. We made out more and when we kissed, Johnny”s mouth was full, jammed packed with my cum. We shared it and decided it was so delicious, then we swallowed. I put my arms around his neck and hugged him hard and told him I loved him. We stood up with our half boners eager again but we held off and decided to clean up and shower and eat. I washed my face, hair and groin with our soaking jean before putting them in the wash. We showered, took an hour and involved hand jobs then pissed in each other”s mouth, I never swallow piss, then we ate each other”s cum and told each other how much in love we were.

We ate supper, our hands and mouths forever on each other somewhere. I stoked his boner through his Jeans. It stretched to the right over his leg and pulling to get out just like it did when I was ten. My cock was so hard it was sore as were my nuts and asshole. I didn”t care, I waited three and a half years for this chance, I”m not going to complain, I”m going to enjoy my sore cock and nuts and asshole. We went and sat in the living room watching TV with the curtains open and the lamps on. We made out and touched each other then we stretched out and worked each other’s crotches. We edged over and over, creating a lot of beautiful slimy pre-cum. I am so in love with him, dreaming already of bed time. I”m sore as hell all over and want more. My asshole is so sore yet, I know, once I get his cock in me I will take it no matter how much crying and yelling I do. All his bites and scratch marks were still sore and stinging from our piss.

Things on the couch were heating up. Johnny”s cock stretched out and hardened. I went down and sucked and then bit his cock through his jeans. My own boner was humping his foot. I went up and down his cock till my sylvia wet his jeans. I chewed his nuts, fuck they were big. Johnny moved his foot around moving my boner and balls around. As sore as I was I wanted to get fucked again. I undid his zipper and pulled out his cock.

“Uncle Johnny.”


“Can you squirt a little piss on my face, I want to suck your cock.” It took a minute or two then Johhny started squirting his hot yellow piss in my face. I let some OF HIS piss go in my mouth then flow out off the end of my chin onto his jeans. I ran his cock head over my hair and his beautiful hot piss and pre-cumm soaked my head of hair. I took as much of his cock that would fit in my mouth, and started sucking. Just as I started letting piss into my Jean’s onto Johnny”s leg my phone chirped. A text. It was Ron, across the street. He baby sat me since I was five, and starting that very first night he played with my junk and to my constant joy, molested me every time after that. I loved it. When I turned ten he started sucking me off to dry orgasms and fingering my boy cunt. By last spring on my 13th birthday, after the party was over, he was helping mom and aunt Kay clean up. Mom and Kay went out to do the back yard and as I watch through the basement window, Ron pulled my pants down and for the first time in my life, I got fucked up the ass. He took my virginty. It was EPIC. He was twenty eight, so it made me feel so good knowing a grownup wanted to fuck me. He has a girlfriend but says he loves me. I couldn”t resist him and since it was so beautiful, I wantrd more. He fucks me all the time now every chance we get.

Hi, looks like your having fun….. EPIC Can I come over after he leaves? He’s here till Tueaday house sitting me. Fuck your lucky, I”ll text you Wednesday. Cool. Keep the drapes open? OK

“He is definately jealous. I”m going to have to turn my phone off. That was Ron, my old baby sitter, you must know him.”

“I do.”

“He wants to come over, I told him I was busy till Tuesday.”

“What does he want?”

“He wants to fuck me, he loves me. He started playing with me the very first day he babysat me. I was five. Don”t tell mom. (I actually tell mom everything, but I didn”t want Johnny to know that mom and I were that close.) On that first night, I pretended I was asleep so he molested me. I loved it, then a few months ago on my birthday he fucked me.”

“I thought he had a girlfriend?”

“He does.”

“How old is he?”


Johnny was still suckinģ on my crotch. I went back to sucķing his cock so he pulled mine out and did the same. I can”t get enough of his cock. We went crazy at it until his load started shooting into my mouth. I didn”t know cum could shoot that hard, it was hot and I tried to swallow but the amount was overwhelming. It was going down my throat and down my chin landing on his jean’s. It just wouldn’t stop as I squeezed his cock hard. I did discover one thing, I love jizz. Wow it feels and tastes so good. I scooped the cum off his pants and ate it and spread it all over my face and hair. I crawled up and we made out, Johnny licking my face and hair. We hugged and kissed and with only jeans on then fell asleep for over two hours.

“Your phone beeped twice.” Johnny said as he woke me. It was mom.

Hi baby Hi baby, r u there? Hi mom, I was sleeping.? Sleeping? Yeah, we fell asleep watching TV. We got here about an hour ago and are all settled in. Your dad and Paul are on their way to Toronto. Did you eat? Yeah, had BLTs and pop, lot of pop. I knew it, you and Johnny did some stuff. I saw how he was close behind you as we drove away. I hope he didn”t hurt you. Please tell me he didn”t. Mom, he didn”t hurt me. He was everything and more I dreamed about. I told you how I felt about him three years ago. Well I was wrong, I LOVE HIM. He”s going to want more, you know that. Mom, we did it twice and it”s not bedtime yet. You know I only like boys. Which reminds me, Ron wants to sleep over Wednesday night. Why, was Ron there or something. NO Long story mom, I”ll fill you in Tuesday. Sweety, are WE doing anything Tuesday night? You bet mom, I can”t wait.

Your dad”s happy as all hell

, what did you do to him.  He kept me up all night twice in the last week and a half.

We did it mom. WHAT!!! You did?, did he liked it? I gave him one of Paul”s spiked cookies. Once he got in he couldn”t get enough of my ass. Sorry for busting in on you and Paul last week. You two looked so sweet when he was fucking you. Mom!!!……I gotta go By the way, I told you I slpit one of Paul”s brownies with dad.

“Just mom wanting to knw how we were making out, get it,,,Making Out?” Johnny laughed, then we did start making out again. Things were heating up. Johnny”s cock stretched out and hardened. I went down and sucked and bit his cock through his jeans. My own boner was humping his foot. I went up and down his cock till my sylvia wet his jeans. I chewed his nuts, fuck they were big.. Johnny moved his foot around moving my boner and balls around. As sore as I was I wanted to get fucked again. I undid his zipper and pulled out his cock. I had to piss again.

“Let”s go to my room.” It took a while to get there as we stopped every two feet to make out. I could feel my piss running down my leg as we fell onto the bed. When Johnny felt my piss he let his go right through his boner. He soaked me from my hair to my jeans. With his mouth he sucked piss out of my jeans then opened them and pulled them off. Oh God I thought, this was going to be great. He wasn”t as rough as the last time, using my pre-cum and stroking till he was rock fucking hard. He took his time pushing his huge cock head into my boy cunt. Fuck he felt good. He gave me my soaking jeans to suck and bite on. The taste of his yellow smelly piss was epic. The full length of his shaft push his head all the way in. His nuts were resting on my balls and we waited then slowly he started hummping his cock all the way out and all the way in. This continued for ten to fifteen minutes when the speed started to pick up. My cock emptied any and all piss and cum I had in me. My bed was soaking wet and warm as Johnny started srtetching my whole ass to the limit. As his cock throbbed I once again realized the magnitude of his manhood then once again the cum shots came in rapid fire one after the other. He was sweating all over my back until the final shot of his load then the trickle of cum started leaking out onto my balls. It took some time but his breathing finally allowed him enough air to tell me over and over how much he loved me. He kissed me all over and nibbled at my wing bones and collar bone and arm pits. Just like mine, his cock stayed hard for a very long time. He whispered a lot in my ears, getting his face wet from his piss in my hair. Once again we fell asleep, every now and then I flexed my butt hole around his shaft.


When my eyes opened I immediately knew what that long steel pole was against my back was, it was in fact uncle Johnny”s boner. I pushed my butt against it and he moved forward. His large hand was holding all my junk. The warm slimy pre-cum all over my butt told me he wanted in. My boner concurred. I moved my eager boy cunt, still very sore from yesterday until it met the hard head of Johnny”s monster cock. His hot pre-cum squirted at my hole as we merged and with less force than yesterday, ten or twelve inches of the hardest and thickest monster cock made it”s way past my asshole into it”s weekend home, balls deep. Staying all the way in he rolled me on my belly and the beautiful stroking of today’s first fuck, got under way. I cried again, the pain was immense, but, a butt full of Johnny”s manhood would never be taken lightly. I took the pain, and the thrusting strokes, the total weight of him on top, the swelling thickness and throbbing and banging, scratching, and even his biting all just for the holy grail of butt fucking, CUM…Loads of hot, thick, sweet tasting CUM.

In this short time I have now taken his whole cock all the way up my ass and all the way down my throat. I have become his fuck of all fucks. Before today is over he will call me his boy cunt a hunded times and I will be hard in no time. He will need and crave me, and as mom and I agreed, I could have Johnny any time I want as often as I want.
Moving only his groin and butt the beautiful long strokes of his fucking caused my first load of cum to shoot onto the bed sheet under me. Fuck it felt so good. Johnny can take as long or little time has he pleases to shoot his load. Today he was taking forever and I loved it…Again he filled me up with hot cum and when his cock got soft he took it out and his cum followed onto the sheet. I rubbed my hair and face in it. FUCK he”s HOT.

We got up and put everything in the washing machine then showered. He washed me from top to bottom. We agreed, no soap, just the flow of warm water. We ran out of hot water, that”s how long we took. We clean jeans on over our wet bodies, then put everything from the washer into the dryer and had breakfast. The whole time we touched and kissed and made out. I kept going back in my mind when I was ten, and how bad I wanted him. I kept mauling him, his legs, his beautiful butt then back to his crotch. He decided we would go to the mall and walk around with out cocks hanging in our jeans so all could notice we were in sync, mentally and sexually. We would ride bikes up and down the boardwalk. He could use Paul”s bike.

When we were in the garage Johnny opened his jeans and pulled his cock and balls through his undies and told me to do the same, then zip up with our cocks to the right. He said this way the head of our cocks would show up better through our jeans. He was right. I noticed that Ron was watching from his window. Boy he”s going to be horny by Wednesday night. I totally love the way he fucks me, so much love and passion. As we rode our bikes we kept checking each others crotches as our cocks would get half hard many times, and then moving infront and behind to check each others butts. I don”t know exactly how old he is but he has a gorgeous butt. When we went into the mall we both had light blue skinny jeans and dark blue tee shirts on. with our cock hanging to the right. Mine was half hard, I”m sure people noticed. We walked all the way through and by the time we got to the washroom I was rock hard. We checked ourselves out in the mirror and when people left we would touch each others cock and stroked them through our jeans. He dared me to let some piss out. Well he doesn”t know me that well because I reached into my pants and pull my cock half way up while pissing then stopped. I looked in the mirror.

“Fuck I think I look hot.”

“Yeah, then how are you going to get to your bike?” he asked.

“Easy, let”s go.” He was in shock. There was a considerable amount of piss on the front of my crotch. My cock was semi hard hanging longer and fatter than usual.

“Holy Fuck, you did this before.” my uncle said when we got to our bikes. There were a few kids there smoking and hanging. When I stood over my bike I put my feet on the dround and pushed my new asshole against the pointed end of my bike seat. FUCK it felt so sore and so fucking good. I took my time my mind going over Johnny breaking in as he raped me. My cock got hard and as we rode off I let piss fill my pants. Was it ever fucking awesome.

“I do this all the time, usually while I jerk off at the urinal, but don”t fear, when you get on your bike you have to keep up with me.” That got him worried because kids hang out at that exit. But he did it right in front of the kids. About two stores before the exit he pissed the front of his pants and when we left the kids noticed as we got on our bikes a rode away. The sun was bright and hot as we rode along the bike path next to the boardwalk. We let more piss out every now and then and we got hard when people noticed. We stopped at a park and had a hot dog and root beer. Our jeans were a little more than half dry but still noticed. We sat at a table and ate and enjoyed the sun reflecting off the water. He told me stories about his pissing adventures and how his mom and dad would beat him when he hid his pissed pants then how his sister, my mom would be his lookout and watch him jerk off while pissing. Warned me not to tell mom. Then he told me how aunt Kay caught him jerking off and pissing his jeans when he was supose to be in bed fucking her and she ended the honeymoon instantly. Kay told my mom.

” Everyone knows what we are doing all this weekend.”

“I bakırköy travesti know, but I want them to know.” We got back on our bikes left the park then wet ourselves more, a lot more. Our piss was running down our legs and getting the path wet. We both couldn”t wait to get home. It took us an hour. Ron saw us quite wet, he waved from his window. We started making out in the garage and soaked ourselves again to the last drop. This time we went in the side door and down stairs and spent a good hour making out then sucking each other off. I washed my hair and face with my soaking jeans then put them and Johnny”s in the dryer. Yes the dryer, I like dried piss smelling jeans. We went upstairs and Johnny brought out a joint and as we played a video game and got stoned. It doesn”t take much weed to get a 13 year old stoned. I was gone. We went to the livingroom. I left the front drapes open for Ron, was actually tempted to suggest to Johnny that we invite him over. I love Ron so much. He”s been molesting me for eight years and as I mentioned, he”s a beautiful fuck, I know he”ll be watching.

Johnny and I lay on the couch naked and made out as we watched TV. As usual, like dad, we watched baseball. I usually can find a pitcher with a nice ass that I can watch and some players are just hot. After about an hour we got in the mood again. No pissing on the couch but I was extremely horny knowing Ron might be watching. Johnny wanted to fuck me again. My nuts have been sore all day waiting for his cock back up my boy cunt. Johnny moved on top of me and it wasn”t long before our cocks were dripping our pre-cum over each other”s cock. It was beautiful as we played with each other. I sat up on his thighs as his pre-cum fingers worked their way into my butt hole. It hurt till I sat on them, all three of them to the max.This felt so good, I didn”t want it to stop. As my pre-cum started running down my shaft I took it and covered Johnny”s huge fucking cock with two hands and slowly eased my asshole off his fingers just to the tips. My cock gave me more pre-cum for his cock so I took it too and covered his cock which was now as hard as it could get. With two hands I covered his cock from the head to his nuts even pushing towards his manhole. My ass hole wanted his fingers again, but was looking for all four of them. Johhny was eager to slide all four fingers up my ass and with all the lust he had, in they went, My cock shot some pre-cum and piss onto his chest, splashing a bit on his face. My cock was throbbing and out shot a load of cum onto Johnny as I twisted his four fingers in my ass.

Johnny was digging into my sides with one hand and wanted to fuck. I bent down and bit his neck, same place as before, where it was blue and red. I fucking love Johnny. He bit my neck as we decided to roll over. His four fingers grabbed at the rim of my eager boy cunt. He kepted pulling his fingers out but grabbing the rim as if he didn”t want to go. FUCK it felt EPIC.

He lay on top of my back with his full wait sliding his monster cock up and down the crack of my ass, biting my wings at the same time. As he slid his cock up and down, with my cunt trying to catch and swallow the head of the throbbing monster. The game went on for a few minutes then without notice the head was rammed into my hole hard, all the way, with the shaft following full speed till his balls bounced onto mine. I don”t know what happened but my load of piss was was shooting onto the couch. As Johnny started fucking my groin and junk pushed into the soaking swamp of my piss on the couch. FUCKING EPIC. I was now at the point of not careing. I fucked my piss soaked puddle as Johnny without caution rammed me over and over. His whole ramming cock was filling every inch of space in my ass and I was loving it. After a good ten minutes of scratchin, biting and fucking he sped up and ponded me like never before, as I was moaning and crying until he stopped all the way in and froze. I pushed my boy cunt further onto his cock if that was possible and he let out a grawl, pushed his cock further and started shooting, shot after shot, after shot of hot thick cum into the furthest reaches of my ass, then withing seconds he quickly pulled the monster out ripping my boy cunt and making me cum on the couch below, then he sat on my butt and the remainder of his load shot over my back. How much cum did this guy have? He scooped all his cum off my back and rubbed it into my hair then collapsed his full weight on me. We lay panting for ages, the hardness of both our cocks intact as we both pissed. Mine into the couch, Johnny”s all over my back. His first shots of cum were leaking out of my sore boy cunt unto the couch flowing to my nuts and cock. I never felt so good and comeplete in my life.

We woke up in our piss and cum, it was dark outside and they had a sports update on TV. We both lost our full boners. The clock said 2am.

“How did that happen? We still didn”t move for at least ten minutes. We were full and the couch was destryed.

We went down to the dryer and took out our jeans we put in earlier. They stunk of piss because we purposely didn”t use detergent, and we put them on over our piss sticky dry bodies and went to the kitchen to eat, touching each other and making sounds of pleasure.

“Ill have to leave the couch cushins on the basement floor to dry and spray with Frabreeze until they dry. We washed then dried the covers. The couch will be fine. I just have to spray the cushins again with Fabreeze.” Johnny had a ham and cheese, I had cereal then a peanut butter and butter sandwich. He had coffee and I had milk.



“You”re such a hot fucking FUCK.”

“So are you, I can”t get enough of your ass. There is nothing as sweet or as tight than a little boys asshole.”

“You mean “BoyCunt” I like the sound of that. This guy at school calls me that, I like it although I really want to be a top when I grow up. By the way, if you”re such a hot fuck, how come after five years you and aunt Kay don”t have five kids? If I was grown up with your cock I would be fucking all the time. My wife would have fifty kids and so would some of my neighbours. I would never stop fucking.”

“Well it”s a long story, but your right. She doesn”t like when I wet my pants.”

“Oh Oh, I would never stop wetting myself, no no I love that too much. I just can”t. Who ever I fall in love with and marry will be advised that I like to piss myself every day, several times. Maybe you just have to wet them more, like all the time.”

“I never started that when we were dating, she didn”t have a clue until we got married, I wanted to fuck but I also needed to piss.”

“Why don”t you just piss yourself a tiny bit when your making out, you do make out, don”t you?”


“”SOMETIMES ? ? ? ! ! ! With your body? FUCK.””

“Well you tend to get off the track.” he said.


“I just told you, I didn”t even give her a hint that I needed to piss when I”m horny, so she was blindsided when she found out.”

“How did your cock ever get so big?”

“I don”t know, I just never stopped jerking off I guess.”

“I love it, I hope mine gets that big “

“It might, as a matter of fact, it probably will. Mine wasn”t near as big as yours when I was 13.”

“My asshole, or should I say, “BoyCunt” feels so EPIC.” We went to my computer and watched boys pissing themselves while edging ourselves towards another fuck. Our cocks were up then down then up then down. We edged for hours. It was getting late so we went to bed. This time his fuck was a whole different thing. We went to my brother Paul”s bed, it was a double. We made out for almost an hour, soaking everything even our hair. It was pitch black, Johnny turned me on my belly and ate out my asshole for a good ten minutes trying to get his whole tongue in. He got a lot of it in and it was awesome. I pulled my cheeks apart and push my hole at him with all I had. He reached under to my cock and wanted some pre-cum so I let some out. He polished his fucking rocket placing the hard head right against my boy cunt. With caution and sudden passion, his huge eleven inch cock slid in and with care, he slowly pushed his whole shaft stretching my asshole to the max again. This time he didn”t jump up and down on me, he lay on top of me and omly moved his groin up and down stoking his long cock all the way in then all the way out to the edge. FUCKING EPIC. This was awesome. It took the best part of an hour as his ridget rock hard, very thick and thobbing cock teased my pleasure buttons. We were empty of piss just waiting for the big reveal, his cum, mine just shot unto the soaking sheets.

“I”m so in love with you.” he whispered. He was running out of breath but he was fighting not to speed up or ram. He kissed me all over and told me again that he loved me. His beautiful lips played on my neck, shoulders, back, his arms under me with his hands on my shoulders holding me in place as the massive tool, now turned precious fucking device kept a beautiful steady stroking, but some throbbing was about to warm of the emminet explotion to come. I let the final bit of my piss go when the force of Johnny”s beautiful eleven inches cock got more deliberate and powerful as the shooting began. Again and again, hot shots of his beautiful thick cum filled my little boy cunt. I could feel all his cum around his massive bonner. Like me, he stays hard for a long time. When I first saw him with a boner, when I was 10 I actually thought his cock was two feet long. Well I told you that and it was wrong, it was only eleven inches, what a shame, which by the way is more then enough cock for this little boy cunt, now stretched to the max in every direction.

We fell asleep as we were, his total weight on top of me, his rod up my ass with his face beside mine. So fucking sweet. A few times through the night and he was moving and flexing and throbbing a bit, one time I think he filled me up again but I was in such a beautiful deep warm sleep.


We would have to go to church today, mom would know if we didn”t but I wouldn”t be able to sit still in church if I don”t get fucked first. So we fooled around then it became obvious it was going to happen. FUCK this is EPIC, fucking whenever you want.

“I want you to fuck me, again, but do it like you did yesterday.” Yeasterday when he fucked me he lay right on top of me and only moved his groin. The same way Ron fucks me. His ass and groin were the only things that moved, nice and slow with long, long strokes. His cock comes all the way out then all the way in, it”s beautiful. Johnny lay me on my belly and pulled my soaking jeans off. I took Johnny”s jeans because he had the smelly and most piss. I stuffed the soaking crotch as much as I could into my mouth as he spread my legs. I love that he spreads them to the max, the bones between my groin and legs hurts so bad but it”s a fucking good hurt as painful as it is. He started sliding his hard cock up and down the crack of my ass, and I could feel it getting harder and harder, then without using his hands which were under me holding my shoulders in place, the hard head of his cock poked around until it found my asshole. When he pushed it in it hurt, and I screamed into his pissed jeans, and bit hard, swallowing his piss. After he was in he stopped and lay flat on top of me, then I felt the thickness of his shaft sliding in more and more. He started fucking me exactly the way I wanted. It was like a fucking steel pole going up my ass. He reached some point that stopped him, then he moved the head up down and around then found more room, then slid the rest of his awesome cock all the way in. The whole fucking thing. I could feel my piss soaking the bed when Johnny started with the long strokes. I couldn”t believe how good it felt. Painful but epic. Soon I was pushing my ass into him as he pushed his cock into me. He took his time and it took forever. Wow I love this guy. After fucking me for about twenty minutes he started to speed up faster and faster, his cock thrbbing and once again he was filling me with his cum. He stopped and let his cock do the rest. It shot and throbbed at the same time. He didn”t bite me, he kissed me all over licking my face, ears and neck. It took a good ten minutes for his cock to go soft and as he let it out of me he pissed. God he felt good.

We missed the nine o”clock mass so we would have to go to the eleven thirty one. We wore suits and as usual I went into the bathroom and pissed through my undies getting the front of them all wet. I wore my dk blue siut. They fit nice and tight showing my epic bulge. While in church I touched myself until the piss in my undies showed through the crotch of my Sunday pants. Now finally came communion time so I let more piss into my undies and played with my crotch and more piss came through to my pants. When we went up for communion my cock started to get hard and my balls were wet. The priest and the altar boys face us and since the altar boys are looking for boobs or crotches, I”m sure a few will notice my wet crotch. Hopefully I”ll get a few of them boned up. After communion we return to our seats by the outside isle so now I have a whole new group to show my wet crotch to. In my seat I knelt and let more piss go, soaking my crotch and some going down my leg to my knee. Uncle Johnny didn”t piss because he was wearing light blue, I was wearing dk blue but I sure gave him a boner. After church we went to the drive thru at Burger King. I made sure I was positioned so the kid at the window (a girl) could see my wet pants. She looked a few years older than me, may be sixteen or eighteen. When she handed the food in I took hold of my cock through my pants and moved it over so she would see I was hard.

After we ate we left the parking lot and went to the boardwalk. My pants were drying but my piss was still noticable if you were looking. Lots of people usually are. All females check out crotches, and a lot of guys. When we got back in the car we stayed parked and watched for people as I jerked off onto the front of my pants while stroking Johnny”s long boner through his jeans. A large pre-cum spot showed up on his light blue jeans. So fucking EPIC, white cum on my dark pants. Johnny and I both wiped the cum off and ate it then walked up and down the boardwalk again.

When we got home, Ron, the guy from accross the street walked across. Ron was my babysitter for many years and knew what he was looking for when he came up to the car and looked right down at my crotch.

“Can I come in?”

“Sure.” I answered as Johnny nodded yes. When I stood up beside the car Ron took hold of my wet crotch and felt my boner. I stood there for a second and humped his hand enjoying how it felt. Ron knows what I like, he pissed on me the first night he baby sat me when I was five, and every time he sat me till I was thirdteen on my birthday he fucked me. First time ever that I got fucked. He was twent eight. Ron and I are very close and the good part is, mom knows it all and likes him. We went into the house and I introduced Ron to uncle Johnny. I knew Ron knew that something was going on so he just had to come over. We drank a lot of root beer as we sat around the kitchen table talking a lot about everything except what was going on in our pants. Ron pulled out a joint and as he stood up we just couldn”t help seeing his wet pants. Not a lot, just enough to say (May I). My boner went nuts and my good Sunday pants, alresdy covered in cum took on some of my hot piss. When Ron went to my uncle”s place at the table to let him have some weed, his audible blurt made it obvious to me that Johnny must of had his fucking boner across his leg in his pants and that he was probably wet because I noticed that Ron released more piss in his pants. Holy fuck I can”t take too much more of this. My boner sticking out the top of my pants had lots of pre-cum flowing over my cock head down my shaft then over the front of my Sunday pants. Finally we all stood up. It was fucking EPIC. Uncle Johnny was now allowing piss to flow down his leg from the end of hos long boner. Ron was grabbing his crotch as his rush of piss was soaking even his hand with it shooting in different directions. My pre-cum was all over the front of my pants making them shiny and slimy. I worked my crotch sliding my drenched cock back and gorth from left to right and up and down. To head of my cock gleaming with pre-cum. We joined together in the middle of the kitchen and litterally distroyed the floor with all our piss and we were just starting. Johnny”s cock came out of his pantss like a fire hose and crenched Ron and I. I got him to soak my hair and as I bent over Ron undid my pants and pulled them down and pissed all over the back of my white undies then pulled then down too. As Johnnny continued on my hair Ron slid his beautiful cock up my ass all the way. He leaned over my back and once again gave me the smoothest most passionate fuck I ever had. Johnny then blew his load all over my hair. Ron”s warm load of cum filled my boy cunt with a beautiful level of satisfaction. My mind broght up the night when Ron first babysat me and after he fondled my junk and let me play with his he pissed on my jeans then uploaded a beautiful load of sweet cream onto mt jeans after which we lay back and ate it. I am always going to love Ron. Finally after dumping all my piss I started tto beat my cock of shooting my cum on Ron and Johnny”s face. They fought for it to see who could eat the most. Rom gushed over Johnny”s huge cock and wanted to marry him and take his cock home to show his mom and dad. Ron and I kissed a lot. He wanted to fuck me again, so I let him and then wanted to watch Johnny fuck me. We went to my brother”s room in the basement, he has a double bed. For the second time today Johnny was up my ass pounding like hell. I had Ron”s pissed jeans in my mouth and covered my face. Ron was sucking Johnny”s asshole out which caused Johnny to pound me faster and harder. Johnny moaned a lot. Then Ron found my mouth with his cock. I sucked on him till he filled my mouth with his sweet hot cum. Johnny started to speed up and Ron pissed in my hair and soaked it. Fuck I love that. Finally Ron got to fuck me one last time. He felt every bit as good as Johnny. I had only one complaint. WHEN THE FUCK CAN i BE A TOP.

We cleaned everything up and did the wash and smoked more weed. They put their clean clothes on I put on clean jeans and a stylish shirt mom had bought me. We had supper then Ron had to go home. I ran after him and gave him a long kiss in the middle of the road. We didn”t care who saw until we saw his girlfriend on his front step. She came out to the road then realized we were stoned. She had no clue Ron and I had been fucking around for 8 or 9 years.

“It”s a good thing you”re both stoned or I would think this kissing thing was serious.”

“What about this?” as I grabbed Ron”s sweet crotch.

“Now your just being stupid.” She took Ron”s hand a led him home. She taled to him the whole way as if it were Easter Sunday and nothing was wrong.

Johnny and I watched TV until we fell asleep. We woke up late and went to Paul”s room and made out again. Again he fucked me slow and tenderly. It was EPIC.

We fell asleep in our piss, usual for me but a big treat for Johnny. He put his arms around me from behind with the soft bundle of junk, like his cock and balls, against my butt. As I fell asleep I went back to that night when I was ten and saw Johnny”s huge cock, hard in his pissed pants. I couldn”t believe we had still had one more day of this to go.


We woke up when my phone rang. It was mom.

“Hi sweet heart it”s mom.”

“Hi mom, I miss you.” I wispered.

“You do?” She sounded surprised.

“Ron was over, we had a threesome, awesome.” whispering again.

“Can”t figure that guy out, plus he”s almost 30.”

“He likes little boys mom.”

“So does your uncle, have you slept yet?”

“Not really.”

“I”m jealous.” Then I whispered again.

“I know. How about Tuesday night you jerk off my soft cock? Then I”ll piss a load for you.” I could hear her getting excited and breathing hard. “Just you and me in my jeans with my totally soft cock.”

“I won”t be able to sleep till then.” she whispered. Then I whispered.

“Secretly, I love when you just rub my soft cock until my load blows, it”s my new hot thing to do. I get a lot more jizz and it feels more intense I almost pass out.”

“Don”t say anymore. I”ll call you tomorrow. Love you.”

“Love you mom.” I hung up as hard as a rock. Funny when mom touches me I can never get a boner but when I think of mom touching me I get so hard. Go figure. I didn”t wake Johnny and I stayed in bed most of the day, sucking, fucking and pissing. We destroyed my room, and Paul”s room. We had a late lunch then cleaned everything up” We decided around 5pm to go for a bike ride. Sounds good to me. maybe I”ll wear one of the condoms Mr. Hall gave me then show Johnny my majic trick when we”re out. We drank a lot, me root beer, him real beer. When we got in the garage we smoked a joint and before long, I was stoned again. I like to touch myself when I”m stoned. If we stopped for a light or anything I would touch myself a lot and try pushing my jeans up my new asshole with the point of my bike seat. FUCK I feel so good. Sometime I touched Johnny. People in their cars must be wondering if we needed a room.

When we got to the boardwald it was gettting a little dark. We stopped a few times and made out. This last few days my cock has never been so hard for so long. My nuts were so sore, it was beautiful. Tomorrow I have to go back to school. I can”t wait. Johnny asked a few times if we should piss our pants but I kept saying later. He had no idea what was ccoming. On the way home we came across a small plaza, the lights were bright and there was no one around. We stopped for a rest and a drink.

“Hey Johnny.”


“I wanna show you a trick I saw on the net.”

“A magic trick?”

“No not magic, just a trick.”

“Like what?” I got off my bike and put it against the rail that let up the steps to the smoke and gift shop. I pointed to my croch.

“Watch my crotch.”

“I”m watching, I don”t see anything.”

“Very funny, you can”t see my bulge?”

“Well yeah I can see your bulge.” He leaned in to make sure he wasn”t missing anything. Just then a girl and a boy rode up on bikes. When they got off their bike they joined Johnny and bent down and looked at my crotch.

“What are we looking for?” the girl asked Johnny.

“I don”t know.” replied Johnny.

“Just hold on a second, it”s going to start.” I told them.

“Oh, he”s going to piss his pants.” siad the girl.

“No I replied, any second now.” Finally my piss started to fill my condom, they noticed that my crotch started to exspand a little and the girl giggled.

“Oh my god, it”s going to grow.” She hit her friends arm.

“Why can”t you do that?” she asked her boyfriend.

“Fuck off, mine grows.”

“There”s more.” I said and my bulge started getting bigger and bigger. Now they were laughing and my crotch got bigger again. I could feel that I had tons of piss left and my cock was getting very hard but you couldn”t tell because of the size of the bulge. They all, including me started laughing hard, so hard it drew a few people out of the store and soon the owner. This was getting bigger than I thought. I let my piss just go all out and the front of my pants was huge. The boy and girl were taking pictures. Even the old owner was laughing so hard. Finally I ran out of piss and just stood there rubbing my humongus crotch bulge. I reached for my shirt top where I had put one of mom”s pins.

“OK Keep your eyes open.” I announced, they were all close and all in with total silence. Now I just had to make sure I don”t poke my boner. This trick only works with a condom. If you use a balloon you poke a hole in it and you piss starts to dribble out the hole and eventually you pants get wet, but coondoms are made different that balloons. When you poke a hole in a condom, it splits like a run in a stocking. They all were intent as I felt for the top of my boner and pulled it out of the way and with the pin I poked the condom and they all jumped because in one billionth of a second the condom exploded and 100 % of all my piss went right through my jeans, down my legs, filling my shoes and leaving one of my biggest ever piss puddles.

The laughter was instant and loud. My soaking jeans clung to me you could see the perfect outline of my legs, my balls and boner, including my butt crack and the dimples on my butt cheeks. I got on my bike and rode around the small lot. The old man was laughing so hard he had to sit on his step. After a few minutes I got off the bike dipping in my piss, my boner still leading the way.

I stopped by the boy with his phone.

“How do I look?”

“Fucking awesome dude.” he was still laughing. Most of the eight people there didn”t even know how I did it. I asked the boy to send the video to Paul”s girlfriends Instagram page, the only one I knew by heart. The video was great. As the camera panned around the people you could clearly see Johnny”s boner, the kid even paused on him for an extra second. Lucky his pants were dry. The girl kept asking, what did you do? We all hugged and we all went on our way. As Johnny and I rode off he wouldn”t shut up at how EPIC I was and kept breaking out in laughter. Once we were away from the other we stopped to make out. I crouched down to his crotch.

“I want your piss now.”

“Thank god, with the others there I didn”t know what was going to happen. Suddenly his yellow, smelly, hot piss soaked his jeans. I washed my face and my hair. He is like me, he can hold a lot. I opened his zipper and aimed his stream all over me from my hair again to my crotch. I love the feel of his hard stream hitting my junk through my jeans. After we finished pissing we made out for about ten minutes then decided to go home and fuck, and fuck and fuck. And we did. That night he fucked me three times. I was so fucking sore and loved every second of it. As we lay there I started to cry, it was our last night. Tomorrow I have to go to school and then go to do my public speaking thing. I won”t see mom or dad until after school. I miss them and Paul so much. Paul fucking me, dad and I exchanging hand jobs, and he too just fucked me the other day, and mom watching as I piss myself sill, although I promised I would let her jerk me off through my jeans. A new and totally EPIC thing we do.

Johnny and I got up early, did all the wash, wipe down and sanitize my and Pauls bed and make them. Johnny had to leave before me to go to work. He looked so clean and fresh, dark blue shirt, light blue jeans, he also took his gorgeous ass and beautiful crack and butt dimples, and his beautiful pitchers mound bulge along with that long hard thick St. Louie Slugger in his pants.

As I waited for my school bus in the silent house I cried, was sore from head to toe, my new boy cunt now the gateway to the future, totaly EPIC. The bus arrived, WOW, all boys grades 9 to 12, WOW, everyone of them checking me out, including my crotch and I”m sure my butt as I passed. Look at them, all with real bulges, legs butts, beautiful lips and gorgeous eyes and hair. I went right to the back, my favorite spot, the vibrating cheap bus causing my first most beautiful rock hard boner of the school year. Same as a few boys, straight or gay sitting around me at the back. Thing about pre-cum in these thin light gray pants. It shows up super dark or black. I wasn”t the only boy with a wet spot. I don”t care if it shows, in fact I want them all to know right from day one that I”m not affraid to let them see the exact thing that”s going on in their pants. Some hold something in front of their, hiding a wet spot but mostly boners. My problem is, I get too much of it. I fucking love it, in fact so do some of them. I wonder if the teacher will love me as much as the eleentry teachers did.



The obvious idea here is to feed all the real juicy and filthy things that go on in my mind about what”s in my pants or hopefully yours, and all aspects of my personal life. Things like filth, lust and sexual satisfaction of a gay person now in college that went through many strange and weird events with strangers, family members, and well, pretty much anyone who would play. My legs and piss spread fast, so fasten your seat belt. There are no limits to the heights that the events in my real life that I and my dysfunctional family went through, in an effort to satisfy both my and your secret, deep and filthy urges. Stay wet and keep jerking. When you feel that urge to piss, just stop right where you are and PISS.
Most of us don”t have the ability to tell our friends and love ones our dirty, deep and disgusting thoughts and urges so we do it here

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Author Joseph Chance





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