My Initiation-Part 7


I only had a few days to complete my initiation challenge for my fraternity. I had to collect panties from each one of the sorority girls and the dorm mother from a particular sorority on campus. I had been watching the rooms each night to learn the routines of the girls so find the best way to collect each one. I had to go through the window of each one in turn. I could not go from room to room. I also had to label each one before I left to go to the next. almanbahis şikayet Some rooms were double and would take longer but would also be easier to get done.I decided the weekend would be easier because some of the girls would be out partying or going home. Less bodies to worry about catching me. I decided to start Friday night. My only problem was that there would be another pledge doing the same thing that I would be doing. I only hoped that he almanbahis canlı casino was as prepared as I was and that he would not be careless enough to get us both caught.I did not even know who the other guy was and even if I did, we were not allowed to work together. I knew where the ladder was stored that I was planning to use. I decided to wait till after midnight and start with the dorm mother’s room first. It was on the ground floor and almanbahis casino I thought hers would be the hardest to do. She was always on the alert unless the assistant dean was visiting. He was supposed to visit this Friday night. I remember overhearing her tell him as she was using the crop on his ass.I had one more room I needed to watch then I would have all the names of the girls and which rooms they belonged in. I kept notes of which dresser belonged to which girl, any words spoken of where they would be this weekend, and the ones that I needed a ladder for. Since the last one was on the ground floor, I stood outside the window and waited till one of the girls entered.I watched as she came into the room.

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