My Guilty Pleasure


I have a guilty pleasure, let me whisper in your ear.I’d really like to stroke myself, then on your tits I’d smear,My hot and creamy thick white wads, then massage it right in.It makes hard just thinking of it, is that such a sin?And then I’d take my limp wet cock, into your mouth it goes.And tell you then to suck it deep, whilst isveçbahis breathing through your nose.Then once you’ve done the dirty work, and sucked for all your worth,Ensuring that my aching cock is full in length and girth.Why then I’d bend you over dear, and edge your legs apart.And feed my cock into your cunt, and that is isveçbahis giriş just the start.I’d fuck you deeply for a while, then take my slick cock out.And then you’d turn to look at me, you’d frown of course and pout.But do not worry mt sweet love, please do not look so glum.I’d slip it back into your mouth, so you’d isveçbahis yeni giriş taste your own cum.Then after watching as you feast upon my pulsing knob.I’d flip you right back over then and finish off the job.I’d fill your pussy hard and fast, and grip your hips so tightFor you are my one sweet love, and I your rampant knight.I’d ride you fast, I’d ride you deep and with an aching spasm.And grip you ever tighter love, as we both reach orgasm.Then slump exhausted, truly spent, and sip some chilled champagneThen with a rest I’m hard once more, and can start again!

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