My Gap Year Part Four – Opening the Gap


On the morning of day three we traveled by bus to Hua Hin and Chaam south of Bangkok along Thailand’s southern coastline. Whilst I was sad to be leaving Bangkok Cal had arranged for us to stay at the beautiful Metropolitan Hotel upon our return next Saturday, whereupon he said we would dine at a rooftop bar and restaurant above the Banyan Tree Hotel nearby, with 360 degree views of Bangkok. As much as I looked forward to it I knew it would be our last night together before I returned to Mom’s in Australia, and that was something I was dreading. The good thing about the Dusit Polo Resort, to which we now checked in, was the presence of adjoining, as opposed to separate rooms. We even had a shared bathroom between both bedrooms. In Bangkok the separate rooms in our hotel had meant I really had little or no opportunity to approach Cal. At least not in the way I wanted to. I was beginning to think positively. Five days and nights by the pool, soaking up the sun, the food and indeed some alcohol, before returning to an adjoining room, was sure to open more than its fair share of opportunities for me.Day three was perfect. The hotel staff at The Dusit Polo Resort were ever present in numerous quantities to satisfy our every whim, should the pool and white sands of Thailand leave us wanting. I lay now drinking the abundant supply of fresh water as Cal settled into the Asian theme of Coca Cola. Whilst later in the day side stall shops and Cafes were refreshing and therein replenishing Cal’s taste for local beer which he said was always light and smooth in Asia. That night having finished the day with a swim on the beach to the Hotel’s front we sat and dined poolside.”Tomorrow I would like to take you for a 10 kilometre walk toward the Village of Hua Hin,” said Cal. “I said to your mother when I organised this trip on your route back to Australia that I would show you the Death Railway there. When your Mother and I first came here it reminded her of her father (your grandfather) fighting on the Bridge over the River Kwai and in turn at the Changi Railway where he buried Allied prisoners in a war against the Japanese earlier last Century. The walk is quite beautiful,” Cal went on to say, “Hua Hin is surrounded on the left by an ocean filled with openness whilst away from these peaceful water’s lay the bordering mountains which provide the gateway to Thailand’s remote villages and their dark past,” he said.As interested as I was in the history of Thailand, and of hearing about my grandfather during the War, I must admit to feeling somewhat melancholic when hearing of Mom and Cal’s holiday here years earlier, prior to my birth. I wanted this holiday, and the future beyond our holiday here, to be about us. About Cal and I. I was disappointed that Mom was privy to our holiday plans. Okay so I understood she needed to know where I was staying, and what we doing, she did in fact have my itinerary. But did she have to discuss every minute detail with Cal. Did she have to plan my special holiday with Cal. Perhaps I was overreacting. Later that night as I lay dreaming of Cal in the adjoining room I began to cry softly. Was this all a pipe dream. Could Cal ever want me, desire me, love me? I lay quietly sobbing, folding my legs up into the foetal position, as the tears dampened my pillow, and my outlook achieving success at seducing Cal during the rest of the week.It’s now Tuesday morning and following some Omelettes and Juice in the Hotel our walk commences into Hua Hin. Before long we are interrupted by Military Personnel dressed in formal military wear, black in color. Upon being alerted to the Queen of Thailand’s presence we back track from her elegantly gardened foreshore through wooden dwellings at the expense of an elderly lady who appreciates our gratitude. Out on the busy thoroughfare we are met by the barrage of bikes, bustling between buses, trucks and cars ferrying goods, chattels and locals into this remote fishing village. Again construction is evident together almanbahis şikayet with neatly dresses senior students, not much younger than me, who smile and laugh at our Western appearance. We are very much foreigners in these now dirty, heat baked streets. Fish are hung out to dry against wooden cottages where inside elderly men sleep to pass the day’s hottest hours. Women wash dishes in plastic bowls whilst fish are scaled on the concrete paths with blunt steel implements. Cal smiles toward me as he points to the greenery of trees we observed in Bangkok, lining these village streets whose presence give to these primitive village streets.My feet are now tired from our Tuesday walk. As we sit watching the fishing boats lying aimlessly, scattered across the Ocean to the left of Hua Hin. Again people are out in large numbers, tending to stalls, markets, and their daily chores of cooking, washing and searching for Baht, the local currency attached to this nation and its tens of millions of inhabitants. On the way home now a feeling of comfort is with us as smiles greet us at every turn. Cal is tired and says he is keen on showering, ordering some room service and turning in early following our walk. I decide to do the same and before long find myself back into the final two chapters of “Sons and Lovers.” What shall tomorrow bring. Cal said we would sail out in front and lay by the pool. I needed to make the most of this opportunity. Before turning the lights out I gazed across the Hotel Room toward my pink bikini. I knew Cal had noticed me in it at the cabin earlier this year. Hopefully he would notice me again tomorrow, I thought as I drifted off to sleep. Chapter Fifteen – Twisting by the poolEvery traveller deserves rest and the pools in Asia’s resorts provide an ideal location for such indulgences. Sailing was another mode of relaxation as we had just enough wind to cast out from these idyllic shores toward the islands beyond. The Thai cuisine was a mixture of “Tom Yum Goong” and prawns basked in chilli and the wine, whilst very expensive, was most palatable. Our rooms, set up high, enabled the breeze to gather us up and take in the sights of Ocean sands and open fields to the foot of the inescapable Thai mountains to the south. Cal and I sat relaxing on the Balcony. It was Wednesday and with the weekend and my departure fast approaching I needed to turn things up a bit. Added to which Cal was upbeat today. He said that last night he had called back home to find the stock market at 7 year highs since the Global Financial Crisis had rocked his world.”Today,” he said whilst smiling at me, before playing with his wine glass with his fingers, then lips, “I’m celebrating.”I smiled back at him, then took the opportunity to stand and move over toward the wine bucket, before bending over in front of him, to reach into the ice, secure the bottle and pour us another glass of white. Upon turning I noticed his eyes wandering between the folds of my pink bikini. Moving pleasantly from my butt back toward my slit, then up toward my young tanned breasts.”So what happened with Michael?” Cal enquired. “I thought he was a boyfriend you were going to keep,” he said.”Not really,” I replied. “I was originally keen on him as he was quite bright. And obviously for the company. But he was rather possessive and somewhat needy. I found he was hemming me in and toward the end stifling me. I could hardly breathe without him breathing down my neck,” I said.”Well I guess you didn’t love him them,” Cal said.”I’m not sure I’ve ever been in love,” I replied, looking down toward my thongs, away from his inquisitive stare.”I don’t mean to pry Jenifer,” he continued, “but perhaps you did not feel sexually attracted toward him. As we grow sexual attraction can be just as important as the friendship we share during our relationships. Being stimulated or, turned on by your partner can either make or break a relationship.”There was a long silence. A chance to reflect as almanbahis canlı casino my eyes wandered out over the resort pool, toward some Hobycats sailing in the distance. Their occupants were laughing. Splashing water upon each other, as the afternoon heat dissipated and the sun arched slightly lower toward our Wednesday evening. Cal was right, in addition to his possessiveness I had not been sexually attracted to Michael. The few times we slept together the lights were well and truly off. Hence my anxiety toward the thought of sexual relations now. I had never really had extensive sexual relations. I had never had oral sex. No one had ever performed oral sex on me. I had never had an orgasm with anyone. Let alone experienced anything like it. I had read in forums about such things as cunnilingus, mutual masturbation, finger fucking, oral sex, head jobs, even anal sex and analingus. But I knew about as much about it as I did about climbing Everest. My mind wandered even farther. I felt horny and enjoyed my jelly vibrators company, and once had inserted some soft duo vibrating balls prior to going shopping in town, but realistically that was about as far as my sexual exploration had reached. Here I was, a teenage girl at a beautiful resort sipping on wine and basking in the heat with a handsome gorgeous man with whom I was enormously attracted, unable to do anything about it. My eyes turned lower again to find my thongs, and again dwell on my lack of courage and feelings of sexual helplessness.”I might take in another swim,” I said, before picking up my towel and walking downstairs toward the crystal clear blue water beneath our balcony.The swim invigorated me and upon returning to our rooms I summonsed up enough courage to knock on Cal’s door.”Come in,” he said loudly. “It’s only me,” I said before dropping my towel on the bedside table and lying next to him on his bed. He lowered the book he was reading.”How was your swim,” he said.”Great,” I replied. “The water here is so beautiful,” I said, leaning forward to kiss him on his smooth jawline.”Thank you so much for bringing me here,” I said.Cal smiled and spoke quietly, “it’s my pleasure, with you leaving and all, it was the least I could do. We have had some wonderful times together, and I am going to miss you,” he said. I don’t know what came over me, yet I leaned into him and kissed him again on his cheek, before moving my legs to straddle him as he sat upright in bed. His two white pillows now wet with my hair as I hugged him again. Sitting back now above him I smiled, before looking down toward my small breasts, my nipples had started to harden inside the wet pink bikini top. Cal’s hand now gathered in my hips, to sit above my bikini line. He looked intently into my eyes.”You have grown into a beautiful young woman Jen,” he said.I blushed, feeling my entire body, not least of all my heart, skip a beat. Then he lifted his hands to brush the blond hair from my own face and leaned forward himself. Kissing me firstly on my cheek, before breathing slowly into my ear. Within moments he drew my lips toward his. Kissing me softly once, then twice on my lips he then enveloped my lips with his, before releasing his tongue to dance in unison with mine. Entering me passionately, exploring my love. Then lowering his hands lower to my waist, he lifted me up to stand before his face. Untying my bikini bottom he caressed my inner thighs. Only pausing briefly, to gaze up into my eyes. Kissing and caressing he continued, northward into my hair, the tiny blond tussocks, parting beneath his stare. Opening a pathway for him to traverse, Cal began sliding through my sex, to quench his eager thirst. Letting forth his tongue, to fondle my smooth wet slit, at intervals moving north, to suck me just a bit.I could feel my body tense, as I slowly closed my eyes, pushing my legs into him as he further opened my thighs. I could vaguely here myself moan, as I squirmed from side to side, his tongue lifting almanbahis casino me into spasms, as he dived further deep inside. Then again returning to my button, he sucked me to the brink, before slowly inserting two fingers, in the upper walls of my pink. This was just too much for me, too much for me to ride, within seconds my insides exploded, to gush my juice outside. I screamed then grabbing his hair, to push his head back in, to force his tongue inside, once more inside my skin. Drowning in a sea of ecstasy, I clasped his upper back, writhing and moaning some more, as he continued to explore my crack. With his fingers and tongue inside me, my body began to beg, I needed something harder, to plunge deeper and within his bed. When at that very moment, he began to lower me down, whilst unzipping his cream colored shorts, to expose his waiting length. My eyes opened in amazement, well realistically in shock, how could insert such length, I was too young for such a cock. Yet at first he only touched, my small pussy with his knob, inserting only an inch, before releasing it again to rest.”Slowly,” he whispered to me, as he again caressed my cheek, lowering me again with his hands, this time slightly below his peak.My young pussy was wet with excitement, I was anxious to take him whole, yet at the same time I was still nervous, unsure of how to slide down his pole. Though over and over he spoke softly, as he guided me down with his hands, as I listened ever intently, to his warm yet firm commands. I could feel his heat now further in, as I opened then winced in slight pain, before releasing some more warm liquid, to lubricate his vein. We began then moving in sync, as he lowered me up then down.”Slowly, slowly Jen,” Cal whispered gently, as I could feel myself drown.Flooding in a wave of juice, bursting from higher inside, I pushed myself from his rod, to squirt my liquid far and wide. All over his warm strong cock, then across his broad firm tanned breast, I squirted and squirted some more, all over his tight taut chest.”Fuck that feels good” I moaned, I had never ever felt such a spasm, not only had I embraced my Cal, finally I’d reached an orgasm.Cal then turned my over on my side, before raising me to my elbows and knees, I could now feel his fingers opening me as his hardness entered with a squeeze, to divine my sex from behind, as he began to writhe and moan, thrusting inside my tight hole, in and out, from groan to groan. Undoing my pink bikini strap, he then angled around toward my breasts, caressing my small firm mounds as he pushed higher and higher without rest. I could feel his wet thick shaft, now opening me even further wide, whilst all time his cock, was deeper and deeper inside. Then taking my hand in his, he lowered my fingers to my clit, asking me to rub myself, to pleasure myself just a bit. Within seconds he pulled from behind me, to stand above as I watched on my knees, as he began to stroke his long pole, from top to bottom with ease.”Open your mouth sweet Jen,” he then commanded from above my blond brow, before shooting out his hot sticky warmth, all over my young soft fair face. “Open wider,” he then directed, as he aimed his rod between my young lips. “Suck me Jen” he said, as I wrapped myself around his wet love, looking toward his beautiful face, as he shot forth from above. I licked him and then kissed his hot knob, before tasting some creamy warm cum, reaching my hands behind him, to encircle his gorgeous smooth bum. It was erotic in the extreme, hotter than my hottest wet dream, I smiled and smiled then laughed, it was amazing, such a sensuous scene.The sun began peeking into Cal’s room. There was not a breath of wind. I could hear hotel staff moving cutlery and plates around their tables. The chef cracking eggs and the Dusit pool attendants bringing back out the deck chairs. Having fallen asleep upon Cals chest I now lay massaging his lower stomach. My jaw nestling against his breast. The white sheets moving lower as my hand perused his torso. I felt horny again. In need of my man. I wanted Cal inside me. Reaching below my slender mound I watched as two fingers perused my own hole. Juice had already entered my tint love cavern. I moved the juicy fingers sideways to play with…

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