My Friend Takes My Turn


This is a continuation of “She Fucks Him Better” and “I See Why He Wants Her More.” However, it also operates as its own story.

Any feedback is welcome. Thank you for reading!


I was at a bar with my friend, Sarah, getting drinks after work. She was sipping her dirty martini when she got a call. She left her seat and went outside so she could hear better.

There was a woman sitting next to me. She was enjoying a drink by herself. I complimented her bag and we started chatting. Her name was Anna. She was from Sweden and moved to the states six months ago for her dream job.

Sarah came back and as I was about to introduce Anna to Sarah, Sarah apologized. She was working on an acquisition at work. The call she had to take turned into a big mess. She had to get back to her office to resolve the issue. She apologized and took off. I still had a big glass of wine and a new friend. I was perfectly happy.

Anna and I hit it off. We discussed our recent travels, life in a different country and this new job of hers. Before I knew it, we ordered another round of drinks.

Something about Anna intrigued me. She was smiling at me in more than a friendly way. She was flirting with me. I welcomed it.

It was getting late. We were having a nice time, but I was either ready to go home and go to sleep or see if this was going anywhere.

The bartender asked if we wanted another round. We both hesitated and he said he would come back.

Anna broke the ice and said, “I have a bottle of prosecco at my place. Any interest in joining me?”

I replied, “I would love to.”

We got our check, paid the bill and walked towards her apartment. The nervousness had dissipated. We arrived at her apartment. She grabbed some glasses from a cabinet, the bottle from the fridge, and we sat down on her couch in the living room. She poured the two glasses and we said, “Cheers!”

“To making new friends,” I said as I took my first sip. The bubbles exploded on my tongue as I thought about what else may do the same shortly.

I leaned back on the couch and crossed my legs. I felt relaxed. I enjoyed her company. She sat close to me as we moved on to the next topic of conversation and her hands occasionally touched my leg. She then leaned in and kissed me. She had soft, luscious lips. I liked kissing her. She felt nice. They were soft gentle kisses at first and then it became deeper and more passionate. My pussy was getting excited. I wanted more. I tugged on her shirt and we lifted it up together. She was lovely. I knew this was going to be good.

Anna took my hand, I stood up and we walked to her room. My shirt came off. I sat down on the bed and she stood facing me. I unhooked her bra. It was like unwrapping a beautifully wrapped present. Her breasts were perfect. Soft, round, perky, likely a C cup. I put my hands firmly on her back and pulled her chest towards my mouth. I suckled on one nipple and then switched to the other. I went back to the first, and again, I switched. I used my teeth to lightly bite a nipple. I did not bite too hard, just enough to capture it and pull. Her reaction was incredible. She moaned. The more she moaned, the more I wanted to keep my lips attached to her. I was in heaven. She wanted to reciprocate and removed my bra.

We moved back on the bed and she was on top of me enjoying my breasts as thoroughly as I had enjoyed hers. She moved down and unbuttoned my jeans. I helped her cinch them down and then she pulled them off. She took off her own pants and panties. We were both naked and she was in between my legs. She took a long slow lick.

“You taste good,” Anna said to me.

“I’m glad you like it. I cannot wait to try you,” I replied.

She used her tongue and fingers and made me cum. I was more aroused by the thought of licking her than enjoying my own pleasure, I needed to get into her sweet pussy lips.

I pulled her closer to me and then we rolled over. Anna was on her back. “It’s my turn,” I whispered to her. We were looking at each other. My hair fell to my side and she tucked it behind my ear. It was a tender moment.

The first time touching a new pussy is exhilarating. This was the moment I would have that exhilarating

feeling. I moved down her body. She was shaved. I wanted to tease her, at least attempt to do so for my own pleasure and for hers. As lightly as possible I brushed my fingers up and down the inside of her thighs. I got close to her pussy lips and then back away. I touched around, but never actually touched her lips or clit. She was reacting well to my touches. I loved driving her crazy.

I decided to switch from fingers to lips. I scootched closer to her and as light as a feather, I kissed her pussy lips. No tongue, just a slow peck. Another moan from Anna.

“Please, I can’t stand it anymore. Do it, I’m desperate,” she begged me. I decided she earned it. It was time. I used my lips to pull on her left pussy lip, and then her right.

I spread her legs further apart, I moved my face close to ankara eve gelen escort her and got all the way down almost to her ass. Then, I licked up her left slit and then down her right.

“Ooooh myyyyy gooooood!” Anna exclaimed. I think she liked it.

My tongue made its way into every crevice. Over the course of the evening, we discovered that we both preferred to give. We worked each other for so much cum.

Eventually, we stopped from sheer exhaustion. We had worn each other out. We were laying together and touching each other’s arms and legs. I loved touching her skin. Not just the intimate parts of her body, but everything. I have never felt so comfortable with a woman before.

I like women physically. I find great joy in pleasuring women. I am attracted to them and love the process of being physical. But I have never wanted to date a woman before. I have never gotten close to a woman, outside of being good friends. Anna and I both learned we were mostly straight, and occasionally liked women. She happened to be the first woman that I genuinely liked romantically, not just physically.

I fell asleep in her bed which I never do with women. Early in the morning, I woke up, we said our goodbyes and made plans to see each other again.


Over the next year, Anna and I occasionally spent a night together. We both dated men more seriously, and in between we had each other. This worked for us.

One of them men who I was enamored with was Chris. He lived in Boston, I lived in New York City. We dated people in our own cities. But when we were together no one else mattered to me. The more time Chris and I spent together, the harder he made me cum. He appreciated my need to be mentally and physically stimulated at the same time.

As we fucked and explored each other, we realized that I had submissive tendencies. Specifically, I wanted to feel inferior to someone else. I did not want to serve someone like a slave, and I do not like paint or punishment. I just want a little mental torture knowing someone fucks my man better than me.

Chris whispers and tells me about the other women he fucks as he fingers me and I feel shame, jealousy and lots of lots of spasms in my pussy. I wish I knew why I wanted this so badly, but I do not understand. Regardless, Chris and I embrace this reaction from my pussy. We nurture it and explore new ways to make me more jealous.

Chris came to New York one day and was staying with me. He was with Katarina, one of his ladies, the night before. “Do you want to know what she did to me last night?” he asked.

“Tell me,” I responded.

“That long tight body of hers fucked me so well. She has had kids and her pussy is tighter than yours.” This statement tortures me.

“I wish my pussy were as tight as hers,” I said sadly.

“Me too, honey. I need those other pussies because yours is not tight enough for me. It is too loose,” he continues his torment. “She looks at me when we fuck and her eyes sparkle. She is by far the most beautiful woman I have ever fucked. I would never give her up for anyone. You know that, right?”

This coupled with the fingering and the fucking pushes me over the edge. I am in trouble because I can have an endless orgasm that lasts for minutes. Chris’s goal in life is to create the headspace for me to have these types of orgasms. He succeeds with the talk of Katarina and the rest of his harem. He knows he has reached his goal.

I know Chris will never relent on this topic. I hate hearing about Katarina before and after sex, but my pussy responds so well to hearing about her during sex. Therefore, she will always be a topic of conversation when we fuck. I wish I did not cum so much when hearing about the other women, but I do. I would give anything to not react this way. Chris adores me, he loves it when I cum and he loves that this makes me cum. It’s a win/win for him.


One night I was with Anna and told her about Chris. She thought the relationship was emotionally difficult, but exciting. She loved hearing about my experiences with him. Of course, I had told Chris about Anna and Chris was dying to bring Anna into the mix. I did not want Chris to like Anna more than me. I did not want to feel like Anna was superior to me in anyway. When Anna and I were together, we were equals. Chris could make any of his women the cuckcakes. I did not know them; all I could do was fantasize about them. Anna is different. She and I have established some semblance of a relationship and I did not want our dynamic to change.

I have had threesomes, but I was always the unicorn. I was never in the situation where I was in the couple and someone else was the third. Knowing how my body reacts to jealousy, Chris would want to play into that as much as possible to get the most cum from me. He loves my cum and is obsessed with pushing the envelope. So far, the more he pushed, the more I came. I did not yet know where to draw the line.

Chris and I fantasized about Anna all the gaziosmanpaşa escort time. He knew I liked women; he knew about her. The fantasies about the three of us together and the mild degradation was just pillow talk. But he and I both wanted a threesome with her. I told Chris my concerns about not making this a cuckquean situation. He agreed that the fantasy and the reality would be different. He would not make this into the experience we had previously had with Katarina.

I wanted it, but I was nervous. In the fight between my pussy and my heart, my pussy won. I wanted the threesome. Anna was into it too. Chris, Anna and I would be in a room naked together.

Scheduling was hard. Anna traveled for work; Chris did not live in the same city, and our lives continued. Chris and I would fuck. Anna and I would fuck.


One miraculous day, all of us were in the same city at the same time. I told Chris and his face lit up. Our threesome was finally going to happen. This would not be like the previous trysts with Jenny or Katarina. I would not be a voyeur, or inferior, or a cuckquean. This would simply be a fun threesome. Or so I thought.

It was all so much easier. Anna and I were already comfortable together, she had seen pictures of Chris and heard all the stories, this felt light and less stressful by comparison to other times.

I was staying with Chris in a hotel. We met Anna downstairs at the bar. We had a few drinks. Chris and Anna had lots to discuss as their careers were in the same industry. Chris caught my eye and smiled. I knew he found Anna attractive.

For once, I was the aggressor, “Shall we go upstairs?” I asked in my cheeky way. We ordered one more round of drinks to go and brought them upstairs.

We got into the elevator together. Anna’s hand brushed up against my ass, Chris was looking at me and smiling. He noticed what was happening.

It was summertime and Anna’s wavy blond hair was down. She wore a white shirt dress and sandals. When we got to the room, Anna and I started kissing.

“Allow me to take those drinks,” Chris took our drinks from our hands and put them on a coffee table.

He wanted both of my hands and Anna’s hands to roam freely. He sat comfortably on the couch in the suite and drank his bourbon, excited to sit and spectate before participating.

I was pulling Anna’s dress up when I realized the little minx was not wearing panties.

“You’re a dirty girl,” I said to Anna in the best way.

“You love it,” she said correctly to me. I did.

Anna and I stood there kissing. Chris, no longer able to sit by himself, came up behind me and started undressing me as Anna and I continued to stand, kiss, and touch each other. He helped me take off my shirt as I had pulled Anna’s dress over her head. I reached behind her to unclasp her bra as Mike had reached back to unhook mine.

Anna and I standing face to face with our bare breasts just an inch apart was a sight to behold. I loved her breasts. Each time I saw them, they made me smile. We kissed and our breasts pressed together.

Chris was still behind me, but he was touching Anna’s waist. I could feel his head over my shoulder as Anna and I kissed. I pulled away so he could finally kiss her. I kissed Anna’s neck as she and Chris shared their first kiss.

“Let’s show him more,” I said to Anna pulling her further into the suite and into the bedroom. I pulled off my pants and Anna and I were giggling as we got on the bed kissing and touching. Chris got undressed except for his briefs and sat on the bed next to us.

“You two start, I want to see you two together,” Chris said to us. And we did as we were told.

Anna pushed me on my back so she could lay on top of me. She and I loved kissing and could do it forever.

“I missed your pussy,” Anna said to me. “It’s been far too long since I’ve had a taste.”

Anna inched her way down my body kissing every part of me finally getting to her favorite part. She looked up at me and smiled before diving in.

I looked over at Chris to ask, “Are you enjoying the view?”

“Immensely,” Chris responded.

“Come join us,” I requested.

With that, Chris eyed Anna as he approached her. He removed his briefs, scratched her back, before leaning down to take a taste of her pussy. She came. Anna cums quickly and easily.

“YESSSS!!” Anna exclaimed taking a break from me to enjoy her orgasm.

“Anna tastes good, doesn’t she?” I asked Chris.

“She is delicious,” Chris agreed.

“Fuck her,” I told him. I knew she was ready for it. She did not need any more time.

Typically, I would have wanted to assist Chris entering a new pussy for the first time, but I was enjoying the position I was in with Anna between my legs.

Chris looked down at Anna’s wet slit. The look on his face was mesmerizing. He started to push his cock into her and said, “Oh wow, Anna, you’re so tight.”

“Oh my god, yes, yes yes,” Anna is a good little cum box. gölbaşı escort She came on his first thrust.

As Anna came, she said, “That is for you.” It is true. Her orgasms are a gift.

I wanted to be closer to the action and while I did not want to interrupt her orgasm, I knew what would be better.

Anna and I got on all fours side by side. Our ass cheeks touching, begging for a little spank as Chris would go out and into our pussies.

“Which hole do you want?” I asked Chris.

“All of them, honey. All of them,” he said back.

“Will you go back and forth and use both of our holes?” Anna asked Chris.

“Yes, of course I will. Is that what you want?” he asked us.

Chris did a double thrust into Anna, pulled out and bounced his cock in and out of me twice. He repeated this pattern over and over.

“He feels so good, doesn’t he?” I asked Anna.

She looked at me and instead of responding, just made that “O” shape with her mouth. She kept cumming for him.

“Don’t stop cumming, Anna,” I said to her. “Give him all your cum. He wants it. I want it.”

“That is because you are a little cum slut, aren’t you Kitten?” Chris asked me as he continued to pound Anna’s pussy. I nodded my head yes as she orgasmed. “I don’t want to leave her pussy for yours quite yet,” Chris said to me.

“I know. Just keep making her cum. Fuck that tighter hole. I know you want it. I want it for you. Look at how amazing she is.” Watching them was incredible.

The moment she was done, I relayed a key piece of information to Chris, “Did I tell Anna squirts? Allow me to show you.”

We put Anna on her back with Chris at the edge of the bed and Anna’s legs bent. We swapped between me licking, Chris licking, Chris fucking, my fingers, and then together, we made that beautiful pussy squirt.

“Oh myyyyy goooooood!!” Anna squealed with pleasure.

“You’re right. She is a squirter,” Chris confirmed.

While I felt like an equal, I cannot help but wanting to be a little submissive. They both knew what I needed. I asked to change positions.

“Can I get underneath of Anna?” I asked to them both.

I laid down on my back with my head at foot of the bed. Anna 69ed me. Chris fucked her pussy. I licked his balls, her pussy, his shaft. He would try to look down to see the smile on my face.

“This is your favorite position, isn’t it?” Chris asked me. I was too busy pleasuring whatever was in front of me. “I know it is, Honey. I know what you want, what pleases your pussy. You love this. This is what we have been talking about for ages and now you are getting everything you need.”

Knowing how much pleasure I derived from this, Chris could not hold back himself. He kept pumping his cock in and out of Anna’s tight box while I was still underneath and finally, “I’m gonna cum!” Chris blurted out.

“Cum in her pussy!” I pleaded.

“Please please cum inside of me!” Anna said and came again.

“I’m cumming!!” and with a few final hard thrusts, Chris exploded that first glorious load and came in Anna.

After his little aftershocks, Chris asked me, “Do you want your treat now?” He pulled his cock right out of Anna’s pussy and sunk it straight into my mouth. He looked down at me and gently rubbed my cheek with his fingers. I got the treasure I had been waiting for all evening. That cock covered in Anna’s juice.

Chris’s cock and his cum are my absolute favorite. When Chris’s cock is covered in someone else’s pussy juice, it is pure bliss. That delicious combination, savoring the sex, savoring the cum, the whole experience and then helping him relax after with the light licks of my tongue. It is my reward.

“Is this what you were waiting for?” Chris asked me. As I was doing my best to clean, Chris said to Anna,

“She will clean you next.” Was there even a question?

When I was done cleaning Chris, he pulled his cock out from between my lips so I could start cleaning the cum dripping out of Anna’s pussy.

“Don’t miss a drop,” he demanded knowing full well that I would never. I kept licking and loving the taste of their combined juices. “Good girl,” he whispered to me.

Anna came again from my cleaning. Her legs were straddling my face. My face was between her ass cheeks. What could be better than this moment? I dreamt of it so many times.


We laid down together to catch our breaths. Chris was in the middle with Anna and I each on a side. I love cuddling up to Chris. My head was on his chest as was Anna’s. We were chatting about our epic fuck session. We were just touching each other and making sure everyone felt good.

I must have dozed off. When I woke up, I was sleeping on my side not resting against Chris anymore. I slowly opened my eyes. I saw Chris’s back. And then I saw Anna’s hand come around his lower back. I heard them kissing so quietly. I closed my eyes again. I wanted to see how far they would go without me interrupting. I wanted them to stop, I could have stopped them. I could have looked like I awoke. I just wanted Chris to stop on his own.

With my eyes closed and facing them, I had to use my other senses. I did not want to turn over, that could startle them. I felt the bed move a bit; the kissing noises were closer. He rolled over on his back and Anna was now on top of him.

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