My First Time with Pain and Bliss


I invited my girl friend at the time to watch a movie with me, she suggested some lovey dovey flic but I protested and we settled on watching something dreadful in the middle…a rom com. I remember shortly after, once the movie started, I felt like a giant idiot because at this point in time, I hardly had any sexual experiences so once the movie started it dawned on me that a true romance movie probably would have set the mood better so I cursed myself.

At the time the girl I was with was named Angel, we were both young (over 18) and both nervous about sexy stuff, for me it was mostly because she was absolutely beautiful. She was tall at 5’11, medium length black and purple hair, pale milky skin, legs that where toned and seemed to go on forever, and breasts that were big enough to be more than a handful, but also firm enough that when she took off her bra they hardly moved.

It was during a mild summer day so I was just wearing a T-shirt and shorts and she was wearing something similar except with a black tank top which had her amazing cleavage staring at me all night, daring me to meet its gaze…how could I refuse? We had cooked up some popcorn to go with the movie so the air had a pleasant, mild smell of butter with a hint of the floral perfume she was wearing.

As the movie went on, we cuddled a bit and went from her nestling her head into my shoulder and chest, which changes into making out periodically and not really paying attention to the movie, However as per the rules of the 90s, any movie that was a “comedy” had to have dikimevi escort a man get his nuts hurt in some way. In this one the female lead squeezes the man’s balls as he makes all sorts of ridicules faces. At this point I already knew I LOVED ballbusting, but I had never told my GF at this point as it seemed awkward and embarrassing. When this scene happened though I was compelled to watch which by proxy nudged Angel in the same direction.

While the women in the movie squeezes the poor man’s balls and causes him to become instantly complicit, Angel laughs and then looks at me and says “Now I’ll know what to do if you ever get on my nerves” in a jovial fashion. I recognize the moment and just laugh and just say “Good luck” giving an arrogant smirk, clearly trying to bait her into continuing the conversation but I also cover my groin to try and not be too implicit. My heart is racing the whole time, half out of excitement the other half trying to fuel the blood to my dick as it tries to predict the future. As soon as I do this Angel sneers at me with a cocky look that by itself puts me at half mast, and then starts tickling my sides to draw my hands away from their defensive posture. I take this opportunity to do the same, tickling her sides and also moving to her thighs, unsure if this will tickle her in any way but i just loved touching her legs so I seized the day.

We spend a few moments basically just feeling each other up and eventually start wrestling. We flip around a bit; she pushes me over and then dikmen escort I reverse the position. During all the tussling around she ends up under me with her hand between my legs. Realizing my precarious situations she quickly reaches her hand up and slaps my testicles. The pain was mild but blissful, I had never been hit in the balls before while being hard and with all the contact combined with this unexpected slap to my jewels I had never been more turned on.

The slap wasn’t enough to get me off of her so she kept striking my nuts over and over, each time a little harder trying to motivate me in the right direction. My brain is now racing a mile a minute trying to figure out of I should pretend it hurt more before I give myself away, or maybe I should tough it out and pray she keeps hitting my baby makers for the next few days but really mostly hoping I wouldn’t cum in my pants. After 7 or 8 amazing sac taps, she gives up on the slaps and took a hint from the movie and grabs my balls instead.

The pain was something I had never felt before as her fingers gripped around my manhood, causing both of my balls to be pressed together, compressing them in a way that caused so much more pain than the slaps. If I had been wearing jeans, perhaps I could have bluffed longer, but with these shorts offering basically no protection, after just a few seconds I fell back and pried her hands off my orbs.

“Hehe I should have done that from the start” Angel says giggling at my reaction. She must have felt bad though elmadağ escort as she curled up next to me and put her hand down my pants and starts fondling me. “It doesn’t seem to be to have been too bad though” She quips as she feels my rock-hard cock in her hand.

I finally muster up the courage to just tell her, assuming with how intimate the situation had gotten there was nothing to lose. “No, I actually liked it… a lot.”

She looks at me curiously so I keep going “I’m not sure why but the pain feels good, when you grabbed me, it was amazing.”

“Oh wow, I didn’t think that was possible. I’ve always only seen it as a hurtful thing but if you like it, I’m always down to try,” She says, putting the biggest smile on my face.

The next few moments are basically heaven as She starts to squeeze my balls, she’s inexperienced with this obviously and is actually squeezing quite hard but the pleasure is so good for me it’s pure ecstasy. I put my hand up her shirt and while fondling those perfect tits, making out and having her crush my testicles for the past 5 mins, I whisper to her. “I’m going to…ugh, cum” I’m so nervous but at this point I’m so lost in pleasure and want nothing else but to release.

She doesn’t say anything but starts squeezing even harder while smiling at me… after just a few more beautiful moments like that I blow my massive load. It was the first time a girl had ever made me ejaculate and the fact that it was while she was squeezing my balls and with me feeling her bare breasts…it was pure elation and I was on top of the world.

After all that the mess in my pants was unavoidable, so I go and clean up and change and then come back down to cuddle with her again. “That was fun, I hope we do it again” she says, looking with an innocence in her eyes. I had picked the right movie after all.

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