My first time


My first timeLet me start with some context… I’m a married man with c***dren, very much attracted to my wife and women in general. However, I’ve struggled for as long as I can remember with my attraction to men, and the lustful fantasies about being fucked. It wasn’t until my 40’s that I finally followed through with my desire, but this first encounter was only oral, and although enjoyable, left my core desire unsatisfied.I had been on Squirt for years, chatting and flirting, but never following through with anything. One evening, I get a chat from Tom. After reading his bio (I like older men, they know what they want), I quickly responded. My chats took their normal tone of being married, inexperienced with men, and looking to be fucked. I was pleasantly surprised, and excited when Tom told me that he was going to turn me into a cum slut. That he would fill my throat with cum til I craved it, and only then would he proceed to own my man cunt. I was nervous and excited at the same time; I wanted to be fucked, not to swallow another guy’s cum. Later would I realize this was exactly what I wanted and what I needed, a top that was would take control of the situation, and me. We set a meeting for the next day during my lunch break; I could hardly wait.As with the nature of my job, my free time is often volatile, so I ended up having to cancel on him. Unfortunately, we didn’t end up rescheduling, so life and routine got in the way, therefore I never became that cum slut I was earmarked to become.About bahis siteleri a year and a half later, I had moved out of state, and back; without a change to the cock notches in my bed post. Then one day, my wife went out of town. True to my character, I spent my free time in the evenings, watching bareback porn, and bouncing around the gay dating sites. All of a sudden, I remembered my unfulfilled training, I quickly jumped into email on Squirt, and sent Tom a message stating that I regret our missed adventure, and if he were so inclined would love to connect. By the next day we had our schedule confirmed.It was early December, cold, but no snow on the ground. It was late at night and I was speeding down the highway with great excitement to a man and a cock I had never seen. We met in a parking lot, shook hands, embraced, and soon after was at his house. After a quick orientation of the home, and an offer for drinks, we were in the bedroom. I somewhat nervously stripped naked, as did he, and I was quickly positioned in front of a mirror and brought to my knees as he presented me with his cock. Not very experienced, but eager, I happily pulled his hardening cock between my lips. I spent a while sucking, licking, slurping and gagging, hoping I was doing a good job and that we’d move to fucking before my jaw hurt much more. Thenl he pulled me over to the bed while still on my knees, he lay my head on the bed and proceeded to push my head into the mattress sliding his hard wet cock back in my mouth canlı bahis siteleri and proceeded to fuck my face. This was all new to me and I was surprised when I realized this being used turned me on; my head being pressed hard, his cock thrust hard into my mouth and his balls slapping my face all just pumped the blood into my raging hardon. I couldn’t really move, just kneel there while he used my mouth, I surrendered and enjoyed the feeling.Next think I know he’s pulled out of my mouth that had been used as a cock hole for the last 20 minutes and is now on the bed laying on his back with his hard cock coated with my saliva. He hands me a condom and a bottle of lube, so I wasted no time in getting my hole wet and ready, then roll the condom down on his wet cock. This was it, the moment I had thought about for decades; a man’s cock sliding into and stretching my ass. I wasted no time, straddling him and pressing my lubed ring against his hard tip. Some rocking arching and breathing, and I found for the first time, a man’s hard cock buried inside of me. I leaned back and started rocking on that cock as deep as I could get it. As my cadence increased, I could feel my swollen cock bouncing on his stomach. With everything that had happened that night, I was so excited, so engorged. His cock sliding in me, my cock bouncing on him, there was nothing more I could control, and without breaking stride, I unleashed a huge load across his stomach and chest. What an amazing release. Although I hadn’t canlı bahis become a cum slut (as of yet), my desire to have a man’s cock in my ass had now been permanently imprinted on my being, on how I define myself.To my surprise, the night was only going to get better. Without a word, I was rolled over on my back, my legs on his shoulder, and his cock even deeper in my hungry ass. How delicious, my ass off the bed, as my body reverberated with every thrust he delivered. I closed my eyes and just allowed my other senses to take over. The smell of my cum strong in the air, the sound of our bodies slapping together, and the guttural noises that escaped me with every powerful thrust. I didn’t know how to continue processing everything that was going on; I was spent from my big load, my ass was starting to get sore yet I didn’t want the fucking to stop, and I was at a loss of what to do to bring my top to completion. I lay in this mix of confused, and euphoric state for another ten minutes, my body bouncing with the pounding of each thrust of his cock. My state was disrupted when I was asked where I wanted him to deposit his load; I had the option for him to release in my ass within the condom, or pull out and blow down my throat. At that point in my life I was unaware of the fondness I would have for the latter so asked him to stay in my ass. As my top drew close, the intensity quickened, and my ass coaxed the load out of his cock.As we lay there, my first fucking coming to a close, my pulse and breathing returning normal, I realized this was not going to be my last fucking. Little did I know that he would fulfill his original statement and turn me into a cum slut a year or so later when he would feed me my first load.

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