My First Experience


My First ExperienceMy other stories seemed to be go down well and I received some lovely feedback. So, here.s the true story of my first sexual experience….I was a shy, awkward, nervous and geeky-looking lad in my late teens and, apart from a couple of awkward kisses & gropes with girls my own age, I was a complete novice and of course still a virgin. To support myself through college, I had a part-time job with a builder, Daz, as a labourer. During one hot summer, we were working on demolishing some old & derelict outbuildings beside an old farm cottage.The lady who owned the cottage (I’ll call her Linda) was a large, curvy lady who always wore clothes a little on the tight side. She was older than my mother and I have no idea if she was married, divorced or what her situation was. Anyway, Linda would look after us and would bring us cold drinks and cakes or biscuits during the day. She would always try and talk to me – the usual questions from a mature woman to a young lad: ‘How’s things at college?’, ‘What do you want to do with yourself?’, etc. I was always too embarrassed to answer properly & I probably just blushed as I grunted at her.Daz would listen and watch these conversations with a big grin. Once, after she’d been down to see us, he said in his gruff Northern accent, “Eh lad, I reckon if you played your cards right, you could fuck her.” I felt myself go red yet again, just thinking about that. Of course, I went home and had a wank thinking about fucking her.One day soon after, she brought us some cold Cokes and chatted to me as usual. She was wearing a tight güvenilir bahis & low-cut yellow top. There was ample cleavage on display and I could clearly see her nipples and dark brown areola through the sheer material. I tried not to stare, but, kept glancing as she chatted. The inevitable happened, and my cock sprang to attention in my jeans. I hated my body’s reaction and I hoped she wouldn’t notice, but, I noticed the direction of her gaze and I jammed my fists in to my pockets to try and hide the tenting. I could feel myself go red and I hated myself for that too. Linda leaned in, rested her hand on my arm and spoke gently, “It’s OK. You like me and I like you, it’s only natural.” I had Daz’s comments echoing in my ears, my mouth went dry & could hardly breathe. That night, I went home and kept replaying the vision of her ample, scantily-clad boobs as I wanked myself silly, imagining all sorts of scenarios with Linda.As the demolition job was coming to a close, Daz left me clearing up on my own while he went to start another job. It was still roasting hot. Linda called from the house and invited me up for a cold drink. This was early on a Saturday morning and she was still wearing her dressing gown. I tried to get the vision of her yellow top out of my head, but Daz’s words were stirring my cock again as I sat awkwardly on her sofa. Linda sat next to me, leaning in towards me, her arm on the sofa behind me, our knees touching. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see her dressing gown gaping. I didn’t want to be caught looking at the goodies that were almost güvenilir bahis siteleri on display and stared straight ahead as I felt myself redden, and felt my cock spring to attention again. Her arm dropped round my shoulder and her other hand stroked my thigh, she whispered in my ear, “It’s OK, Jim, just try to relax. Everything’s fine, just let me teach you a thing or two.” Her hand had reached the bulge in my jeans and I tried to squirm away, but she hugged me tight. I could smell her perfume and feel her warmth. I’d never been so embarrassed. She leaned in and kissed me full on the lips. As her tongue tangled with mine, I felt my paralysis lift and I could finally breath as I relaxed in to the kiss.Her hands were struggling with my belt & jeans. I wanted it so much, but, I was so shy that I tried to stop her. No-one but me had ever seen my erect cock and I was embarrassed. She was strong and had soon released my cock, as it sprung out she exclaimed, “Oh my! Jim, you are pleased to see me!”. Her dressing gown was completely open now, her large tits jiggling as I stared at them. Her cool fingers wrapped around the shaft of my cock as I watched. My cock had never been so hard and engorged. My balls had completely retracted inside me. The head of my circumcised cock was so red and enlarged, I was a little worried it would burst. Anyway, being young and totally inexperienced, the inevitable happened: I came instantly. Streams of cum shot from my cock and landed God only knows where. I was scared and nervous, but couldn’t help myself as my cock twitched in her iddaa siteleri hand. I was expecting her to tell me off for making a mess, she just giggled as she shrugged off her gown. She whispered, “Good boy, that means you’ll last longer when you fuck me!” She stood up, completely naked. Her big tits rested on her belly, her big brown nipples pointed towards the floor and she had much more pubic hair than me!I watched her large, wrinkled arse jiggle as she lead me upstairs to her bedroom. Linda told me to lay on the bed and she knelt above me. Taking my hand, she moved it to her pussy. I was surprised by how wet & hot it felt as I slid my fingers around in a clumsy way. I thought I was doing it right, but, perhaps not as she pulled my hand away. My cock was hard and twitching again as she took hold of it, guiding it to her pussy. God, it felt amazing as she slid down on it, I loved the feeling of her hot wet pussy as it gripped my cock. She took both of my hands and placed them on her big, saggy tits. I loved the way her titty flesh moulded and overflowed my hands as I squeezed and kneaded them. I was in heaven! She was gasping as she rode me, I tried to match her, moving my hips to meet her. I could feel myself about to cum again and I wrapped my arms around her solid waist and moaned aloud as I thrust as deep in to her as I could, shooting my cum deep inside a hot wet pussy for the very first time. Honestly, I could see stars as I came, and I swear I blacked out before I collapsed back on the bed.Anyway, that was my first time. It wasn’t the last time I fucked Linda. She was determined to teach me and showed me how to please a woman. She taught me that it’s “good manners” to not be selfish and to always please a woman. I can still remember her telling me, “Ladies first, or ladies second, but ladies always.”

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