My Filthy Mediterranean Goddess


There you are, waiting for me. After knowing you for more than ten years, we finally meet. It is in the middle of the day; you are standing outside a café in London. The place where we agreed to meet many years ago, but up until now, it has only been a fantasy.I recognize you from a long distance, and I stop to look at you before you see that I am here. Your black hair, your golden skin, your femininity and your calm movements. You are so much woman, that all I can do is to desire you. You are the epitome of a South-European beauty, with your roots in Cyprus.You are wearing a tight-fitting shirt that highlights your soft breasts. A short skirt that makes your well-shaped ass look irresistible. Black stockings and high-heeled shoes that make your legs seem endless. Now you see me; you light up in a big smile and wave to me.With a beating heart, I run across the street. As I reach you, we embrace each other in a warm hug. For a long time, we just stand and feel each other. You are warm, soft and you smell intoxicating. Right away, we talk about everything and güvenilir bahis nothing, as if we saw each other yesterday.We go inside and order a bottle of white wine and a bottle of water at the counter. Then we place ourselves at a small round table at the back of the room. We sit so that I have my back to the room and a clear view of all of your delicious body.At this time a day, there are not many other guests and those who are here are sitting outside in the good weather.The waitress comes with our drinks and she pours our wine. Quickly you drink the first glass of wine, and immediately you take my glass, and drink that too. As if you have to drink up the courage to what is going to happen. You pour yourself a glass of water, and drink it in one go.”Are you ready?” you ask, while looking at me with a smile.Am I ever? The moment I saw you outside, my cock started to grow. Now I have an erection so hard that it almost hurts.While you keep eye contact with me, you lift your skirt up and spread your legs wide. I look down between your legs and realize that güvenilir bahis siteleri your white satin panties are almost transparent, and I can see your bulging pussy lips through the fabric. You take my empty glass and you hold it down to your pussy. I sense that you are looking at me, to see my excitement, but my gaze is fixed on what is happening between your legs.Suddenly, your panties become darker, and I can hear the sound of pee hitting the side of the glass. The look of it excites me even more. Your warm yellow-ish piss runs slowly out through the satin fabric, and down into my glass. Some of your piss is running down between your ass-cheeks, and makes a puddle on the chair; making your skirt soaked on the back.Now that you have filled the glass, I look up at you again, and your eyes are glowing with excitement and anticipation. You place the glass in front of me, with a gesture for me to take it. Your fingers are all wet, and sensually you lick your piss off of your fingers, one by one. You pull your skirt down, so that you look all decent iddaa siteleri again.Is this really happening? After all those years? I take the glass and immediately I feel the warmth. As I lift the glass up to my nose, to inhale the scent of your horny piss, you pour yourself another glass of wine. We toast, and while you follow all of my movements with watchful eyes, I let the first mouthful run over my tongue. A loud sigh escapes your lips. I know you feel, just like myself, a great anticipation for this very moment. I close my eyes, and I let your hot piss hit all areas of my mouth, to get the full flavor.”Is it good?” you ask with a smile.I slowly swallow and I can only answer, “Wonderful!”I am sipping the rest of the glass to prolong the enjoyment, as you empty your third glass of wine.“Do you want more?” you ask.Of course, I do. I am craving it. You look at me with a playful smile;”With or without panties this time?””WITHOUT thanks,” I answer.You look around to be sure no one is watching before pulling your skirt up again. This time you pull your soaked panties aside, and show me your perfect smooth pussy, and a clitoris that just screams to be licked. You take my glass and hold it close to your pussy again. A loud sound of pleasure comes from you as your piss once again fills my glass.

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