My dream came too life._(1)

Big Tits

Well I should start by saying that. I am a 44 year old man with short Blonde hair.
And I do wear
It was a really, really, cold outside in Denver Colorado. I was homeless and I was wondering were the hell am I going to be staying tonight? For I was on the computer in the Denver Colorado public library
in search of some place were I can live or for that matter a place for at least one or two nights.
I didn’t find anywhere with out having some money.
So I was really not having a good time. So I then decide too watching some porn. And that’s what I did.
And I happened too type in women peeing there panties and spankings. So put on my headphones on.
So that way I wouldn’t bother anyone with my porno. And as well anyone thanks working at the library such as security wouldn’t know what I was up too.
After I.looked around making sure that no one was coming. Turned my movie on. Was going pretty good. Until I seen a lady looking right at me an the computer screen and she seen what was on it.
And I knew that she is one of the librarians. And she walked right over too were I was sitting and said too me In a really Stern voice. That my time was up and that she make sure that when I come in to use the computer in the library that would be monitored. After she logged me off the computer.
So I started too walk away and head out the door too. The freezing cold weather out side. After I got all bundled up too go outside. Once I walked out the door. And I pulled out my cigarettes and lit one as I am making my way from the library. When I have gotten to the stop light on the main street. I was heard women voice saying excuse me mister excuse me. I am talking too you.
As I turned around kocaeli escort then I realized who was calling after me. It was that same women who has caught me watching porno in the library. And she was not.very nice this time talking too me. And in fact she
Was talking to me as she would be speaking too a child that was too come straight home after school
but he or she didn’t do what they were told to do. And they out pass there curfew. And what the fuck were you thinking of sitting there in the public library watching porno? She was having that look boy you are in so much fucking trouble. And before I could even answer her question that she asked. You better not lie too me if you know what is good for you young man. And then out of the blue she grabbed me bye my ear and said if you want to be acting like a child ? Then you be treated like a
Child. As I. Am trying too get free from this crazy bitch. We then reached her car. She said as the doors came unlocked. She pulled open the passagers side door said in that same voice as before even a little more mader tone. You get your ass in this car now mister.
I was confused for a split second. Just as have felt something hit my ass like four times. And her even
more loudly this time get your fucking ass in the fucking car now. And Thur my long johns and my boxers and pants I felt the smacks. And you still have not answered my question young man. What you thinking of watching that porno in the library?
All I can say was I don’t know. That’s not a answer as soon she said that we came up to a stop light
And she turned in the car set a smacked me three times on the face. I felt them smacks across my face and the sting was intense.
And she said as darıca escort we pulled away from the light. And a block way from her house.
You will not have to be worrying about place too stay for the. Next four or five weeks.
For that’s is how long you are going to be grounded for.
Just then we pulled up in her driveway of her house. As the car came to a complete stop and it was in park and car turned off. She get my fucking ass out and go stand by the front door of the house.
And in fact put nose against the door and that I better not move from that spot or even look a way from the door. Do I making myself Cristal clear young man. In a shaky voice said yes ma. What did you say too me. Yes ma. She cleared it up it’s not. Ma for now on you ate too call me by mom or mommy. Is that understood? Yes mommy.
And sas about frozen and too mention that I now have really go take a piss badly.
She returned from checking her mail. After the front door was unlocked. She said that you will be spending the rest of the day and night up in my bedroom. And that I am not to come out of their unless mommy says otherwise. And she showed me too the bedroom. And mommy then said
You have better pray and hope when I come back in here too give you the rest of your punishment I.
Have cooled down some.
Mommy walks out of the room and closed the bedroom door.
I can’t hold my pee no more and I starting too peeing my pants and all over the bedroom floor.
Just as am full flow pee mommy walks into the bedroom and seeing me peeing my pants and on the
Bedroom floor. She grabbing me hard around my arm talking me. Into the bathroom. Standing me in the bathtub until I am finished peeing my pants she gölcük escort still is holding my arm and one twist she had me turned around with my ass facing her. And spanking me hard with my wet pants.
She removed all of my wet clothes and as she was waiting for the tub fill up.
She had me up in out the tub. And me lay laying over her knees. Spanking me really hard with her hand. My ass was turning bright red. And I was all most. In tears. And thinking it was done.
Looking up I seeing mommy talking the hairbrush in her hand. And then started spanking me again. Crying out please stop mommy I promise I will be a good boy mommy no more.
After the spanking was over with yelling for me too get in the tub. And wait for mommy come back sit
there and you better not making a mess and that means no splashing ware
And mommy was only gone about a less then a minute as she comes back in and washes me all up
and washed my hair. Telling me too get in my bedroom and I run into the bedroom. Mommy was behind me with the leather belt and a Daiper az well.
Alright now I want you too bend over the foot board of the bed.with your hands laying out your sides flat down. And the more times you start moving and wiggling the longer and more hard am perfectly clear young man? Yes mommy as of now you are going too getting 40 smacks with the belt on the bearass. And you will be counting out each smack followed by I am sorry mommy do understand that?
She started spanking me 1sorry mommy, 2 I am sorry mommy. And I was completely bawling and when I have reached the 40th one and saying I am sorry mommy. My ass was completely red and sore as well blistered.
And mommy. Said for me too lay down on my back as mommy told me. Since you wanting to peeing in you’re pants then just like a baby then you be treated as one witch is meaning that you are going too be wearing Diapers for now on.

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