My cuckolding by Sara part twelve


It had been nine days since I was officially made the cuck, and all of my husband privileges were removed. Sara wears his ring now, and the only time that she kisses me in front of Doug is when they go to bed. We do still kiss passionately, but only in private. There was a new restaurant in town. It had only been open for two weeks and we decided to give it a try. Sara was wearing a gorgeous black dress and she looked sensational. She whispered to me that she was wearing a new black bra and thong. “But, you will never see it,” Sara teased me, “Only my husband will see it.” She knew just how to turn me on. We got to the restaurant and it was a good job that Sara had made reservations for us as they were packed out. Sara had made the reservations in the name of Mr. and Mrs. Rose. We sat at our table and ordered some wine while we looked at the menu. Suddenly, we heard someone shout, “Sara, Sara.” We looked up and a middle-aged woman was hurrying over to us. “Oh, it is you,” Eve said as she hugged Sara around the neck. Eve was an old work friend of Sara’s from five years ago. Sara looked happy to see her and stood up to hug her properly. “Oh gosh, it’s been years,” Sara screamed as they hugged again. Sara turned to us and said, “This is Eve, an old work friend of mine,” she went on, “we haven’t seen each other for about five years.” Sara looked at me and winked before she pointed to Doug and said, “This is Doug, my husband,” she went on, “and this is Malc, a friend of ours.” We chatted for a while before Eve went back to her table. “How did you like that?” Sara smiled to me, “Did you hear me introduce Doug as my husband.” I smiled and said, “Yes, I did,” I went on, “after all, you are his wife.” “Yes I am his wife,” Sara smiled as she kissed Doug, “And I love him and I love being his wife.” It was raining when we went home and I had to strip naked outside in the rain when I got inside, Sara and Doug were locked in a passionate kiss, his hands were squeezing her beautiful ass and as they broke from their kiss she said. “I love you and I love being called your wife,” she went on, “We should have done this months ago.” “I love you too,” Doug replied as he kissed her again. “And, I love you being my wife!” Sara went to the kitchen before coming over to me, she had got me a towel to dry myself off with, and she then gave me a quick peck on my lips and smiled. “My husband and I are going to bed,” Sara said in her sexy voice, “I need to be naked for him, I need to suck his cock and I need it in my pussy.” The following day was Friday and during our lunchtime call, Sara was excited, she told me that the card pool guys were coming over the following night. “Are you going to have your usual Saturday night bondage sex?” I asked her. “Hell, yes,” Sara screamed. “Only this time, I will have four cocks. I can’t wait!” “You sound excited,” I told her.” “I am,” Sara screamed, “I will have four guy’s torturing me, I am cumming, just thinking about it.” “Will they be staying the whole night?” I asked. “Probably not,” Sara replied, almanbahis şikayet “But, would you be able to stay at Nicky’s, just in case?” “I’m sure that Nicky would love that,” I replied. “Plus, you will get fucked,” Sara said. “It will be good all round, my husband and I will have the house to ourselves, and you will get laid.” “Tell me, baby,” I said, “When you get undressed at night, do you slowly strip naked for Doug, or do you just undress?” “Sometimes, I slowly strip naked in front of him,” Sara replied, “Other times, he strips me naked. I don’t think that I ever, just undress for him, why?” “I was just curious,” I replied, “But you always sleep naked with him?” “Yes, always,” Sara answered, “I am naked with him every night, I love being naked In his arms, even on the rare, odd occasion that we don’t have sex, we still caress each other’s naked bodies, I love his hands on my naked body.” “And when you dress of a morning in front of him,” I said, “Do you just get dressed, or dress, sexually?” “Sexually usually, he likes me to be naked for as long as possible,” Sara replied, “Sometimes, I will be fully dressed and he will strip me naked again, just to watch me dress again.” I asked, “Tell me what you feel for him.” “I love him Malc, you know that I love him, ” Sara said softly, “I can’t help it, I love him, I love you too, but I do love him.” “And, are you in love with him?” I asked. “How would you feel is I said yes I am in love with him?” Sara asked. “I would be okay with it,” I replied. “I think that I am,” Sara answered, “Yes, I am. I am in love with him,” she went on, “I couldn’t live without either of you in my life, there I have said it now, yes I am in love with him.” “I knew that you were,” I softly said. “I couldn’t live as his wife if I wasn’t in love with him,” Sara said, “Are you upset that I am in love with him?” “Not at all baby,” I replied, “I know how you feel about him, I just wanted to hear it from you,” I went on, “You know how hearing things like that make me feel.” “I love him, I am in love with him, I love being naked with him,” Sara teased, “I love having sex with him, I love how he touches my naked body and I love being his wife.” “Tell me more,” I asked. “I am so happy that you want to live like this,” Sara said, “I am so happy that you want me to share our bed with him every night, and I am so happy that you want me to live as his wife.” “I am very happy that we live like we do,” I smiled. “Don’t miss understand me,” Sara smiled, “I could never love anyone like I love you, though.” Saturday arrived and Nicky loved that I would be spending the night with her. At six-thirty I showered and walked naked down to Nicky’s. Sara gave me a long passionate kiss before I left her, and she promised to tell me all about her night of crazy sex the following day. She was wearing a bright red short dress, she looked fucking amazing! I got to Nicky’s and she was already waiting in the driveway for me. It was freezing cold and my naked walk to her house made my already little dick, almanbahis canlı casino shrink more. Nicky kissed me and took hold of my now tiny dick. “I will soon warm this up,” Nicky smiled, “It will soon come to life.” We got into Nicky’s house and she took my dick in her mouth, I couldn’t believe it, I came within two minutes and my dick was still limp. I apologized to Nicky and she told me not to worry, as we had the whole night. Nicky stripped naked and we sat and talked, I told her that Doug is now known as Sara’s husband and Nicky asked me, ‘why I have given my beautiful wife to him?’ I gave Nicky the same explanation that I gave to Sara earlier in the week and Nicky finally understood, she told me that, whenever I needed sex, I could always go to her. “I love your dick,” Nicky smiled, “Yes, it is small, but I love it,” she went on, “I think that what you all have is wonderful and I admire you for giving your wife to him, both sexually and now fully.” “She is his wife,” I smiled, “I must not call her my wife.”We laughed and I told her that I still stripped naked when Greg came down for the two days. “You must love the torture,” Nicky said, “How does it feel when she calls Doug, her husband?” “I love it,” I smiled, my dick was growing, this kind of talk really does make me hard, “I want her to treat him as her husband, I even told her to wear his ring.” “So, I should call her his wife now?” Nicky smiled. “Yes you should, she is his wife now,” I replied, “I want them to live as man and wife now. I told her not to even kiss me in front of him.” “Wow, that’s hot, and torture for you,” Nicky replied. “I don’t just want them to be lovers,” I told Nicky, “I want them to live as husband and wife, completely.” Nicky asked,” What do you mean, completely?” “I need them to go on dates,” I answered, “I want them to hold hands when we all go out together. I want her to only tell him that she loves him.” “But she loves you as well,” Nicky said. “I know she does,” I replied, “But, I don’t want her to tell me that, I only want to hear how much she loves him.” “You sure do love the torture, don’t you,” Nicky said. “Yes, I do,” I answered, “And the more she takes away from me and gives to him, the better I love it,” I went on, “I actually wish that she would stop sucking me off and tell me that she will only do that for her husband.” “I thought that you loved being sucked off,” Nicky replied. “I do, I really do,” I answered, “But, if she is his wife, then she shouldn’t be sucking my dick, should she?” “Tell her that you don’t want her to suck you off then,” Nicky smiled, “I will always do that for you.” “I can’t tell her that,” I smiled, “She will be hurt.” “Want me to tell her?” Nicky asked, “I will say, you shouldn’t be touching Malc if you are Doug’s wife. I will tell her that she should treat you as her friend only.” “Would you?” I smiled. “I will tell her that if she is Doug’s wife, then she should not be kissing or sucking your dick. Do you want me to do that?” “Yes please,” I smiled, “I want and need almanbahis casino her and Doug to be a proper husband and wife. I need her to treat me as their friend.” We spent the night making love in every possible position. It was fantastic and although I came very quickly, it was still great. I woke around seven o’clock and made Nicky some coffee and we fucked again in the shower. Sara texted me to say that they were up and told me that I still had to wash Nicky’s car in the nude. I texted her back to explain that it was cold out, but she explained that it was Sunday and I still had to complete my chores! Sara text, “I am the wife, Doug is the husband and you are the cuck, and you do as you are told. Now wash Nicky’s car in the nude. I don’t care if it is snowing, do your chores.” I was hoping that I would have to complete my chores and soon, I was outside, naked, in the cold, washing Nicky’s car. It was very cold but it felt incredible! Nicky kissed my dick and my lips before I walked home in the nude. Doug had gone into town when I got home and this gave Sara the chance to give me the sexy details of her night of bondage sex with the guys. Sara walked very gingerly to me and kissed me deeply. “Are you okay baby?” I asked. “I am fantastic,” Sara smiled, “I am a little sore, my pussy is a little sore, but I am great.” “Is anything else sore?” I asked. “You mean my boobs?” Sara smiled, “My nipples are tender, but that will soon disappear, and I have pin marks on my tits, but they will soon fade as well.” “So, you wore your bondage bra then?” I asked. “Yes, I did and they all squeezed my bra so hard that the pins dug into my tits,’ Sara replied, “But, it was incredible and I was begging them to squeeze harder!” Sara slowly went on her knees and sucked me off, I shot my load into her mouth within three minutes. We sat on the couch and she gave me the details of her night of sex. Sara was wearing a pair of tight-fitting blue jeans and a warm woolen sweater and she looked amazing. Sara told me that, she was tied to the bed for almost the entire night, the guys loved her bondage bra and thong set and they all tortured her. “Doug tied the thread through my nipple rings,” Sara explained, “Then he hooked the thread to the bracket above our bed and Kevin pulled the string and stretched my nipples to the limit.” Sara was excited as she relived her night. “My ankles were tied to the bed and my legs were wide open,” Sara told me, “Doug had used the clamp things on my pussy lips and tied them to my thighs, to show my entire sex.” I could see her heart pumping with excitement as she went on, “I was so vulnerable, I was naked and vulnerable and I loved it.” She was excited as she explained, “Not only did they see me naked, they saw the most intimate parts of me, they saw my sex and up close.” Sara told me that they all took turns at licking her pussy, and Kevin pulled the nipple strings even harder. She told me that, he then, gently spanked her tits and the shock waves went through her nipples.“The pins were digging into my tits and the thread was pulling my nipples so hard,” Sara smiled, “Gary was biting my clit, hard and I must have cum at least fifteen times.” I asked her, how bad the pin marks were on her tits and she told me to turn around and face the other way.

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