My boyfriend’s bro – part 2


My boyfriend’s bro – part 2This is the sequel to the first story (here’s the link: ) Here we go! —————————————————————————————————————————————————“Gym tonight.Today’s schedule contains lower abdomen and quadriceps.Be there.”I kept rereading the text he sent me. Especially the “be there” really turned me on. I know I should feel guilty since I already have a great and loving boyfriend and we’re talking about my boyfriend’s best friend for fuck’s sake, but I can’t deny that the sexual attraction and lust for each other was definitely there last time. Since I was positively sure it was bound to happen again tonight, I decided to dress up for the occasion. I wore really short shorts with a top and sports bra combination that made sure my boobs almost popped out. My hair was neatly tied up in a high ponytail and I felt really confident with the way I looked. I kissed my boyfriend goodbye and head over to the gym. Normally when we meet up we wait for each other at the entrance and go in together. As I arrived, I noticed he wasn’t there yet so I quickly turned around to face the window and adjusted my outfit a little bit. I waited for over 10 minutes and there was still no sign of him. I took out my cellphone and texted him a “Where u at?” message. Another 4 minutes later he responded: “Already inside”. Heh, strange. Also a bit rude not to tell me, but heck. I went in as well. He was already doing some cycling on the stationary bikes and he didn’t even see me come in. He was just staring out in front of him so I popped up right in front of him, gave him a playful look (bit my underlip a bit) and gave him a very warm ans sensual “Hi…” He stopped the timer on the bike, jumped off, dried off the little pearls of sweat on his forehead and gave me a very plain and boring “Hi” back. Jesus Christ, kaçak iddaa I could get a warmer greeting from the intern sitting at the desk in the post office. He walked straight passed me and I almost had to catch up to him to be able to hear him say: “So are we doing this? Lower abdomen and quadriceps today. You take the device over there and I’ll take this one.” Are you k**ding me? Now he even wants to split up to do our exercises! It was clear to me he thought he made a mistake last time and I felt like a giant idiot. My attitude completely changed and I thought it would be best to just act like him and pretend like nothing happened. The next hour and a half were really boring. We almost didn’t speak to each other, except for him telling me what exercises I should do next. I couldn’t help but stare at him when I was sure he couldn’t see me. God, his arms are so muscular….He was doing some push-ups and I loved how the sweat was pearling down from his forehead to the side of his chin and then dripped down on the floor. I was imagining lying underneath him while we were having sex and his sweat dripping on my chest….GOD, he made me so angry! How could he be so distant after what had happened last time? Once we finished our workout we walked out of the building together. His car was parked first so we stopped and he started looking for his keys.”What?! Oh, fucking hell! You’ve got to be k**ding me!?” He threw his backpack on the floor and kicked his left front tyre. I looked down and noticed the tyre was completely flat.”This is great! How am I going to get home now!” He shouted. “Don’t you have a spare one?” I asked. “Not anymore…fuck!”” I can drive you home, it’s no big deal. It’s not really that far either.” He hesitated, looked down at the floor and back to me. “Alright….yeah…if you don’t mind.” “Not at all, my car is parked a bit further. Get in, I’ll take you home.” The first few minutes we drove in complete silence. kaçak bahis I honestly didn’t know how to act. I had to say SOMETHING.”Is….something wrong?” I almost sounded apologizing.He sighed and kept looking out of the window.”You’re messing with my head.” He uttered. “I can’t help it and I tried to stop thinking about you in such a way but I can’t. You’re my best friend’s girl.”” It didn’t feel wrong to me.” I said. “I know! That’s the worst part! If I hadn’t stopped myself I probably would have had you on the hood of my car!” The image he planted in my head by saying this made me so unbelievably wet, yet I answered:”Bold move….in the middle of a parking lot.” Finally, he smiled again. Still looking out of the window he placed his hand on my thigh and gave me a gentle pat.”You are so unbelievable” he said. Instead of pulling his hand away, he left it there. The warmth of it made me tremble a bit. He turned his head and looked down at my shorts. “Dear God, those shorts are driving me crazy….”He started to move his hand….slowly….going up until he was touching my inner thigh. Every muscle in my body was tightening up. I had a hard time focussing on the road ahead of me. He started carressing me, ever so slowly, like he wanted to feel every inch of it. I let him and didn’t say anything. After this soft touch he suddenly sunk his nails into my thigh and gripped it firmly. I opened my mouth a bit and almost let out a soft “Ahhh”. This tension was getting too much for me. Luckily, we just took the last turn towards his house. “Will you….come in for a second?” His eyes were on fire when he asked me. Without answering him I got out of the car and he directed me towards the front door. Once he opened it, he let me go in first. I didn’t even have the time to turn around or he pinned me against the wall and we started making out heavily. He removed his T-shirt and pressed his naked chest against me while he was kissing my illegal bahis neck. He had a tattoo on his right shoulder and a scar right above his left nipple. My hand was resting upon it and with every movement he made with his arms I could feel his chest muscles tighten. I reached down to undo his belt and dropped down on my knees. His throbbing erection made me crave some of his cum. As soon as I started sucking he began to moan and pulled my ponytail. His precum mixed with my saliva was dripping from my chin right on my boobs. He grabbed both my arms, pulled me up again and licked off the spills I made on my tits. I wanted his warm tongue around my nipples so I quickly took off my top and sports bra. He dove in like a mad man. Licking, sucking and gently biting my painfully stiff nipples. His giant cock was pushing against the mount of my pussy. I wanted to feel him inside of me so bad! He grabbed my arm and led me towards the couch. I lay down on my back and let him enter me. It felt like there wasn’t enough of him, I had to have it all. I needed to feel him filling me up entirely. His eyes were so hungry and so demanding. The mischievous smirk he had on only made me more horny. I set my nails into his back once his thrusts started to get heavier and heavier. I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t even let out a single sound. All the while he was thrusting, groping, pinning me down with his entire bodyweight. I was completely helpless and let him take advantage of me. My body started to shake and I could feel an enormous orgams coming up. He stopped abruptly.He smiled. “Oh no, not yet.” “Please.” I begged him, entirely out of breath. “Please…let me…let me cum.” He turned me around, put a pillow underneath me and entered me from behind. Again he was pounding away and I was completely lost. His hands firmly grasping my hips and his cock shoving in and out of my dripping wet pussy. My muscles tightened, his grasp grew stronger and I came so damn hard. He pulled out and released a giant load of cum right on my tits. We were both breathing heavily and for a moment we couldn’t look each other in the eyes. I was sore for 3 days.

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