My Big Ass Innocent Mother – Part 1


My Big Ass Innocent Mother – Part 1I’m just 19 yrs old studying diploma in bangalore..Let come to the story ..In my home there are three members.Me, my mom,& my dad. My dad is a politician.. & my mother is house wife.My mom name is renuka.I call my mom as renu .She is 5 ft tall.Milky white colour..Her boobs are so big.& her ass was very big .I like her big ass & her pussy was full of public hairs like bush.I have a fantasy on mom from 4 yrs .But that fantasy came true one week ago..She was very traditional always wears saree..At night also she wear saree for sleeping…I’ll masturbate daily fantasizing about her …I’ll waiting for a chance to fuck her..One day i’m watching tv in the hall .Mom went to bathroom to take bath..I got very tempted.& I opened my shorts & underwear & jerking of thinking my moms big ass & breast…& I got a plan that I will record her bathing scene .So next day I went to bathroom & start video camera in my mobile & placed in the bathroom & came out.. After she went to take bath ..I’m waiting in the hall ..To see the video recorded in my mobile.When she came out & went to her room & I ran to bathroom & picked my mobile & went to room & I played video …Wow really amusing scene that was..She stripped her saree & petticoat..& finally removed her blouse..She doesn’t wear bra .She wear only panty.My dick got erected it become 7 inch..Hardly.I am jerking by seeing the nude body of mom in mobile..In the video she was inserted shampoo bottle into her pussy…Suddenly I got doubt .Why she was inserting shampoo bottle..& I taught that my dad always stay away from home because of political views..So I am happy that she was starving for sex..So I decided to seduce her..After watching the video ..I heard the sound my mom renu is calling me for dinner .& I went for dinner.While I am having dinner.I saw her cleavage.& sexy ass .Really very big .I can’t control.My dick raised in full length in pant ..My mom saw my tent .But she didn’t say anything. & went inside kitchen.. & I ate dinner & I said good night to mom & went to sleep in my room ..At night I was masturbated 2 times.& I make idea to show my dick to mom.So I removed my pant & slept nude…In the morning my mom came to my room to wake up me..She lifted the bed sheets & shocked..She was seeing my dick like a****l. She came near my penis & touched it & I wake up but i’m acting as asleep..She took my penis in hand & it was becoming erected to full 7 inch .She took my penis in her mouth & slowly sucking my dick..I can’t control the warmth of her mouth bahis siteleri & her saliva is tasting my dick..& I cummed in her mouth she drank all my cum..She think i’m sleeping..But i’m not slept.I’m enjoying her blowjob..After I cummed .She went to kitchen to prepare breakfast..I waked up with joy.& went to bath & I again jerked off..& went to kitchen ..Mom was doing some kitchen stuff ..So I asked mom for breakfast..Then she replied .S coming abhi..I went to dining table.She came with breakfast.& served me..While serving food.Her pallu fell down.& I saw her huge boobs on blouse.I think she only left the the pallu fell down. & I was staring at her boobs.She noticed me & gave a smile .& I felt very happy..& went to college…At college I can’t concentrate on class..So I came back home at 11pm ..There was no noise in home..I think she was sleeping…& went to my room changed my dress into shorts..& I heard a moaning sound from my mom room .She doesn’t know that I came back from clg..I went near her room the door was opened..& I went inside the room..& shocked by seeing the state of my mother..She was totally nude.& she was inserting brinjal in her pussy..Suddenly she saw me & covered her nude body with bed sheets..She was really shocked ..& I said sorry .& went to my room..And slept….After one hour she came to my room & slept beside me .& put her hand on my dick inside the pants.I got sense & I wake up.She holding my dick in hand..& then she removed her hand & went to her room..After that at night I went to dinner.She was not seeing my face bcs she was ashamed. After dinner I went to my room & slept..At night 1pm I got wake up & went to urine pass ..While I was going to toilet .I saw light coming from my mom renu room..I went near & peeped & saw she was crying..I got tensed.& went straightly into her room .She saw me & downed her because she was ashamed what she did before to me…I went near her & sat next to her… & I asked her wt happened mom …Mom: nothingMe: tell me mom.If you cry like this how can I understand the situation..Whatever the problem is i’ll solve your problem at any cost..I’ll take any risk to solve your problem..Mom: & mom told ..Abhi i’m sorryMe: for what.Yare you asking sorryMom : sorryMe ; its ok mom. & I put my hand on her tights..She noticed but not said anything.Me: mom can I ask you something?Mom : in crying face.Ask abhiMe: are you inserting brinjal yesterday.Mom : shocked ..& downed her face .& crying…Very loudly….Then I kissed her cheek & said don’t worry mom .What happened…Mom canlı bahis siteleri hugged me tightly & crying like a baby ..Her huge boobs was pressing my chest. My penis got erected for her hug..I slowly placed my hand on her belly & asked .Mom: i’m starving for sex from 17 yr ..Bcs your dad has lot his manhood when you are 2 yrs c***d.I got shocked.& I don’t know about this…She hugged me tightly.& said ..That day when you are sleeping I saw your dick…So I can’t control my urge so I m satisfying with brinjal everyday…I placed my hands on her boobs & said mom I know that you sucked my dick that day when I’m sleeping..She was shocked. & I said I’ll fulfill your sex urges mom…Mom: but i’m afraid that you are my son how can we do fucking.& I kissed her lips.She was fully co operating me..Weare sucking each others lips..I hold her hands & placed on my dick …She was pressing my dick on the shorts..After that I broke kiss ..& she removed my shorts & saw my monster cock..& took it in her mouth & sucking my dick like lollipop..I was holding her head & pressing hardly towards my penis.& I cummed very fastly because it was my first time…& then I told mom to remove her saree..She removed & came in front of me..Her boobs was hanging like watermelon…She was only in panty..I removed her panty..& make her sleep on bed.I saw her bushy pussy & gorgeous ass… I was very eager to have such a beautiful & big ass mom…Then I went towards her boobs.& placed her brown nipple in my mouth…& sucking like a baby..& bites her nipple because of more excitation.. Really her breast was very big I used two hands to hold one boobs at a time..Really that was like a big watermelon… We take 69 position & she was sucking my dick..& I was licking her pussy …I opened her bushy pussy lips & saw pink pussy .& I liked her pussy .She was screaming like lick more abhi…Ahhhh…Good …Really feeling some fluid after 18 years…Abhi I can’t control pls fuck me with your monster rod…& she made her first orgasm on my mouth…I drank all her sweet love juices…& we took in missionary position & placed my cock in her pussy..I first pushed ,it went only half because her pussy was used before 17 yrs ..And I removed my dick & gave a strong push ..It went full 7 ” inside & she screamed loudly..Oh my pussy is teared…Fuck me …Fuck me hard…Ahhh…& I was fucking like a bull..Really she was very enjoying. & after I fucked her 20 mins & I released my semen inside her pussy….& fell on top of her & slept sucking her boobs…& hugging each other…Next day morning I woke up canlı bahis & mom was not there in bed…& searched for her & she was in kitchen…I went to kitchen & hugged her from backside.& kissed her cheek…She turned towards me & gave a kiss on my lips…Already my dick was stuck in the ass …She feels my dick was touching her big ass.I lifted her saree & petticoat up & removed her panty..& placed my penis in her pussy & fucked in the doggy position for 30 mins & released my cum in her pussy & she sucked my dick & told ok my dear abhi…Now go & take your bath & come I’ll give you breakfast…I went to bath.& ate breakfast…& I was ready to go for clg..& she came gave liplock …Said bye…I went to clg .But I can’t concentration on my subjects… Soon in the evening I came back to home…& hugged her & went to change my dress..& after I came to hall to watch tv…She was in kitchen…I was watching her asss from the hall..& I got idea to fuck her ass..So i’m waiting for her to come…Finally after 30 mins she came sat next to me on the sofa ..& I hold her & pulled on my lap…She was sitting on my lap..My dick was touching her ass hole over the saree…I pressed her breast…& removed her blouse.& sucked her boobs..& removed her saree & panty.& made her in doggy position… & I took my penis & placed in her ass hole..& gave a push.She felt very pain…& asked me what are you doing…I told I’m going to fuck your ass now…She stand up & said no can’t fuck in the ass..I’ll not leave to fuck in the ass…I got anger..& forced to enter my dick…She resisted & slapped me… I got very anger..& left her went to my room & lock the door..& slept..Later at night she called me for dinner ..I didn’t open the door & said I’m not hungry I don’t want food now…& she was crying to open the door..I didn’t open & slept…& next morning I woke up & went to take bath..& I was shocked .My mom is nude in bathroom & waiting for me to come…I went & said sorry & I returned back to my room she hold my hand & pulled inside the bath tub…I was not talking to her…So she said pls talk to me abhi…& she was crying…& she said i’ll allow you to fuck my ass now..Pls talk to me…I felt very happy for fucking that big ass..She removed my underwear & took my penis in her mouth & sucked & turned in doggy position in the bath tub..I went behind & apply soap on the ass hole & pushed my dick…& she was screaming…I fucked her ass ..& I was enjoying the ass…Really her ass like two mountains…& fucked 30 min & I removed my dick & told her to suck..She sucked & I cummed in her mouth & she drank all my cum..& I said you have the beautiful ass renu…She smiled ..& gave a liplock…& we still fucking daily…Till we satisfy…I love my mom very much…I love her ass ….So sweet ass…Love you maa……If you like my story..Pls send feed back

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