My Best Friend’s Sister


I have a smoking fetish, although I couldn’t tell you the exact date it started. I just found that one day anytime I saw a woman smoking a cigarette, I couldn’t help myself. I’d automatically picture her on her knees in front of me, wisps of smoke pouring from her mouth as she took a drag and then engulfed my cock. And it seemed that the moment I realized this, everyone I knew started to smoke. Everyone.

Which brings me to my story. I was 18 at the time and in a rock band, and the bass player Kevin introduced me to a girl named Jackie he had met at school the day before. She was barely 16, with short brown hair, tight body, and a really sweet ass. She started coming to our practices, and then her brother would come along as well. None of us smoked at the time, except for the occasional cigar, and Jackie wouldn’t even do that. She was a health nut, and I never even saw her eat red meat. Jackie’s brother and I hit it off real well, so we started hanging out, which gave me ample time to get to know his sister, and to be around her.

Well, college came, and I left and went away. I didn’t see Jackie or her brother Phil for that whole time, and my smoking fetish grew and grew during that time, although I could never find a girl who would smoke for me during sex. I’d often imagine it while I was fucking some girl at college, that she’d light up and blow smoke in my face while I was on top of her ramming my cock into her snatch. I’d blow my load on her stomach, continuing to imagine that she was smoking while my cum splattered on her tummy.

Then, two days before I was to go home for the summer, I got an e-mail from Phil. He said that he and my friends were throwing a party for my return. I smiled, knowing what had happened at some of the parties we threw in high school, which made me look forward to going home even more. If I’d known then what I know now, I would have flown home.

I pulled my car into Phil’s driveway and parked it, and was greeted by a most glorious sight. There was a group of girls on his front deck, all of them smoking. As I got to the porch, they girls parted to let me to the door, and I had to walk sideways so they wouldn’t see the giant erection I had. When they parted, I was offered another incredible sight: this girl with short blonde hair and the most incredible body I had ever seen. From behind, I saw her take a long drag, and exhale through her nose and mouth. I nearly came in my pants right then. When she turned around and let me see her face, I did. Her pouty lips held her cigarette, a Marlboro Menthol Light, and the contrast of the white on those ruby-red lips sent a shiver up my spine. It was Jackie, Phil’s sister, and she had grown into on of the hottest women I had ever seen in my life! When she saw zonguldak escort me, she took a quick drag and rushed to me, exhaling as she went to hug me, and the smoke hit me right in the face.

“Sorry about that,” she said as she hugged me tightly. Her breasts were pressing against my chest, and I knew she felt the bulge in my crotch.

“No problem at all,” I said. “And when did you start smoking?”

“Couple of months ago, when school got rough,” she replied.

She released me form the hug and I decided to spend some more time with her on the porch. I took my own smokes out and lit one, exhaling through my nose as I usually did. We talked for about ten or fifteen minutes and she chain-smoked the entire time, driving me insane. She was sneaking peeks at my crotch from time to time, obviously noticing the growing tent there. I too was taking my own looks at her tight top, showing her hard nipples in the chill air. When my eyes met up with hers again I caught her in the middle of a drag; she snap-inhaled, pursed her lips, and exhaled a wonderful stream of smoke, all the while keeping eye contact with me. I finished my smoke and quickly hurried inside to find a bathroom to relieve myself in more ways than one.

I went inside and upstairs to Phil’s room, cause he had his own bathroom and I needed some privacy. I finished pissing and stood in front of the sink, letting my pants fall to my ankles as I gripped my 8” cock and started pumping. I envisioned Jackie this time, as I never had, on her knees in front of me, sucking my hard cock and taking breaks to smoke her cig, all the while blowing the smoke over the tip of my cock. I was so wrapped up in my fantasy that I didn’t hear the door to Phil’s room open, or the door to the bathroom creak. But I did hear the gasp, and I struggled to pull my pants up as I turned around. Jackie was in the doorway, her mouth hanging wide open, burning cigarette in her right hand. I turned red, thoroughly embarrassed, and made my way past her to sit on Phil’s bed. She sat down across from me in a chair, taking nervous drags on her cigarette.

“Jackie, I’m sorry,” I stammered.”I thought I was alone up here.” I still couldn’t take my eyes off her lips as she smoked, and the image I had jerked off to came flooding back into my head.

“It’s alright Jerry,” she said as she exhaled smoke. “I shouldn’t have walked in on you like that. I should have…”

Her voice was slightly slurred, and I could tell she had been drinking some, but when she stopped speaking I didn’t know why. Then I looked down and saw my cock poking up through the fly in my jeans, which I had forgotten to zip. I put my head in my hands and hung my head.

Then, I heard a sound, and when I uncovered tunalı escort my face, Jackie was on her knees before me, resting one hand on my thigh as the other took my cock.

“Let me make it up to you,” she said. “Let me make up for embarrassing you.” She took a long drag on her smoke, and went to put it out in an empty can near the bed, but I stopped her.

“Keep smoking,” I said, as I pulled her head toward my cock. I saw a naughty smile form on her face right before her lips wrapped around my cock, and I saw and felt smoke exhaled through her nose as she began to suck. I fell back on the bed, turning my head down so I could watch her. She had apparently sucked a couple of dicks in her day, because she was bobbing on my cock like a pro. She pushed her head down on it, trying to take it all, and I could feel the back of her throat as it caressed the tip of my rock-hard dick. She stopped sucking, and before I could wonder why, she moved her cigarette to her now smeared lips, taking a drag while she was still sucking me off. I nearly blew right then, but I held off. This was a fantasy come true. The next time she took a drag, I pulled her head off my cock with an audible slurp and brought her up to face me, and I could see the wanton need for sex in her eyes. I kissed her then, and she ran her tongue into my mouth while blowing her mouthful of smoke into mine. I inhaled it, this new naughty sensation driving me even wilder. We kissed for a few more minutes, and she put her cigarette out. I kissed down to her perfect breasts, sucking each nipple in turn, then ran my hand down the front of her pants, and into her panties. They were soaking wet with her juices, and my hand practically glided to her pussy, and I parted her lips with a finger. I continued to work her slit while I unbuttoned her jeans, pulling them off of her with her panties.

Her bald pussy stared back at me, although I could see it’d been a few days since she shaved. She moaned and I wasted no time in driving my face into her waiting pussy, licking and sucking like there was no tomorrow. I sucked on her clit and I heard throaty moans escape her lips. I heard rustling above and looked up to see her resting on her elbows to watch me, an unlit cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

“Jerry, light my cigarette while you eat me out,” she said. I dug in my pocket for my lighter, and brought it up to her smoke with a shaky hand. It managed to get lit though, and she took a long drag, throwing her head back in ecstasy as she combo-exhaled, beautiful clouds of smoke coming out of her mouth and nose. When she looked back at me I took her cigarette from her mouth, took a big drag, spread her pink pussy lips, and slowly exhaled all over her moist cunt. She tunceli escort stared at me wide-eyed and pulled my face back into her snatch and seconds later she was having an earth-shaking orgasm, the lit cigarette hanging from her mouth as she gripped the sheets. She called my name out and I licked faster, sucking on her clit to intensify the feeling. She collapsed onto the bed, taking a drag as I stood up. She looked at me with lust-filled eyes, and as she exhaled, she spoke the two greatest words I had ever heard in my life:

“Fuck Me…”

I dropped my pants, and she picked her legs up off the bed, peeking around them to watch me, taking drags on her smoke. I wasted no time, moving to her and throwing her legs over my shoulders, looking down on her as I drove my cock all the way inside her in one quick stroke. She was mid-drag and choked on the smoke as she gasped when I entered her, and I started mercilessly pounding her cunt, pulling all the way out and ramming it back in. She held her cigarette up for me to take a drag and I did, exhaling the smoke into her face. She moaned, placing the cigarette back into her mouth. She ran her hands up my sides, digging her nails into my ribs and I fucked her. I was on autopilot, ramming my 8” cock into her tight cunt, when she did the unthinkable: she took a drag, her biggest yet, and pulled my face towards her. She pursed her lips, and blew her smoke into my face, extremely slow, all the while staring into my eyes. My dream had come true, and I picked up the pace even more. She came again quickly, her pussy pulsating around my shaft, and I knew it was over. I parted her legs to cum all over her stomach, but she looked up at me.

“Cum in me, Jerry…don’t pull out.” Her voice was breathy, and I could see the remnants of smoke as she spoke.

“Jackie, I can’t…what about getting pregnant?” I asked.

She smiled at me, humping her ass up to meet me.

“I’m on the Pill; please cum inside me. No one ever has.”

Who was I to turn down her fantasy after she had fulfilled mine? I looked down at her as she kept smoking, and she raised her head to do a French inhale, looking at me the whole time. That was it for me; I shoved my cock deep twice, and I felt my come shoot out like a cannon, and it seemed like it was going to do that forever. She obviously felt it too, and I felt her pussy clamp around my cock as she had another orgasm. Minutes seemed to pass as I came inside her, never slowing down my furious pace. I finally collapsed beside her, my cock now growing soft inside her. She leaned in and kissed me softly, smiling at me.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you since I met you,” she said.

“Good…then I don’t feel so bad,” I said. She put her arm under her head and continued to smoke as we talked, and needless to say, I was ready to go again real soon.

We started dating after that, but our relationship just couldn’t hold up to the heat of that night. We’re still good friends, and every now and then she indulges my need for a smoking fetish fix.

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