My best buds and I


My best buds and I(Open to making a part two if people like)I’d have to admit, I’m not the luckiest guy in the world. Depending on how you define luck.It seemed like a harmless bet, just me and two of my bros hanging out and watching the game. Fucking around and doing the usual thing that bros do on a Sunday night. It was the idea of my friend Jared, that started everything. “How much do you guys want to bet, that I could out wrestle Mack.” He teased pointing at me. Trevor, my other friend, laughed at his proposal. After all, I was a state ranked wrestler, on route to go straight to nationals and there wasn’t anyone in our friend group who could even hope to match me in such a contest. “I’ll put 60 down on that!” Trevor joked, leaning over and punching me in the arm slightly. I stood up defiantly, “Shit I could take both of you. Easily!” I flexed my sculpted arm. “I’ll take you both on right now, and I’ll give you 100 each… Hell, I’ll suck your dicks if you win!” I boasted confidently, pride beaming from my body.Trevor and Jared both shared an odd look, before Jared spoke up. “Bet.” He propositioned, seriously. I had known that Trevor and Jared were both bisexual, and while I was not, I was also sure that I would win. “Easy. 200 from the both of you, or bj from me.” I took off my kaçak iddaa shirt, and stretched, my muscles rippling beneath my dark skin like a wakening b**st. Both of them took off their shirts as well, leaving us all in shorts only. Jared was a swimmer, so he was lean, thin and long. Trevor was a linebacker, so he had plenty of meat on his bones. Eyeing them down here, I noticed that they actually were sort of cute. My over-observing would be my downfall however, as I didn’t hear Trevor say go.He tackled me with swiftness, utilizing his college-level defensive skills, and drove me onto my butt. I managed to control his head though, and hold him there. Using this as an opening, Jared snaked his way to my back, wrapping his powerful legs around my hip and taking my neck.I had ducked my chin in, so I wasn’t in any danger yet, and I still had the stronger friend in a solid head lock, so I used my free hand to swivel around and grab hold of Trevor’s shoulder, pulling him to my side. I know almost had control of both men, when I felt something odd poking against my back. Jared had grown a bit of a stiffy, as was prodding parallel to my spine. This sensation drove my focus away just long enough for Trevor to pull back and lift, flipping me onto my back. He quickly gained a full mount and kaçak bahis Jared matched him, sitting on the very upper part of my collar bone.From here I could actually feel Jared’s balls and had a face full of ass as well. I tried lifting, swirling, moving, twisting. The combined weight of the two and strength of the linebacker was too much for me to overcome. “Give up yet?” Trevor panted, sitting down more against my pelvis.I had no choice, and had to concede. “Yeah, ya’ll got me.” I admitted and was promptly let up, although instead of standing I sat back against the couch to regain my breath.Both boys now stood over me, awkwardly.“Soooo…” Jared began.“What?” I questioned him, confused by the sudden lustful look his eyes had taken.He rubbed the outside of his crotch slowly.“Oh, no ha ha. I’m not going to actually.”But Trevor was quicker than my sentence, pinning my arms behind my head and taking refuge on the couch. “A bet is a bet.”Jared had pulled his pants down, and released his cock. It wasn’t very big, but it was beautiful. A standard 5 inches, cut and quite wide for its length. He eased it towards my mouth.I look once more at Trevor, gaining a full understanding of my situation. I had to comply, plus I did agree to this. I nodded my head and he let me go.I opened my mouth illegal bahis and licked the head of my first cock hesitantly.I reached up and massaged the underside of his balls as I slowly became more and more confident. Exploring the underside of his tip with my tongue, I ventured down the underside of it, before coming back up and bobbing my head forward. Taking the entire head into my mouth.“Yeah just like that baby.” He grabbed the back of my head and sunk his knees as he enjoyed himself. Pumping slightly to my newfound rhythm.I found that with each pump I could take more and more of his dick into my mouth, getting all the way down to about 4 inches of it a strange lust began to take over. My tongue swirled feverishly as I began to enjoy the taste of my best friend’s dick. And his hips thanked me, pushing the rest of the length into my throat.I shuddered as I realized that Trevor now had his hand on my member and was stroking it softly. I grabbed Jared’s thighs and face-fucked myself on his cock, growing hungrier as it stiffened and throbbed inside of me. “Mmmm fuck I’m gonna,” His voice cut out, pushed away by moans of pleasure as he released thick rope after rope of cum into my throat. His seed forced its way out of the sides of my mouth as I had trouble swallowing all of it. He stepped back as Trevor stepped in front of me. His dick already leaking precum. He smiled at my face, still dripping semen from my chin.“A bet’s a bet.” He moved closer to my face and I opened my mouth for seconds.

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