Subject: My Barnstorming Days – Part 1 Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. All names, places and descriptions are purely fictional, and are not based on any real person, living or dead. Please leave now if you are underage, or dislike vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teenage boys. Please send any comments to ook. And please consider donating to Nifty at fty/donate.html Gay / adult-youth: anal, oral, M+/t+ – – – – – My Barnstorming Days – Part 1 School was out for the summer, so Alan and I jumped on our bikes and headed for Barford Lane. The car park at the top end of the lane was perfect for racing around at speed. Not many cars used the place, because it was located on the very edge of town. It had been built by the Council as a turn-around for buses, and a ‘Park and Ride’ pick-up point to reduce traffic congestion in the town centre. Unfortunately, the bus route fell victim to budget cuts. Alan and I were both thirteen years old, and mad-keen on cycling. We would ride our Raleigh Grifters along woodland tracks and seldom used country lanes; and we would always ended up at the car park for a race. Alan and I were both tall, thin and blond. So a lot of people we met on our excursions thought that we were brothers. So, on that first day of the holidays, we cut through Barford Woods and skidded into the car park. Alan’s Uncle Dave and his friend Gordon were there to meet us, as arranged. The two men were sitting on an old wooden bench, waiting for the “pretty boys” to arrive. Dave looked like an adult version of Alan. He was tall, thin and casually dressed. Gordon was tall and burly, and wore a long, parka coat. They were both in their late thirties, but dressed like 1960’s MODs. Alan said that his uncle and Gordon were nightclub bouncers, and that Gordon was known as ‘Flash Gordon’ when he opened his parka and revealed his awesome cock. This wasn’t entirely true, as I later discovered. Yes, the two men were bouncers, but Gordon’s nickname was linked to the gold chains and rings he usually wore. “Ride around a bit, boys,” said Gordon, “and give us a little peek.” Alan and I were both wearing white cotton shorts, with no underpants beneath them. The space between hems and thighs was large enough for the two men to glimpse our semi-erect cocks, as we cycled around in front of them. Gordon waved me over as I completed my fourth circuit. I pulled up close to him, and made sure he could see what was on offer. “My goodness!” he said. “You’ve really grown down there since last summer.” “Yes,” I replied. “And it’s all down to those exercises you and Dave showed me how to do.” Gordon reached out and patted my thigh. He then took hold of my cock-head and gave trabzon escort it a little squeeze. “Feels real nice, boy,” he said. I smiled as he leaned forward and began to play with my twitching cock. He rubbed it back and fourth, and made it rock-hard. “C’mon, Flash,” said Dave. “Give it a little lick. Make him hold onto those handlebars real tight.” Gordon kissed my cock-head, and then pulled back my shorts to the max. It was then that an old, clapped-out lorry turned into the car park. We all fell back to last year’s tried and tested default positions – the two ‘uncles’ admiring how well their ‘nephews’ could ride such awesome bikes. The lorry driver didn’t seem that interested in what was going on beside the ‘OUT OF SERVICE’ bus stop. He was more concerned with the tarpaulin that was coming off the back of his lorry. “Let’s split up, Flash,” said Dave. “I’ll take Kevin. You take Alan. We’ll chain the bikes up to the bus stop and meet back here at four o’clock.” “Yeah,” said Gordon. “You take Kevin to the meet. I’ll take Alan to the beach. We’re bound to find old Harry and his mates in the dunes.” * * * Some ten minutes later, I was sitting alongside Dave in his car. We had waved goodbye to Alan and Gordon, and was now heading west, away from Barford Woods. “Thanks for turning up today, Kev,” said Dave, as he dropped his hand onto my right thigh. “A growing lad like yourself needs to be able to let off a bit of steam from time to time. Those raging hormones won’t take care of themselves, you know.” There were several cars parked outside the barn when we arrived. Dave hit the horn and parked his car by the open side door. “Welcome, welcome,” said Neville, as he stepped out of the barn to greet us. He was stark-bollock-naked, and looked very pleased to see me sitting alongside Dave. “Sorry, Nev,” said Dave, as he got out of the car. “Alan and Gordon can’t make it today. They’re out beachcombing, looking for old Harry. We owe him a favour, so Alan’s been dispatched to get some sand between his toes and arse-cheeks.” “Not to worry,” said Neville. “Bring Alan along tomorrow. The barn’s open throughout the school holidays, so we have boys and pilgrims coming and going all the time.” I was completely naked as I stepped out of the car. All my clothes were piled up high on the back seat – Dave had asked me to strip off as the car turned off the main road. Neville’s farm was well off the beaten track, so I didn’t mind turning up in the nude. “He looks well trim, Dave,” said Neville. “Yes, he’s filled out quite a bit,” said Dave, as he walked round the car to join us. “He was a tad scrawny last year, but now he’s well fuckable.” “Spin round for me, boy,” said Neville. tunalı escort “Let me see the rest of your naughty bits.” I smiled when the man whistled, and then squeezed my arse-cheeks. “Now don’t forget, Kev,” said Dave. “Do as you’re told! And no backchat!” “Right!” said Neville. “Come in and meet your fans, young man. They’re all chomping at the bit and eager to meet you.” I stood in the doorway and shivered. My cock was semi-erect and my heart was pounding away like billy-o. I could see a few shadows moving around in the darkness, but no naked fans. Neville came up behind me and told me to close my eyes. I swayed as I did so, but someone on my left steadied me. A leather blindfold was placed over my eyes, and straps were fastened around my wrists and ankles. The wrist-straps were then fastened together behind my back. “Okay, boy,” said Neville. “Just walk where you are led.” Without ado, I was led into what must have been the centre of the barn. There were voices all around me as someone turned me around a few times. “Nice one, Dave,” said someone on my left. “His arse looks mighty fuckable.” “I sucked him off last year,” said someone on my right. “When he was a ripe, twelve-year-old newbie. I’m bidding on his first barnstorming fuck today.” “Get in line, Tom,” said Neville. “We’re all hoping to splash out a bit of cash for that privilege.” “Kneel down, boy,” said Dave, or someone that sounded like Dave. I dropped cautiously to my knees and waited. There was some laughter and swearing when someone had a mishap closing the side door. My throat was dry, so I gulped as I continued to wait. I then felt the heat of someone standing right in front of me, just inches from my face. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me close. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and sucked in his rigid length. And as I did so, my nose disappeared into a thick mass of pubic hair. “Suck my cock, boy,” he said. “Take it all in.” His cock-head was touching the back of my throat, and his ball-sac was resting on my chin. Then, with two hands on my head, he began to power-fuck my mouth. His cock-head slammed hard against my throat as he steadily increased his stroke-rate. He began to mutter and moan as he fucked my mouth. He then let out an animal-like roar as he pulled my head into his groin and released his load. The spunk literally gushed out of him as he held my head tight. Finally, after emptying his ball-sac into my mouth, he withdrew his cock and let me draw in a breath. “Open wide, Kevin,” said another man. I stayed on my knees for quite a long time. I must have swallowed at least six loads of seed. I was then stood up and led over to what must have been a work bench tunceli escort of some sort. My knees were sore and I was really tired; however, my raging hormones kept me hard at it. The round of bidding lasted a good few minutes. Tom outbid everyone else in the barn. Neville kept driving up the price, but Tom was determined to poke my “gorgeous arse” first. Of course, I was quite pleased to be so sought after and appreciated. I was bent over and greased up by two enthusiastic men. I held my breath when Tom’s cock-head pushing hard against my tight, little hole. Suddenly, it just slipped in, and hurt like hell. I gritted my teeth and grunted. “Push back, Kev,” said Dave. “Like you do when dumping a load.” I pushed back and felt the cock inch its way into my expanding arsehole. It continued to hurt, but in a less brutal way. “You okay, sunshine?” said someone on my right. I nodded my head, and grunted again. “Tell me if I’m going too fast, boy,” said Tom. The cock began to push further and further into my burning hole. I continued to push back as it slid back and forth inside me. I felt really full down below, as if I needed to go to the toilet real bad. Then the cock pushed in that extra inch. “That’s it, boy,” said Tom. “You’ve got the whole thing inside you now.” I wasn’t able to say a word. I was sweating profusely and grunting away like crazy. The cock then began to power-fuck me slowly. It felt like I was in heaven. Waves of pleasure overwhelmed me as my cock strained for relief. I then felt a hand take hold of my rock-hard stem. “I’ve got this covered, sunshine,” said the man on my right. “Leave it all to me.” The man’s hand began to stroke my cock faster and faster. He got me so close to a climax, and then he suddenly stopped. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” yelled Tom, as he slammed his body into mine. I could feel his cock throbbing away inside me. I then shuddered when his seed entered my inner sanctum. I was in such a tizzy, and that’s when a hand touched my cock and triggered an almighty climax. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” I yelled, as the hand continued to torment my rigid stem. “No! No more! It’s hurting!” “Hush, boy,” said Neville. “This is only round one.” * * * Later, after a thorough clean up, I found myself lying between Dave and Neville on a bed of straw-bales. My leather blindfold and straps were gone, so the three of us lay there completely naked. “We’re thinking of giving you top billing for the week, Kev,” said Dave. “Ain’t that right, Nev?” “Yes,” replied Neville. “A firm booking for the whole week, and maybe a few days more.” “You’re sitting on a potential gold mine, Kev …. if you catch my drift,” said Dave, “There’s a lot of horny pilgrims out there, and they all want a piece of schoolboy arse.” The two men laughed as Neville took hold of my right hand and wrapped it around his semi-erect cock. “You clearly enjoyed today’s fuck-fest, Kevin,” said Neville. “So shall we arrange another one for tomorrow?” – – – All comments welcome.

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