Morning, Afternoon and Night


A slut I’m not Was her first thought But for him I’m his whore That’s for sure She thought about his cockBeing in her quite a lot How big and thick it was It extended her little jaws”Oh how I love to suck his dick, ‘Cause I’m a really hot assed chick.”Everyday he would come knocking on her doorShe’d screw isveçbahis him on the couch, the bed and yes the floorBut first she’d let him watch her dance As she stripped down to her underpantsThen oh so slow She’d give him a show Hips swiveling and gyrating Preparing him for mating Her big tits she would isveçbahis giriş rub And slowly let her hand glide over her nub He’d see her pussy glisten and shine And knew it’s there he wanted to dine So she would straddle his face That was her favorite place Back and forth his tongue would slide”Oh isveçbahis yeni giriş fuck me now, baby,” she criedWith skilled ease He would pleaseLifting her fine round assThat girl with sass and classTheir hips would bump and grind Until orgasms they would find Just when he thought she peaked “Don’t stop! I’m not done!” she shriekedSo he pounded away On her tight pussy each dayLeaving with a smile on their faces Both smelling of sex in all the right placesSo every day in the morn, noon or night She will be fucking her knight just right

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