More than He Can Suck


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


“Fuck, you’re…”

Ao would have blushed if the dragon’s dark scales did not hide it so well, the muscled drake on his knees, though he was not the tallest around. His shoulders, however, were broad and he had a bit of a muscle-gut, enough to show his power while his chest rippled with muscle, his legs reminding one of tree trunks. It was not so much that he spent a lot of time in the gym, per se, but more that the course of his work forced him to exert a lot of force and to stay fit simply to complete it. But Ao was not a dragon to be pushed down from a challenge, the dragon (well, half-demon too) above him smirking as he ran his hand through Ao’s thick mane of black hair, fingering the orange and purple shades flickering through.

“You’re going to take it all though, aren’t you?”

Dimitri purred, his tail snaking back and forth. His wings were expanded in the privacy of the bedroom, though he would have fucked Ao anywhere suitable, the sharp green of them catching the eye, one of the features that one was most drawn to when it came to the mage. His scales were mostly dominated by dark shades, blue over his shoulders and slicing down his sides, with yellow markings adding softer highlights, though they were more reminiscent of his demonic half. His head of hair was thick and fluffed up into a mane-like crest spilling down the back of his neck, black, blue and green all tangled up together. But Dimitri did not spend much time looking at himself, not when he had a hungry submissive down on their knees before him.

When Dimitri was naked, however…one could only focus on his huge cock, how his member was far, far beyond the realm of any natural shaft, a good four feet long and uncut, the skin sliding over it as if to hide what a monster it actually was.

“It’ll never fit…” Ao grunted, though he swayed before the mage as if he was already hypnotised by Dimitri’s power. “You’re…too big…”

His hands came up, caressing the dragon’s length, the green flesh, adoring how the skin moved lightly back and forth along his shaft. At such a size, there was more than enough of him to enjoy with his hands, using both to pump, though there was no hope of his fingers ever closing around such a delicious girth.

Cracking out his knuckles, Dimitri smirked, his tail flicking back and forth.

“Hm… That’s where you’re wrong, Ao. But you don’t have to worry about that. Let a real dragon take care of you…”

His tone oozed confidence, sending butterflies spiralling into Ao’s stomach, his cock aching, pulsing, dripping pre-cum between his thighs. Yet asyalı escort the drake’s eyes widened as he was suddenly yanked forward, lips parting, and crushed to that cock as if the mage thought that he was going to be at all able to cram it down his throat!

“Mmmph!” Ao complained, struggling back, his hands on the dragon’s muscular thighs, power emanating from him. “What’re you… Oohh… Ooof…”

His jaws no longer seemed to work as expected as the mage’s magic wrapped around him, pulling him through, his body feeling strange, looser in a way, though he couldn’t quite put his finger in it. It was fortunate, in that case, that Dimitri knew exactly how to treat a needy drake like him, infusing him with his magic so that his cock, simply put, fit.

There was no other way to describe it as Ao’s jaws stretched wider and wider, tongue wiggling back and forth, Dimitri set on enjoying his newest plaything to the fullest, even if he might not have expected to find a dragon like him at the bar. But the was there now and he sank his cock, inch after inch, into Ao’s maw and throat, forcing him wider and wider. It was quite as if Ao’s jaws had unhinged, though the bulge travelling down his throat told the true tale as the magic allowed it to bear deeper still without causing the dragon any pain beyond an incredible stretch.

And Ao luxuriated in it, moaning around the thick length, though he was so far gone already, cock copiously leaking thick dollops of heady pre-cum, that he was almost getting off from sucking dick alone. His head swam with lust and a touch of magic, though Ao was not to know that as Dimitri hissed through his teeth, shaking his head, a touch of the demon lifting inside him. Yet it was not as if Ao was in any such position to stop Dimitri from having his way with him, grunting and heaving, his eyes half-closed, languishing in a moment of sucking that he wished, in a way, could go on forever.

“Yeah, that’s a good toy…hm, you like that…”

Dimitri rolled his hips, thrusting, cramming two feet of cock down Ao’s throat, demanding more. Oh, he had a good grip on himself and his actions when his demon half was sealed away, yet it reared its powerful head more and more as he thrust, losing his sense of where the line between demon and dragon lay. He snarled, lips pulling back from his teeth, a glint in his eye as Ao suckled weaky on his cock, his mouth nothing more to Dimitri than a hole to be filled. And who cared, really, about hiding away the demon when he had Ao there to fulfil his every need that night?

The dragon’s eyes shot open as Dimitri thrust, grunting around him, straining, flailing, struggling for breath. Yet that was something that would only come when Dimitri hailed it, grasping him by the hair and dragging his head back and forth as a fuck toy, each stroke coming with a greater ferocity and urge behind it.

“Take it all down, cock slut.”

The hiss rolled through him and Ao leaned into it, wanting ayaş escort it to be true. Oh, he was easy to force into submission (it was not forced, to say the least of it) and he fell into it wantonly, sucking and slurping, though his tongue was hardly any good at all to lap and tease. On the contrary, it flopped about loosely in his mouth, merely making away for the battering ram of a cock that drove deep, straining his jaws open while his hands groped at his own throat just to feel the immensity of the bulge there.

His body quaked, yet Dimitri snarled, curling over him, hammering in, stroke after stroke coming with greater ferocity. Ao didn’t want to do anything other than to kneel there submissively, his legs a little spread so that he could brace a little better, though not even he could have expected the deluge of cum that erupted from the drake’s cock. Dimitri’s snarl curled around him like a touch of magic itself, black balls bouncing off his chin with every stroke, though it was only then that Ao realised through a gulping haze of loss of air that the dragon had bottomed out his dick in his muzzle.


Yet he had to breathe and struggled while Dimitri pulled back, seemingly with some difficulty, painting his muzzle and chest with his load, dripping down, splattering his thighs. Ao tried to slurp up all the seed he could even while dragging in every breath available to soothe his aching lungs. While the dragon had been buried down his throat, he had only been able to suck in gasps of air when Dimitri had pulled back enough, which hadn’t been very often at all.

“Get on all fours.”

Ao scrambled up onto the bed, but he only had one knee on it before his hips were yanked up and back, right into position for the more dominant drake. He moaned and swooned, letting his chest fall to the bed while his free hand stroked his cock, balancing with a shoulder bearing down into the mattress, dimly understanding what was happening. It was hard to think straight when he was so horny, his throat still feeling softly stretched, as if there was still a cock in there, even as that very cock ground up under his tail.

Dimitri wasn’t taking any prisoners, however, hissing and grunting as he yanked Ao’s tail out of the way for his shaft, accepting nothing less than complete submission. The demon in him urged him on, for one orgasm was nowhere near enough for him, pressing to the pucker of Ao’s tail hole, infused with his magic, and powering in.

Ao screamed in climax, twisting into a roar, though his seed, in comparison to such a powerful length, was nothing, nothing at all. Orgasm ripped through him, sending him twitching and convulsing, yet he was prey to that cock, trying to arch passionately back on it even then. Dimitri’s eyes glazed over, tongue hanging out of his muzzle, his wings larger and higher, as if he was trying to appear more dominant than even he was, though the dragon would not have claimed, not even then, that he was in aydınlıkevler escort control of himself.

No… No, the demon half of him was in control, demanding that he thrust harder, fuck deeper, use every inch of his massive length, which should never have fit inside any part of Ao, for his pleasure. Even in that moment and even if Ao was not fully on board with what was happening, the dragon could not stop himself, demonic energy infusing him, grasping the back of Ao’s head and wrenching it up, needing something to grab onto as he buried his cock inside his arse.

The huge bulge that showed through the dragon’s belly showed exactly how deep his cock went as he threw himself into the moment, eyes blazing with greed for lust, slamming in repeatedly. It was a crude, rough motion that came with no finesse to it and most certainly no regards to the comfort of his partner. No, only lust remained there, a greedy demand for more, all that the body could supply, his newest toy that he could use and toss away when he was good and done with him, a used cum dump and nothing at all more than that.

That was all that Dimitri’s, the demon’s, toys were to him. Ao was not to know that, the dragon along for the ride, his tail pushed up over his back, creaming exhaustedly onto the bed, wavering back and forth along the line of consciousness and unconsciousness. His tail hole strained in an impossible gape, the shape of the massive dick showing through his belly as if it was about to burst through, though the new stretchy elasticity wrapping around that cock wouldn’t allow that to happen.

No, he would not come to any harm from all that took place there, not as he groaned, moaning softly, swimming in desire, losing himself, on the edge of consciousness while he was fucked within an inch of it. Dimitri roared, filling his chest with air, wings snapping out ferociously to either side of his body, though there was nothing that the drake needed to do to be more dominant than he already was in the moment. Every shred of power was in his hands and Ao only needed to take the pounding, furious thrusts like the pro he was.

There was no telling whether Ao had passed out from overwhelming stimulation at the point of Dimitri’s orgasm, putty in the dragon’s hands as he was wrenched about, used as a living fleshlight. Dimitri bellowed, pulling his body over Ao’s, though it was the curling push of insistent lust that he had to let out, balls aching as they unloaded every drop he had to give. More than his first orgasm, his balls had already replenished themselves nicely with hyper need and a touch of magic (why not?), filling the drake to the brim, cum squirting out along the length of his cock.

It had to go somewhere there, pouring into the drake’s backside, billowing out his stomach so that the outline of Dimitri’s cock could no longer be seen as easily, even if it was there. More cum than ever before, at least for Ao, filled the dragon, Ao’s head lifting weakly, eyelids fluttering.

The strain… His tongue hung out of his muzzle, cum sloshing about in his tail hole, infiltrating his guts, so full, so very full.

Maybe he had been wrong to try to take on more than he could suck but it was a decision, even below the feral Dimitri, that Ao would never regret.

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