(More) Sins of my Country Girl Sis , Me


JakassTales…Tale # 60…Readers; here is another incestuous chapter to my brother/sister tale. I hope that the ages of the sexual participants justify this story of undeniable hormonal rage and hunger for sex. I’m adding another young incestuous relative; so let nature run as wild as it will!

(More) Sins of my Country Girl Sis & Me

(Part one) Morning Remembrances

I raced downstairs carrying my high-topped clodhopper work boots ready to face an early fall day on our two-hundred acre cattle farm. I’m sure my thunderous descent alerted all that an energetic young man of nineteen years in age was making his presence known. Yesiree, I was bull-strong, hardheaded, and I had a single-minded goal in my head. Here it is in a quick, concise statement of fact; I wanted another piece of my sister’s sevnteen-year-old pussy!

Last night had been heaven. Leah had crept up the stairs after Mom and Dad were asleep. Having done this very thing three nights in a row, this girl knew I’d be lying atop my bed in the dark nude as the day I was born. In the few short seconds it took to tiptoe from my door to my bed, my country sis had shed her pajamas, panties, and all that she wore. She wore no bra for sleep, so I knew that she was a naked as I was.

My hopes for a slow lovemaking session were dashed to shreds. Leah unceremoniously climbed atop me, straddled my body, and then positioned her drippy pussy above my solid masculine cock. The cock-hungry girl reached between my legs and forcibly guided my erection towards her femininity. My cockhead tenderly kissed her sticky-wet pussylips for maybe a tenth of a second but it then slipped inside her slippery vaginal hole. Good god she was tight!

Several times my mind had told me I ought to regret taking my own sister’s virginity a few days ago. It was sin for sure to deflower an innocent child! But hell, my sinful molestations had proven this child was a near-woman who needed the same sexual pleasures as I craved! And here she was this night with her tight, hot, wet cunt wrapped around the stiffened shaft of my horny, hard cock. This child/woman was intending to fuck me whether it was a sinful corruption of morality or not.

So, Leah fucked me from an on-top position. She pumped her body against mine in a series of thrill-seeking thrusts which forced my erection deeper and deeper into her pussy. This girl had said no words, nor had I, but an unspoken agreement had been sealed between us. We would vie, we would compete, we would race towards orgasmic release, and we each hoped to get there first.

Friction was the force which provided the heated element that finally gave orgasmic relief. Although well-lubricated, the frictional rubbing of my inflexible cock into and out of my sister’s tight cunt made sexual ecstasy imperative. The old chicken and the egg question might now be asked; who came first, my sis or me? Cum was shooting out of my cockhole and cum was spurting from Leah’s pussy.

As my sis rode my cockshaft harder, I expelled shot after shot of baby-making seeds into her womb. Vaginal juices slicked-up my penile pole with sprays of feminine cum. If this had been the barn we two were fucking in we would be screaming in euphoric cheer. As it was, it was the best we could do to whimper and softly cry while trying our best not to awaken the house.

Oh good god, what a cummy mess my sis and I were making! Seeds, and cums, and juices squished and squashed all over the place. Who cares? Certainly not me and I’d betcha my ass Leah doesn’t care either. Orgasms are the boss here and we two sinning, forbidden fuckers are just along for the ride of our lives. Sinful depravity our incestuous immorality most assuredly was, but, so what!

Leah’s on-top thrusts slowed. They stopped. She slumped against me in the dark and I felt the weight and mass of her breasts pressing against my upper body. Two chests, my sister’s and mine, rose and fell in attempts to get breath. I heard a softly whispered voice, “Oh Luke that was another best good time!”

“Yes it was,” I agreed, yet I added no more. Leah scooted up so she could kiss me. Yes, I kissed her back just like any sister-loving, cunt-fucking, going-to-hell brother would. I ran my hands up and down this girl’s back and I kissed her with the passion of a thousand loves. Daring the devil to strike me dead, I tickled the puckered asshole between my love’s ass cheeks.

After that fucking episode early last night, Leah and I had changed my bed and had taken a quiet bath together. We might as well have saved our time because awhile later we ended up fucking again with me on top. Yep, we made another cummy mess which required another bed change and bath.

As I hit the bottom step to my upstairs bedroom, I remembered how lonely my bed had been after Leah had left it. I knew she dare not stay because we could take no chance of getting caught. Well, last night was last night; this is today and a new day for pussy possibilities at that! I turned to the hallway leading to the kitchen. I stopped dead in my tracks. Unintentionally, I swore aloud, “Oh shit, we have company!”

(Part two) Too Little, Too Young, Too Bad

Yes, company we had indeed. There in the hallway stood Mom, my aunt, my cousin, and my sis. Pussies galore I imagined, but much like Goldilocks, I saw that two were too old, one was too young, leaving only one which was ‘just right’ and that one was my sister’s.

Damn, I reckon I won’t get any pussy from Leah this morning after all! As I cursed my luck, Mom and Aunt Angela turned away towards the kitchen muttering something about how ‘you kids we’ll be ready for breakfast soon’. Okay, so yes, I was hungry, but, if I had my druthers, I’d prefer eating a pussy and maybe getting my cock eaten, too!

With the adults gone, this left only Leah and Emi standing in the long hallway. Good god, how could any two girls, cousins at that, look so differently! Yeah, they were a year apart in age, but still there was an enormous difference. I knew my sis’ bra size to be a 36DD. Hell, I’d removed her bra enough times to have the print on the label ingrained into my hardheaded mind! I didn’t know all that much about bust measurements, but I’d betcha my cousin’s 16-year-old boobs wouldn’t even fill out a 28A cup bra!

Boob size wasn’t all that was different about these girls. Leah had a stout, well-developed, country girl look about her. She was no raving beauty, yet she was so goddamned sexy I couldn’t keep my hands off her! Emi, on the other hand, was a petite, city girl princess whose favorite pastime was primping in a mirror. Okay, yes she had the face for it; in fact she was so unbelievably pretty her face belonged in a fashion magazine.

“Morning Ladies,” I teased when I walked towards the girls. “How’s tricks?”

The girls smiled demurely then they blocked my path. Both glanced over their shoulders as if to see if any mothers were looking on. None were. All of a sudden Leah’s hand darted out. Her fingers worked their way into the waistbands of both my cutoff jeans and my briefs. Her hand disappeared inside where her fingers wrapped themselves around my morning erection. “See Emi, nothing to it! I can guarantee that Luke will let you touch ‘it’, too!”

After winking at me, Leah added, “You will, won’t you, Luke? Emi has never touched a cock but she wants to so very badly. Please, for me?”

My cousin Emi’s face was turning about ten shades of red. She seemed mortified. “I can’t believe you really did that, Leah,” she uttered in a stunned voice. “I want to do it, too…but I don’t…I don’t dare!”

Leah shrugged as if exasperated, “You little cocktease! You said you would do it. Emi, you begged me to ask him! I’ve told you all the things Luke and I have done together, and now you won’t even touch him?”

Emi’s head lowered. “But Leah, it’s…it’s so ‘personal’,” she muttered. “Luke is almost a man and he wouldn’t want a girl like me to touch his…his ‘thing’! Besides, we ‘ARE’ cousins!”

“Yeah, and damnit, I ‘AM’ his sister!” Leah replied with irritation. “Touch escort service it or not, it’s no matter to me, but don’t come bellyaching to me the next time you get horny! You can just go play with yourself!”

I imagined the wheels of indecision whirling inside my young cousin’s head. She had a decision to make and it had to be made pretty damn soon. “Leah, will you leave your hand inside Luke’s pants, too?” the timid girl practically begged.

Over the past few days, my sis had become a practiced cocksucker, jackoffer, and all around cockplayer. She could teach if necessary. “Okay,” she relented. “But, I’ll have to unbutton and unzip his pants in order to make room for both our hands.”

Oddly, my hesitant cousin beseeched, “Want me to help?” Without awaiting an answer, she did. The two girls had my jeans unbuttoned and unzipped in a flash. I suppose curiosity got the best of Emi, because the next thing I knew, her hand had joined Leah’s inside my pants. The elongated shaft of my cock felt five fingers from two different girls wrapped around it.

No, I’m not one of those dumb hick country boys! I can add five plus five. Right there in the open hallway leading to the kitchen, I had ten female fingers playing with my morning erection. Maybe god will have mercy on these innocent girls, but I knew without a doubt, I was going to Hell for sure!

“That’s enough, Emi,” Leah instructed. “We had better go eat before we get caught! We’ll get some more cock later.”

Emi’s hand stayed in my pants a bit longer than Leah’s did. Whether she knew what she was doing or not, her fingers were squeezing my balls, pulling my pubic hairs, and tickling my cockflesh. Although her face was blushing a faint shade of red, this girl looked me squarely in my eyes and brazenly said, “I really, really hope we do!”

(Part three) Breakfast and a Treat

Biscuits, eggs, and bacon, were the main breakfast course followed by pancakes and warm sugar molasses. Mmm, Mom made the best thick-sugar molasses in the world! Small talk and catching up were the main topic of breakfast conversation. I was kinda hoping and praying that neither of the two cockplaying girls would let on about their morning transgressions. They had sinned, but whether their fathers would forgive them, I didn’t know. I knew those daddies would fill my ass full of buckshot if we were caught!

As it so happened, when breakfast was over, the dads disappeared down a dusty road in search of wild turkeys in the tree-covered boondocks. Taking an opposite cue, our moms hurried off to do some bargain shopping at a distant outlet store.

Alone at last. We three ‘good kids’ teens were left home to do as we would. Hmm, I wonder what that would be. While I wondered, I helped Leah and Emi clear the kitchen table. Again I noticed the difference in the girls. My sis had long, blond hair which hung in mostly-straight strands down her back. My petite cuz had a headfull of short, dark, twisty curls which stayed close to her skull.

Both girls were really sweet kids, but like me, I suppose they had a curious, horny streak which occasionally could make them ‘bad’. I had recently heard an old country music song that had the lyrics, “Your good girl is gonna go bad.” I wondered just how ‘bad’ my horny young sis and cuz could go. I didn’t have to wonder long. The girls had a whispered conspiratorial conversation then they turned to me.

“Oh, Luuuke!” Leah mischievously teased. “Can we play with your cock again?”

Being a smartass, I answered, “I don’t know. Can you?”

I was shirtless (which I usually wasn’t in front of company) and shoeless. Before I knew what was happening, the girls had my cutoffs unzipped and unbuttoned again. Sweet, innocent, but lecherous Leah disciplined me for being a smartass by jerking my clothing down to my feet. This normally rational girl viciously smacked my ass and commanded, “Step out!”

As I stepped out of my clothes, my sis answered my ‘can you’ question by grabbing my upward-pointing erection and giving it several good, hard jerks. Damn, the emboldened young lady even dropped to her knees and gave my cockhead a few slippery kisses! “Come on, Emi,” Leah instructed “And get yourself a piece of this!”

I’m not sure if my cousin was even aware of what she was doing. As she dropped to her knees, there was a glazed look in her eyes which indicated indecision and second thoughts. “Oh Leah, you didn’t say he would be naked!” she scolded. “It’s beautiful, but I could never touch it face to face! And…and, kiss it, oh god, that won’t happen in my lifetime!”

In spite of her words, Emi was reaching a hand upward. Her fingers tentatively touched my warm cockflesh, then, as if having a mind of their own, they wrapped themselves around my hardened shaft. Following Leah’s lead, she began jacking and jerking my penile pole up and down. “Kiss it!” her girl cuz ordered.

Zombie-like, Emi reluctantly followed her maddening instincts. This girl’s wet, watery mouth kissed my cockhead only once. Before she could recoil in horror, a female hand was placed on the back of her head. With only a firm push to propel her, my girl cuz found her lips wrapped around the end of a guy’s manhood. She couldn’t talk, she could not protest, she could only suck in an attempt to get the unpleasant ordeal over with.

Yet, as unpleasant as it was, Emi continued sucking even when the hand on her head was removed. Good god, this just had to be the most sinful activity Satan had ever invented! And to suck her own cousin made it ten times more immoral! “Hey, quit it girl!” Leah finally ordered. “You don’t want a mouthful of cum, do you?”

Emi’s hand covered her guilty lips. It was at this time I came to an unbelievable realization which I voiced aloud for anyone to hear, “Goddamnit, I haven’t touched a tit or a pussy all morning!”

Seeing that Emi was nearly catatonic because of what she had done, I reached for Leah. Always up for fun, this girl had her bra and panties off nearly two seconds after I had pulled her dress over her head. Quick as a wink, I began juggling her 36DD’s every which way but loose. In order to get to her suckling nipples, I put my hands under her armpits and used my muscular arms to sit her ass in a kitchen chair.

“Wait, Luke!” I was forcibly restrained. “I wanna get Emi naked too so we can teach her about tit and pussy sucking.”

God bless the resilience of youth. Emi’s catatonia was quickly subsiding. Without even being told to, the girl did what she thought Leah expected. She slowly removed her dress. As for her bra or panties, this was another story altogether. “Do I have to, Leah?” she objected.

Seeing my sister’s affirmatively nodding head, my cuz turned her attentions to me and repeated nearly the same words, “Do I have to get completely naked, Luke?”

I’m not a complete monster who gobbles up young ladies just for sport. Heck, if they don’t want to play, they don’t have to! But, this was not my answer to my cousin’s question. “Yes Honey, you have to be naked like Leah and I are,” I adamantly said. More gently, I added, ‘But, just for as long as you want to.”

Emi reluctantly began removing her bra. The garment was a miniscule, white, lacy thing which she was hesitant to lose. Finally, through sheer, gut-wrenching strength of will, she dropped the tiny brassiere on the kitchen floor. Unlike my sister’s breasts, Emi’s tits did not spill out.

I saw my cousin’s tiny titties proudly poking out of her chest without a bit of drop or drooping. Why, those little mammary mounds were each no bigger than the insides of a teacup, yet they were so perfectly proportioned that I believed them to be as erotically stimulating as my sister’s melon-sized boobs! Devilish mischief tempted me. I reached out a hand and cupped one of the beauties.

Emi almost recoiled in fear. She almost gave up on our sinful early-morning sex game. She almost ran away. Yet, I suppose the girl had another one of her change-of-mind moments because she pulled a kitchen chair over near Leah and climbed up into it. On the way up, I had independent escort dubai released her beautiful boob in order to slip my fingers into her panties and pull them off her body.

“Hey, what’s up with all you teen girls shaving your pussies?” I asked as I noticed Emi’s hairless little cunt. Good god, my cousin had a pretty pussy without one bit of pubic hair to spoil my view of its long, split-cracked pussymound!

Leah gave the answer. “Luke, I told you the other day about how all us girls are shaving down there,” she said. “You like it, don’t you? You like my pussy to be shaved, too, don’t you?”

“Hell yes!” I replied. “I love Emi’s pussy and I also love yours! Now, aren’t we supposed to be doing some tit and pussy sucking?”

Leah was a real trooper when it came to sex-play. She lifted her boobs up with both hands and aimed them at me in ‘suck-me’ gesture. So, suck her, I fully intended to do. Yet, just as my lips closed over one of her nubile nipples, I tasted a sugary liquid. Sugary liquid?

Emi, the mischievous, playful little imp, had reached for the molasses dipper and was now pouring some of Mom’s thick breakfast molasses onto Leah’s tit. Without missing a beat, I suckled my sis’ stiff, engorged nipple and I gulped the sugary liquid coating. When my lust took me to this girl’s other nipple, I found the same great-tasting treat. Mmm, sugar nipple is good!

Wherever my lips went, so did go Emi’s molasses-pouring dipper. Two sweet sugar breasts, I ate. My tongue was busier licking and sucking as it had ever been in all my years of life. My mouth was coated with a layer of liquefied sugar tit. My nose smelled the sweet aroma of girl and sugar blended into a cock-stimulating potion. I was as horny as hell and I needed to taste some pussy!

So, down a sticky belly, I went. My hands had reached beneath Leah’s ass and I positioned her body in a pussyeating pose. Her protruding clit received drips of wet sugar just a second before my mouth began eating the feminine delicacy. The finest candy in the world couldn’t have satisfied me as much as this girl’s sugar clit did.

Sugary pussylips now received my attention. The swollen pussyflesh was so hot and delectable I could have eaten it all day. I licked and kissed the tender valleys between Leah’s pussy and thigh. With no pubic hair to hinder me, I had a visual and oral delight. Boy oh boy, I was a happy pussysucking camper this morning!

Once again, I sucked my sis’ clit, but then my tongue spread the delicate butterfly wings of her inner pussylips. It licked the wings then dove inside her hot, wet, vaginal hole. How she did it, I’m not sure, but Emi poured molasses inside. My taste buds tasted an erotic combination of tangy, drippy pussy juices mixed with sweetness. Oh god, I was so horny I wanted to screw this girl right here and now!

How Emi guess my sinful thoughts was a complete mystery to me, but she correctly surmised my dilemma. My sweet, innocent, virginal cousin did something completely unexpected. With one hand she guided my stiffened erection towards those tender pussylips I loved. With her other hand, she poured molasses onto my cockshaft. “Fuck her, Luke!” were the words she used. “Fuck her and show me how it is done!”

By the time I heard the faint echo of those words, my sticky, slickened cockhead had parted Leah’s inner pussylips. My erection slipped inside my sister’s vagina and I began fucking the girl. Sweet mother of mercy, I loved screwing my sis, but I had really intended on playing with Emi before I did! Heck, maybe I can do both. As my cockshaft violently pounded the insides of one girl, I reached for the younger girl’s pussymound and began playing with it.

I guessed that Emi wasn’t all that willing to have her untouched pussy played with. But, considering the circumstances, perhaps she thought it was okay. Her cousins were screwing and all she was doing was letting a boy finger her. Yet, alas this girl was beginning to become a victim of her own mischievous actions. My molasses slick fingers were digging harder and deeper into her hymen-protected, female-wet vaginal opening.

I cockfucked my sis at the same time I was fingerfucking my cuz. My hips danced in a rhythmic in and out motion and my penile pole felt the satisfying heat of frictional copulation. My swollen, elongated penis sank to its hilt inside a sweet vaginal hole. Leah’s vagina began spurting female cum onto my cumshooting cock. At the same time, my slippery finger burst through Emi’s hymen. We all squealed; Emi in pain and Leah and me in orgasmic ecstasy.

Emi refused to cum if it was going to hurt. She forcibly removed my finger from her pussy. On the other hand, Leah’s body begged for more. Her arms flew around my neck and she kissed my lips with each plunge of my cock into her cunt. This girl’s legs wrapped around my ass and she energetically threw herself into the ferocity of animalistic fornication. Sin, this most certainly was, but god the multiple orgasms we were having made all the guilt of immorality disappear.

“Aren’t you two about finished?” an innocent, young voice asked.

Not quite, I thought, but almost. Leah and I fucked until we exhausted our bodies’ ability to cum anymore. Tonight, yes tonight we could do this again!

(Part four) Opening the Backdoor

Nude little Emi was still sitting in her kitchen chair. My finger had broken her hymen and hurt her, but surprisingly, she wasn’t ready to give up on sex just yet. “Luke, you can kiss me and play with my breasts if you want to,” she whispered. “You can even…suck my pussy…but you can’t fuck me like you did Leah. I don’t want to get pregnant!”

I was game. Hell, I love my sis like crazy, but I’m not one of those guys who can turn down an offer of sex from a girl! Besides, my sister was the one to bring this sexy little piece of ass into our sex lives anyway! Knee-walking over in front of Emi, I positioned myself between her legs. I studied the naked young girl.

Some guys, I reckon, have a preference for breast size. Some like them bodacious and beautifully big like Leah’s. Others like them pretty and petite like Emi’s. Me? Heck, a tit, is a tit, is a tit! I’m not particular; I like ’em all sizes! So, I grabbed myself two handfuls of itty-bitty-tittie. At the same time, I leaned over and stole a kiss.

Emi still seemed a bit reluctant, but she kissed me back. If fact, she kissed me back several times. After a little practice, my cousin’s tongue came into my mouth and she allowed mine to go into hers. I’ve heard of kissing cousins, yet I had never known that tongue-fucking cousins existed until now. And to boot, this gal was a pretty damn good kisser at that!

After kissing lips, I began kissing the tiny titties I had been fondling. Leah must have decided to play Emi’s trick because she poured sugar molasses onto her cuz’ tits. Mmm, these nice, little suckers were fine! Tittie skin became my meat of choice and I consumed it with invigorated relish. When I began sucking on this girl’s nipples I had a surprising reaction. I loved what I was doing so much my drooping erection was now coming to life again.

As much as I loved suckling itty titties, I discovered that itty pussy was better! Emi’s small mound was an invigorating treasure. When I made my rounds of kissing and sucking all the molasses-coated pussyflesh, I felt my cock swelling back into manhood size. I spread this girl’s pussylips and found an itty-bitty clit which just sat there waiting for my attention. I flicked that sweet little protrusion back and forth, but it sprang back to center each time. My cousin was whimpering in pleasure by the time I put the sticky clit into my mouth and began sucking and tugging. I was practically chewing it off!

My tongue eventually found the hymen-busted opening to Emi’s vaginal hole. I was determined to tongue-fuck this hole and I justified myself by thinking that saliva was supposed to be an analgesic as well as an antibiotic. I was most assuredly unsure of the effects of molasses on ripped pussyflesh. My cousin’s whimpering Escort Girl Dubai cries increased as my tongue slipped deep inside her vagina and played whirly, twirly, taste-the-pussy games.

Mmm, nice, tight pussy just ripe for plucking! “Are you sure I can’t screw you, Emi?” I asked with a bit of desperation in my voice. “It will feel soooo good for both you and me, too!”

“No, Luke!” the girl wailed. “I mean, YES, Luke, I’m sure you can’t fuck me in the pussy and get me pregnant!”

Completely taking the decision out of my hands, Emi sat up, turned around in her chair, and straddled it like a horse. She leaned over on the chairback with her ass end aimed at me. Leah now took up my defense. “Hey Em, can Luke fuck you in the ass?” she unashamedly asked. “No girl ever got pregnant from a good old fashioned asshole fucking!”

Surely my cousin wouldn’t agree to that! Hell, I haven’t ever corn-holed a girl myself, not even my sis with whom I’ve done many sinful things! Emi wouldn’t answer. Not even a peep. Taking her silence for acquiescence, Leah lubricated my cock with a thick coating of molasses. For good measure, she added several fingersfull of cummy goo from her own pussy. And then, my sis repeated this process with her girl cousin’s asshole.

“Fuck her asshole, Luke!” Leah insisted. “Your cock is well-lubricated and so is Emi’s hole. I think she will be extremely tight, but I believe you can mange with your stiff, horny-hard dick.”

Leah was now spreading Emi’s asscheeks open. I saw the small, puckered opening. Oh good god, I can’t seriously be thinking of really doing this! Talking about sin, talking about depravity, why this just had to be the ultimate perversion! Shit, devil dogs will eat my cock and balls in Hell forever and ever if I did this!

Yet, even as my brain was protesting this perversion, the tip of my peehole was kissing my cousin’s puckered ring. She was a slippery girl for sure and I was just as slick. Without Emi’s permission, or even my own mind’s, my cockhead pushed ever so gently against the pucker. Tight, I reckon she certainly was! I suppose it was a damn good thing my penis had regained the stiffed solidity of a stainless steel penile pole.

Pushing ever so determinedly, my cockhead popped into the hole. Emi’s squeal was faint, so I was unable to determine if I was hurting or pleasuring her. She was not telling me to stop, so I pushed ever more diligently. One inch, two inches, and then three inches of penile flesh became buried inside. My cuz’ squeals pealed out ever more loudly and frequently. In an effort to procure happy-pussy delight, I reach around the girl and stuck a few fingers into her wet cunt and began finger-fucking her.

And then, there it went. My lubricated cockshaft sank all the way into Emi’s asshole! I pulled it out a few inches, but this young lady’s spasming sphincter muscles capture my cockmeat and refused to completely release it. The sheer tightness of the anal tunnel squeezed my pounding, penetrating penis and played with it in an undulating cat-and-mouse game. Was I supposed to cum? Was the girl feeling the same pleasure/pain sensations as I was?

Emi was being finger-fucked and ass-fucked all at the very same time. Unless she told me to stop, I fully intended to cum in her ass. And so, I told her. “Hey Em,” I whispered, “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather have me fuck your pussy? It would feel a whole lot better and it would be a lot less perverted!”

Emi’s answer was swift. “No, I’m okay!” she adamantly replied. “Your fingers are almost making me cum! Your dick doesn’t really feel all that bad, if fact I kinda like the strange sensations its making me experience. I really love it that I know I can’t get pregnant from you cumming in my ass!”

At those words, I did indeed start cumming inside this sweet, sinful girl’s ass tunnel. I had an aberrant thought that perhaps my pressurized globs of cum were shooting all the way up into her intestines and belly where they would emerge out her mouth. As silly-thinking as this was, Emi’s sweet, young body spasmed with her own cumming orgasms and her mouth spilled moans and groans of delight.

I thought fucking my sis’ pussy had drained me dry, but I was very happy to discover that my seminal reservoir still had fluids left to shoot into a young woman’s body. Much like a rutting buck deer copulating with an in-heat doe, I screwed my cousin with feral, long-dick thrusts. Forgetting propriety or even any sense of morality, I violently fornicated with this previously innocent girl. I was ramming into her asshole with sin and sexual merriment on my mind.

I knew Emi was also cumming, but I didn’t want to completely ignore my sister. As I butt-fucked my cousin, I took the fingers of one free hand and stuck them in my sis’ pussy. Following my lead, Leah put a couple of her fingers alongside mine inside our cousin’s cunt. Emi had a delicate balancing act because of the cock pounding into her ass, but she managed to get several of her fingers into Leah’s pussy. Here we were, three incestuous fornicators spilling orgasmic juices all over the place.

When it was over, it was over quickly. I pulled my cockshaft out of Emi’s asshole and my fingers out of the two pussies I loved. We three looked at ourselves and we saw the kitchen floor below us. What a strange, messy mixture we had made. The floor was coated with molasses, cum, and a bit of virginal blood. Our bodies, especially our pubic parts, were covered with the same concoction.

Oh well, the floor could be cleansed with soap and water and so could our bodies. As for our sinful minds, I guess there could be no rational reason for forgiveness. But, okay, so what? Who needs it!

At least we didn’t get caught!

(The end?) Unbeknownst to Leah, Emi, or Me

As they drove away from the farm, the mothers of the teenaged kids in the house had a curious conversation. Sarah is Leah and Luke’s mom, Angela is Emi’s.

[Angela] “Sarah, I’ve left my sweet little, innocent girl with your son. Do you think she will be alright?”

[Sarah] “What do you mean, Angela?”

[Angela] “Well, Luke looks kinda ‘dangerous’; I mean, he is a handsome, virile young stud and Emi is just a clueless kid. He wouldn’t try to take advantage oh her, would he?”

[Sarah] “He might. Would you really mind?”

[Angela] “Oh goodness no! That prissy little princess is too much of a goody-two-shoes as is, so a sinful experience with a young man may be just what she needs!”

[Sarah] “You may be right. Emi ‘is’ sweet and quiet, but many a still water runs deep with passion!”

[Angela] “What about your daughter? Do you ever wonder about whether or not Leah lets Luke do…things…Well, do you?”

[Sarah] “Oh that ship has already sailed! I’ve decided to just leave them alone and let them do as they please. And, I think there is quite a bit of pleasure there!”

[Angela] “Oh my! That son of yours is a devil for sure! God, I couldn’t take my eyes off his hard-ripped chest this morning! Did you happen to notice that his cutoffs were unbuttoned and slightly unzipped?”

[Sarah] “I did.”

[Angela] “I betcha you didn’t get all wet like I did!”

[Sarah] “I betcha that’s a bet you would lose.”

[Angela] “Oh sis, you are soooo dirty!”

[Sarah] “And you are a lecherous Aunt!”

The two mid-thirty-something women laughed at each other. This merriment concealed the lascivious thoughts running through their minds.

Maybe someday soon…well, just maybe!

(Postscript) Midnight Magic

That night, as usual, I lay naked on my back on my bed. I heard the barely perceptible sound of my door opening. Tiptoeing feet ran across the floor. A girl climbed atop my body and guided my erection into her dripping pussy. This girl began fucking me enthusiastically.

Another girl climbed in bed beside me. As my petite cousin fucked me from above, my sister’s whispering voice said, “After Emi pussyfucks you, I want you to try your assfucking tricks on me. Okay?”

“Okay,” was all I managed to answer. I suppose I wondered why my cuz had changed her mind about getting fucked in the pussy and pregnancy. But, I didn’t wonder long. I just enjoyed the magic of midnight and the twelve chimes of my clock.

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