Mom’s Finest Hour


The woman retreats to her bedroom and notices that she has about an hour until her children come home from school. She is so hot, and horny that she can see her nipples through both her blouse and bra in the mirror. She had a couple of glasses of wine with her lunch, and some of the looks and things that were said, and more excitingly unsaid, had left her in this desperate state. She knew she could never make it until everyone was asleep that night, so she began to undress, removing her top and bra hurriedly and tossing them on the floor. She cupped her breasts and licked her own nipples, something she rarely did, but she realized she was out of control and would do things now she would not ordinarily do, if she had the chance. I want to fuck him so badly, she thought, and then felt bad about it, but admitted it was true. The way he looked at her, as if she was the most precious woman in all the world made her want to give herself, all of her to him. She removed her skirt and didn’t even have to take off her thong to know she was soaked, but she touched herself to confirm it. God, he made her wet, it was almost as if his words were a tongue that went directly to her clit. She fingered herself, just a little and imagined him doing it to her.

Even though they had only hugged she sensed his touch alone would be better than any sex she’d had in some time. Sadly, she wished things were different, but there was a reason for everything she told herself. What is the reason I want him to eat me so badly, she thought? For a moment she imagined him lowering her onto the bed, it would have to be at his place, and teasing her around the edges of her body, with his tongue and his hands (he had incredibly soft hands) and bringing her almost to coming even before he had tasted her pussy, which she just knew he would know how to do it perfectly for her, starting isveçbahis very lightly, licking all over her back and legs, thighs and neck, and even lightly in the crack of her ass, and getting her to open up, and then using a finger inside her while he buzzed her clit with his tongue. IT would be over in seconds she knew, at least the first one, though maybe she would just keep coming in waves. He might add a second finger or tickle her ass to bring her to further heights, and she knew he would come up every so often to suck her nipples and kiss her neck, then her mouth in a long slow, sweet mingling of their tongues. When she tasted herself on his lips, she would always think of other women, how she would love to share him with one of her friends, but fuck that, let them get their own.

The fingers have only whet her appetite so she grabs her vibrator from the nightstand and turns it on. Thankfully, the batteries are new as it whirs to life, God it pisses her off when the batteries are low or dead and she has to get new ones! She thinks of his cock, and imagines what it looks like, just right in size and cleanly circumcised; she suspects that he is neatly groomed down there. God, I’d love to taste his dick, she thinks and sucks on the head of the vibrator, again something she hardly ever does. She imagines herself running her tongue over the head and getting it really wet with saliva and alternating between sucking and stroking him, getting his big dick hard as a rock. Then licking his shaved balls and tickling his ass because he did it to me! I’d try to deep throat him as much as I could, oh my God I could almost come now thinking of his hard cock in my mouth! I wonder if he knows how much I like oral sex. Especially giving head-it’s my show then, and I’d love to make him beg, who am I kidding?

At that point I’d be begging for that big dick isveçbahis giriş inside me, all the way in, but I know he’s smart enough to tease me with his head on my clit, until my pussy quivers and I beg him like a whore to fuck me good! He’ll probably still hold out, this is a man in control, and I can easily picture him sizing me up, taking charge and giving me exactly what I need. And he knows nothing would really weakens my knees like being made love to like this, a man who is a tender master, someone who could spank me like a school girl and then have me screaming his name!! God, I’d love to be fucked by him, she thinks as the vibrator is now inside and the clit stimulator is working on her.

She imagines he is fucking her, sometimes going shallow and quick and sometimes long and deep, and sometimes withdrawing, or almost withdrawing, reaching up to kiss her again and then thrusting his full length hard and deep. She rolls over and gets on her knees with her head turned to the side on the pillow and uses the vibrator from behind, her favorite position. She sees her well shaped ass in the mirror and pictures him mounting her this way, taking totally of her, his strong arms reaching around her and feeling her perky breasts, or fingering her, but she imagines he would like it if, in fact might insist that she do that herself. She spreads her cheeks and thinks she’d even let him fuck her ass, something she’s never done, but she’s sure he’d wait until she was either really ready, or really drunk to do that!

The vibrator is deep inside her now, god she wishes someone was here to help, or even just to watch. It’s easy to imagine him over there in the chair watching me do this and stroking his meat, oh God! How sexy is that? I’d love to just watch him get undressed and take his cock out for me and show me how he gets it hard and big, what isveçbahis yeni giriş he likes and then maybe I’d come over and caress his balls while he strokes.

Suddenly she has an inspiration and gets up and goes to the chair. She positions the vibrator on the chair standing up and straddles it, wriggling up and down on it. She can’t help but think how much she like to be fucking him this way, going all the way down and back up, wiggling her ass on him, he has told her he’s a butt man! I’ll show him a butt, she thinks. This position and the thoughts in her head finally trigger the best orgasm she can remember, she is coming so hard that she is oblivious to how far she is going down on the vibrator, coming in waves and thinking of him coming too! When she thinks of that she can’t decide whether she’d like him to fill her with come, or if she’d like to jump off him and swallow his load, or maybe see him gush all over her stomach, ass or tits. Maybe all of them, she thinks.

As she gets up she is really weak in the legs and can hardly stand. Wearily she goes to wash off the tool and kicks her clothes towards the hamper. She is very flushed and notices the kids will be home soon. She wonders if he will know what she’s thinking the next time they are together, would he have any clue that she had done this? Would he be aware now that she had acted out this fantasy so intensely, that it was almost as if it actually happened? She thinks he might. This was a man who had insight into woman gleaned from having spent lots of time around them. Surely he would know she had pictured him between her legs, oh god, as it was he looked right through her. But she trusted him, he’s a kind man and he cares for me, not just himself. I feel safe with him.

She reflected back on the fantasy, and thought it was good enough for now… She knew it could sustain her, but she had to admit she ached for the reality. As she made her way back down stairs to the kitchen, she realized she hadn’t put any clothes back on.

She laughed at herself and thought, boy he really fucked you good!

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