Mom-in-law Penny Ch. 2


On the Sunday after our first encounter Penny was her usual self except that she became a little more demanding of me. She kept getting me to do little jobs for her, take the garbage to the disposal site, fetch her a drink and stuff like that.

On Sunday morning we (Penny, Mainie my wife and I) decided to lie out at the pool. Tim had gone to the local village where the shop opened only in the mornings on Sunday to get some stuff Penny to be short of for lunch. Penny had arrived shortly after Mainie and I and had positioned herself on a towel with her feet a foot or so above my head. I was lying on my stomach reading when she lay down on her back, opened a book to start reading and raised and opened her knees about a foot-and-a-half. I had a perfect view of her swimsuit-covered pussy. Thick, dark hair sprouting out the sides and for the first time I could see the growth extended down and round to her ass as well. The crotch had pulled up into the slit of her vagina a little, bisecting what looked like full, succulent lips. My eyes nearly popped out. I glanced at Mainie but she had a towel over her face to protect it from the sun. Turning back I caught Penny looking at me from under the book she appeared to be reading. I looked down at her pussy and she deliberately open her legs a bit wider, watching my reaction.

About 10 minutes later she reached out with one foot and nudged my head, “Get me a drink,” she commanded, adding for the benefit of my wife a “Please” almost as an afterthought. I stood up and her gaze immediately dropped to my semi-erect penis bulging the front of the loose running shorts I was wearing. I offered Mainie a drink as well and went off the get them.

Once they were both served their drinks I returned to my position at Penny’s feet and gazed once again on the treasure chest between her soft, full thighs. She reached down and under the pretext of adjusting her suit lifted one side while fully opening her legs. I gasped aloud as she exposed the full extent of he heavily furred mound but she was careful not to expose her pussy to me, teasing and enjoying my reaction. The gasp got my wife’s attention and I just had time to turn my head to the side before she removed the towel covering her face so as not to be caught admiring her mom’s cunt. She looked at me quizzically and asked if I was OK. I said I just coughed and she went back under the towel.

I resumed my examination of Penny’s legs and pussy. She stretched one leg out, deliberately running her toes down the side of my face. I turned my face towards her foot and closed my eyes, reveling in the softness of her toes and sole. She moved her toes to my mouth and wiggled them past my ankara türbanlı escort lips into my eager mouth. I sucked and slipped my tongue between her toes. Eyes closed and deeply enjoying the sense of humiliation at being used by this woman. The toe-suck did not last long as Mainie decided to turn over and start chatting. At the movement Penny extracted her foot from my mouth and closed her lovely legs, demurely crossing them at the ankle. When I was not looking at Mainie I was gazing at the perfect toes inches from my face, Penny watched me and must have been amused at the desire in my eyes as a small smile played across her lips occasionally.

Tim arrived back about an hour later and that sort of broke up the party. Penny went into the house to sort out the shopping. Returning about 15 minutes later she once again had on one of her loose T-shirts. Mainie was once again under her towel and I was lying on my back reading and thinking about my wonderful mother-in-law. She walked over and stood next to my head. Lifting one foot she harshly rubbed her sole across my lips, spreading her legs to show me she had changed out of her swimsuit into almost translucent panties. Her dark, brown bush showed all around the narrow gusset. I tried to lick her sole but the pressure of he foot just meant that my tongue was mashed painfully against my teeth. “I need some help getting the fondue set out of a cupboard,” she told me. As Mainie stirred beside me she again removed the foot crushing my lips. Mainie commented then on her mom seeming to be giving me a hard time today. Mom laughed and glanced down at my once again semi-hard cock and joked that maybe I deserved it.

I followed Penny to the kitchen salivating over the swing and wobble of her lovely backside under the soft T-shirt leaving Mainie to soak up more sun. Once inside Penny told me to hold the chair she would stand on to retrieve the things she needed and that she would pass them down to me. Standing facing me on the chair she lifted one foot onto the counter and reached up into the cupboard. Her barely covered pussy was mine again for the viewing and look I did. She had to speak my name to get my attention to take the items from her. She was reveling in the attention she was getting as a result of the display she was giving me. Once all the items were out of the cupboard she stood for a while watching me gaze upon her loveliness. “Kiss my foot,” she demanded. I bent and kissed the foot on the counter top, licking and slipping my tongue between her toes. After a minute she said, “Not that one, stupid, the other one, and kneel while you do it.” I knelt next to the chair and washed her sexy tuzla escort foot with my tongue. Having had enough she stepped down leaving me kneeling dumbly by the chair. “I haven’t used this stuff in a while,” she said, “You can wash it before we use it,” and left the kitchen.

The rest of the day did not offer more that the occasional chance for Penny to show me her mouthwatering mound. On one occasion while I was, on her instruction, laying the table on the deck she came to check up on me. While standing there she casually pulled up her T-shirt, lifted one of her heavy breasts and examined the nipple. She looked up at me still cupping the fleshy mound and allowing me to have the best look I had had of her tit. The areola was dark reddish brown, large even though it was puckered so tightly that it appeared to be cracked. The nipple was erect and pointed out about half an inch. She lazily squeezed and brushed a nipple, looking me in the eye all the time. “Do you like my breasts?” she asked. Not waiting for a reply she continued, “Of course you do, I’ve seen you trying to look at them.” All I could reply was “I love them.” She smiled and slowly lowered the T-shirt and went back into the house. A wave of erotic emotion swept over me, the danger of what we had just done was overwhelming. I had no idea where Tim was and Mainie could have come out of the house where she had been at any moment. I had a full hardon standing there and in order to try to normalize things returned to laying the table.

At lunch Penny positioned the four of us along the length of the table rather than having anyone at the head and foot. She sat opposite me with Tim and Mainie sitting opposite one another. The fondue lit I felt her soft foot land in my lap. She rubbed my growing cock, gently at first and then more roughly as I hardened. She deftly released it from my shorts and had it sticking out of the leg-hole in no time. I rested my hands in my lap while trying to listen to the conversation. Slowly I slipped one hand under the concealing tablecloth and caressed her torturing foot as she mashed my cock against my thigh. Positioning her foot under my balls she unexpectedly pushed up and I let out a yelp of pain. My hand smashed into the underside of the table drawing attention to its position and I grabbed for the injured part.

Tim and Mainie turned to see what the commotion was. A glance a Penny showed a small, amused smile on her lips. “Bit my tongue,” I mumbled pretending to hold my injured mouth. Penny hadn’t missed a beat. I had immediately lost most of my erection but she had, in spite of me trying to push her foot out of my lap, avrupa yakası ucuz escort returned to a soft loving caress of my cock with her foot.

Lunch continued uneventfully, if you can call getting a foot job from your mother-in-law while having lunch with the family uneventful. After we had all done eating and we were sitting chatting, Penny sank discretely down in her chair, wrapped her other foot around my cock as well, and began jerking me off in earnest. She seemed to know exactly what I was feeling and ran her feet over the tip collecting pre-cum to lubricate with. Thankfully she did nothing to hurt me and after a number of minutes of her attending to my painfully hard cock I began squirting. At the time I didn’t care who knew what was happening, it was just the most erotic experience of my life. The thought that the feet I adored we hugging my cock and making me cum was mind-blowing. Had she commanded it I would have crawled under the table to lick them clean for her right there and then.

Penny continued the massage until my last spasms had subsided then removed her feet. A couple of minutes later she declared she was going to clear the table and stood up. Mainie stood up to help and Penny told her to stay and chat to her dad, as we’d be gone for another 2 or 3 weeks in just an hour or two. “You can help me,” she said looking at me. With sanity once again restored I nearly passed out, the front of my shorts were covered in cum, how the hell was I to get up without anyone seeing. Penny saw my panic and almost laughed out loud, she sorted out the situation by gathering up the plates and moving everything to one side of the table before rolling the tablecloth up and repeating the exercise. “Here,” she said tossing it into my lap, “Bring this for me.” Holding the cloth so it hung over my wet shorts I followed her into the house. Walking behind her I saw my cum on her feet and lower legs, at least nobody else did.

In the kitchen she put the crockery on the counter. She bent forward and scooped a big gob of cum off her perfect foot and transferred it to her mouth swirling it about she closed her eyes and moaned. Then she stepped forward, put a hand on the back of my neck and pulled me into a wide open mouthed kiss. She swirled my tongue with her cum-covered one and leaving half the deposit in my mouth broke away and swallowed. I savored the taste and did the same. It’s not the first time I’ve tasted my own cum and I don’t find it offensive

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly and Mainie and I left for home about 3:30 pm. Just as I was leaving to take our bags to the car Penny cornered me alone. Into my hand she pushed a pair of her panties. “These are the same ones I was wearing on Saturday night,” she said, “I slept in them and I’ve worn them today for you as well, they should be quite fragrant.” As we left I got a quick lip-licking swipe from Penny’s expert tongue as we kissed goodbye. I look forward to our continued escapades and perhaps I can engineer more frequent visits.

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