Mistis’ Adventures Part 113


Mistis’ Adventures Part 113Misti and Sam prepared the twins as the rest of the household prepared themselves for Mike’s Retirement Ceremony. Mike had come in and set to giving his shoes and cap bill another coating of spit-shine. He wanted to give his absolute best for the Secretary of the Air Force, and his entourage. Especially because of the great honor of the award. It, to him, would be the same as getting an Oscar at the Academy Awards. For this reason, if for no other, it was paramount for him to look his best in his career. His going out with a “BANG.” The twins were soon ready, and the ladies set to making themselves especially beautiful for the same reason. Mist and Sam wanted to reflect their pride in Mike and give him even more reason to be proud of them. Both ladies dressed in light weight dresses that enhanced their natural beauty. Sam was wearing a floral print dress that came just to the top of her knees, displaying her beautiful legs, and Misti chose a white dress that was just above her knees, for the same reason. Both dresses showed just a hint of cleavage, but sank low in the back. It was obvious that neither was wearing a bra, yet their bust line gave no hint that it had ever been needed for either. Other than the shapes, or, if brushed against, their softness, gave more than the slightest hint. Ben had gotten his suit out and taken it to be cleaned. It was tan, and he had put a dark brown shirt on and a cream colored tie. He had put a ruby and pearl tie clasp and gold cuff kinks, along with brown boots. He was the picture of a successful business man.Doris and Sue had donned grey pants suits, highlighting their hair. Doris’s was charcoal grey, and Sue’s was a pale grey to highlight her dark brown hair. Besides, it was the only one she had that would conceal the casts on her leg and arm. Sue was also proudly wearing her engagement ring. The only problem was poor Pete. He looked out of place in anything except overalls, jeans, or khakis. No matter how he looked to the others, he felt like he was choking. He had a black suit, a blue shirt, and a black tie. His shoes didn’t feel right after wearing one sort of boot or another for years on end. He had carefully shaved, and Doris, supervised by Sue had trimmed his hair perfectly, but he squirmed and made Doris promise that, when his time came, he would be buried in his khaki shirt and pants. “By THUNDER!!! It’s how I lived, and how I intend to face my God. He made me to be a farmer, so I want to look like one for Him.”Down the road, the Campbells and the Breens were almost ready. David had, helped by Tod, and James, cleaned the van to within an inch of its life, and the women had gone inside and cleaned all the seats and made touch-ups on all the things they saw that the men had missed. Mostly cleaning the windows.Rick, Billy, and Cathy, who had taken a day off, were getting ready as well. Both of the men were wearing their Western suits, nice boots, and appropriate shirts. They chose string ties for themselves. Cathy was wearing her black pants suit with a frilly blouse, and French heels. They were high enough to look dressy, but easy to walk in. Robbi had chosen a tan skirt that came almost to her knees, and a yellow blouse. and was wearing her tan high heels, to enhance her legs, which were ALWAYS breathtaking. Her red hair was brushed until it gleamed like molten copper, and she was made with all the care of a professional model. Bruce had combed his hair down and since it was on the long side, had Cathy and Robbi to trim it for him. He was wearing a Brown suit, with a green shirt, and an amulet instead of a tie. It was a Cherokee Good Luck piece. His Grandmother had put it on him when he was born, and it was never away from him.There was a horn honk from the front gate, and Cathy glanced out to see the In-Laws smiling and waving at them. She called out to the others, and they boarded the van to go to the retirement. All kissed and hugged Tod, as they boarded, and repeated themselves with the others as they seated. It was Tod’s turn to drive the van. They went to the Kelly home, and were told that Mike and his family were already gone. They had taken Misti’s mini van, so they would have places to secure the baby seats, and seating for all the adults.They drove out to the meeting place to find William, Sharon, and George in Sharon’s car, Dave, Carol, and Sarah in Carol’s car, and Mary and Jerry in with Dave’s family. bahis siteleri Mike was positioned to lead the way, so they could find places to park. The trip only took a little more than half an hour, and Mike advised the guard a the gate that they were with him, so, after a perfunctory I.D. check, they were admitted to the base. The guard had, uncharacteristically, when Mike was pulling away, leaned in and kissed Mike on the lips. She had trained under Mike’s tutelage in her first enlistment, and had served in many of the same places over the years. She was now an E-6, and was up for her promotion in the next year or so. She was the Operations NCO for the Air Police on the base, now.They drove to the designated parking area, and Mike showed the to seats in the second row, due to the first row being filled with dignitaries. He went to take his place among the other retirees. His Wing Commander, and his Squadron Commanders were both there to shake hands and wish him well. The assembled group listened to several speeches from the Guests of Honor, and a few others. Finally they were called to Attention for the presentations of awards. Most were Good Conduct Medals, with a few lesser awards, until Mike’s name was called. “Master Sergeant Michael Tinsley.” He stepped forward and saluted. The Secretary stepped uo and read a lengthy list of achievements, followed by ” in the highest traditions of the Air Force, and the United States, for service above and beyond the call of duty, you are hereby awarded the Meritorious Service Award.” The Secretary pinned it to his uniform, handed him the citation, and shook hands with him. Mike stepped back, saluted, and did a smart about face to retake his seat. They all stood at attention for the band to play the “Air Force Song.” The retirees marched from the stage, and the crowd was thanked for attending.Mike almost ran to join the others. Misti and Sam were both crying from the pride the felt for Mike. He was hugged and kissed unmercifully by all his friends, and many of his former fellow airmen came over to shake his hand and wish him, “Good Luck.”They made their way back to the vehicles, and Misti announced that they were NOT going straight home. Mike was directed to go to the club that Misti had once danced in. The owner and the manager were waiting for them outside. They both kissed Misti, and were introduced to all the others by her. Mike had casually been acquainted with both, and they congratulated him on his retirement. They all were invited in and shown seats around the stage. The walls were covered in pictures, actually posters, of Misti in costume for her dances. It was easy to see why she had been such a hit with customers. Each of the pictures showed her making difficult moves, that enhanced her figure or grace. Only one was revealing. She had been standing on her hands, elbows slightly vent, with her legs in a figure 4. Her costume had fallen away to reveal her breasts, and her butt. A careful look also showed her Mons, which at the time, had a thin stripe of hair showing. She giggled at that one. “That’s why most men come to see me. They want to see my boobies, and my pussy. They like when they see them. I got some BIG tips when I show them. They went crazy when I danced naked. The owner bent down and kissed her on the cheek. “We always hoped that you would come back to us. But now I see why you left in the first place. Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see a third generation of your families beauty in our lifetime.” He turned to face Mike. “YOU, Michael, are lucky enough to have these beautiful women in your home. I sincerely hope your daughters grow up to be as beautiful and gracious people as their mother and grandmother.We learned of your retirement from mutual friends, and invited Misti to bring you here for a retirement party. She kindly accepted our invitation, and we decided to try our best to show you our gratitude for your service to our country, and for allowing us to enjoy Misti’s company during your stay in our town. We hope you will settle here for the rest of your days, and continue to grace our town with your citizenship. Whatever assistance we can offer is yours for the asking.” The owner’s speech was met with applause from the others. Almost the entire staff of the club was on the stage watching the proceedings. Misti jumped out of her chair and went up to see and greet many of her friends that she hadn’t seen in a while. canlı bahis siteleri There were two of the girls that had danced alongside her before she left. The chef and his assistant were friends and many of the wait staff and custodians as well.After they had visited, the chef took his assistant and four of the waiters, and disappeared, returning with a large tureen of soup. They set a bowl in front of everybody. It was the soup that Misti had taught him to make. They brought out coarse after coarse of food. Each better than the previous. Finally they brought out Cherries Jubilee, and Creme de Ment for dessert. Napoleon Brandy was served for a grand finale. As the finished dessert, the were seneraded by a vocalist singing for them and they house band played if they wanted to dance. Most did. Sharon and William got a nice, close, slow dance, and all the ladies got to enjoy a line dance they put on for the men. The men returned the favor for the ladies. Even Mike, who claimed “2 left feet,” did his best to join in. They all had a good time teasing him, with him putting himself forth as the brunt of most of the jokes. Both of the girls that had worked alongside Misti did their routines for them. The highlight of the evening was when Misti borrowed a costume from one of the girls who was her size, and did the routine that she had been noted for. She had been worried that she wouldn’t be in shape enough to do it, but had performed all except the finale, where she danced in the nude. She was still recovering from her c***dbirth. “NOBODY wants to look at a woman with a tampon in her cunt.” she told them.They thanked the people for showing them such a great time, and promised to return as soon as possible. They went to Dave and Carol’s house like it was old times. All gathered around the dining room and kitchen tables, laughing still, at Mike’s attempt at dancing. Misti and Sam both embraced him, and declared that his dancing was what made them fall in love with him. Mike smirked and polished his nails on his chest. “Guess THAT tells ya what counts.” More laughter. Misti went upstairs and checked herself. She was hoping that she would be able to give Mike her own special retirement gift. After all, it hadn’t harmed Carol. Unfortunately, her dancing had started her flow all over, again. “Oh well. As Mike says. We have the rest of our lives.” she told herself.The party broke us soon afterwards. Pete still had milking to do, and Billy had stock to care for. They took their leave, all congratulating Mike, with many hugs and kisses. Mike and his family went to their house, accompanied by Mary and Jerry. William and Sharon took George and went home as well. Dave was left with Sarah in his arms, and Carol by his side. All was right in the world for them. Dave carried Sarah up and placed her in her crib, which had, from necessity, replaced the bassinet. Sarah was 8 months old and was crawling, and trying to pull herself up on furniture. She had plainly said “Da Da.” a few days earlier. Dave had bought some tiny knee pads for her so she wouldn’t scuff her knees on the floors, and c***d-proofed everything she could possibly reach. Dave had wanted to buy her some tiny gloves so she wouldn’t hurt her hands, but Liz, Clara, and Betty all three had teased him about being overprotective. He took the hint. They had shown him what her DID need to do, and had checked that he had done it all correctly.Carol looked up at him from the bed. They had already showered, much quieter than usual, so as not to wake Sarah. “Honey. You got a little of that love for Mommy? She’s needin’ a little TLC, too.” Dave stepped over to look down at her. “Sweetie. There’s more than a lifetime of it left for ya. I’ve been watchin ya have a good time all day, and nothin’s changed in our lifetimes. In spite of all the fussin’ and arguin’ we did, I loved ya with all my heart. Sometimes I acted like a fool, and took it for granted, but I kept on lovin’ ya. There’s no other girl like you in the whole world. I love ya just as much as I did when we were little. You’re just as beautiful and sexy as the girl that gave me her cherry all those years ago. I don’t know what I would have done if ya had married someone else while I was at school. You were what made livin’ worth the time and worry. I want us to be like Granny Sarah, and Grandpa Mort. Together for all eternity.”Carol was pulling him down to kiss him and hold him as tight canlı bahis as she could hold him. He took her in his arms returning her kissed with as much passion, heat, and love as he possessed. She rolled over to go on top of him and slide down his body kissing him as she went. Love bites in his nipples made him awaken to her goal. She slid down and capturd his penis in her lips, sucking it into her mouth. Her eyes smiled up at him as she caressed him with her tongue and lips. He gently held her head as she moved him in and out of her mouth. He reached down an put pressure on her hip to turn her around. Without releasing him from her, she raised one leg and settled in his stomach, and was feeling his hot breath on her vagina. His nose was pushing against her Mons as his tongue sought and found her clitoris, and teased it out of its slumber. She gasped as he sucked on it as if it were a tiny penis. Her breath was ragged as she felt herself tightening inside for her first orgasm. As it struck she squeezed his face with her thighs, and pushed herself closer to his mouth. He moved to lick her from her anus to her clit, causing her too cum several more times. She gasped with the force of them. He took handfuls of her soft, round bottom and squeezed it like a super soft sponge. It was indescribable to both of them. He loved to feel her ass, and she loved for him to feel it. It as one of her big turn ons. Having him play with her ass was what, more than anything else, what had made her give him her virginity. They had been cleaning around the pond, cutting and raking the grass, and picking up trash, mostly broken twigs, and he had been patting and touching her ass at every chance. They had stopped to get a cold drink, and, as they were both naked, as usual, she had bent to get them cold drinks from the cooler under the shade tree. She had raised back up, and he stepped close, and took her in his arms, and kissed her, reaching around and grabbing her ass in both hands. He had walked her back into the clover patch, and laid her down and began to play with her pussy. She hadn’t even thought about it. She had opened her legs, smiled at him, and told him, “It’s yours. Go ahead and take it.” He and her had watched their parents enough to know to take their time. They had gone 69 then, too. They had each other so hot that when he actually put his dick in her, and took her cherry, there had been no pain at all. Only a full feeling from having him inside her for the first time. She had asked her Mom, Clara, about it later. Clara had told her that when the right person did it, it was nearly always painless, because of the love she was feeling. She cautioned her daughter to take her time, and be sure of herself, but that was as good of a sign that she knew of that the two of them were made for each other. Eight years later they had been married.Things were just as sweet for them now, as it had ever been. She let loose with a groan and whispered to Dave. “Please, My Love. Fuck me like you did that first time. It was beyond words, it was so good. Take me and give Sarah a little brother or sister. We need a whole bunch more to catch Betty and Tod. If we’re lucky we can have twins like Mike and Misti did. We both want a big family. Let’s do this as much as we can, to make me pregnant, again. Sarah deserves to be a big sister as soon as we can do it.” Dave answered by rolling her to her back and putting a pillow under her butt. She lay there looking up at him with all the love she possessed, whispering “YES! YES! YES!” to him.He slowly pushed inside of her and she wrapped her legs around him to pull him closer. It was just the thing that they both wanted more than anything else in the world. He began to thrust inside of her and she bucked her hips up to meet each thrust. It was slow and full of love, like the first time had been. She was having orgasms almost at every thrust. She was sobbing her love to him. He was giving her everything he possessed, and doing it with the same amount of unbridled love. She felt his body tense and willed her own body to open fully to receive ever drop of his seed. She was due to have a period in the next 3 or 4 days, so she would be at her most fertile. She said a prayer in her head that God would allow her to conceive, again. She felt the white hot heat of his sperm go into her body, spreading its warmth throughout her very soul. She clung to him, kissing him and holding him. She was using her internal muscles to milk him of every drop he had still in him. They held each other and rolled over to sleep.She felt like she was going to be lucky this time. This had a different feel inside of her. Maybe….

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