Miss Victoria, Sex Therapist Ch. 01: Gregory


Hello you naughty girls and boys!

Miss Victoria is a busy woman who handles all sorts of delicate relationship issues for her clients. Gregory is about to be her newest project.

Throughout this series there will be several storylines relating to various clients. This first piece introduces Gregory as well as Miss Victoria. It lays the groundwork for what Gregory needs but there isn’t a lot of action in this one. For those needing a quick ‘fix’ you may want to try one of my other stories. For those wanting a headstart at what’s coming; read on.


Chapter 1: Gregory

Three long, deep, French kisses is what she wanted. So why was he filled with such trepidation and dread? Well first, when she said long she meant really very long. And when she said deep, she meant really deep, often wanting him to go deeper than he was able. His tongue was long and talented so “French” kissing wasn’t really a problem. But what gave him pause, and maybe a little fear, as she lay naked on the edge of the bed, was that she wanted those kisses for her asshole; her asshole, which seemed to stare at him almost as intently as her eyes as she waited for him to comply.

Knowing there was no other option, he slowly leaned toward her from his kneeling position and his tongue swiped back and forth along the cleft of her ass, riding across her hole with each pass. While the kisses were what she wanted, he knew he would first have to lick her long enough so she would relax and he could gain entry. And he wasn’t supposed to rush this little chore in an attempt to gain quick access. This he knew from the previous times he had been asked, or perhaps required, to do this for her. He still loved her but he was becoming a bit depressed and worried as she had been making these demands of him and seemed much less enthused to be around him the past few weeks.

Twenty minutes later as he was into his first of the three kisses, he decided he needed to see someone about his relationship. It couldn’t just be anyone though. He needed someone with expertise in relationship counseling but that was only the beginning. He also needed someone who could handle more of the sexual issues and not common complaints like “I don’t get enough blowjobs.” Though he certainly could qualify for that, he mused. He needed someone who understood more extreme and complicated sexual situations. And because of his current role, he also needed someone he felt comfortable talking with about his problems. As the asshole squeezed his tongue a few times he was brought back to his duty at hand, or at tongue, and he renewed his efforts. But in the back of his mind he knew he would begin his search the next day.


“So Gregory, I think we have covered the broad basics, but I feel there is a particular situation that you are eager to address. So what has she made you do recently that bothers you enough to seek my help?”

“Well Miss Victoria…”

It still seemed a little odd to be addressing her that way but she had insisted, and she might well be the only one who could help him. Most of his inquiries had informed him they were not suitable for his needs. And a few that he had actually interviewed with seemed affronted and disgusted when he first mentioned his forays into analingus. So while he most sincerely wanted help, he was hesitant to disclose the matter that had brought him here.

“You see Miss Victoria, I love her very much. And early in our relationship I learned how much she enjoys receiving oral sex.”

As he slowly began his explanation he saw her roll her eyes as if she had spotted another one who was desperate for more blowjobs. He feared she might stop him and just ask him to leave.

“And I love giving her oral sex, and it’s not that I want more in return for me.” The words seemed to rush from him as though they were falling off his lips.

An eyebrow seemed to rise as her face turned more to one of interest. Her look also told him she was waiting for him to continue.

“But lately she seems, well, more demanding. And it’s not just the usual oral sex. She wants something different, and she’s rather specific in how she wants me to perform.”

“Please continue Gregory.” She seemed interested in what he was saying, but he was approaching trabzon escort the now familiar point of rejection.

“You see lately it isn’t just her, um, well…she doesn’t just want my tongue on her…”

“Gregory, we will not be able to make any progress here if we can’t discuss what is troubling you. I assure you I have heard many words and terms which are not used in public. If you should choose a term that offends me I will let you know how we may correctly discuss it. Now please continue.”

“Yes Ma’am.” He wasn’t quite sure why he had said that.

“Well she doesn’t just want me to lick her…pussy. She also wants me to lick below.”

He paused, hoping she would help him out and make the logical step forward as to what he meant. However she seemed to be becoming more annoyed than willing to help.

“Please be more specific Gregory. You will note the ceiling didn’t fall in when you said the word ‘pussy’ so try to get to the point before we have to end today’s session.”

He couldn’t believe she said ‘pussy’ so casually. Not only casually, but somehow it seemed even more sexy when she said it even though her tone seemed matter-of-fact.

“Yes Ma’am.” There it was again.

“Well instead of her pussy she wants me to lick her anus; her asshole. In fact I haven’t been allowed to lick her pussy for weeks, but every night she makes me lick her ass. She says I have to give her three long, deep, French kisses on her asshole before she goes to sleep. And I have to do this while kneeling beside her bed. And I have to lick her ass for quite awhile before I can get my tongue inside her ass so there is a lot of licking and kissing before I can start my French kisses.

And once I can get my tongue inside her I have to push deeper and deeper and move it around slowly to please her. But I still have to try tricks with my tongue, such as curling and swirling around inside her ass while my lips surround her asshole and occasionally are sucking on her ass. And I have to continue like this for quite some time before I can remove my tongue and that only counts as one kiss.

Then I have to lick and kiss the outside of her ass all along the crack before I can bring my tongue back inside her asshole for the next French kiss. By the time I finish the third French kiss I am exhausted. My mouth, my lips, my tongue, they all ache and my knees and legs are hurting and cramped. But I can’t just pull away then. No, I still have to kiss and lick the crack of her ass slower and slower as she drifts off to sleep. Then I have to quietly get up and go sleep in the guest room across the hall. And we hardly talk anymore and the next night it’s the same thing all over again!”

Once he had begun to open himself up it was like the floodgates were released and he found himself letting out more than he had intended as he gave her a detailed description of the events which led him here. He was almost shouting as he finished and now he was trying to calm down and breathe deeply, hoping he hadn’t upset her.

“Well Gregory, that was quite informative and I can see it is a big part of what is bothering you in your relationship. So she makes you lick ass, a lot of ass. And she has given you specific instructions as to how to lick her ass both inside and out. Also you must spend what you see as a lot of time licking her ass, and as of now, licking her ass is the only sex you are having. Also this cycle is repeating without any improvement from your perspective and without her acknowledging any improvement. So you seem to be in a rut which is bigger than just the crack of her ass. Would you say that is correct?”

He felt a little uncomfortable with how she mentioned licking ass and he wasn’t quite sure how she meant ‘improvement’ when speaking of the repeated cycle of nightly lickings. Still she seemed to have grasped the issue and hadn’t yet gasped, made and ugly face, or asked him to leave while calling security.

“Yes Ma’am.” Again! “That seems to be correct.”

“Well the good news Gregory is that I believe I can help you. However, as you may have guessed, this is not the typical relationship problem. And as you are coming in by yourself I have to read in by your comments and actions much of what your girlfriend is thinking tunalı escort and trying to do.

Now as you say this is serious and as you want her to become your fiancé and eventually your wife you must be willing to put some work into this so we can resolve all your issues. This is not likely to be a quick fix. Your relationship won’t be cured within a week and likely will not be cured within a month or two. But if you follow my instructions, are completely honest with me, and make a real commitment to improving your relations, I am certain I can help you find your place.”

“Oh thank you Miss Victoria. I’m so glad you can help me. And I’ll do whatever it takes.”

He was convinced he had come to the right place. The fees may be high, but she wasn’t flustered talking about his intimate problems and for some reason he felt he could really open up to her and tell him his darkest fears and most embarrassing actions.

“We’ll start testing that commitment of yours soon enough. But for now I need to get some forms for you to sign.”

And with that she rose from her chair and turned back towards her filing cabinets. As she leaned over to pull paperwork from the bottom file drawer, Gregory took a moment to relax and admire his new therapist.

She was wearing dark clothes, mostly black and purple. She had on black stockings in black high heels. As she bent over he could appreciate the way her black skirt which seemed to have grey pin striping stretched and hugged her well formed ass. Her black blouse had short, sheer sleeves and the trimmings especially down the deep vee of the front were trimmed in a purple, silky material. Her long, dark hair was also held in a loose, professional style ponytail with ribbons of sheer black material and the same purple silk.

He wasn’t sure of her ancestry, but she had dark skin which was natural and alluring and not some forced tan. She wore glasses, simple black frames, but behind them he could still admire her green, almost hypnotic, eyes. With her eyes out of view however, he was finding her beautiful bottom to be currently hypnotizing. After what seemed like minutes, but was probably only seconds, she stood up and turned towards him.

“Here they are”, she announced while holding up a small stack of papers. He tried to meet her gaze before she realized he had been staring at her backside, but he wasn’t sure he truly succeeded.

“Now I would like to get started with you right away, but before we can proceed there are documents to be signed. Always seems to be some sort of paperwork required. Now with a bit of luck we may still have time this evening after everything is signed but don’t let me rush you if you read slowly.

Also there is a legal assistant in the building I can call if something isn’t clear. She can usually come up here within an hour of my call, so don’t be concerned if the legalese isn’t something you understand.” And with that she laid the stack of papers down on the corner of her desk and offered him a pen.

He noticed it was a nice pen. Probably one that cost as much as a month’s salary. He moved his chair over to the desk and looked at the first papers. The first page simply wanted basic information such as name, address, and basic contact information. It had a bit of legal wording basically saying he swore he was who he said he was. No big deal. As he filled out the page and moved to the next, Miss Victoria picked up the phone and called out to her receptionist.

“Hey Katherine. We need to start a file for Gregory. He’s filling out paperwork in here right now. Make sure we get the entire bank drafting set up Monday and we’ll set up a tentative calendar tonight. Also we need to get health information verified Monday so next week we’re all set. Yep. That’s correct. Thanks.”

He heard some of what she was saying, but what really caught his attention while Miss Victoria was on the phone, was the view of her breasts as he found himself looking down her blouse. It wasn’t as though he could see everything. In fact it was somewhat modest, but somehow even what he did see told him how soft and smooth her skin was and he thought he detected a faint aroma of perfume which must have been placed between her…”

“Gregory, are we daydreaming tunceli escort or are you having trouble with the paperwork already?” Her voice broke into his thoughts as she hung up the phone and looked at him.

“No, no, I’m fine. Sorry Ma’am.”

And he quickly signed the bottom of the page and moved to the next. The pages were quickly filling up with more legal jargon and the print smaller as well. He found it amazing how lawyers could take a simple sentence and turn it into a paragraph.

They could also make something like “put out the fire” almost unrecognizable after all the legal twists and turns of the words. He then noticed Miss Victoria tapping her nails on the desk. Her beautiful nails which no doubt also cost a fair sum to maintain.

They weren’t obnoxious or glitzy art nails, but there was more than a simple coat applied. It seemed as though there was a subtle pattern, but the predominant color was purple and he vaguely wondered if her nails always matched her outfit. Then it also occurred to him that while beautiful, her rapping nails suggested she was waiting, if not patiently, for him to finish. He made a show of moving his head slightly from side to side as if he was speed reading the document, but in truth he just signed the bottom of the page and moved to the next.

She stopped tapping her nails a few moments later and as he made more pretense of scrutinizing the document, she closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. Gregory couldn’t ignore the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed, subtle as it was. But he also knew she was waiting for him to finish and he didn’t want to be caught staring when she opened her eyes. He flipped to the next page and signed.

Over the next few minutes Gregory took turns between admiring his new therapist and signing papers. He was keenly aware each time she shifted in her chair, and he was focused on the movements of her body. Miss Victoria was a beautiful woman, that much was certain. And she seemed quite peaceful and contented as she relaxed in her chair. It was almost as if she had a slight smile on her face. He went back to the papers and was nearing the end of the stack when the subtle ‘thunk’ in front of him caused him to glance up in time to see her second foot cross the ankle of her first as she placed her feet on the corner of her desk.

He was like a deer in the headlights. For reasons he could not explain he suddenly froze as he stared at her feet before him. She was still wearing her high heels and most of her foot was hidden within them. However there was a gap on the inside which revealed most of her arch and that arch was well presented before him.

As he gazed at her stockings, her shoes, and the arch of her foot he noticed an aroma which seemed a mixture of fine leather and perhaps a hint of perfume. He also knew he was having feelings a bit unlike any he previously experienced. It was hard to explain but he didn’t really understand why he was so enraptured at that moment.

“So are we almost finished?” she asked as her voice broke into his dreamlike state.

He sat back a bit but he knew she could not have missed the moments where he froze, and while she might have thought he was contemplating something, he felt it was more likely she was aware he had been staring at her feet.

“Yes Ma’am I think I’ve just about got it all taken care of.”

And so saying, he quickly signed the last two pages. After tapping the pages together on the desk, he handed her the stack.

“Excellent.” She said while taking the papers from him.

She began flipping through the pages, presumably to ensure he had signed them all and that all the needed papers were present. As she did so, Gregory took a few quick glances at her feet on the desk, still uncertain of why he was so drawn to her feet.

And then they were gone as she pulled them down and announced “Well it seems everything is in order here. I think we should continue. I like to strike while the iron is hot.”

And as she finished she stifled a little laugh. “I was just thinking of something else.” She said with a wave of her hand, dismissing the laughter.

She then stood up and placed the stack of papers in a desk drawer and seemed to lock it. He watched her bend, hoping to gain another glance down her blouse. It was not to be.

With the papers secured, Gregory felt a rise of confidence that she would be taking his case. He had cleared the first hurdle.

But almost as quickly, he began to feel anxious once again. What would come next?

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