Subject: Millers Driving School The usual disclaimers apply. If you are under age and it is not legal to read this story where you live please do not do so. This story is copyrighted by the owner, and should only appear on this website. Do not copy or reprint elsewhere. Feel free to email me with comments. Millers driving school. By: aol This happened quite some time ago, but I thought I would share it with you. It is a true account of what happened to me the year of my 15th birthday. First a little about me, well the me that I was back then. My name is Billy, and I was cute white kid living in an upper middle-class neighborhood and going to private school. I was 5’6″ with light brown hair and blue eyes and had an average build. I never really considered myself cute, but everyone said I was. I was pretty active but didn’t really have an athletic build. I was pretty smooth all over except for some hair that had just started to grow under my arms and just above my dick, my balls and butt were still smooth. At that time, I didn’t really like my butt, I always felt it was too big and stuck out too far. I didn’t really consider myself gay, but I did like to look at the other boys’ dicks in the locker room. On to the story: Right after my 15th birthday I started taking driving lessons to get my learners permit. I did all the classwork and written testing in school, and my guidance counselor made arrangements for a local driving school to take on the driving part of the process. I was to wait out in front of the school after my last class to be picked up by the instructor. Needless to say, I was very excited, and could not focus on my school work all day waiting for last period so I could finally learn to drive a car. When the bell rang at the end of my last class, I got my stuff out of my locker and went to the front of the school and waited for the instructor. I was standing on the side walk, still wearing my uniform watching everyone else head home. After about 15 minutes or so a black ford sedan, with Miller’s Driving School on the doors, pulled up to the curb. When the driver got out, I was surprised to see that he was a very tall and muscular black man of about 50 or so. I mean he must’ve been at least 6’6″ and very rugged, he was wearing a polo shirt and khakis and as he approached me, I couldn’t help but notice the big bulge where his crotch was, I mean it was pretty big. He walked up to me and said in a very deep voice; “are you Billy?”, I said “yes sir”. He said “I’m Mr. Miller” and reached out to shake my hand and when he did, my hand was completely encased in his big hand. He told me take off my jacket and tie, if I wanted, so that I would be more comfortable and just toss them in the back seat. I took my back pack off and put it down so I could remove my jacket and tie. He was behind me when I put them in the back seat and I thought I heard him say “nice” when I bent over to pick up my back pack. He told me to get in the passenger seat while he drove us to his lot so I could practice driving. As we drove, I couldn’t stop glancing out the corner of my eye at his crotch, the bulge was even more pronounced now. It must have been halfway to his knee! I kept hoping he wouldn’t see me looking at him like that. My own dick started to get hard and I was afraid he would notice so I turned to look out the window. When I glanced back towards him, he was smiling and I swear his bulge was getting bigger. After about 20 minutes of driving we pulled into an empty lot with traffic cones laid out and an old office trailer at the far end. He drove all the way to the trailer and shut the engine off. I took off my seat belt and started to open the door thinking it was my turn to drive but he told me to wait a minute as he removed his seat belt. He looked me right in the eyes and asked me if I liked what I was looking at, not knowing what to say I stuttered out that I was looking at how he held the steering wheel. He laughed and said that’s not where your eyes were looking. He grabbed my hand and put it on the bulge in his pants, it felt huge! I couldn’t believe what was happening. He told me to rub it and I did, while I was rubbing his bulge, he slipped his hand under my butt and started to rub my cheeks. I looked up at his face and saw he was smiling which made me relax a little. He told me to scoot forward a little and when I did, I felt his hand go up my back and pull my white shirt out of my pants, then his hand moved down and went into my pants and he resumed rubbing my butt through my briefs. All the while I kept rubbing the growing bulge in his pants and he moaned as I did. After a few minutes, he said before the driving lesson he needed to check my eyes to make sure I could see the road clearly. He pulled his hand out of my pants and told me to get out of the car and wait for him at the trailer. I did as I was told, a little disappointed as I wanted to keep rubbing his big dick. He came up behind me and led me to the trailer door all the while rubbing my butt through my pants. There wasn’t much in the trailer except a desk, chairs, file cabinets, a tv and a couch. He walked me over to the desk and sat on the edge of it and without warning he pulled me into him and kissed me hard on my lips, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I didn’t know what to do so I just let him do what he wanted, he told me to suck on his tongue as it probed the inside of my mouth. I was so horny that I did it, while he tongued my mouth his hands went back to caressing my butt cheeks, he squeezed them and spanked them through my pants. Then he moved his hands to the front of my shirt and started to unbutton it, then he pulled it off me and ran his hands all over my smooth chest and back. He kept on tonguing my mouth as I heard him unbuckle his belt and undo his pants, when I heard the zipper go down, I got instantly rock hard and my dick was tenting the front of my pants. He pulled his mouth off mine and looked down and said “someone is enjoying himself”! I blushed and he lara türbanlı escort smiled at me. He asked me if I wanted to see his cock and before I knew what I was saying I said yes! He stood up and told me to take his pants off, while I reached for his pants, he kicked off his shoes so I could pull off his pants. I pulled his pants down and off and saw he wasn’t wearing underwear! His cock hung a good 8 or 9 inches and wasn’t even hard yet. He said “you ever see one this big”, I said “no sir” and he smiled again. He told me to strip to my underwear, I was a little hesitant at first but his smile and friendly demeanor made me relax, so I pulled off my shoes and my pants and stood there in my tighty whiteys with my 6in dick poking straight out. He told me to turn around so he could look at my ass and I did as I was told, he whistled and said I had an awesome bubble butt. He grabbed me by the waist and turned me around so I was facing him, he asked me if I wanted to touch his cock and I said “yes sir” he smiled and said “such a polite boy”. I reached out and grabbed his big cock and started to rub and stroke it, after a few minutes it grew rock hard and stood straight up. It was the biggest dick I had ever seen; it must’ve been 10 or 11 inches and very thick, I could barely wrap my hands around the base. I looked up at his face and could see him smiling and hear him moaning so I guess I was stroking his cock the right way, I knew how to jack off since I had been doing it since I was 13, but had never stroked another mans dick before. After a few minutes he told me to kiss the head of his black cock and lick it like it was a popsicle. This was all new to me and I was hesitant at first, but looking up at him and seeing his warm and friendly smile made me feel safe so I leaned in and kissed his big cock head and ran my tongue all around it. He started to moan a little louder and said to put it in my mouth, never having done this before I wasn’t too sure of what to do, so I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took his big black head in. It filled my mouth completely and tasted salty and sweet at the same time, he told me to suck on it and move my tongue around. He reached out and caressed my face and ran his fingers through my hair as I sucked on his cock, then he told me to take a deep breath through my nose and when I did, he slid his big cock further into my mouth. When it hit the back of my throat I started to gag and tears welled up in my eyes, and my mouth was aching from being open so wide. After a few minutes he pulled his cock out of my mouth so my jaw could relax, I could feel my spit running down my chin and see it dripping from his big cock head. He looked down at me and winked and said “ready for some more?”, I smiled back at him and said “yes sir”! he replied “OK, open wide boy”. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and he slid that black monster back into my mouth till it hit the back of my throat and I started to gag and tear up again. He placed his hands on my face and tilted my head back a little so I could look up at him, he had about half of his cock in my mouth and started to move it in and out as I sucked him. He looked me in the eyes and told me to take deep breaths through my nose and relax, when I did as I was told he slid his cock deeper into my mouth each time hitting my throat. After a few minutes I wasn’t gagging as much and my throat felt more relaxed, he pushed his cock in deep and when it hit the back of my throat he said to breath in deep, when I did his cock slipped down my open throat and I could feel his pubes on my nose and his balls on my chin. He let his cock stay in my throat for a few seconds and slowly pulled it out till his big cock head was on my lips, then he slid it in all the way down my throat and started to move my head up and down his huge pole. He said “nothing sexier than a pretty young white boy with a mouthful of black cock.” I just said mmmf mmmf, it was all I could say with his big cock down my throat. My own boy dick was throbbing and leaking inside my briefs. After a few minutes of him fucking my throat he pulled his cock out and spit ran down my chin, when my eyes focused, I looked at his big cock covered in my spit and couldn’t believe I had it down my throat. He stood up and pulled me up, when he did, I realized my legs were a little shaky from being on my knees for so long, he leaned down and kissed me pushing my lips open with his tongue. As he kissed me his hands moved down my back and found my ass, he was squeezing and massaging my butt cheeks all the while probing my mouth with his tongue. He moved his hands up a little bit and slipped them into my briefs, he was now squeezing my bare butt! I was so aroused that my dick was throbbing and leaking a little through my briefs, and I could feel his big cock pressing into my stomach. He kept up kissing me and playing with my ass, then I felt him pull my cheeks apart and run his fingers down my butt crack till he found my asshole. When he touched my virgin hole, I jumped a little since he was the first person, besides myself, to ever touch it. He pulled his mouth away from mine and said “you have such a nice ass, and a tight little hole” all the while smiling at me and rubbing my hole. He pulled his hands out of my briefs and grabbed me by the waist turning me around to face his desk, he grabbed the waistband of my undies and pulled them down to my knees, he slapped my left cheek and said “damn boy, you have one fine ass”! He pulled my undies down to my ankles and told me to step out of them, I said “yes sir”! I was now standing there, butt naked in front of this big black man and was totally turned on. He stood behind me and wrapped his muscular arms around my chest and started to rub my nipples, I could feel his big cock pressing into my back, he started kissing my neck and I let out a little moan when he pinched my nipples. He was kissing my neck and shoulders and I felt his hands move down my torso lara ucuz escort as he kissed his way down my back, when his hands reached my crotch he grasped my stiff dick and stroked it a few times eliciting a loud moan from me, he rubbed my smooth balls and moved his hands so they were inside my thighs. He was massaging my balls as he continued to kiss my back until he reached the top of my butt crack, then he stood up and I felt him put his big cock in my butt crack and slowly pump it up and down my crack. I moaned out “oh Mr. Miller that feels good”, he replied” it sure does” and continued to grind his cock into my butt crack while his hands were caressing my butt cheeks. He turned my head around and kissed me hard and smiled at me and said “you are so beautiful, I want to make you mine, is that ok”? My heart was racing now, and I was a little nervous but I looked at him and said “yes sir” he replied “such a good boy”. He pushed me forward so I was leaning on his desk and at the same time he used his feet to spread my legs apart, he crouched down behind me and I felt his hands on my butt cheeks again and then he kissed them, first the left then the right. He kissed his way to the top of my butt crack and then started to lick my crack, he used his hands to spread my cheeks apart and licked his way down my crack until his tongue was on my virgin hole. I jumped a little when he licked my hole, he laughed and slapped my left cheek saying “you have such a pretty pink boy hole, you’re going to love this”. He pulled my cheeks apart again and kissed my tight hole before he started to lick it. It felt so good that I was moaning loudly, he continued to lick, nibble and kiss my hole until it was slick with his spit, I heard him say “such a sweet tasting boy cunt”. He was rubbing his finger over my slicked-up hole when he started to press into me, my hole resisted and he told to me to breathe in and when I did his finger slipped in me. It hurt a little at first but then he started to slide it in and out and the pain went away. He slapped my ass with his free hand and said “you like this boy?”, between moans I said “oh yes sir”, he laughed and said “I thought you might, you have a such a pretty ass and a tight, warm boy pussy”. I heard him spit and felt it hit me on my hole, he rubbed it in and pushed his finger back in me, it went in easily this time and he moved it in and out, then I felt a second finger pushing in and the pain returned, he must’ve heard me yelp because he stopped pushing and rubbed my ass with his free hand. He told me to just relax and breath deeply and the pain would go away, I did as he said and after a few seconds the pain subsided and he continued to push both fingers all the way in. He was moving them in and out now without any difficulty, and I was loving it and moaning out loud. He fingered me for a few more minutes, when he pulled them out, he slapped my ass again and said “I love this pretty white ass of yours”. He stood up and leaned over me and opened the top drawer of the desk and removed a bottle of something, as he did, I could feel his big cock rubbing against my ass. He kissed me on the neck and whispered in my ear “time for the main event boy, I’m going to make you mine”. He kissed me on my ear and I heard a cap open, then I felt something cool and wet running down my butt crack. He rubbed the slippery liquid all around my hole and pushed his finger in and out of me a few times. My hole was wet and slippery and when I turned around I saw him rubbing the same stuff on his huge dick till it was all shiny, he stepped up behind me and I felt him put his cock on my butt crack and slide it back and forth, god it felt amazing. He leaned down and kissed me on my neck and said “I want you to relax and enjoy this as much as I’m going to, I promise I’m not going to hurt you. There will be some pain but it will go away, do you trust me Billy?” I turned my head around to look at him and said “I trust you Mr. Miller.” He said “good boy, now I’m going to take your virgin ass”. He told me to lean forward a little more and arch my back so he could get at my virgin hole. I did what he said and presented my ass to him, looking over my shoulder I watched him guide his big cock to my quivering hole, he rubbed it against the slippery opening and pushed it against my hole and there was pain, and he kept pushing but my hole wouldn’t budge. He told me to breath in deep and push out at the same time and when I did, I could feel my hole opening up to his huge cock and then the head popped in. I yelped because it hurt and I was shaking a little. He chuckled and said “relax Billy, you will soon be in heaven”. He stayed still for a minute or two so my ass could relax and get used to the invasion. After a couple of minutes, he began to move just the head in and out of my ass, the pain was still there but I was feeling something else too. My own dick, which had gone soft was starting to get hard again and I was moaning a lot. He put his hands on my waist and continued to move just the head of his big cock in my ass, he said “damn Billy your boy pussy is so tight and warm, are you ok?” I stuttered out “yes sir.” He asked me “do you want me to stop or keep going?” I said “keep going sir I’m ok.” He said “hell yeah my sweet boy wants this dick”. And with that he began to slowly push more of his black cock into my ass, I could feel my hole stretching and opening as he kept sliding more of that monster in me. After a few minutes he stopped and said “almost there, you’ve got about half of it in you. You’re doing fine.” I turned my head and looked back and sure enough there was still about 6 inches of his massive cock still left. I was so turned on by the sight of him standing behind me with half his cock buried in my ass, the contrast between his ebony skin and my pale white skin was really erotic. He pulled his cock out and poured more of the slippery liquid on it and my hole. Then he put the head of his big cock against üniversiteli escort my hole and grabbed my hips again and said “are you ready?”, I looked at him in the eyes and said “yes sir, make me yours.” And with that he started pushing that huge cock back into my ass. There was pain as my hole resisted the intrusion, and he said “breathe in and push out a little”, when I did, I felt my hole open up to him again. I was watching in total amazement as his huge black cock slowly disappeared in my ass. I was gasping for air and grunting “oh god, don’t stop” as he kept going deeper. He slapped my ass again and said “look at that pretty white ass and pink hole taking my black cock!” Finally, I felt his pubes on my smooth cheeks and realized he had his entire cock buried in my ass, I could see him pressed firmly against my cheeks. My hole was stretched open to the max, and he was smiling at me with that warm smile. He looked at me and said “your ass is so tight; I could stay in here forever.” I smiled back at him and said “yes sir!” then he started to fuck me, slow at first then building up to a faster pace. There was some pain but it went away each time he plowed into me until all that was left was pleasure. He had built up a steady pace and was pulling his cock almost all the way out of me and then slamming it back in to the base. The trailer was filled with sound of his hips smacking against my cheeks every time he dove in, and my grunting and moaning. I could feel his pubes on my smooth cheeks and his big balls slapping against mine every time he went in. He kept saying “damn baby your pussy is so fine”, and “I could fuck you all day”. All I could do was whimper as he plowed my not so tight anymore hole. After about 20 minutes of his assault on my ass he pushed his cock in as far as it would go and leaned forward and started to kiss my neck. He moved his arms up under mine and wrapped them tightly around my chest as he ground his cock in me. Then he picked me up and carried me to the couch while I was still impaled on his cock. He lifted me off his cock, when it popped out my ass stayed open from his sheer size. He took the cushions off the couch to reveal a sleeper sofa, I smirked at him and said “that’s convenient” he looked at me and laughed and said he liked to take naps during the day. He pulled the sleeper out and told me to lie down on my back and spread my legs, as I walked by him, he slapped my ass and said “such a sweet ass”. I looked at him and said “thank you sir.” I did as I was told, got on the bed on my back and opened my legs, he knelt between my legs and grabbed my ankles and pushed my feet as far back as they would go. My ass was on display and completely vulnerable to him and he looked at me and said “you have such a hot boy pussy, it’s just begging to be fucked, time to finish making you mine”. He held my ankles with one hand and used the other to guide his big black cock to my waiting hole. I tilted my head up so I could watch as he sank that beast into my ass. He placed the head of his cock on my open hole and looked at my face and said “such a sexy boy” as he entered my willing ass, I just stared and watched as inch after inch of his pole slid easily into my stretched-out hole. I let out a moan and said “oh god” as he went balls deep in one long plunge. I could feel his balls on my butt cheeks and his pubes on my smooth balls, he leaned forward and kissed me deeply as he began to fuck my young ass. He was really fucking me hard now, and the feeling of his big cock plowing into me over and over was amazing. He was pulling his cock all the way out now and ramming it in all the way each time. I just kept moaning and grunting and wishing it would never end. The sound of his hips smacking my ass cheeks every time he plowed into me was really hot. He fucked me like this for 20 minutes or so when his breathing became erratic and the force of his thrusts into my ass became more powerful, he looked at me and said “are you ready to become mine Billy?” I looked up at him and said “yes Mr. Miller, make me your boy!” with that he pounded into my ass a dozen more times before plunging into my destroyed hole as far as he could go, he let out a growl and said “gonna breed this sweet boy cunt” and I could feel his giant cock swell and stretch my already loosened hole even more. Then I felt his cock pulse over and over as he flooded my guts with his cum, this pushed me over the edge and my own dick erupted a huge load on my chest and face. After a minute or so his cock stopped pulsing and I could feel the warmth of his cum as it filled my ass. He caught his breath and was sliding his still hard cock in and out of my wet, loose hole, he looked at me and said “mmmm mmmm mmmm, nothing like a cum filled boy cunt, so nice and slick”. He kept fucking my wrecked hole until his cock softened and popped out. I could feel his warm cum running out of my gaping hole. He stayed there for a minute or two looking at me, he still had my ankles in his hand and he slapped my ass with his other hand one more time, then he said “you have a great ass Billy, it was made to be fucked”. He let my ankles down and I could feel more of his cum leaking out of my ass. Then he looked at the clock and said “shit, I have to get you home before they think I kidnapped you.” He went to the bathroom and got a washcloth and wet it, he told me to stand up and he wiped me down so that I appeared to be clean, when he got to my ass he pulled my cheeks apart again and wiped my hole clean, then he said “your pussy isn’t so pink and tight anymore” and chuckled. I frowned at him and reached around and felt my hole, I couldn’t believe how open it was. He said “don’t worry, your pussy will close up but it won’t be quite as tight the next time I fuck and breed you.” I said “yes sir, looking forward to my next lesson sir” We got dressed and he drove me home, when we got to my street, he let me drive into the driveway so it looked I had been practicing driving. And that’s how it went, before every lesson he would fuck and breed me senseless until my hole was gaping and dripping cum. We continued to see each other all through high school and into college. He became a great friend and lover. Love to hear your comments, let me know if you want to hear more of my exploits with this stud. Email me at: aol

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