Mikes First Transgendered Pt. 17


Mike’s On-going gay experiences.

Please read 1 — 16 before going to read this one.

Fast forward a bit…The night David asks me…And we say I LOVE YOU!

David and I have been dating for just shy of eight months now and things couldn’t be better. There was a rough patch a few weeks back when our schedules clashed keeping us from seeing each other. But now we are back on track and I see him at least two or three times a week. Usually, I head over to his place after work and just hang out with him. Nine times out of ten, I spend at least one weekend night by his place, or him by mine and I am truly enjoying our relationship. Almost every night we are together, I give him a blow job and/or end up on my knees or on my back having him pounding my tight little ass. I don’t mind being the girl of this relationship, I love cock and love being with him, so it’s almost normal to me now. I do love feeling him deep inside me and he gets me off just as much as I get hm off. It’s Thursday night and I get a text from David asking me to come spend the night with him. Usually, I don’t spend weeknights with him, but I do enjoy spending the night with him, so I agree. I make my way over after dinner and we sit on the couch watching TV and having a bit of ice cream for dessert. As the night gets later it is about time for bed. David gets ready first, then me. We lay in bed cuddling and I am very happy I am here with him. We pass light conversation as we cuddle, just as any couple do before dozing off. We softly kissed goodnight and David rolled away from me, as I rolled onto my side.

I was just about asleep, when David rolled over and put his arm around me. I put my arms over his as he cuddled in closer behind me. He was spooning me and I felt so comfortable in his arms. I felt David softly start kissing the back of my neck and shoulders. His soft warm affectionate kisses always got me turned on. I felt him edge in closer and hold me like a lover should be held. David’s passions increased and his kisses got more and more sensual along my shoulders and open back area. I got more aroused as he slowly started seducing me. I felt my dick start to get hard. I reached behind me and was rubbing up and down his leg. I reached far enough back and slid my hand down into his boxers, finding his fully erect cock. I grabbed a hold of it and we both moaned simultaneously. As I stroked him David became more horny and ready to go. And so was I! I began to roll backwards as David edged back from me. When I got flat on my back, David leaned in and our lips met and we engaged in a long passionate kiss. His hand began rubbing around my dick, my balls and my ass cheeks. My hand still softly stroking his cock. David pulled down his boxers letting his cock free, as my hand worked on stroking him off. I knew I was about to be fucked and I was so ready for it. It had been a few weeks since the last time we made love and I needed his cock inside me.

David leaned backwards and heard him opening his nightstand drawer. After some fumbling around he returned face to face with me. I lifted my hips and slid my underwear kaçak iddaa off as he started to open the condom wrapper, sliding it onto his hard cock. I heard the top of the lube bottle pop open and shortly after I felt his cold lubed fingers rubbing up and down my asshole. I lifted my legs a bit so he’d have better access. After rubbing and kissing for a bit more, David rolled on top of me, as I spread my legs further apart. We never broke kiss and just positioned ourselves accordingly. I lifted my legs up towards my chest as I felt the tip of his cock at my asshole. David pushed inwards a few times missing entering into me, but eventually lined up correctly and slid his bulging cock inside my ass. I pulled my legs up and out further as he slowly began fucking me. I felt the immense sensation of his cock sliding in and out of me, while I lay there being pleasured.

David laid flat on me, our chests touching, mouths and tongues entwined in each other. His hips shifted back and forth as his cock continued sliding in and out of me. I was moaning through our kisses as my man fucked my tight ass. This slow romantic sex was my favorite, followed only by being on my knees and having him fuck me like a little bitch, as I moaned like a little girl. But tonight, I was loving the sex we were having. David laid on top of me for a length of time, just making love to me. His cock sliding in and out of my ass, my cock hard and laying upwards in between our bodies. I love nights like this, where even if sex wasn’t planned, we end up making love and getting each other off. David pulled himself off me, holding his body up by his arms. We starred into each other’s eyes and I realized today was the day I had to tell him I loved him. I want this forever, I wanted him forever and now that our relationship is out and I have forgotten about women, I need to tell him.

I wanted to build up to the I love you instead of just blurting it out. My mind and my emotions took over and I said; “David, I love you in me. God…I love how your cock feels inside my ass.”

David moaned back, “I love being in you.”

“OMG David, I want this forever. I want your cock me in me always.”

David’s breaths heavy and thrustful as he continued pumping his cock into me.

“David, take off the condom.” I moaned out.

David stopped mid pump and looked me in the eye concerned, yet excited I just said that.

“Really?” He said.

“Yes. David, we have been together for a while and both have recently gone for our yearly physicals. If we were sick, they would have caught it.” I mumble out.

I follow up, “I love you dick in me and I want to feel you inside me without protection.”

I feel David pull his cock from my ass. His hand reaching down between his legs and with a pull and a flicker, he gets the condom off, chucking it off to the side. I am so excited as he starts to slide back into me again. This time without the condom. I am so turned on by feeling his raw cock slide into my ass that I moan out a long whimpering groan, as my cock got even harder.

“OMG DAVID, fuck me.” Spews from my lips.

I lay there kaçak bahis overly excited feeling his bulging unprotected cock ramming in and out of me. It was like losing my virginity all over again. I reached down and was stroking my cock, while my legs were up in the air wide open, as his cock slid deeper and deeper into me. After a few minutes of his deep thrusting pace, I stopped David’s motion and placed my hand on the left side of his cheek. When we looked each other in the eye, I said, “David, I love you!”

David’s face froze. “You love me?” He blurted out.

“Yes David, I love you. I have been in love with you for months, but didn’t know if I should say anything.”

“I love you too,” He whispers back.

“I’ve wanted to say that to you for so long” He said to me.

“Me too, David. Me too.” I reply.

I pull his face to mine and we engulf each other in a deeply heated sexual kiss and I moan deeply into his mouth. David starts pumping me again back and forth as I wrap my legs around his waist. We are deeply intwined and connecting on a new level. My dick is pulsing and rock hard and I am ALREADY ready to cum. “OMG, YES, make me cum,” I blurt out.

David picks up is pace. The sounds of slapping skin and heavy breathing fill the room.

I moan out on pleasure, “I want you to cum in my ass baby!”

David is so excited and so turned on that he starts pumping my ass harder and deeper.

Davis’s going to make me cum without touching myself, which usually only happens with him when I’m on my knees being fucked doggie style, and only once with Sara when I was so horny and so aroused by her cock in me. I feel my cock pulsating getting closer and closer as David’s big dick pounds my ass.

“OMG David, I’m going to cum!”

I wanted to pull on my cock, but the feeling of his dick sliding in and out of me while my legs are now wrapped is bringing me closer and closer. David and I are face to face, kissing deeply, passionately making love while with his uncovered hard cock hitting erotic zones deep inside me, making me ready to explode. After about 10 more pumps, I feel myself tingling, on the verge ready to explode. “Oh My God David. I’m going to fucking cum!”

I hear him moan out, “I love you mike.” And within a second I explode and my dick starts shooting cum all over my stomach and chest. Realizing I’m cumming David starts moaning, “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.”

“Cum in my ass baby! Cum in me.” Spews from my mouth.

Within a few pumps I feel David push himself deep inside me and stop moving, I feel is cock pulsing and I know he’s shooting his load deep inside my ass.

“OMG David, you’re cumming!” I scream out.

David is shaking and his legs are trembling as his cock is shooting his load deep inside my ass. My cock is still dripping cum, rock hard and ready to go again. “David, keep going baby, keep going!” I beg.

I can’t get enough of feeling him deep inside me and I want him to fuck me all night. David slowly starts pumping me more. “I Love you David,” I yell out. I hear him reply, “Mike I love you too.”

I am absolutely illegal bahis in love with him and the feelings he gives me not only through our relationship, but on nights like tonight when he makes love to me. I just adore feeling his hard cock sliding in and out of my ass and I don’t want it to end.

I flip David over putting him on his back. I climb on top of him and grab a hold of his oily, lubed up cock. I adjust my position and slide him right back into my ass. I know he just came, so I take it slow at first just sliding up and down on his shaft. I want him in me for a LONG TIME tonight and I need him to cum inside me again. I feel his cock buried deep inside me. I lean forward and kiss him passionately. I whisper in his ear, “I want this forever David.”

I continue riding him slowly for about 20 minutes until I feel David shoot a second load of cum deep into my ass.

After I made him cum a second time, David sucked my cock until I shot a big hot sticky mouthful of cum deep down his throat. We cuddle together naked and spent. That night changed us. Not only did we finally say I love you to each other, but saw the first time we had sex without protection. And you have no idea how erotic it was for me to know he came in deep in my ass. But the night had another surprise.

After a while David says, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course,” I reply.

David says, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to. But some of my long-term relationships have been with more feminine men, which is why I’m used to being on top. One of them was transitioning to a woman and I liked the femininity of it. Would you consider crossdressing for me?”

“Crossdressing?” I ask.

“Yes” David says. “Just here, between you and I. And nothing major, just panties, bra’s, pantyhose, high heels and nightgowns.”

I think to myself crossdressing… Humm… Sounds interesting. I truly don’t feel I have the body to be a crossdresser, but I remember how hot Sara and Enna looked as women, so maybe I could pull it off.

I say to David, “I’ve never tried it and I don’t know if I would look sexy enough for you, but if it’s something you’d like, then I’d try it for you.”

I follow up by saying, “I don’t know what size I’d be or even where to get clothes.”

David says, “I’ll help you figure it out, I’ll even buy you what you like or want, I just want you to be more feminine, if you want and to have fun with this.”

“Ok. We can try,” I reply.

I have no problem doing it for him and look forward to experimenting more. Beside I am the girl of the relationship, so I may as well dress like one.

As I laid in bed with him that night before falling asleep, I got more excited about trying this. The more I thought about it, the more interested I became. I started picturing what I would look like dressed up sexy for him. I had never worn women’s clothing but figured it might be worth a shot. As my thoughts continue, I start wondering if I should start transitioning into a woman, with that “something extra”, get married and live my life as a woman, which would make me feel complete.

As I lay here in the dark, with my man’s arms wrapped around me, David whippers, “I love you.”

“I love you too sweetheart,” flows from my mouth.

Goodnight baby!

To be continued…

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