Michelle’s Bath Time


She took a breath as she exited out of the Internet and closed down her laptop. Pushing it to the side she laid back on her bed feeling incredibly horny having just finished reading several erotic stories about girls being fucked and sucked in all different positions. Without much thought her hand slowly slid down her smooth tummy and into her panties. Feeling the moisture she parted her legs and idly stroked her smooth shaved pussy occasionally pinching her sensitive little clit sending electric sparks throughout her whole body.

Michelle was a stunning young woman. At only 18 years of age she had the most curvaceous body with 36C breasts, a slim waist and flared hips followed by long beautiful legs. Her breasts and legs were her best features after her thick beautiful white blonde locks flowing down to her shoulders topped off by sparkling bright blue sweet innocent eyes.

Despite her beauty and amazing body she rarely dated, unable to find the man of her dreams for which she searched, leaving her an, often horny, young virgin having never gotten further than kissing a boy. She was left with pleasuring herself to satisfy isveçbahis her needs. This too left her quite frustrated for no matter how good her own fingers slipping into her young pussy felt she had never been able to bring herself fully to orgasm. deep

After another ten minutes of gentle caresses followed by furious rubbing and fingering her cunt she gave up, still unable to cum. She looked around her bedroom out of boredom wondering what she could do now. Her parents had gone out of town for the weekend leaving her alone for the first time. While it was fun at first she was quickly getting tired of being alone with nothing to do. She decided maybe a warm soak in a Jacuzzi bath would make her feel better and would allow her to wash away the precum wetness which coated her pussy, thighs, and fingers. She walked into her parent’s bathroom and began to run the water lighting several candles for a more sensuous atmosphere.

Quickly undressing she turned the jets to full blast and sank happily into the warm relaxing water. Enjoying the steam and bubbles her mind wandered from subject to subject drifting in and out of sleep. Finally isveçbahis giriş after about an hour she decided to finish up and go to bed early. She decided to quickly shave her legs and reached for the razor and cream of her mothers.

Lathering up one leg she propped her foot onto the edge of the tub and began to shave off the stubble of hairs. With her foot still on the edge she reached again for the bottle of shaving cream. As she leaned forward her open pussy came into brief contact with the hard spray of the massaging jets. Ohhhh she let out a loud yelp feeling the most amazing sensations shoot through her body as she jerked away from the jet. Breathing hard her mind raced with what she had just felt. Although it had been sudden and scared her she realized what an amazing thing she had just felt. She wondered what would happen if she tried that again. After thinking for several minutes she decided what could it hurt to try. She slowly eased back over to the side placing one leg over the side with her other foot up on the ledge as well. Nervously she scooted sideways into the powerful stream of water.

The feelings were amazing. isveçbahis yeni giriş It hit her all at once making her head spin and her pussy tingle. The feelings were so strong she fought the urge to retreat from the harsh invasion on her young innocent pussy, but the pleasure held her in place. The sensations began to wash over her body in waves each one more intense than the previous one. She closed her eyes and leaned back on her hands giving herself up completely to the new sensations she was being exposed to. It took her little time before she felt a flutter in her stomach and a tingle that started in her toes and quickly shot through her entire body. OH MY GOD she screamed the feeling getting stronger and stronger as her whole body exploded into an intense spasming orgasm….her first orgasm ever.

Finally after not being able to take it any longer she moved out of the jet stream her mind still spinning and feeling dizzy. Gasping for breath she sank back into the water trying to realize what she had just done and experienced. Lightly her fingertips brushed against her clit too sensitive to even be touched. After several minutes her breathing returned to normal and she stood up on shaky legs and got out of the tub. That night Michelle fell into bed exhausted and happier than she had ever been having finally reached her first orgasm of many to cum.

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