Michael’s My Love


Happily married and willing.

My husband is 45. We live a comfortable lifestyle. He is an alpha male with above-average intelligence. He holds a high-power, high pressure position and earns an above-average income. Most men fitting this description have their own way of looking at life. These men are generally soft spoken, well mannered, avoid confrontation but are not cowards. They have responsibilities towards there demanding work, family and expectations from peers to be always on top. This type of man needs to be re-balanced to really be happy, they won’t admit it, but it’s true. They need escape, need to let someone else take control and be responsible for awhile. My husband has been very good to me and I have no problem with role-play that fulfills this need of his. At first I thought him much less a man, I no longer think that way at all. He is still as dominant and in control as he needs to be and that will never change. He just needs to hand the reigns over on occasion.

I imagine most men who fit his description have humiliation fantasies but probably never act on them. They remain frustrated, tense and depressed and “do the right thing” rather than bring up this secret need. I believe a lot of divorces are caused because this cream of the crop Alpha Male does not have the ability to share his vulnerable side. Or you, his wife or girlfriend, is decidedly unwilling to change, even ignoring the hints in order to keep things as they are. Why? Because, chances are, if you have caught an Alpha Male, you are at least a very feminine woman and probably very submissive also. That’s why he was attracted to you in the first place. His strength, the ability to take such great care of you, and the “you will do as I say” sex that I get wet just thinking about is what attracted you to him. Initiating firm assertive Role Play is not only out of your comfort zone, it’s also very unnatural. This was me just a short time ago! I want you to know if I can do it, you can do it, and when you get good at it, you are going love it.

I am going to be telling you step by step just how all this unfolded. I’m going to be telling you how my bottom spanking, hard fucking, rip my panties off whenever he wants, Alpha Male occasionally turns into a panty wearing, butt plugged, cumslut. This is my story. Now get ready to be pampered beyond your wildest imagination or bent over, tied up, and fucked hard, depending on his needs, not yours. After all, you are mostly a sexually submissive slut aren’t you?

I found out about my husbands need by accident. Once it sank in, my first thought was, He’s the dominant force in the relationship, not me! My current thought is, I want to go out to a very nice dinner where he will be wearing panties and pouring my wine. I will happily tell him how cute sınırsız escort he looks in panties and how at some point during dinner, he will go into the restroom and cum in those pretty little panties and then wear them home. My big, all important, Alpha Male will sheepishly grin, and his cheeks will turn rosy pink, which, by the way, is the color of his panties.

The day started out like all his other work days. Michaels morning routine was complete and he was walking out the door. He was a little more distant than usual, this varied at times. I contributed it, as I always did, to his busy day. I thought he was pre-disposed, deep in thought about this or that, things that didn’t concern me. I said “hard day”? He said “yes”. I kissed him quickly on the lips and watched him leave. I decided, as I often do, to prepare dinner and myself to help him shake off the day when he arrived home.

Michael loves pizza and craft beer. I would order his favorite pizza and pickup one of his favorite craft IPA’s from a small local brewery. I would put on a shear pink apron that left very little to the imagination and nothing else. I called his secretary to see when his “busy” day would end. Melany told me his day was actually very light and he was already through for the day. His really busy day was actually yesterday and today, he was just goofing off.

I thought about the morning, the distant, inattentive kiss, the inattention to me. How he hasn’t been saying the usual things I loved to hear as often. This had become routine, dismissing me kindly but impersonally. I knew that he loved me with all his heart, but I also knew on some level, his heart wasn’t into loving me. Just last evening, he had dutifully filled the square. If I put my head on his shoulder in a way that asks, take charge of this, treat me like that little whore I love to be made into, Michael will fulfill my need perfectly. Each and every time, perfectly. He knows that when I stand beside him and place my head on his shoulder, that I love it when he reaches behind me and pulls my right elbow tightly behind my back, lifting and pointing my breast for display, then finding my nipple with his fingers, he begins to pinch slowly, softly at first, then a little harder, then harder still until all I can think about is how my nipple is stinging between his fingers. I also know how much worse it will sting when he lets go. I am wet now and he lets go. I immediately lift my shirt so his fingers can find my nipple again. He repeats, pinching softly, then harder, my nipple will begin stinging again, only without the fabric between. Finally, when my nipple is hard and stinging perfectly between his finger and his thumb, he says simply “strip”. I do as I’m told.

The reality of the morning slipped şırnak escort back into my unwrapped thoughts and for the first time, I knew in my heart, I had a real problem. The weeks that followed were full of everything opposite of confidence. What have I done wrong, what’s missing, is he having an affair, is it all over, and finally, can I fix it. Michael isn’t stupid, he knew things weren’t as they should be. He tried everything he could to right the boat. He applied all of his Alpha Male strengths. It would have worked, I would have gladly went back to the normalness of our life at the time if it weren’t for a tiny discontented voice, pointing out the aura, the disconnected space between us. I was watching my Alpha Male try with all his heart and fail to bring himself back into the marriage. I decided I wasn’t going to play along. I was scared, heart pounding scared, I said “You can’t fix this with strength, your heart has to join in, I can’t bear to see you this way, it’s just too hard, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, maybe we should just let it be and go” Michael, my strength, my protector, my rock, crumbled. Sadness filled the room, his shoulders slumped, despair crept into his strong featured face and the only words he could find to say was “it’s all my fault, I’m sorry. It’s not your fault”. Just Imagine, our lives are falling apart, Michael has treated me better then any wife has been treated, he has had no affair, done nothing, zero, wrong, and he is still trying to protect me from hurt by shouldering all the blame. He kept trying to summon his usual strength, to get on top again, but he couldn’t, it wasn’t there. He wanted something, needed something. I didn’t have a clue what and neither did he.

I finally burst. I started screaming at him. You selfish stupid man, you cannot be the only one to blame, who the fuck do you think you are. You do not have to be the strong one all the fucking time. You do not have to be a rock twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. No human being can possibly stand up to that much, you stupid stupid man. I can’t believe that you will not let me take some of the blame for our troubles. I am not going to put up with that shit any longer.. I was just throwing shit out, whatever came to mind, desperately slinging words, just hoping something would stick. When I realized what I was doing I tried to stop yelling, tears were running down my face by now and I couldn’t stop. This verbal assault kept pouring from my lips, when I finally gained control of myself, I stopped yelling and I just froze. I stood there with I can’t believe I just said that eyes. I scared myself with all that yelling. I was scared that the things I said would send Michael running, fleeing the craziness of what just happened. I desperately wanted to take taksim escort every single word back, just take it all back. I was out there now though, on display, doing a really great job of being angry, which is, as you already know, completely out character for me, and, well, I imagine, just looking completely ridiculous.

Michael began to smile, not the kind dismissing smile I’ve been used to seeing, the hint of a real smile, For the first time in a long time, a genuine smile, and then he started laughing at me. I’m not real sure what happened or how, but soon we were both rolling on the floor and laughing hysterically. After awhile, we just laid there, smiling, not saying anything, just staring toward the ceiling. I didn’t know what to do. I don’t think Michael knew what to do. Finally, after a small eternity, Michael said, get over here and get your tits out you adorable little slut. He was still smiling but the smile was becoming the familiar one, that kind, distant smile was returning, the dutiful smile, the forced one. That smile was returning to his face. I saw it, sensed it and I knew that answering his assertiveness wasn’t the answer. I wasn’t ready to give up, to put this past us, to go back. I knew nothing had changed and nothing would be different if we slipped back into the very same.

So I said. No! I am still pissed and you will get up, get naked, bring me a glass of the best wine in our cellar, get on your fucking knees and lick my pussy until I cum. Do you understand me? He looked at me, disbelieving I meant it. Do It Now!, and maybe I will forgive you then. A real and genuine smile returned to his face and then, that first ever Cheshire grin appeared. This was it, this was the answer! I got really into it. I told him to get naked now! Right this second. Do as your told! I stood there arms crossed, feet spread slightly, staring at his pants as they dropped to the floor. Michaels cock was as full and thick and hard as I have ever seen it. I made him stand there while I slowly stripped. I started playing with my breasts while he stood there watching. He reached out for my nipple and I slapped his hand away. Where is my wine! He turned and started walking naked to the wine seller.

When he returned, he found me setting on the couch, wearing one piece of my favorite two piece, peach colored satin nightie loosely covering my hard little nipples, naked from the waist, legs spread wide, my pussy in full view. Well? I said. He showed me an uncorked bottle of chardonnay that we purchased together during a trip to the California vineyards last spring. He filled my favorite long stemmed crystal glass. Next, gracefully and with perfect balance, lowered himself onto his knees in front of my pussy which I had fingered and open for his view and with his normal attention, licked me until I was satisfied. I did not allow him to cum that night. He kept my glass filled, he stayed naked, he fell asleep with his head in my lap. That was the first time I haven’t fallen asleep on his.


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