Subject: Miami Waves Swim Team – Part 7 It was the day of practice after the big swim meet. The boys did really well so I decided that we were going to have an easy day. I told all the boys to bring some type of pool float before they left the meet. I arrived at the pool a few minutes early and Jace was already there. He and another boy named Mason must have rode together today. I opened the door and we all walked in. Jace had a big pool float with him. I asked Mason where it was and he said that he and Jace were going to share. They asked what we would be doing for practice today. I told them that we were going to watch a movie on the big screen while they laid in the pool. Our pool had a big jumbotron type TV on one wall. It was LED and we mainly used it for the meets. We had the capability to hook up HDMI to it. I hooked up my ROKU device to the HDMI in the tech room where the controls for the jumbotron and speakers were located. I let Jace and Mason pick the movie. They decided they wanted to watch “Spider Man Homecoming.” I cued the TV up to the movie. The other boys were not going to be showing up for another ten minutes or so. Jace and Mason asked if they could go ahead and change. I told them that they could. Jace started a conversation about the meet that we had over the weekend. Before I knew it I was in the older boys locker room with Jace and Mason. Now I had seen Jace’s cock up close and personal before but never Mason’s. While Jace and I were still talking both boys took off their shirts and dropped their gym shorts to change into their practice suits. Jace’s cock was still as beautiful as it was the first time I saw it. Mason cock was average for his age. He was not a shower like Jace. Mason had a nice set of balls on him that hung down. Mason was smooth like Jace was but that was because of the shave party that happened the night before the meet. Both boys pulled their suits up and adjusted themselves. Jace filled his speedo as he always did. I had not paid much attention to Mason’s crotch until now but Mason’s cock was going to the left in his speedo and the suit hugged his balls up nice and tight. Both boys were easy to look at and admire. We exited the locker room and I had the boys help me with the popcorn machine. The popcorn machine was located in the concession stand. Jace and Mason picked it up and brought it to the pool deck while I found the popcorn, butter, and oil. I started popping the popcorn so it would be ready for the boys when they got there. One by one the boys started showing up with their floats. They changed as they came in and figured out what we were doing that night. As they exited the locker room they put their float in the pool, grabbed a bag of popcorn and climbed on their float. Jace and Mason were the last ones to get on their float. I handed their popcorn to them after they got situated. Mason asked where I was going to watch the movie from, I told him that I was going to watch it from the bench. Jace jumped in and said that there was room for me on the float with them. Jace demanded that I go change and come join them. I started the movie and went to my office to change. I came back and all the boys were escort izmit intrigued by the movie. Jace and Mason were still close to the edge of the deck and I was able to get on the float with ease. My spot was in the middle of them. Jace was on my left and Mason was on my right. Being on the raft with three people made our bodies touch. At first we had our arms touching but they did not last long. Both Jace and Mason lifted their heads up and had me put my arms behind their heads. This was more comfortable to me. Mason must have liked it as well because he turned in towards me a little and had his head resting more on my shoulder while watching the movie. Jace was comfortable lying flat but he did move his hand and placed it on my thigh. As we watched the movie and floated I kept looking over at Jace’s bulge and could not get over how big it was. The fabric on the speedo just stretched across his cock and balls. Mason must have been seeing what I was seeing because he reached down to this speedo and had to adjust himself. After adjusting himself I left his cock on my leg. I looked down and it was pointing straight up. I could see the head of Mason’s cock popping out of his speedo. Being this close to these two handsome guys had me getting a hard on. My bulge in my speedo started growing and I knew both boys were noticing it. Jace moved his hand up his thigh and Mason put his arm around me. I looked around to see what the other boys were doing. Most of them were watching the movie. I made eye contact with Nate. When I made eye contact with him and jumped back to watching the movie real quick. I looked over his body and could tell that he was sporting a hard on as well. He could not hide it with the bulge in his speedo. His cock was pointing straight up at his head while he was laying down. As the movie went on, I actually began to watch it instead of Jace’s bulge. My cock turned soft again and so did Mason’s. I looked over at Nate and his cock was back to normal size as well. The movie had about 10 mins left and so did practice, perfect timing. The movie ended and the boys started getting off their pool floats and making their way to the locker room to change. I checked my phone and saw that I had a text from Nate’s mom. She was running late from work and was stuck in traffic. Said that she was going to be 30 to 45 minutes late. I replied back and told her it was okay. I let Nate know and he stayed on the pool deck with Jace and Mason. All the boys had left except for Jace, Mason, and Nate. I told Jace and Mason they could leave but they said they had nothing else to do so they were going to stick around till Nate got picked up. Jace and Mason started towards the locker room and asked if Nate and I were coming. We all four walked in the locker room and made our way to the shower to rinse off. We all choose the first set of showers and form a circle around them. We stood under the showers for a bit and let the warm water hit our bodies. Watching the water run down these three boy’s bodies had been slightly turned on and my cock was semi hard. I looked over at Mason and he was sporting an erection like earlier. His cock head was popping out of his swim brief. Jace izmit rus escort looked over at Mason and told him that he might as well just take the practice suit off. Mason did not hesitate and dropped the swim brief. Mason was the only one naked but it did not last long. Jace dropped his suit as well. Nate and I were the only ones with suits still on. I looked over at Nate and saw that he was sporting a hardon. I asked if he wanted to take off his suit and he shook his head yes. Nate started untying his draw sting for his speedo but apparently had created a knot somehow. I could tell he was struggling with it and asked him if I could help. He told me I could. I walked over to him and got down on both knees to get a closer look. I grabbed the draw sting and pulled it away from his body a little so I could work on the knot. When I did this Nate’s cock head popped out of the top of his suit. I was inches away from Nate’s hard cock. I was able to get the knot undone and helped Nate slide the speedos off. Nate was now naked and sporting a hard on just like Jace and Mason. I was the only one still left in my speedo. I admired these three naked boys for a few minutes. All three were still standing under the shower. Mason and Nate still had hard ons. Jace was a shower so his cock was not rock hard but you could tell he was sporting an erection by how thick it had gotten. Jace and Mason walked out of the shower for a minute and returned with three chairs. They set them down in a line under the showers and sat down in them, along with Nate. Nate was in the middle of Jace and Mason. Jace started playing with himself and Mason soon followed. Nate was kind of confused at first but after watching what Jace and Mason were doing, he joined in. I was enjoying the show the boys were giving me. Jace motioned me to come over and get down on my knees to get a closer look. I walked over and got on my knees in front of Nate. Being this close to three boy cocks had me rock hard in my speedo. Jace told me that I could take it off but I could not touch my cock. I took my speedo off and felt relieved to have my cock free. Jace stood up and took a step toward me. His cock was just a few inches from my face as he was still stroking it. Jace told me to open my mouth and I did. Jace put the tip of his cock in my mouth and my lips instantly sealed around it. I had never sucked a dick before but Jace’s cock filled my mouth. Jace grabbed the back of my head and started to move my head in and out on his cock. Jace pushed a little too far one time and gagged me, he apologized and got back to it. I reached up and started playing with his balls. I was able to see Mason and Nate out of the corner of my eye. Nate and Mason were both still jacking off. Jace pulled his cock out of my mouth. Mason stood up next and I knew what I was to do. I turned towards Mason and put his cock in my mouth. I started sucking on Mason cock while he just stood there. I also played with his balls. Mason’s cock was not as thick as Jace’s but was long and I could not take it all in my mouth. Mason must have been on the edge of cumming because I tasted some sweet in my mouth. Mason pulled his cock out. kocaelide escort Jace made Nate stand up and I grabbed Nate’s small hardon and stuck it in my mouth. I was able to take all of Nate’s cock in my mouth without gagging. I sucked on his cock and played with his balls as well. Nate was ready to blow his load. I pulled his cock out of my mouth at the exact moment he started cumming. His cum hit me in the face and some in my mouth. I licked the tip of his cock after he stopped cumming. Jace and Mason then stepped in and shot their loads on my face and some of their cum landed in my mouth. I tasted all three boy’s cum and it was delicious. I stood up and washed the cum off of my face. While I was rinsing my face, I felt two hands grab my cock and one hand grab my balls. I looked down and Jace and Mason had their hands around my cock and were beginning to stroke it. Nate had his hands around my balls and was playing with them like marbles. It felt amazing having three guys all jerking me off at the same time. I had my eyes closed and was enjoying it. I felt warm on my cock and knew that one of the boys was now giving me head. I opened them and saw Jace sucking my cock. Nate had made his way under me and was now sucking on my nut sack. He was only able to fit one nut in at a time. Jace and Mason took turns on sucking my shaft. I was close to blowing my load and the boys could tell. Jace was sucking my cock when I started cumming. He sealed his mouth around my cock as I shot several squirts of cum into his mouth. After cumming he looked over at Mason, Mason opened his mouth and Jace put some of my cum from his mouth into Mason. Both boys looked at me before swallowing my load. Nate stopped sucking my nuts. The boys all got back to their feet. They told Nate to keep this between us. Nate agreed that he would. I asked Jace if this was the first time for him to suck another dude’s cock and he looked at Mason and winked. That told me that he and Mason were not new to this type of male bonding. We all walked back towards the lockers. Nate was the last boy and was in front of me. I love to watch his naked ass walk with the big butt that he has. We dried off in the locker room and got dressed. Nate’s mom had texted me as we were getting dressed and said that she was outside. I told Nate that she was outside. Before leaving the locker room Nate gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Nate made his way across the pool deck and out to his mom’s car. I was still in the locker room with Jace and Mayson. I was curious to know what all they had done with each other so I asked. Jace told me that he and Mayson fool around with each other on a regular basis. It has just been giving each other hand jobs and blow jobs. They had never done any anal on each other, as of yet. I asked if they were gay and both boys said they were bisexual. Mayson went on to say that he and Jace had a threesome with one of their classmates at school. He said that she was freaky and wanted double penetration one night, so they gave it to her. That is when they discovered they were bi because they saw each other dicks that night and their cocks and balls touched a few times that night. Soon after that they started fooling around with each other but also getting a little pussy action every now and then. We all three walked to the door of the pool and out into the parking lot. I gave both boys a hug and told them I would see them later.

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