Merv’s Place – Intro


Merv’s Place – IntroMerv sat on the porch cracked open a bottle of Buds and look up at the sky. It was a big blue with white tufts of clouds streaking across the patina. His deck overlooked a stretch of beach which over the years had become a favorite with the younger set. Each summer young folks would flock to “his stretch of beach” to revell in the surf,sun and sand and “Merv’s Place”(as it had become known) had taken on the role of becoming the go to place for goods that folks rushing to catch the sun had forgotten to buy in the nearest town. Now, to put things in perspective the nearest little town was at least 160km away from the beach so yes it was a loooong drive friend!Merv remembered a time when the beach was not so busy. At 49 years he was no old goat but had some years on him and he was a loner to boot. Okay not that he shunned female company or any company for that matter, but in the sexual sense he seemed content with the odd shag or two either in the cities or with folks that travelled through these parts. NOW…this did’nt mean that Merv was “lacking’ in any way…he was just …well…Merv! That’s how he rolled. At güvenilir bahis first most of the young adventurers out his way were local boys looking for a big wave and a bit of a challenge. Waves were kinda high out in these parts and word eventually got around. Being Merv, he was indeed taken aback at the deluge of folks that started to flood the area and off course the female contingent that followed and Merv knew that life would never be the same. Boys always made do with whatever was at hand and pissed in the wind when they had to and dumped in the long drops that the councils had provided. Alcohol was always on demand from being a casual “hey mate got any spare beers” to becoming a commodity he provided at a reasonable fee however slightly steeper than what was available 160kms away.Woman on the other hand would manifest needs and wants and a combination of the sexes would bring the usual revelry and hedonism. “Merv’s Place” took on the role of the rustic outback provider and Merv had to recruit some help to manage the place. Being a practical bloke Merv roped in 36-year-old Suzzette who was holidaying in the outback some güvenilir bahis siteleri years back. Having a hankering for a keen sense of adventure Suzzette (Sooz as she eventually became known) loved the ocean and the isolation of Merv’s little stretch of beach. In her mind she had decided that she had had enough of the city life and wanted out plus the rent was cheap and she could focus on herself without the self-imposed falsities of urban existence civilised societies deemed normal.Suzzette was’nt a looker but she had a nice D cup set and at 36-25-36 measurements and given her kayaking and runs on the beach at 60kg was well rounded and toned. A bit of lipstick and foundation and she was transformed into an eye-catching offering. Her white skin had become well-tanned from her love for things outdoorsy and her obvious flaunting of her assets. In short (heh heh & shorts) Suzzette was a piece of ass indeed!So, she found flavor with the boys. There were times she had the pick of the litter when it came to young cocks and there were times, she was the centre of male pack attention. If you catch my drift! Merv himself was iddaa siteleri well tanned and muscular at 1.8mtrs with a slight beer belly and he too enjoyed the ocean and kept himself fit.The practical eventuality is that Merv got laid frequently given there was only the two of them. Suzzette on the other hand being a blonde with bit of vigour got laid more often though as the younger males often flocked around the place to see her in her sarong and boob tube or Daisy Dukes and bikini tops.Even some of the ‘open minded’ female set had tasted Suzette’s charms and Merv being the chilled out chappie that he was had openly watched her enjoying her escapades and off course Suzzette knew he was watching so she laid on a good show for her Mervee!She had grown to like Merv over the short time she had spent at Merv’s Place. Merv was not demanding of her in any way, always kind ,courteous and understanding. Merv hated slackers and he loved that Suzette was not a free loader. She worked her ass off at the establishment and plus they enjoyed many a fishing trip on the kayaks,camping out on the beach ,open air cook outs. Life was awesome here at Merv’s place. And when the place had taken off and she had started to enjoy some of the cock’s and cunts offered to her, Merv in no way claimed ownership of her! That had cemented her decision then and there to continue with Merv. She felt FREE!

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