Megan Ch. 06


Chapter 6 — TIMELY

To say that I spent the following two days in anticipation would be an understatement of epic proportions. I won’t even go into details. Come Friday evening I was already considering running away, but the same thought that made me want to run away was also keeping me in place… Megan.

And I wasn’t even sure how she might react if she found out about Katey. I was certain Katey was only joking about joining in, but what if she tells Megan?

I was sitting in the living room when I suddenly sensed the floor shaking. Not like an earthquake, more like… FOOTSTEPS. Then I could hear the clicking of heeled shoes from outside coming closer… and closer.

“Hi, Joey… I’m baaack.”

I was on my way to open the door when I saw the doorknob twist. The doors were locked but the mechanism continued twisting and breaking inside with a crunching sound. And finally, the whole door was almost broken away as it opened to a pair of humongous muscled legs as tall as the door itself, standing in high-heels fully a foot tall, and in front, a massively muscled arm ending in a shovel-sized fist which was holding a completely twisted and shattered door knob.

Her other hand then grabbed the top of the door frame and Megan’s smiling face appeared sideways beneath the frame. She was so big she had to bend over to peek through the door.

“Hi, Tiny. Give me a second to squeeze in.” As he was getting up her hand closed on the door frame breaking of a large piece of it and, in the process, she lost her balance. Forced to take a sudden step back, her foot stomped mightily on the hall floor with her entire weight, the shock wave shaking the entire floor, and a causing a crack which spread through the concrete.

“Ooopsy… must be more careful.”

Megan tried squeezing through sideways but her breasts were way to large for the frame, so she placed each of her massive arms on either side of the frame and simply pushed, crushing the wood and collapsing the wall on the sides creating enough space to enter.

Standing up, she hit her head on the 9-foot tall ceiling! She was too big for my tiny hall before, but now she couldn’t even fit. So she continued squeezing towards the living room, each step shaking the floor, her enormous breasts firmly pressed into one wall, and her glorious ass into the other. She accidentally stepped onto a footlocker crushing it as if it were made of dust, and as she was trying to see what happened she caught a closet between her shoulder and the wall breaking it.

Stepping into the living room she stretched to her full towering height, a little more than a foot away from the 12-foot ceiling.

“Fee fi fo fum… how do you like the new me, Tiny? Come here, let me hug you to pieces; I missed you so much.”

I was so stunned that I couldn’t even speak. Completely paralysed, I was rooted to the spot.

“Ohhh, don’t you like the new me?” she asked, placing her hands on her knees and bending over.

This position offered me a view of her cleavage. Her breasts had grown so huge, even my 14″ erection would be lost in there… she could titfuck a normal-sized leg with those monsters. I tried reaching for them but they were just out of reach even with her hands on her knees.

“I grew this big just for you. I am now exactly 10 feet and six inches tall and I bought these nice little foot-high shoes. I think this should make me just the right size I always wanted to be. Come closer so I can check.” With one giant step she closed the distance. At 5’7″ I was almost exactly half her size, which she emphasized by pushing my head close to her pussy.

“Prrrfect. Mhmm… just where I wanted you; a perfect fit. Finally I am tall enough for you to kiss me full on the lips. Ohhh Joey, there are no words to express how horny I am right now, seeing you this small. And you know how horny I get when I’m growing…. I promised to fuck your brains out and now I’m big enough to rape and abuse that little body of yours until there is nothing left. What do you think, Tiny: can you survive 1400 pounds of horny muscle-bound amazon. I’m over 10 times heavier than you now.”

“I… I…”

“Give Meg a kiss. Come on little one, you don’t want to disappoint a horny giantess or she might just step on you.”

“Mhmm…. You want to play with them?” she said pointing to her breasts. “Remember how I used to lean them on your shoulders, all 40 pounds? Let’s try that now; maybe if I go down on my knees you will be the right size.” On her knees she was about seven-and-a-half feet tall, only slightly shorter than when I met her. She pulled me in, lifting her breasts slightly and letting them spill over my head and onto my shoulders. My knees buckled from the weight. They must be at least a 100 pounds now. Her breasts were almost as heavy as I was! “Where are you hiding, Joey? I can’t wait any longer.” She tore her clothes away like wet tissue, an almost 11-foot tall amazon muscle goddess standing şişli escort before me in all her glory.

“You know what to do.” She pointed at her pussy and thumb-sized clitoris. “Give me a kiss on my lips; show me how much you love your little Megan.”

As I was standing there still in shock, she tore away my clothes and pulled my face into her pussy. I licked for all I was worth, hugging her tree trunk-sized thighs, which pulsed threateningly. But it wasn’t enough for Megan; she grinded my face on her snatch pressing harder and harder until my entire head just popped inside! That was enough to make her cum almost instantly. She pulled my head out and with one violent motion threw me away. I crashed heavily onto an armchair, which toppled over. Apparently she had no idea how strong she was now.

Meanwhile, Megan was screaming at the top of her immense lungs, her muscles pulsing, shaking from her orgasm, one arm violently rubbing her clitoris, while the other formed into a fist and was mercilessly breaking anything it came into contact with including furniture, the walls and even the floor.

While I was still clutching at myself from the pain and catching breath, Megan’s frame crossed over the armchair and she upended it.

“Ohhh, Joey… your tiny little head felt sooo good inside me! Now I want that monster cock of yours as well. I want to ride you; I want to grind you into the floor.”

“How would you like me more, little darling? Like this…” she turned her perfectly formed immense rear end towards me using her hand to hide my erection between her ass cheeks and slowly sliding downwards. Her ass cheeks were so huge they were pressing into my chest the entire way. As she came down the armrests were creaking dangerously.

“Mhmm… I don’t think this chair will be able to save you from me.” She was teasing me, truly enjoying her overpowering role.

“Or do you want me from the front so you can play with my boobies? Or are they just to far away for you, poor little thing…”

Megan placed one gigantic foot on each side of the armchair. Grabbing the back rest with both arms and towering massively over me, she slowly started descending, her thighs coming in closer, her giant pussy effortlessly swallowing my penis and sliding down its length until her ass came in contact with my knees.

“Ohhhh Tiny, your dick feels soo good…. Mhmmmm. I just want to grind you into that armchair.” She started gyrating her hips, resting more weight on my body with each trust. The arm rests broke like twigs under her massive rear, her hands firmly planted on the back rest of the armchair. She was moving the entire thing back and forth with her hips. Her thighs were pumping harder with each trust.

I could hear the wood cracking as her thigh muscles were occupying space meant for the armchair. As she rested more of her weight, the wheels broke off, but she was still grinding the entire armchair along the floor, scraping on the wood surface pushing into me with her body, her massive breasts bouncing high over my head, too high to reach….

“Ohh. I want you to taste all of me, Joey. I grew this massive powerful body just for you. Fourteen-hundred pounds of muscle, all of this power just for you…. I want you to feel this body in all its glory. Every single inch of it is yours, all 126 of them.” She was resting more and more weight on my tiny frame with each thrust, and her immense frame was pushing me into the armchair. Her massive rear kept grinding me into the chair, her upper body pressing me into the back rest, and her thighs coming closer to crushing the entire chair with each thrust.

“Oh god, I’m cumming! I will show you what this body of mine can do — I have to show it to you. I have to have you with all of me. I want you to feel all of my muscles. Ohhhhhh.”

On the first pulse of her orgasm, with a brutal scream her body suddenly expanded immensely, all of her muscles brutally big; all 1400 pounds of her crushing me into the chair, breaking my bones.

On the second pulse, her thighs crushed through the chair in one eruptive motion, breaking through the wood as if it were nothing, pressing into my body, brutally crushing my ribs, her hands tearing through the backrest pressing into my back crushing anything left against her steel six pack. My own orgasm was spurting inside of Megan. The armchair was crushed, as were my legs.

On the third pulse, her thighs and hands pulverized my torso. In the final pulse, she stood up to her full towering 11 feet of monstrous power, crushing the remains of the armchair between her legs still mashing my body against her torso.

With the next pulse, I heard someone knocking on the door.

* * * * * *

I got up from the armchair covered in sweat. “What a fucking nightmare.”

Another loud knock could be heard on the door…. I wonder who that could be, I thought, nobody was supposed to visit this evening.

In sivas escort front of the door was one of the biggest guys I had ever seen; a six-and-a-half foot tall, huge overpowered football type of monster, holding Katey by her neck. She looked to be in a bad state, bruised skin, torn clothes, with obvious signs of abuse. At 7 feet, she was taller than him, but he was obviously stronger.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, Kate. You wanted to break up with me over this little fuck?”

“No Matt, please, don’t hurt him it was my fault; I took advantage of him. Look how little he is.”

I was kind of speechless through all this. This guy was scary — really scary. Both of them were head and shoulders above me, completely dwarfing my tiny frame, filling the doorway and the guy was much wider than both of us. But I’ll be damned if I was going to let him hurt a girl.

“Hey, leave her alone, fucker!” I said ignoring all warning alarms in my head.

“Wow, you’re a serious little twerp, ain’t ya. You hold her then,” he said laughing, and threw Katey at me. I was way to small to hold Katey’s massive 7-foot body and we both crashed over the sofa behind me.

“I’m sorry Joey, I didn’t mean to… he….” Katey’s apology was interrupted by a large fist bunching up my clothes and lifting me in the air.

“You little fuck!” a powerful slap exploded on my face. “Putting your hands on my girl.” Matt was screaming as he threw me across the room.

“And you, ya little cunt,” he kicks at her, “What were you thinking trying to replace me with this little fuck!”

“I will fuck both of you up!” He grabs Katey by one leg and drags her forcefully across the room towards me. As he’s about to grab me by the neck, I hit him in the shin. And as the pain stops Matt, I kick him in the groin with all my might, making him drop to the floor and double over.

Using the opportunity, I help Katey up and we both start limping/running towards the door.

“Fuck! The lift’s not here…. Fuck, fuck!”

As we wait for the lift, Matt is coming out of the apartment still a bit shaky. “I will rip you apart you little shit. No one does that to me. You’ll regret that, twerp, you and that cheating cunt.” He’s already next to us. I can hear the lift that has just arrived, too late. I place myself in front of Katey and close my eyes in fear.

He quickly closes the gap and a ham-sized fist connects with my stomach knocking the air out of me. Another hit to my head. As I’m lying on the floor bunched up, Matt grabs an extinguisher from the wall, pushing Katey, who is trying to stop him, off him.

“Now I will teach you a lesson.”

And just as he’s about to swing the fire extinguisher, the lift door behind him opens and one massive hand closes around Matt’s, crushing it into the extinguisher with an impossible grip. Surprised and in pain Matt, barely has time to scream out as the hand tosses him into a wall.

“Joey… oh my god, are you OK? Did that little fuck hurt you?”

“Megan!” The most beautiful sight ever greeted me as I opened my eyes. I thought Matt was going to kill me. “I’m OK. Check… Katey.”

“Watch out, Meg!” Katey screamed as Matt was now charging Megan with the extinguisher. Megan turned around and stood to her full towering height, dwarfing the charging man who had been overpowering both of us a moment ago. Even completely blinded with rage he stumbled a bit at the sight before him. Megan was in flat shoes, but at 7’8″, she was a foot taller than Matt, and built like a truck. The white t-shirt covering her upper body was struggling, barely containing her monstrous shoulders, almost twice as wide as Matt’s.

I heard a dull smacking sound. Opening my eyes, I see Matt’s eyes wide in surprise quickly shifting to fear. The extinguisher is being held motionless by one massive hand connected to an arm that would make a bear run away in fear. Megan’s normally cute and smiling face twisted into a grimace of rage. I had never seen her like that. I was scared of her before when she was just pumped and horny, but if I saw this face of hers directed at me, I’d piss my pants.

Matt was pissed, but slightly unsure what to do about the giant mountain of woman in front of him.

Still holding the extinguisher in one hand, Megan’s body was starting to come to life, massive muscles threateningly pulsing all over her body. In the ensuing silence, the sound of clothes ripping at the seams from Megan’s massive pumping was probably terrifying.

“What the fuck is this…? What are you…? Get away from me!” Matt was saying while stepping back, trying to fight fear with rage.

Megan was advancing as he retreated, slowly pumping her massive body to epic proportions. Her sleeves ripped apart, and a large gap appeared on her back. As Matt retreated and his back came in contact with the wall behind him, Megan stepped in closer. Matt was now face to breasts with Megan, and in panic, he tried hitting her in the stomach. If not for sıhhiye escort the thin layer of flesh covering Megan’s steel-like stomach, he would have probably broken his hand, but the massive abdominal muscles underneath left no question as to who was doing the hurting here.

As Matt was holding his fist in pain, Megan placed one index finger on his breastbone and casually pushed the air out of his lungs. Her other hand balled into a fist, frightening in its sheer size and potency. With terrifying speed and power, Megan punched a hole in the wall.

“How dare you hurt my little baby, you ugly fuck.” Megan’s voice was a low growl that practically froze Joey’s blood in his veins. Matt was beyond scared. Joey could see a little puddle forming beneath his feet.

“Don’t you ever…” BAM! A powerful slap echoed, and blood trickled down Matt’s ear from the pressure.

“Come close to Joey…” BAM! Blood from the other ear as well.

“Or Katey again.” BAM! A few teeth fell out of his mouth and his nose was bent in a strange way.

“Do you understand me, you FUCKING BASTARD!!” BAAAM! His jaw was slacked a bit awkwardly.

“ANSWER ME YOU LITTLE FUCK!!” Megan grabbed Matt by the arms, lifting him up and shaking him. His arms were turning purple and the bones were probably broken where her deadly grip was affixed.

“DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!” Her hand was forming into a fist behind her, ready to drive Matt through the wall.

She might actually kill him, I thought; I have to stop her. “Megan. MEGAN! You’ll kill him!” I ran towards her, hanging myself off her arm. She could have easily driven me, her arm, and Matt’s head through the wall but she stopped, letting him drop to the floor in a broken heap.

“Oh Joey, are you OK?” She crouched to hug me crushing me in her arms and legs, she was so pumped from the adrenalin she was hurting me without realising it.

“Yes, yes, I’m fine. But please, you’re hurting me… and we have to take care of Katey.”

“Oh, my god yes, sorry.”

Katey was getting up on shaky feet. “I’m all… all right, guys. Thank you… just a few bruises. That bastard is not man enough to hurt me.”

“And you were so brave, little guy, saving me,” Katey hugged me and planted a kiss on the top of my head.

“Your boyfriend is very brave, Megan. He saved me from that maniac.”

“Boyfriend.” Megan was turning red. “But we never… why…. Well, I guess if Joey’s okay with that….”

One of those movies where a dying man sees his life pass before him came to mind. Except in my case I had short look at the broken heap on the floor that, a few moments ago, was a monster of a man who could beat me to a pulp, and all it took to reduce him to nothing was a few seconds with a very angry girl. The dream I just had also went through my mind, with the same girl crushing my body in a moment of passion; the same girl who was now looking at me — well, down at me — asking if I want to be her boyfriend. And there was still the issue of what she would do if she found out about Katey “taking care” of me.

So I proceeded to do one of the bravest things in my life: I told an almost-8 foot tall muscular angel/monster that I cheated on her. The same one who just broke a man’s jaw with a slap.

“Megan, you should know that me and Katey….”

“You and Katey, what…? Did you cheat on me?” Her voice again grew low and menacing, her muscles grew tense and monstrously huge. Megan took a deep breath expanding her chest, spreading her shoulders… and started laughing.

“Don’t worry Tiny, I know Katey has been abusing you while I was gone. I told her I don’t mind sharing you with her, and I know you couldn’t stop her. Oohhhhhh… you looked so scared! Didn’t Katey tell you… I would never hurt you little one, you know that. But I soo love teasing you!”

“Thank you for saving us, Megan.” I approached her hugging her waist, and kissed her right above her navel. Now that all of this was over, my hands were shaking furiously, and I was so happy to hug my gigantic girlfriend. “I’d the happiest person alive to call you my girlfriend, Megan.”

Something was funny though. Before, when Megan was in flats, my head would sit between her breasts when I was hugging her. Now they were over my head…. I didn’t have time to think about that as Megan responded by picking me up as high as she could and then planting several forceful big wet kisses on my face she pressed me firmly into a bone-crushing hug that took all the air out of my body. Swinging me left and right like a little girl with a teddy bear, flailing my legs like spaghetti.

“Now that you guys are an item and you really do look so cute together, I think I’ll take my leave and go lick my wounds. I wouldn’t want to bother you more today, I have caused enough trouble for one day.”

“Nonsense,” said Megan, letting me down and smiling as I was gasping for breath. “You’re coming with us, I have to take care of both of you. I said share and share we will,” Megan said, her hand ruffling my hair.

“But, I thought we were just joking. I mean, I would absolutely LOVE to share that cute little thing with you, but wouldn’t you mind, now that you’re like a couple or whatnot….” Katey said as she flashed me a secret smile.

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