Meeting up with an old boyfriend and his new hubby


Meeting up with an old boyfriend and his new hubbyTrue story. Back in October this year I was contacted by an ex lover who had moved on and met another guy who he had settled down with and decided to marry. I had been quite disappointed when he told me a year earlier that he had met someone else and he would have to cool our relationship as he wanted to make a go of it with this new guy Richard.I wished them well and tried to pretend I wasn’t bothered but I had grown to love Tony myself and had developed from a shy secretive cross dresser into a confident CD who can be seen regularly in the Goose in Manchester.Tony had asked my fantasies and fetishes during our courtship and was very excited when I said I loved wearing basques, stockings and the sluttiest outfits in private.I was soon cross dressing full time and lived the life of Tony’s “wife” cleaning and cooking and then dressing up for his return from work. We had a very good sex life but one day he dropped the bombshell he’d met Richard at work.I moved out and got on with my life, the pain lessened and I started to socialise again and met and made some wonderful friends on dating apps.Then, out of the blue I received a text from Tony. He said he still thought about me and wondered how I was doing, said he was sorry for the way it ended and that he was in Manchester for the weekend and would like to see me.I waited a couple of days, but knew I would weaken and agree to meet him, the old feelings I had for him surfaced and I eventually texted back.I asked if his husband would mind and he said he had told him all about me, the great times we shared and that Richard was eager to meet me too.My phone rang and I trembled as I pressed answer.”Hello sexy” he said, his voice deep and sexy as I remembered.we chatted like we used too, all awkwardness gone in seconds.Tony asked if I still cross dressed and I said it was a natural part of my life and that I spent more time as a Fem than male. My clit throbbed as he said they would love me to visit them at their hotel and to wear my sluttiest gear.I pretended I wasn’t sure and that it might not be a very good idea but I was already planning my outfit!Tony begged to see me and I “reluctantly” agreed to meet him in a wine bar on Canal Street.That afternoon I wore my black skin tight wet look pants, black boob tube and red high heel boots and red leather biker jacket. I wore my long black hair down and wore red lipstick with false eyelashes and smokey eye make up.His eyes lit up when he spotted me sat on a tall stool at the bar. I crossed my long slim legs and posed so he would take the full view of my slim body as he entered the bar. His timing couldn’t have been better as I was being chatted up by a good looking Asian guy with a sexy hipster beard as he walked over. I gave the guy my number as Tony stood at the side of us and asked him to call me later that day as I had a meeting with an old friend.He said he looked forward to it and looked and winked at Tony as he left, giving me a big sexy grin.Tony tried to laugh it off but I could see it had rattled him a bit and felt good that he still had feelings for me.I stood up and kissed him and he pulled me close but I pulled away.We chatted and Tony relaxed and started to be his charming self, plying me with red wine while he drank his usual G and T.He asked if I’d thought anymore of meeting up with Richard and him at their hotel.I teased for a while but eventually agreed to meet up that evening.I had one proviso. I wanted Richard to meet me in the bar of the hotel while Tony stayed upstairs in their room. I wanted him to woo me, buy me drinks and be seen in public with a C D and have people in the hotel, see him take me upstairs to have sex with me. It would be obvious as I would be dressed in the shortest PVC dress , stockings and suspenders on show when I sat down with my little red leather biker jacket on.I had worn this outfit a week earlier in town and ended up fighting guys off in NYNY until I succumbed to a fit young blonde lad who screwed me all night long back at my place.Tony agreed and we set a time bahis siteleri and I left the bar, I kissed him sexily, putting my tongue in his mouth but as he went in for a passionate kiss, pulled away and left him stood with a raging hard on.That evening I had a long soak in the bath, made sure my skin was flawless and smooth, not a stray hair anywhere on my body and slipped into a new black hi cut PVC basque with long suspenders. I attached the skin tight PVC stockings and slipped the tiny PVC thong on and admired myself in the mirror. I stood on my tiptoes and turned around to make sure that the boys first glimpse of my body would make them pant for more.I felt a strange power. Seeing Tony and how he seemed jealous of the Asian guy, how he fawned over me at the bar made me want revenge.I smiled wickedly as I put on my deep red lipstick and made up my eyes in a sexy smokey look. I wanted to break them up. I was going to try and get them to want me to be a regular play thing, then work on them separately to meet me, then tell the other what was happening. My clit leaked at the thought of it.I got the taxi to drop me at the doors of the Malmaison and strutted in on my black wet look six inch stilettos ignoring everyone. The doorman held the door open and I stood inside and waited.A large bald man with a blushing red face flustered over to me.”Richard?” I said dismissively He stuttered and tried to guide me to a table in the corner where he had been sat. He looked me up and down and said I was gorgeous. I ignored him and looked around the room. All eyes were on us, I chose a table in the window, in full view and stood waiting for him to remove my jacket.He muttered something about him already having our drinks at another table but I smiled and fixed him with a stern look.”I want to sit here darling” I said loudly.He took my jacket and I watched every guy in the room ogle my slim PVC clad body. Some made crappy remarks to their girlfriends but I’ve been to bed with too many “straight” guys who beg me to wear the slutty gear and fuck them up the arse to realise all men given the choice of not being found out would have sex with another man, especially if he/ she was in stockings and suspenders and heels.Richard pulled out my chair and I sat, crossing my legs so the dress rode up and showed the tops of the stockings.He ran to the other table and brought over the drinks. He was on Vodka and had a large red wine for me which I sipped and stared over the glass at him.”Is this your idea or Tony’s?” I asked.He seemed lost at the question.”To have me over for sex, to share me in your bed” I said slightly loud so the couple on the next table could listen in. They sat in silence straining in on our conversation.”It’s a joint thing” he whispered, “Tony brought the subject up when we decided to visit Manchester, but it’s something I’ve always been keen on, meeting you at least” he smiled.”So do you find me attractive?” I asked sexily”Oh yes Sasha” he said in a breathy voice.”And are you going to fuck me or am I going to fuck you?” I said, again looking over at the young couple on the next table who were red with excitement that they were a part of this scene.”May I make love to you Sasha, please” he added.”Mmm make love to me hey?” I smiled, “Not just want to fuck me and get rid of me.?” I questioned.I felt powerful as I watched the boy on the next table slip his hand down to his cock to move it in his pants. He was hard at the thought of being part of this game. He would have loved to ditch the drab little girl he was sat with and end up in bed with Richard and me, naked and sucking and being sucked.I swung out from under the table and crossed my legs again so the boy got an eyeful of my long legs in PVC and the suspenders at the top of my tanned thighs.I smiled at him and he smiled back. His girlfriend nudged to get his hand to get attention back and I laughed.I asked why he had decided to share his husband with me, an ex lover, didn’t he feel that I might be an itch Tony could not wait to scratch again?He softened. He told me that Tony spoke very fondly canlı bahis siteleri of me, that he didn’t see me as a threat, and that he wanted more than anything to become my friend.”So Tony can fuck me regularly?” I sneered.”No Sasha” he said softly. “So we can be friends, share you, hopefully become a long lasting friendship. Tony has told me what a sexy, kind, vibrant girl you are and I see how happy he is when he talks about you. He was walking on air after you met and agreed to come over tonight.” He smiled.”And you aren’t a little jealous?” I queried”Not at all, I can live with him sleeping with you, if I get to share you too then that’s fantastic, but we want you in our lives” he gushed.I looked into his eyes sexily and licked my lips, I had his full attention. I reached under the table and touched his groin. His cock was rock hard.”I’ll have another large red wine sweetie please” I smiled and stared at his bulge as he struggled out of his chair.”I can’t wait to suck you off while Tony watches” I shouted after him as he headed to the bar. I laughed as his neck went crimson.I reached into my handbag and scribbled my name and number on a card. The girl at the next table had gone to the toilets and I handed it to her boyfriend.He took it quickly and put it in his pocket, watching for his girls return.”Call me tomorrow at around four in the afternoon” I said sexily.”Yes Mistress” he flustered “Oh, you want me to be your Mistress do you?” I grinned “ Then I had better wear something a Mistress would wear when her young sex slave visits” I said.”Oh Fuck” he said and turned away as we saw the toilet door open and his girl return.I stopped pressuring Richard and showed by friendly flirtatious side which he fell for in a big way. I drained my glass and said I was ready to go upstairs with him if he was ready and make love while his husband watched.He jumped up, his cock visible through his chinos, a little wet spot in them pleased me and I allowed him to slip my jacket over my shoulders and lead the way to the lifts in the hall.I smoothed down my dress and walked deliberately slowly behind him so all the men and their women could see where we were going, and obviously about to do.Richard opened the door for me and I stroked his cock as I brushed past him into the bedroom. Tony was lay naked on the bed.His cock erect and ready. I had sucked and had it inside me a million times and I looked forward to making him cum in or over me again.I stopped and Richard removed my jacket from my shoulders and hung it up.I smiled at Tony to acknowledge him but turned to Richard and started to run my hands across his chest. He was a chubby guy with saggy boobs and I slipped my hands inside his t shirt and slipped it off over his head. He was trembling as I stared him in the eyes as I loosened his belt and unfastened his pants. They dropped to the floor and I stroked his hard cock through his boxers. He stroked my body and I eventually allowed him to kiss me, my tongue darting in and out of his mouth as he breathed heavier and heavier. I pulled away slowly and kissed my way down his chest. I playfully nibbled his right nipple as I slowly squat down in my heels. I knew Tony was wanking as he looked at my firm sexy ass wrapped tightly in PVC.I slipped down Richards boxers and his cock flipped up toward my red lips. A bead of pre cum glistened in the bedroom lamplight and I gazed up,at him as I slowly licked my lips and moved my tongue toward it, slowly licking the cum off the head of his dripping cock and taking the whole head into my soft mouth. He groaned and his legs shook as I stroked his thighs with my red talons, cupping his tight ball sack and gently scratching them as I sucked the shaft of his throbbing cock. Richard wasn’t too well endowed, about seven inches now as he was fully turned on, Tony was a little bigger, about eight ( exactly eight, we had measured it!). I stood up and told him to unzip me. He did and the PVC dress fell to my ankles and I steadied myself by holding his cock as a support, and stepped sexily out of it. I stood with my legs canlı bahis apart and straightened my panties and suspenders. I could hear Tony wanking away on the bed, the skin making a slapping sound as he watched his husband be seduced by his ex lover.Richard was transfixed by my body. I loved this feeling of power. I smiled as I thought of having the young boy downstairs inside me and how I would seduce Richard into a threesome with him and leave Tony at home wanking to what was about to happen tonight. I fantasised about the sexy Asian guy, hopefully he would be more masterful than the guys I was with tonight, the little boy had already called me Mistress so I knew he wasn’t going to command me about. I grinned at the thought of being made to wear a black Muslim outfit that covered my body and face, suspenders and stockings underneath. I felt turned on.”Do you like what you see darling?” I purred in Richards ear. “Oh God yes Sasha” he said breathlessly, I want you so much” he saidI slowly walked backwards toward the bed, pulling Richard after me by his cock. He waddled after me, his pants around his ankles making him struggle.”Strip off darling” I said to him, still ignoring Tony as I lay beside him on the bed and rolled over and slipped my g string down out of the crack of my pussy.”Make love to me Rich” I said and slipped the pillows under my waist so my pussy was raised for his cock to enter.He ignored Tony and kicked his shoes and pants off and knelt between my legs and sucked my hole, running his hands all over my body as he got me wet then slipped the tip of his cock inside me hole.”I’m going to cum Sasha” he almost sobbed.”That’s ok baby” I soothed, “I’m staying all night so you can make love to me as many times as you like” I said sexily.i felt his cock throb and his hot sperm squirt into my hole and on my cheeks of my arse. He shuddered and gripped me and I soothed him and turned around, gently sucking the cum off his red proud cock. Tony knelt up and kissed him on the mouth passionately, I smiled and rolled back onto the pillows.”I’m lubed up if you want to fuck me now” I said with a sneer. I watched them in the mirror over the head of the bed as Richard nodded and guided Tony toward my pussy. I felt the familiar head probe my hole and relaxed so it slipped in with a pop, his husbands cum as lubrication and rode him as he gripped my hips and started to fuck me.Richard lay at our side and I reached over and pulled him toward me, I kissed him passionately as his husband pumped his cock In and out of my pussy.He looked into my eyes and smiled as he started to get aroused again.””Hurry up Tony” he smiled, I want to make love to her again” he said, he looked lovingly at me and I smiled sexily, I wanted him. Not because I liked him, I wanted him so Tony couldn’t have him.”Can I suck you Sasha?” He whispered in my ear as we kissed as Tony started to speed up.”Not yet sexy” I purred, “Not till you have filled me at least three times with your gorgeous cock and seeded me again”His cock stood to attention and I gripped Tony’s cock with the muscles in my pussy. He groaned in delight and I felt him pump his hot seed into me as he shuddered with his orgasm.”Next” I smiled as I straddled Richard on the bed and slid his cock inside me as I dragged my nails down his podgy chest and bit his bottom lip seductively.”Wank over us again will you?” I said to Tony”It really turns me on” I said breathily as I rode Richards shaft, “Look at us In the mirror” I said as I directed Richards face toward the mirror on the wall. “Look how sexy we are” I said and I felt him grip me a little tighter as he lost himself in the moment. He had forgotten about his husband wanking on the bed at the side of us, he wanted me, and I was going to make sure that’s how it was going to stay. I grinned at Tony who looked at me like some stupid prick, he was wanking away at his soggy little cock. He thought this would go all his way, that I would melt into his arms and his jealous husband would have to go along with his plan. Little did he know that at tea time the following day I had a plan to have Richard and a sexy young boy both knelt at my feet, licking my sexy red boots and kissing each other before I let them take turns in cumming inside me.Poor Tony. He was going to learn not to cross Mistress Sasha ever again.

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