Subject: Meeting Papa 3 Please support the site Nifty https://donate./ No Ramping up so read the first two parts. Meeting Papa 3 I was still naked as I went over to Papa siting of the couch. He told me our family had in our blood the power of controlling things. It had to be activated like a switch. “What do you mean Papa.” I asked? “Son, it’s not possibly fun if you don’t like man to man sex. But the first time is at age 11 it can be started.” He spoke. “But I’m why did it happen or be done to me when I was 11,” I asked? “Because of your mother. She knows something is different in our family. She doesn’t know what it is. You dad did want her to know what it was. So that’s why we made up the had to see you to give you the inheritance. But that part is still true.” “Papa I’m not sure. You know that my dad and I have sucked each other off about a dozen times,” I told him. “This involves anal sex,” He said. “You mean you or dad could of just done it. But al because of my mom neither of you didn’t do it to me?” “That’s right son. When it first released in you it’s wild. When you gain control you’ll be fine,” he said. “How long will that take? Let do it. I want it released in me.” “Danny, are you sure. One you gain control. You’ll have the choice to use it or not. But up till then. It could cause you trouble,” said my grandpa. “Grandpa take me to bed and release the magic and power.” He told me it would hurt the first time. “Can’t you use your power to block the pain?” He looked at me and moved his finger strangely and I felt different. Then we both stripped. He lowered his face as I got on istanbul travesti my back. His tongue worked me over so good. I was lost in moaning. Then he lube us both up. His meat entered me it felt strange. Then it felt weird. Then It hit my prostate. I moan. I later learned my prostate was sensitive. It varies from guy to guy. I leaned fast I had a lot of sensitive areas on me gsexual wise. Papa waved his hands and I felt something touching a number of areas of my body. The pleasure was so great. I was soon screaming in orgasm. I had felt Papa cum in my butt. I grabbed the man while still on the bed. I started to kiss him. I also felt strange. “Now take it easy for a few days. It could take you a month to gain control,” He said. “I think I can feel it working in me. I feel strange.” He looked at me. I kissed him more on the lips again. “Can this power be past to anyone?” “No, you have don’t have it in you. I didn’t really give you anything. I helped you connect with it. My sperm in you make the connection stronger. Up till ten times I can help you and will make a difference. I know this because that’s what happened with me and your father. But you can get more from your dad. It will help even. More. We did it all the time till his met your mom.” We went at it all the time. I even gave him my load up his ass. He called in to the Jr. Hight and said I was sick. “Its about month to recover the doctor said,’ He said over the phone. A month later. I wanted to get back to school. I didn’t hate learning. Papa kept me busy the whole month. He had me reading from old books. So much of it was now stuck in my head. I soon learn how I could remember everything if I thought about it. I even got kadıköy travesti better at School. I went to Gray’s house. I helped him with his homework. I had finished mine in study class. Back home at Papa’s house. I had sex a total of 100 times. I was so over sexed. Papa understood. So was he. We took to pounding each other all the times a couple or more times a day. “My power is so strong Papa. How are you doing,” I asked. He mention his was stronger too. As the year wore on I felt a deep connection to Papa. It wasn’t just the sex. We were doing skill or magic working together. It was like I felt like a different person inside. We had talked about so much when I was home for a month. There were 98 book on the subject of our family how to do things. I had read all but two books. Grandpa also had some in his private collection. He had told me I wasn’t ready for those books. The books were so old. I could feel magic for lack of a better word; keeping them together. I added my magic to the books to keep them together. I hoped my brothers and future generation would read them. I thought about digitizing them too. I had 3 brothers. Dexter was 8, Dowel was 6 and Dover was 5. My mom had her tube tied after Dover. I hoped they’d get a chance to get control of the power in them when they were 11 or more. I went to Gary’s house and met his family. They were nice enough. Gary had always spoken highly about therm. He asked his folks if he could go to my house. They said sure. But there was a look in Mr. Dawson eyes. As soon as we were in my papa’s house. I used my power to put desire in Gary’s mind a lot. We were still near the front door. He almost slammed me into. He grabbed me and was passionately kissing me. He suddenly stopped. bakırköy travesti “Why did you do that,” I asked him? “I don’t know?” “Well it was nice. How about for you,” I asked him. “Yeah it was good. come here,” said Gary. He grabbed me and we started to make out. We were lost in the moment. “Boys, Boys, go into Danny’s room. What your doing may turn into something you don’t want to share,” he said. I sent more desire to Gary. My self. I just wanted sex with a guy or girl. I also like Gary too. Sorry to cut short the detail. We end up naked and switching back and forth pounding each other. We were on the bed naked. Gary had his head on my chest. He was just looking into space. The doorbell rang. We got dress and went to the door. Papa came too. “Good afternoon, I’m Grant Dawson. Gary you need to come home.” He said. Papa where there. He closed the door behind Grant. “Mr. Droney Sir, Long time no see,” Said Grant. I pushed sexual desire towards him. I could see him shift in his look. I push more and he reached for me and kissed me. Papa looked at me with a smirk. He knew what I was doing. “Dad, why did you kiss Danny,” asked Gary. “I felt a strong urge to do it.” Gary grabbed his dad and they kissed. I push more desire at them both. They were soon going crazy kissing. They were soon on my bed sucking each other off. “Why did you do that,” Papa asked me in a whisper? “Because I thought they should bond more,” I whispered. “Gary told me his dad had been distant recently. I just thought that maybe they’d connect.” We watched as they were now engaged in Grant have his sons meat in his butt. We both started to laugh at my moment of connecting. Soon Grant had his meat in his sons taint. They were asleep on my bed. Papa just smiled. He was in the kitchen fixing dinner now. I set the table for 4. More later Here’s a link to my other stories. fty//prolific.htmljasonbonerboy Jason Bonerboy ail

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