Max’s Freudian Slip – Chapter 13

by ail


Author’s notes:

This is the fictional account of a relationship that develops between a man and a teenage boy.  It might involve some sex at some point, so if that sort of thing offends you, move along.

Sorry for taking so long to get this chapter out.  Conversations take longer to write and this chapter is mostly one big conversation.   A pivotal one.

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Chapter 13 – Madison (pt 2)

Max climbed into my bed and positioned himself just beside me.  About a foot of space separated us.   His sudden appearance and the troubled sound in his voice had spoiled my impending jerk off session.

He was on his side, looking at me.  I could barely make out his body in the dim light.   I rubbed his arm and shoulder.  “What’s up Max?  You’re not getting sick are ya?” It was my first thought.

“Nah, I just can’t sleep is all,” he answered.

“Are you not tired or um…is something bothering you?”  I was pretty sure it was the latter.

“I dunno,” he shrugged.  “Kinda both. It’s hard to sleep when the hottest thirteen year old boy in the planet is asleep next to you in nothing but his underwear, but that’s not really it.”

This sounded like a deflection.  I recalled the raised voice I had heard earlier.  “Did something happen?”

“Kinda,” he muttered.  Geez!  He was really making me drag it out.

I’ll play his game.  “Ok Max.  Kinda what?”

“I…Kinda… got into an argument with Cam.”

I paused for a bit.  “I see. You guys have never argued before?”


“And what was this about?”

“He got mad and called me a baby.”

“A baby? What?  Why?”

“Because I wouldn’t,” he began and then stopped.

“Wouldn’t what max?”

“Suck his dick.  You know, do blow jobs,” he answered, talking down into his chest.

“Oh,” I answered, somewhat taken aback.  “You didn’t want to?”

He answered hurriedly, confused.  “Yes.  No.  Sorta. I don’t know.”  You could sense some frustration.

“Well that’s all over the place Max,” I answered, with a slight laugh.  I rubbed my hand lightly on his shoulder and across his chest.   “It’s all ok Max.”

“I know.  Well, I didn’t wanna because I was afraid you’d hear us and thought that would be weird.” 

“Max, you know it wouldn’t have bothered me, right?  I mean I left you guys alone today so you could do that kind of stuff.”  Of course I would have enjoyed listening to them slurp on each other’s cocks too!

“I know, but seemed kind of wrong doing it when you are just around the corner.  And I dunno, I’m kinda scared of trying it.”   Ah… so now the real truth was coming out.

“Sorry I should have shut my door I guess.  So Cam got mad because you didn’t want to?”

“Yes.  And he kinda made fun of me and said if Ian and Spencer do it I’m being a baby for not wanting to try,” he explained.

“Sounds to me that Cam was super horny and really wanted to cum.   Sometimes people say things when they are horned up that they don’t mean.  Did you guys not do anything earlier while I was gone?”

“Oh yeah, we did.  In the shower.”

“You showered together? Cool.  How was that?”

“Really awesome.   We jerked each other off after we made out under the hot water.”  I was surprised at how suddenly forthcoming he was, considering he was very slow to tell me about what happened at the sleep over and how slow he was to reveal what had just happened with Cam.

“Nice.  But I guess Cam was horny again after the massages?  Maybe those weren’t a good idea after all.”

“I liked the massage.   I was horny too Craig.   Max was whispering dirty things into my ear.”

“Like what?”

“Like how he wanted to massage my dick.   And he joked about you getting a boner from us being almost naked.”

“Ha, very funny,” I answered, suddenly nervous that one of them might have noticed.  I quickly changed the subject.  “So a bit ago you said were scared of trying it.  How come?”

“I dunno, just nervous.  I mean what if I get pee in my mouth?  Does a dick taste funny?  What if he shoots in my mouth?  What if I’m just really bad at it?”

I couldn’t help but to laugh to myself at his concerns.  It was cute in a way.  I had still been rubbing my hand across his chest and arm.  I think it was helping him relax and open up.  “Maybe I could show you how?” I suggested as I balled my hand into a fist and pushed on his chest rather hard.  It was my way of subtly signaling to him that I was joking.  Of course, I was joking, mostly.  

“Yeah right!” he answered sharply, pushing me back on the chest.  “What to do you know about doing that?  You’re like totally straight Craig.”   After he pushed on my chest his hand rubbed across my chest hair.

“Oh Max.  My dude.  Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I might not have tried some other stuff at some point in my life.”  I am not sure what possessed me to tell him that, it just felt like the right time to open up to him. 

He leaned up onto his elbow.  I had clearly gotten his attention. “Really?  When?”

I sat silently, considering just how much to tell him.  I wanted to connect with him on our common desires, but I didn’t want to frighten him in any way, or have him lose any faith in me as a ‘good guy’.  I started to speak once and stopped.  His hand was soon back on my chest, running across my daddy fur.   Was he now trying to coax me into talking?  It was like the tables had turned.   “Mostly when I was your age or a little younger,” I finally answered and then added “then a couple times in college.”  I decided to stop there and leave out anything recent activities.   There was no reason for him to know I wasn’t always faithful to my wife or that I had fooled around with Cam’s dad.  I didn’t want to give him any reason to lose faith in me.  “And I’m not ashamed of any of that Max.”

Max was suddenly ankara escort alert now and no longer seemed upset.   I think he had forgotten about his tiff with Cam and was now interested in my life story.  “Is that why you don’t care about us doing stuff like most grown-ups would?  Because you did stuff to?”

“Yes.  In fact, I must admit hearing about the escapades between you and Cam,and even Ian and Spencer, kind of makes me feel….sorta… um….”

“Horny?” he asked, laughing.

“Well I was going to say nostalgic.  It reminds me of times with my own friends growing up.  And yes Max,” I continued, playfully rubbing his chest, “it is kind of arousing as well.”

Just then the A/C kicked back and a wave of cold air rushed over my back.   “Brrr,” Max said.  “Holy shit, that’s cold.”   I lifted the covers up to allow him to climb underneath.  I pulled the blankets back up over us.

“Better?” I asked as he leaned into me.

“Yeah,” he answered.  He was even closer to me now.  I could feel the heat from his body.   His hand found his way back into my chest hair.  He seemed intrigued by it.  “So, you’d really show me how to do it?”

“Do what?” I answered.  

“You know.  What we were talking about earlier.  Blow jobs?”

“Max?  C’mon.  Think about that?  Would I really do that?  Where’s your dad right now?”

“I didn’t mean..,” he started to say and then just got quiet and shrunk away.  I shouldn’t have mentioned his dad.  That was kind of a low blow and I could feel the hurt in him.

 “I’m sorry man. I shouldn’t have brought up your dad.   There was a better way to say what I meant without zinging you like that.   Please forgive me.”

“It’s ok Craig.  It was a really stupid thing to ask.”

“Not really, don’t beat yourself up,” I sighed.  I contemplated whether to tell him more.  I decided to take a chance.  What the hell!  “Max, the honest truth is that if it weren’t illegal AND I was 110% sure it wouldn’t mess you up in the head, there’s not much else I’d enjoy more than showing you how.”

“Seriously?  You would?  You mean you’d like sucking my dick?  For real Craig?”

“Yes, Max.  I would.  Really.”  A long silence followed.  I feared I’d just ruined everything with Max.  All these months of building a friendship might have just been ruined with one stupid admission.   “Sorry Max, I shouldn’t have told you that.  Please don’t worry.  I’d never try something like that with you.  Our friendship means more than anything else.”

“I know.  Can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“Um…. does that mean you’re kind of a perv, just like my dad?”  I couldn’t tell if he was angry or just trying to sort things out.

“Maybe… I guess… in a way? Except I mean I’ve never actually done something with a youngster, well not since I was one.  And I wouldn’t.  But….”  I wasn’t sure how to continue.

“But what Craig?”

“I don’t know.  It’s really hard to explain.”   I was afraid this conversation was going too deep for Max to grasp.

 “Try?” he pleaded.

“OK, well I guess the first thing you need to understand is that people can have a variety of attractions, sexual attractions I mean.   It’s not always black and white.  It’s not like someone either has to just like guys or has to just like girls.”

“Right.  Like some people are bisexual.  I know that.”

“Right.  But sometimes there are a few other attractions you can have to.  Let me explain, at least for me.  So I told you I did stuff with friends when I was your age right?  Well, actually younger even.   I guess my first time doing things, sex things, was with my friends when we were all boys.  Those memories are permanently imprinted in my brain.   And those are fond memories.  Good memories.  And so sometimes when I see cute boys like you, or Cam, it reminds me of the friends I did things with as a boy and that makes me happy.   So it’s like my brain is kind of wired to be think boys are cute.  I don’t know if it’s something like that with your dad and girls or what.  Maybe it is.  But I know there are lots of men in the world who are attracted to boys.  But it’s really only a problem if they act on their attractions.”

“It’s ok Craig.  I know you’d never do anything to hurt me.  I trust you.”  He patted me on my arm.

“Thanks Max.  What I just told you… that I’m sometimes find boys cute and all… Well, I’ve never told anyone that.  Nobody. You understand?”

“Really?  Nobody?  You’re trusting me more than anyone?”

“Yes, mate.  I’m counting on you to keep it a secret.  You think you can manage that?”

“I will Craig.  Promise!” Max said and reached across and hugs me.  “You’re hard,” he said.  I swear he even rubbed his leg against it a second time on purpose.  I hadn’t even noticed my erection.  Evidently talking about sex with Max had caused my cock to react.

“Well, do you know what it’s like laying next to the hottest 13 year old boy on the planet? Talking about sex and tell me about jerking off his boyfriend in the shower?”  I reached down and gently moved his thigh away from my crotch.  I didn’t want this to get out of hand.  Well, I suppose deep down a part of me loved him rubbing against my dick, but I consciously knew I had to draw a line.

“You really like hearing about what we do?”

“Are you kidding Max?  For a guy who thinks boys are cute, it’s kind of like real life porn.”  I continued to explain my attraction as just ‘thinking boys are cute’.  I was trying to downplay the sex side as much as possible.  “If you want to stop sharing so much, I’ll understand.”

“It’s ok.  I don’t mind, especially if it makes you happy,” he replied.   “So you’d like to hear all about Cam, Spencer and Ian and me jerking each other’s dicks in the hot tub then?” 

“Jesus! Hell yes.  But not tonight, Max.  It’s late enough already.”   I wanted so bad to hear all about that but I thought it escort ankara would be good to not appear too eager.

“Can I ask you something?” he asked after a long silence.

I assumed he was wondering about me liking boys and had questions.  “Of course Max.”   

I was wrong.  He had changed gears on me.   “What does a dick taste like?  I mean is it gross?” he asked.  He was back to thinking about sucking Cam’s dick.

“Lick your arm Max,” I instructed.  When he was done, I continued.  “Was that gross?”

“No,” he answered sharply, insinuating it was a silly thing to ask.

“Well, as long as it’s clean, a dick shouldn’t taste any different than your arm.”

“Ok, what about pee?”

“What about it?  Unless Cam just came from the toilet and forgot to shake, you don’t have to worry about that.  Really, I don’t think I ever noticed that.  Ever.”

“OK, and …what about the other stuff?”

“Cum?  Jizz?  Semen?” I asked trying to make him laugh.  “You never tasted yours?”

“No.  I never really thought to I guess.”

“Well, you should, just so you know what it is like.  I can’t describe what it tastes like.  But Max, you shouldn’t worry anyway.  It’s not like you won’t be able to tell when someone is about to ejaculate.   You can always take it out so Cam doesn’t do it in your mouth. And one more thing.  Anyone who doesn’t warn you is a jerk that doesn’t deserve what you are giving.”

“OK, but is it hard to do?” I couldn’t believe how complicated Max was making a blow job seem!

“ Max.  Sucking a dick is easy!   Trust me.  Even if you do it poorly it will still feel fantastic for Cam.  You’re not planning to bite his dick are you?”

“NO!  Of course not.”

“Well, then don’t worry.  He’ll love whatever you do.  Remember when I told you that part of the fun of being with someone is teaching each other how to do stuff?”

“Yes, but what do you do?  Lick?  suck?”

“Yes Max, lick all over.  Suck.  GENTLY.   Go up and down.  Don’t bite.  Let him tell you what feels food.  And Max the most important thing is your attitude.”

“My attitude?  What do you mean?”

“Well, if you act like you are worshipping Cam’s cock, that making it feel good is the most important thing in your life at that moment, it will be such a turn on, trust me.   Look up at him while you have his dick in your mouth.   Give him a look that says you love what you’re doing.  It will drive him wild.”

“OK,” he murmured.  I think he thought that seemed odd.  He was focused on the mechanical aspects and hadn’t even considered any of the psychological tools.

“Trust me.   Now Max it’s getting late.  You better get back to bed and get some rest. I didn’t drive five hours to watch you fail at the gym.”

“Ok Craig,” he answered and rolled away from me.  He starts to climb to the side of the bed but stopped and rolled back over to me.  “Craig, thanks,” he said and gave me a big hug. 

“Goodnight Max,” I told him and kissed him on the forehead. 

“Goodnight,” he answered and pulled me tight.  “I love you Craig.”

“Love you too buddy.”

Max climbed out of bed and departed for the living room.   I adjusted my softening cock and was checking my phone when I hear him come back about a minute later.

“Cam is sprawled out all over the bed and he’s snoring. Can I um, just sleep with you?” he asked.

“Of course, I got plenty of room,” I answered. “Just keep on your side of the bed, OK.”  I was mostly joking with him.  It was a king size bed, so I didn’t anticipate any issues with sharing.   I don’t know if it was our talk that had me flustered but it suddenly seemed hot in the room.  I got up and turned the temperature on the thermostat down a couple degrees and slipped back into bed on my side.

Max slipped into the other side of the bed.   I could feel his legs moving up and down and him folding his body.  I was perplexed at what he was doing until it came to me.  He had been pulling off his underwear.   I was surprised Max was going to stick to his naked sleeping routine even when sharing a bed with me.  I smiled though.  Apparently nothing from our talk concerned him.


Sometime in the night, the a/c must have really kicked in and the room got really cold.  I know this because Max has scooted all the way over and has cuddled up next to me.  I wakened with him leaning against me, his warm breath drifting across my bare chest. As I shifted, I felt his cock brush against my arm.  I don’t know how, but I somehow managed to resist the temptation to grab it.  I desperately want to take into my hand and grip it gently and explore it.  I settled with shifting my arm slightly to allow my wrist to brush it a few times.  He was about half hard.   I slip out of bed and adjust the thermostat before coming back to lie next to my naked friend.


When my alarm sounded, Max was still snuggled against me, though his backside was to me now.   The alarm startled him and he sat up as I silence the ringing.  “So much for staying on your side of the bed sunshine,” I teased him.

“Sorry,” he yawned.  “I think I might have gotten cold.”

“It’s ok Max.  I didn’t even notice,” I said as I swung my feet onto the floor.   I stood up and was instantly freezing.  “Maybe you kept me from getting cold.  It is freezing in here.  I think I turned this down way too far.”  I adjusted the thermostat and the fan cut off.

“Do you need to pee before I hop in the shower?” I asked him. 

“Yeah, I better.”  Max climbed to the other side of the bed and reached out and retrieved his yellow Calvin’s from the floor.  I think he was trying to be sly and not make it obvious what he was doing, but I caught all of it out of the corner of my eye as I dug some clothes from my bag.   Without throwing the covers back he slipped them on and climbed out.

“Well, no wonder you got cold,” I joked, shaking my head.   He just grinned and laughed.

ankara escort bayan

While he used the bathroom, I gathered clean clothes and my shaving kit so I could quickly shower and get ready.   When Max came back into the room I told him to get Cam moving.  “Can you get Cam up while I shower, ok?”

“Yeah.  But what do I do Craig?  Should I tell him I’m sorry or what?”

“Just play it by ear.  Sometimes the best thing to do is to just act like nothing happened.   Sometimes you got too just let little things blow over.”


Once behind the safety of the locked bathroom door, I stripped off my underwear and let my swollen cock dangle free.   It ached for release.   I had been aroused for nearly 12 hours now, beginning with the massages, then reading porn and finally my talk with Max and the nude boy cuddling against me.   As I shaved with one hand, my other hand began stroking my aching cock.   I was quickly rewarded with a large smear of accumulated precum which I massaged into my hard cock.   My orgasm was building quickly and I couldn’t wait to finally release the pressure that had been building.

I stopped stroking my cock and just made it twitch (using whatever those internal muscles are) as I finished shaving.   My cock stared up at me as I removed the last of my beard.   Stepping into the warm shower, I took hold of my rod again and began stroking it in earnest.  This time I wasn’t stopping until I spilled my seed.   I was staring at the tile wall, trying to recall the feeling of Max’s naked body on mine when I noticed something.   Jizz!  On the wall!  One of the boys must have sprayed the wall and failed to clean it up.   I gathered it my finger.  There was no doubt what it was.  The smell and texture were unmistakable.  I stepped out of the spray and rubbed the jizz into my own erection.  I wondered who’s cum I had just use to lube up my boner.  Cam’s?  Max’s?  As I looked again, I saw there was even more globs of boy cum on the wall.   One or both of them really had exploded.  I scooped it up and rubbed into my aching dick and sped up my pumping.

I knew I was going to absolutely explode.  The build-up of pressure was immense.  I decided to spray my own cum all over the wall, adding it to whatever was left from the boys.  Something about the idea of coming onto that same wall that one or both of the boys sprayed was highly erotic.   I added a bit of soap suds to my hand and the slick feeling of my hand gliding quickly sent me over the edge.  I gave my cock a few hard strokes and then stopped and watched as it pulsed and spit three thick jets of spunk onto the tile.    A couple more gentle strokes added a few more jets of cum.  Finally my balls were able to relax.

After I finished washing, I removed the sprayer and made sure the wall was cleared of jizz – mine and whomever else’s was on the wall.   I hopped out, toweled off and was standing at the toilet trying to clear the pipes when there was a knock on the door.  “Just a sec,” I shouted as a dribble of piss dropped into the toilet.

“Can you hurry Mr. Peters,” Cam yelled through the door.  “I really need to piss,” he added.

I quickly pulled on my clean underwear and grabbed the towel from the floor.  I would come back and get my clothes after Cam was out.  I unlocked the door and stepped aside to allow him in.  He was still clad in just his bright blue Calvin Kleins.  I stepped out pulled the door shut.

Max was wearing his competition shirt.  I’d never seen the bottom half of one – the gymnasts on TV and such always had on shorts or those white pants over them.  They were basically a leotard or maybe somewhat like a wrestling singlet that was cut higher on the sides.  Max’s yellow underwear was lying on the floor.   I never thought about it, but it was obvious that they didn’t wear underwear underneath the competition shirts.   Unless they were bikini type briefs, it just wouldn’t make sense.    I can’t tell you how sexy Max looked in his purple and grey shirt / leotard-shirt.  His cock and balls were nicely highlighted by the stretchy purple fabric.    I looked at him and smiled.  “Everything ok with you two Max?” I asked.

He gave me the biggest smile.  “Not just Ok Craig, amazing!” he answered.  I wasn’t sure what to make of that and I didn’t have time to ask as the toilet flushed and Cam came marching out of the restroom.  

“Whew!  Much better,” Cam exclaimed as he came out.  “Thanks Craig,” he said. 

“No problem,” I answered and went back into the bathroom to get my dirty clothes and hang up my towel.  I took a few minute to tidy up as well.  I never like leaving a disgusting mess for the maids when I stay at hotel.    When I left to return to my room to finishing dressing, I got a quick glance at Cam in his competition shirt.   He had pulled it up over his waist but hadn’t pulled the top over his shoulders yet.  It was folded in half around his mid-section, but not hanging down enough to cover his obvious bulge.  There was no problem discerning his beans from his frank.   It was a nice image, especially coupled with his muscular bare chest fully on display.  Damn he was hot!


As we walked down the hall to catch the elevator, I put my arm around both of them.  “You guys ready to go kick some ass on the mat? In the gym?  On the rings?  What DO you say anyway?”

Max elbowed me in the side.  “Oh my god Craig, you’re such a newb!” he said giggling. 

Cam joined his laughter.   “At the gym is fine Craig,” he added.

“Thanks.  I love you guys,” I said in my best Eric Cartman voice (which went right over their heads) as I pulled them both into me.


Author’s Notes:

Well, Craig let his secret out of the bag.   Max didn’t seem alarmed.  Maybe he wasn’t so surprised?  Maybe it didn’t really sink in what Craig had just told him?  Will it affect their relationship?  Will Max really keep it a secret?

Please let me know if you think the conversation with Craig and Max was believable!  I really want to know what you thought.

And yes, if you are reading Max’s Awakening, Max’s side of this conversation is coming soon.

As always, comments appreciated.  


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