Matted Hair


My husband had left me and I hadn’t had sex in over sex months. I had met Matt in the supermarket and seeing his handsome frame rekindled memories of our tryst several years ago. I called him and asked him if he could come over for a swim and a drink thereafter. He said he would come and bring along his cousins Sam and Nina.

I am a hirsute woman and I haven’t shaved my armpits. My ex husband had a fetish for armpit hair and I have let my armpits and pussy stay natural. My lovers have all been used to my unshaven appearance but I wondered how Matt would like it since we had lost touch after school.

Matt and my husband had been roommates in college. When Matt and his cousins rang the bell the sight of not only Matt but also Sam immediately aroused me. He looked younger but his body was very muscular and lots of black hair was peeping out of his collar. I love a hairy chest. Nina was a middle-aged brunette who looked sexy enough. I tried to make small talk while I figured out a way to get Matt into bed. “What brings you back here after all these years?”

He said that he had changed his job and would be moving into the neighborhood. Sam said he had to go the bathroom so I went to show him the bathroom. Since I was in a sleeveless dress my bushy armpits were visible to him and out of the corner of my eye I saw Sam staring at my unshaven splendor. Did my bushy underarms turn him on?

Sam said he had been working and would have a bathe before joining us in the pool. I left him and I heard him get into the tub. But I couldn’t resist having a look at him so I quietly opened the door and looked inside. I told him that I had brought a fresh towel. Sam called out “come and give it to me”. As he says so he gets up and sits on the edge of the tub. I now see his body. He is young muscular and very sexy. I have never seen him before and will never see him again after this. His chest is extremely hairy and leads down to a flat stomach. siirt escort My eyes wander further down and I eye his swollen dick as it juts out erect from a massive jungle of black hair. He is already erect and my pussy tingles in anticipation. He asks me to lift my arms so that he can lick my unshaven underarms. As his tongue laps the thick tufty hair in my bushy underarms he cups one of my breasts gently and I gasp. He can feel my nipples and he squeezes it between his thumb and forefinger as he continues to lap away at the long silky strands of my bushy armpit hair. I place my hand in his lap and wrap my fingers around his hot shaft while he plays with my large tits. I lower my head and put my tongue on his cockhead and I slowly swallow his big cock taking him all the way down and then pulling slowly back and rolling my tongue around the large, purple head. He starts saying that he loves my armpit hair. He shouts in ecstasy “I love your hairy armpits. I have never fucked a woman with so much hair under her arms. Lift your arms so that I can see the immense black hair as I cum” He says he loved underarm hair since he was a teenager. “I once saw my aunt who must have been in her thirties having a bath. She was nude and when she lifted her arms to lather her armpits thick coarse bushy hair peeped out of her unshaven armpit. She had a huge nest of jet-black hair growing in her unshaven armpits. She then began to soap her pussy lathering the moss of hair of her mons into a white fluff. She let out a moan as I spied her from the window my young virgin cock growing every second. I pulled out my erect pecker and started wanking seeing the hirsute goddess in front of me. I never thought I would see anyone as hairy and when I saw your uncovered shoulders and you lifted your armpits I knew what I had missed all these years. Your hairy armpits looked like thick wooly hair more like a Russian fur coat”. He cums suddenly as if he is in a trance sincan escort thinking of his hairy aunt with bushy armpits as I open my mouth to swallow as much as possible, but most of his issue lands on my hair and face and some even in my bushy armpits.

By this time Matt and Nina were already in the pool. I m surprised to see that Nina too has not shaved her underarms. Though she is a brunette her armpit hair is not jet black though dark. I wonder why she has never shaved her underarms was she made to stay hairy or was she naturally hairy. I wanted to ask her these questions as I enter the pool my hairy pussy too seems visible since I never have a bikini shave. The hair on my inner thighs is quite bushy too. I swim towards Nina and as I reach closer I can see why Matt can hardly take his eyes of her. She was immensely hairy. Hairier than I first thought. Her wet armpit hair clung to her in a wild untrimmed tangle of bushy hair. I longed to bury my face into her hairy underarms. Would she want to kiss my hairy underarms too or was she just obsessed with the massive dong of Matt, which was erect against his sheer swimming trunks. In the pool Matt though doesn’t seem too interested me though he can’t take his eyes of Nina. Obviously Matt is not concerned about my excessive hairiness.

We leave the pool after a swim and after a few drinks get down to dinner. Everybody was feeling the effect of the before dinner cocktails, Matt and Nina are whispering and giggling in a conspiratorial way.

Soon we all undress and I look at Matt in his naked glory. He has not changed much. His cock stands proudly from his hirsute body as he turns towards Nina who though petite is very busty. Her pubic mound was a wild jungle of dark hair. Nina knelt down and took Matt’s engorged prick into her mouth. I was stroking Sam, while watching Matt and Nina. His dick it appeared was well known to her. As she lifted her arms her armpit sinop escort hair seemed much more hairy than I first thought. Maybe since it wasn’t jet black it didn’t give impression of being bushy but it was very thick and matted with sweat. Nina sucked his shaft into her mouth, working her tongue along it and sucking at it in bursts. Matt groaned out loud as she took more of the head of his extraordinary fat cock into her mouth while her fingers jerked the flesh up and down. His hips started to move up and down pushed her head further onto his enormous cock. I then went towards Nina and licked at the extremely hairy growth in her unshaven armpits. It was a wonderful feeling as I licked at the long hair. I suddenly felt Sam behind me. I looked up just in time to catch the jet of sperm that flooded into Nina’s mouth any eruption there was going to be hot, sweet cum that three guys would eagerly lick clean for her.

I turned and took Sam’s cock in my mouth as Matt put his now slowly rising pecker between my tits. My arms were behind my head and my unshaven armpits seemed to turn on Nina who tugged at the bushy hair in my unshaven underarms. Sam’s cock disappeared into my mouth while Matt’s cock was wedged between my tits, his hands pressing my breasts against his shaft, as he was tit-fucking me whilst his hard prick kept popping out from between the tops of my breasts, and touching the luxuriant growth of my bushy armpits. I could feel Sam’s cock tightening, as he must have felt the urge to cum in my mouth. He screamed, “I am ccuummmmmmmiiinnnnggggg as he took out his cock and sprayed his uncontrollable jism into my bushy underarms. Matt took out his cock from between my breasts and shoved hem into the heavy pelt of hair in my luxuriant armpits rubbing in amongst the profuse growth of hair in my bushy armpits. “Aah” he yelled as the soft silky hair scraped against his exposed glans and he plunged deep into my armpit forest wet with the jism deposited by the cum from Sam’s limp dick. He thrust into my wet hairy armpits and soon his cock swelled and he came in torrents as I felt myself engulfed in spasms as I had multiple orgasms as I came in a shuddering climax.

My Matted dream was a reality.

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