Matt and Daddy cane me


Matt and Daddy cane meThis Fictional Story is written by Jennifer Jones and contains explicit sexual material and situations involving consenting Adults No reference to u******e persons is intended or implied. No reference to real Persons dead or alive is intended or implied.I was sitting on the terrace under the cabana by the pool, reading one of my favorite erotic novels. When I read like this I put it inside a Business Reports magazine so Daddy won’t suspect anything. I was particularly aroused this day reading about a captured woman on a Pirate ship while they beat her and had their way with her when Daddy walked up and told me he was heading to the Airport to pick up a Business partner. I was in a dream world and wasn’t really paying attention until I heard him say it was Matt Johnson from Victoria. I jumped up and said really, Daddy laughed because he knew I had a crush on Matt but then he pointed a finger at me and said, look Jennifer this is an important meeting so I want you to be on your best behavior or I swear I will take the strap to your bare bottom right in front of Matt. I nodded yes that I understood but my mind was already making plans, this could be the opportunity I have been waiting for.I watched Daddy driving down the lane in the Aston Martin and as he headed out onto the highway I headed up to my room to see what I could wear. I took out school girl uniforms that I had not worn in years but they just made me look silly then I saw it, a Brazilian style string bikini. It was flesh colored, had 2 little patches over my nipples, one little triangle over my pussy but as I gave it a tug it would slip in between my pussy lips and all but disappear, and from behind I looked completely naked, perfect I thought. I hurried down stairs and out to the pool. Daddy had taken the strap to me many times for cutting through his Den after swimming and dripping water on his hardwood floors, I figured that I would wait until they were about half way through the meeting and then bolt in and act surprised.As I floated around the istanbul escort pool imagining what could possibly happen to me, I kept slipping a finger down between my legs and then I could hear the Aston coming back up the drive way. My heart starting to beat faster as I could hear them enter Daddy’s Den, oh it seemed like an eternity waiting for the right moment then I could hear them laughing and I figured that should do it. I jumped from the pool and dripping wet, bolted through the patio doors and into the Den. Oh I squealed I am sorry I didn’t know you were in here and Daddy just shouted Jennifer how many times have I told you not to get water on my hardwood floors and then he saw what I was wearing. Matt Johnson was also getting a good look at what I was wearing, his eyes were like saucers and I turned to him, held out my hand and said Hi Mr Johnson nice to see you again, he managed to mumble something. Daddy was furious, he said I told you to be on your best behavior so I am going to tan your behind right now in front of Matt. I pretended to be shocked saying oh Daddy you can’t spank me in front of Matt it would be too embarrassing and besides I am sure he doesn’t want to witness a young woman getting a bare bottom spanking. As I said this I turned and smiled at Matt, his face was flushed and he had put his briefcase on his lap to hide what must have been an ever increasing erection. Daddy knew what I was up to and was determined to take control of the situation so he opened his desk drawer and took out the dreaded strap.Right then, I want you to bend over my desk and grab hold of the other side, I am going to beat some sense into you so you will learn to behave. Daddy stood to my left and taking aim and tapping the heavy leather on my still wet and virtually naked bottom he raised it for the first stroke. I did not have long to wait to hear that woosh smack woosh smack, oh that strap stings and the sound reverberates around the room. Daddy adjusted me a little so he could get a better target, then started again, this beylikdüzü escort time faster, smack smack smack smack smack, ooooooh I moaned and turned to look at Daddy, I could see he was determined to make sure I remembered this one. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK oh he was whipping me harder than he ever had, please Daddy I howled please not so hard I promise I will be good. I tried to stand up but Daddy got Matt to go around the desk and hold me down, he put my hands behind my back and leaned on me so all I could do was lay there and take it. SMACK WHIP SMACK WHIP SMACK SMACK SMACK, on and on it went covering my whole bottom, hips and thighs. I was crying my eyes out, tears pooling on the desk when Daddy finally stopped. I thought it was over but Daddy had other plans, he switched places with Matt and told him to get the cane from the cupboard. Matt had a huge grin on his face as he approached me with the cane, I could see him in the reflection in the big mirror. He stood there for a bit admiring the very thing he had wanted for a long time, waiting for me to come of age, never knowing how to ask or approach me, not wanting to ruin a lucrative Business arrangement. Daddy shocked him out of his daydream saying get on with it man, Daddy knew how much I liked Matt and he had suspected Matt felt the same way about me and now he was going to make sure there was no doubt. Matt raised the cane high, I braced myself, and Daddy took a firm grip on me as the only sound in the room was the tick tock of the old clock on the wall, then that unmistakable sound of a cane slicing the air and then impacting firm female flesh. My breath was driven out of me and before I could recover, WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP, 5 more hard strokes one after another in rapid succession, I burst out balling, WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP. 6 more low on my bottom where it meets the thighs, I was howling pleading to stop, begging them to let me up but Matt was in a trance watching my swollen welted bottom and thighs bounce under the impact of the cane. esenyurt escort Daddy spoke up and said 6 more and we will be done, Matt acknowledged that with a grunt and then placing the cane on the backs of my legs drew it back and WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP, I was screaming as Daddy made Matt stop because he had gotten carried away and lost count. He apologized but my Dad reassured him that he understood how and why it would be easy for a man to continue.I slowly stood up still crying and sobbing loudly, I placed my hands on my beaten bottom and couldn’t believe that it felt twice as large with all the swelling. Daddy told me to go upstairs take a nice bath and get dressed in that nice cute pink summer dress he had picked up for me a few days ago because Matt would be taking me out to Dinner. And some times my Daddy really surprises me because he pointed to Matts obvious erection and discomfort and told him that the bathroom was down the hall on the left and he should take care of that before we go out to Dinner. I hurried upstairs and plunged into the bath at the same time I plunged my fingers into my waiting hungry pussy, it took but seconds for me to tense with my first orgasm. Laying there in the soothing bath, wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure sweeping over me I smiled at myself, thinking of Matt stroking his cock in the bathroom downstairs, my plan had come together nicely.Upon returning downstairs and standing in the doorway with the sun light shining from behind and thru the cute little dress Daddy wanted me to wear, they both just stood there gazing at me. Matt approached me and gave me a big hug, Daddy threw him the keys to the Aston and said we better get a move on, dinner reservations are at 6:00 P.M. I told Daddy that I was worried I would not be able to sit down and Daddy said It was OK he had talked to the owner Raul and had explained my “situation” he was very understanding and will have a nice tall table set up on the balcony that we could stand at. I blushed with embarrassment, Matt and Daddy had a good laugh and as we headed out to the car Matt patted my sore bottom and whispered in my ear that after Dinner he had a idea for a lovely dessert that was calorie free, I blushed again.That will be another story. Jennifer.

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