Mary and I: Introduction


(My first story. Comments welcome, be gentle.)

Mary and I (now separated) were in a relationship for roughly three years. We originally met in my home town of Las Vegas while she was on vacation from Mexico. Myself and a friend decided to hit the strip one night, we met, partied, kissed in an elevator, and went our separate ways. As it turns out though, my friend added her friend on facebook, and thanks to social media, Mary found me almost as soon as she had left vegas.

Growing up in the city, with woman coming and leaving, this at the time, seemed no different. But apparently I had made an impression. Mary and I talked for about two months before she hit me with news that she had found work in Las Vegas, and already had travel plans. A few months after she arrived, we started dating and moved in together. Over the course of that three years, we dated and both of us, although more so me, evolved more than either of us had ever expected or dreamed of. I turned into a life long cuckold, while Mary spent the three years enjoying promiscuous sex with whom ever she wanted, on many occasions throughout our relationship, something she had yet to experience.

Being from a strict catholic family, mary hadnt grown up like many americans, experimenting with different partners, before eventually finding someone to marry. This is what was expected of her, and these were her intentions. The biggest reason we didnt work, is because I wasnt ready. I surely do regret letting her go. Mary, a very beautiful Mexican native, 22-24, stood at izmit rus escort about 5’2, perky B cup size breasts with small areolas, a small waist, and a big gorgeous round ass. Drop dead. Sound too good to be true? I agree. Still don’t know why she chose me.

I didn’t know from the beginning, everything that happened, and was happening right under my nose. One day, I simply saw something I shouldn’t have. I saw someone grab her ass. I will get into who later. All that matters now, id that I could tell she had liked it. Instead of addressing it on the spot, I thought about it. I couldn’t tell if I was upset or not, considering I was also hard as a rock.

Later the same night, Mary, with her ever persistent sex drive was ready as always to pester me until I agreed to fuck her, as was our nightly routine, was back at it again. Only this time, I was more than ready. Even she noticed my increased enthusiasm, not knowing my mind was racing, wondering what I had seen earlier, and all the things it could mean. At first, she denied it. In fact, she denied it for the first two months. I didn’t tell her what I had seem exactly, just made it clear that I knew something was up.

I had seen what I had seen and even though she played it off, after a few months of asking her all kinds of questions, trying to get her to come clean, I was finally breaking ground. After proclaiming for so long that she would never fuck a black guy, and I was gross for thinking so, she finally admitted that when we had first met, she originally wanted to talk izmit escort to my friend, who happened to be black, but her friend took him, so she chose me. Then she admitted to having seen our black roommates dick onetime, and that it was huge…. she admitted that sometimes she fantasized about it. Remember the guy who I saw grab her ass earlier? Well that’s him. Corbin, my roommate, and long time best friend. My big black, hung like a race horse, football playing, jacked up roommate.

Corbin and I had almost grown up together. At the ages of this 16, we both ended up in the same group home. We were even roommates then. Corbin stood at 6’2, 250 lbs, and all muscle. Mary and I were roommates with Corbin for the last two of our three years together, and Corbin had been a friend in our circle for the entire time. He even hooked up with a friend of Mary’s, after we all went out a few months into out relationship. Long story short, he was close.

But she never came clean about anything happening. She was so rock solid about it, I began to wonder what I had reall seen. Only after admitting how hard and turned on I was when I saw our roommates big black hand gripping her ass, her face showing how much she enjoyed it, and recalling all the times she was just getting out of the shower when I came home at the same time as usual, or the times she was still in bed naked, did she finally begin to come clean. With her riding my rock hard dick, I explained what I saw, and what I knew. She was quiet, which meant I was on to something. I pressed her more, telling her I loved kocaeli escort the idea, and I wanted so bad to be able to know it really happened…. she really had someone else’s dick. Finally she bit.

“Really?” she asked. “Your ok that I fucked Corbin?” I almost came inside her in that moment. “Mmmm, fuck I yes! So your saying it really happened?”

I couldnt believe I was finally hearing her say those words. She promised it was true, and we spent the rest of the night fucking, while she told me about the first and only time Mary let Corbin fuck her. My first day of school, two weeks after we moved in with Corbin, which was EIGHT months prior to that moment. She had lied to me quite a bit it seems. As time went by, Mary began opening up about more and more past transgressions, always while we were fucking. That became our nightly routine for the remainder of out relationship. I found out about other times, even guys before Corbin. She had never tried black cock before being with me, but I eventually found out things like the fact that Corbin was her 4th black Cock! Or the week she said she went home to mexico, but was really in a hot room with her ex the whole week, right on the strip. I even went and passed the hotel she was getting fucked in, partying one night, when I thought she was out of town. Even though I felt devastated every time I heard about something new she had done in the past or was going to do, I always found myself too turned on too dream of leaving her. Once she realized this, she became even note open and dominant.

Show some love, and I’ll start sharing many of the wonderful stories Mary shared with late at night. I even still have some of our text conversations, I’ll be adding into the stories.

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