Marriage Spice Pt. 01


James and Louise, both in their early 30’s, had been together for almost 10 years and married for 3. None the less, the itch was beginning to settle. With more going on all the time with promotions at work, kids getting older and wanting to do more and more evening clubs and hardly getting to go out as they were saving for a house, it was getting increasingly difficult to find the time to be intimate, which didn’t help the fact when they were both always so worn out from the day, the most they could muster was a quickie, maybe once a fortnight. How many can relate to this?

This undoubtedly caused a number of arguments and eventually a decision that something needed to change and more time needed to be made for themselves.

After talking about what they both wanted to try, they decided a little ‘shopping’ was in order. So as James called his mother to arrange for the kids to stay over the following Friday night, Louise was checking out the usual sites and made an order for some items they felt could make for an interesting twist on their ‘alone time’.

For the next week, it was all that was on both of their minds, that nervous but excited feeling, would it go well? Would something threaten to spoil it?

Their order turned up on the Wednesday, where they both, after the kids went to bed, had a look at their new wares with excitement, desperate to try them out already but just managing to control themselves enough and not wanting to jump the gun. Thinking of all the possibilities, all the fun and all the pleasure that awaited them, made for a long last couple of days.

Finally, Friday came around and they both managed to wrangle getting out of work slightly early so they could get the kids dropped off and go out to a local restaurant for a romantic meal and a few drinks, you know, to relax the mind and en flare the passion they were both feeling already.

Louise had gone for one of her tight fitting, short black dress, which extenuated her perfect pear shaped body that drove James crazy. James had worn a simple clean pair of jeans and a nice shirt.

The meal started well, they talked about work, where they wanted to go for their next holiday, when they eventually got around to having one. The food was amazing and came out quickly and they were already on their second drink of the evening when, out of blue, a wickedly kinky idea popped into Louise’ head.

Putting down her knife and fork, she first looked around to check the coast was clear, then discreetly reached under her dress, and lowered her black lacy thong to the floor, retrieved it and handed it to James over the table saying ‘this is for you’ with a devilishly naughty smile on her face. James could feel his mouth drop open as soon as he realized what it was she had handed him.

After a shocked couple of seconds, a cheeky grin crossed his face to match hers as they both realized it was time to go home. James then tucked the tiny black panties into his shirt pocket, catching a slight whiff of the familiar aroma of his wife’s clearly already wet and waiting sex.

They quickly finished off their drinks, paid their bill and headed for the door.

Outside they headed for the nearest taxi rank, as they were stood waiting for the next taxi to arrive, it was James’ turn for a naughty idea. Moving up close behind his wife, with the wall to his back, he first knelt down to tie his shoelace, then with a delicate touch, lightly caressed the bottom of Louise’ left leg, and as he stood, lifted his hand along the back of her leg, until it rested just under her perfectly formed ass cheek, he followed this by slowly moving it higher, under her dress, careful to not make it obvious to anyone passing by, then he found his target.

It was warm and inviting and soaking wet, Louise was clearly enjoying the naughtiness of it too. With slow delicate movements, James first inserted one finger, as far as it would go, making Louise quake as she stood, then when Louise slightly opened her stance to allow easier and more comfortable access, clearly wanting more, he inserted a second, then a third. Louise now realized she had her eyes closed and was biting her lip in an effort to suppress any form of auditory pleasure that may give away their little game to anyone nearby. Not believing how turned on she was having her husband’s three fingers up her sex, in the middle of a taxi rank on a Friday night, in a tight black dress with no panties on. The thought was actually more thrilling than shocking.

It was at that point that the taxi turned up at the rank, James removed his fingers and gladly licked them clean before entering the cab, and couldn’t help feeling like it was just a taster before a long awaited meal. They got into the cab and gave the driver the address who pulled out and began driving them home. The taxi ride home, although only about 10 mins, felt like a lifetime, although they did continue their antics to pass the short distance home.

Again, and without the driver noticing, James managed to maneuver himself to easily isveçbahis get his three fingers back inside his wife as she struggled to suppress any noise of pleasure she was receiving by again, biting her lip, while also rubbing the front of James jeans, which was already beginning to tent up. However, when they got about half way home, a new feeling fell across her between her legs. Not only was James’ three middle fingers inside her, moving deftly in and out at the perfect pace, but now his little finger was lightly poking at her tight asshole, increasingly with every thrust of his hand and another one of his naughty smiles had spread across his face.

This new feeling only intensified her current horny status, aided by her slightly opening her legs and shifting her body lower in her seat allowing James’ little finger to push through puckered rosebud and into her ass. Before she knew what was happening, she was biting her lip harder with her eyes closed, trying desperately not to let out a moan as her first orgasm exploded from inside her and rippled out through her whole body like a shock wave. James, feeling the sudden tensing around all his fingers and the look of concentration on his wife’s face, knew he had given her the first of many orgasms tonight.

At that moment, the taxi arrives outside the house and they exit the taxi after paying the cab driver (inc a generous tip) and practically ran to the front door, throwing it open and just through the threshold, Louise turns and they embrace in a full and passionate kiss before the front door was even closed.

The kiss seemed to last forever, with two pairs of hands moving all over both bodies, unzipping a dress, undoing a belt and zip, pulling apart a shirt. Within no time at all, they were both naked, in the hallway, still connected by that kiss.

Next thing they knew, they were running up the stairs towards the bedroom, where, before they went out for their meal, Louise had set out all of their new toys on the bed, waiting to be tried out.

There was a pink vibrator with rotating head and vibrating clit massager, a small blue rubber butt plug, a blindfold and a suction cup dildo. First things first, James grabbed the blindfold from the bed, and placed it over Louise’s eyes, tying a delicate bow at the back, not too tight, Louise did like the thrill of not knowing what was happening, what was touching her, where she’d be touched, what was trying to enter her holes, that kind of thing.

Louise wanted to try the butt plug first, so she teasingly got onto the bed on all fours, lowered her head and raised her ass, giving it i sensual wiggle. James needed no instruction. After giving himself a few moments to appreciate the view before him, he scooped up the butt plug from the bed, first placing it in Louise’ mouth. She took it all in, running her tongue around every inch of the rubber, making sure it was well lubricated, and in turn, doing it in such a way as to drive James crazy with the thought of his penis getting the same treatment.

Moving around the back of Louise, he next needed to lubricated her asshole. Just look at it! Her pink, puckered rose bud, completely relaxed and just waiting to get fucked hard.

All in good time, they had all night after all.

With a hand on each cheek, he gently prized them apart, lightly brushing his tongue around her waiting sensitive hole. She gave a sharp intake of breath as she knew it was coming, but with the blindfold on, never knew exactly when. He started gently licking in small circles for a minute, around the outside of her puckered rectum, then, tensing his tongue a bit, pushed it as hard as he could inside her sphincter. Another sharp intake of breath from Louise told him she was enjoying it. He kept the motion going, in and out, a few more times, before mustering a bit a spit, made sure to well lubricate her waiting asshole before deftly bringing the plug up and simply placing the tip at her precious back door.

Slowly, James began applying forward pressure. Her asshole yielded to the hard rubber, allowing it to spread her hole slowly but surely, as the tapered form increased in size, until it reached its full girth and popped the rest of the way in, as if her ass couldn’t wait any longer and just sucked it in. An uncontrollable moan of pleasure escaped her mouth as her asshole contracted around the handle of the plug, holding it tightly in place. It gave her a slightly full feeling, giving a small amount of pleasure with every movement.

Louise knew what she wanted next. She wanted his tongue to massage her clit until she was begging for him to be inside her. She rolled over onto her back and spread her legs and opened herself to him completely. Moving his head between her legs, waiting a short moment first, bearing in mind she was still blindfolded and waiting to feel his moist tongue on her most sensitive part, anticipating it, expecting it, and just when she thought he hadn’t taken the hint, it was there, his warm moist tongue moving delicately over her clit, up and down her isveçbahis giriş wet lips, circles, even attempting to spell the alphabet over her most sensitive areas.

She tried to keep up with which letter he was on until it got to around M and she gave up and gave in to the feelings coursing through her body as James had just then thrust three fingers inside her moist sex, while still licking the alphabet over her clit. She was fast heading to another orgasm with the combined effort of his tongue on her clit, three fingers inside her cunt and a rubber plug in her ass. She was not sure if the orgasmic feelings now convulsing around all her lower parts could get any better, James began to give a light tug of the rubber plug in her asshole. It stretched her rectum slightly before being released to be held in place again by her tight sphincter.

These actions were repeated until, after less than five minutes, and against all her efforts to resist, she came, hard, harder than anytime she could remember before, as the pleasure coming at her from all directions was too much to control.

She let out a long moan, twisting her body and thrusting her sex into James face as she grabbed his head and pushed it into her, wanting every last drop of pleasure, before pulling his head away from between her legs and towards her face to kiss him hard, his face still covered in her juices. She could taste herself on him, his lips, his tongue, even feel the wetness still on his clean trimmed beard. She tasted good. Before she could really appreciate the taste, his penis was there, nestling at the entrance to her waiting vagina. She was readying herself for that feeling she’d been waiting for all week, to feel him inside her, but it wasn’t moving, she was still kissing him, pulling him into her, trying to pull it into her, but he just held it still, ever so slightly nuzzling at her soaked entrance. That’s when she could feel the smile on his face.

“What do you want dear?” He asked.

“I want you” she replied.

“Want me how?”

She couldn’t take the waiting any longer.

“I want you to fuck my pussy!!” She almost shouted, eager to feel his rod fill her up.

With that, he thrust his penis all the way to the hilt. She moaned with pleasure, not just from finally getting his long hard shaft inside her, but from her ass too, as his balls banged lightly on the plug with every thrust, sending the waves of pleasure pulsing through her entire body with every thrust. She could still smell and taste herself on James’ lips which only turned her on even more. Several minutes of his pounding her pussy and a couple more orgasms later, she pushed James away, begging him

“I want you in my ass now!!”

It was clear to him that this was not a request. He again, moved down between her legs, and, while once again using his tongue on her clit, to keep her close to that orgasm roller coaster she was riding, reached for the plug and gently eased it out. Louise let out a moan as her asshole contracted now that the plug was removed. Without waiting any longer, Louise reached blindly forward, feeling down his body until she found what she wanted, lightly tugging on his penis as a hint to move with it, she pulled it all the way to her mouth where she took its whole length with ease, tasting her familiar juices along his entire shaft, smelling it with every breath through her nose. She really did taste good, she could see why James was a fan of licking her out whenever he got the opportunity.

A couple of minutes of this, sucking his length to cover it with her saliva, whilst he knelt there, playing with her clit between his fingers as much as he could from his position, she could tell he was getting close. She had already had several that evening and wanted his to be just as amazing.

“Fuck my ass as hard as u can!!” She demanded.

Needing no second thought, he shuffled down, maneuvered himself between legs again, and slowly at first, guided his tip to her puckered swollen asshole and pushed in, hard. The feeling of ecstasy exploded through Louise’ body as her back door was violated again, only this time much longer than a plug. She only managed to stop herself from crying out in pleasure and alerting the neighbors by pulling is face into hers again with all the passion she could muster. Only a few thrusts in and she was coming again. He was getting so deep, over twice what the plug had penetrated. She could tell he was very close already and so whispered in his ear, with a slight moan

“I want you to cum in my ass”

To which they both let out a huge moan as they both came together. Louise writhing with absolute pleasure she could not control and James, shooting his seed deep into his wife’s ass.

Both breathing heavily, exhausted and sweating, James removed his quickly shrinking penis from her ass and took a step back, to admire his wife.

She was now lying on the bed, panting hard, still with the blindfold on , arms outstretched, legs apart and knees up. The view was breathtaking, both isveçbahis yeni giriş her vagina and her ass were stretched open and bright pink from being repeatedly pummeled by rubber and flesh. He wanted nothing more than to get back in there, but for now, he was done. He took off her blindfold and they stared lovingly into each others eyes and kissed each other, not with pure passion and want this time, but with absolute love and compassion.

After a couple minutes, they decided to move on, they had the whole night and it was still early. James’ penis may be out for a short while but they knew better than to not make the most of this night.

James went and started a shower in the wet room while Louise collected the next item she wanted to try, the suction cup dildo. They both firstly relieved themselves, the drink was definitely coming through now, and climbed into the shower together to wash first, being careful of both of Louise’ holes, which were feeling pretty sore by now.

However it wasn’t long before she could feel James’ hands along her arms, his lips against the back of her neck, and his semi hard penis, rubbing along her flaps between her legs. Taking the dildo off the side, she attached it to the tiles in the shower then spun around to face her man. They began kissing as she used one hand around the back to position the dildo just inside her vagina, with the other hand, she began massaging James’ penis, up and down, caused it to go rock hard in her grasp. Then she bent right over, taking the dildo all the way into her while placing the tip of James penis into the mouth. With each movement forward, she would take him further into her mouth and the dildo would move out, and then she’d push back, taking the dildo all the way and moving up James shaft to the head.

This continued for a few minutes until she could feel the familiar beginnings of an orgasm. She stood up and turned around, pushing her cheeks around his shaft and with a slight raise and lower movement, his rock hard cock was once again in her ass, with the water of the shower running down her body. They were both stood up, with James thrusting his hips and going slight tiptoed, he moved his penis in and out as best he could. Louise was now well on her way to joining the orgasm roller coaster again, there was just something missing. She wanted more penetration.

Grabbing the dildo off the shower tiles, she reached it down and inserted it into her soaking vagina. It was amazing, feeling both her holes between her legs being filled at the same time. She was coming before she knew it, her legs quivering with the effort and threatening to buckle under her. Sensing this, James wasted no time.

He pulled his penis out of her ass, turned off the shower, and without even drying themselves, he took her back to the bed and positioned her again, on all fours with her head down and ass up. He picked up the vibrator from the bed, and without missing a beat, placed it against the entrance to her waiting sex and slowly eased it into her before pressing the power button, setting the ridged and textured head spinning and the whole thing vibrating. This all happened quick enough from the shower that Louise was only just coming down from her orgasm in the shower that this new action had jump started it back on and another one coming soon. What could possibly have made this any better.

She got her answer only moments later, when she felt the familiar feeling of James’ tongue circling around her puckered asshole which was still slightly loose penetrated in the shower only moments earlier. His tongue moved expertly around her sensitive rosebud with just the right amount of pressure she liked. Round and round, in n out, he was really getting into it, she could tell. He wouldn’t be able to take it much more, he would need to come again soon, but how this time.

She was just deciding she might take his whole load in her mouth, which she had never done before, when his tongue was gone and replaced by something new. It was the dildo from the shower that James had grabbed on their way out of the wet room. Her ass received the 7 inch long rubber with no resistance, causing a moan of pleasure to escape her lips and a shudder to flow through her entire body.

She wouldn’t be able to take this for long, she was beginning to ache, in all the best ways, all over her body. She allowed herself another large moaning orgasms before she conceded that she couldn’t take anymore. She motioned to remove both toys and once removed, allowed herself a few seconds to relax the manic spasms going on between her legs, while at the same time, James was admiring another perfect view of their efforts for the evening. Before he could steal himself another taste of her, Louise was spinning round, pushing him onto his back onto the bed, throwing her leg over his body to sit facing away from him on his belly, then shuffled back to place her swollen wet sex at just the right position for him to delicately, knowing how sore she must be feeling now, lick at her clit while she continued to take his full length in her mouth. Moving her head up and down and using a slight sucking whilst also using her hands, she continued until James’ tensing legs and hips, told her he couldn’t hold on any longer.

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