Mark , Lisa Pt. 01: Key-holder


When the doorbell rang I honestly thought I was hearing things, I’d lived in my apartment for two years and I don’t think anybody had ever rang it before. It’s not that I don’t have any friends although if I’m being honest I don’t have many, it’s just that I live in a secure block and any visitors would ring the bell at ground level and then I would either choose to let them in or, more commonly for takeaway deliveries, I’d run down and meet them at the main door. This time it was my personal doorbell buzzing, somebody was already at my front door. I paused the game I had been playing on my PC and cautiously approached the door. I peered through the little spyhole embedded in the door and saw my stunning looking neighbour there. She was looking around uncertain, probably because I was taking so long and I guess she was doubting whether I was home. I quickly opened the door now, feeling embarrassed that I was dressed beyond comfortable, wearing grubby track pants and a three day old Tee-shirt that I really only wore at home.

“Hi… I erm… I wasn’t expecting anyone,” I said needlessly and gestured to myself. “I was playing a computer game.”

She had taken my sudden and apologetic appearance in her stride and seemed to be assessing the situation before speaking. She really was striking, dressed for work I assume in a smart dress suit and high heels. Her hair was a deep auburn colour and spilled carelessly over her shoulders. Her eyes were wide, almost staring but in a friendly amused way.

“Hello, it’s Mark isn’t it?”

“Uh? Oh, yes… and you’re Lisa. I mean, I’ve seen your name on the post box.” Oh god, I sounded like some demented stalker and was blushing uncontrollably. She was laughing freely now although I still felt like a moron. Smiling, she held up a small package that she’d been holding.

“Could I possibly pop in for a sec?” She was the one sounding hesitant now. “It’s a little embarrassing.”

“Yeah, of course. Erm, come in.” I was really grateful as she stepped into my hallway that I had only yesterday blitzed the apartment, cleaning and dusting everywhere. I was admittedly a stereotypical loner game-head spending much of my free time at the PC but I was determined to maintain a little dignity and avoid the clichés, so I kept my apartment fairly tidy at all times. All the apartments were designed on a similar theme so Lisa led the way into my lounge and then paused. I still hadn’t really taken notice of what she had in her hand and motioned for her to sit down on the couch.

I was about to act the perfect host and offer her a coffee when she placed the small and clearly opened package on my coffee table. I froze.

“I’m really sorry Mark. This came to my address by mistake and I opened it without thinking.”

She was looking at me almost affectionately and blushing slightly, whereas I was mortified and unable to speak or even think clearly. Several weeks before I had finally plucked up courage and ordered myself a chastity device. Like many guys I had developed a porn addiction and although initially it had been quite traditional and predictable, I had slowly started exploring the darker side of the internet and spent a lot of time fantasizing and masturbating to Female Domination porn. My Tumblr blog began to change direction and where once I was posting generic pics of naked women, there were now lots of dominant women and submissive men along with some other even more embarrassing re-blogs. I’d become a little preoccupied with chastity blogs and posted lots of captioned pics of men in chastity or women controlling men with chastity. On reflection, it was actually surprising how long it had taken me to order a cage for myself. I was keen to feel my cock locked and unable to get erect.

I was desperately trying to think of something, anything to say when she leaned forward and picked up the package again. She withdrew a small velvet bag and reached inside. When her hand came out it was holding the smooth steel cock-cage I had ordered for myself.

“I have to be honest Mark, I found it really weird.” She was smiling now obviously enjoying my discomfort.

“It’s so small. I think you may have ordered the wrong size.”

“Look, it’s not what you think,” I lied lamely. She clearly knew exactly what was going on, I had bought myself a chastity cage in order to lock my dick up.

“I think it’s probably best if you left now.” I said, trying to hang on to a thread of dignity.

Her hands still held the cage and two perfectly manicured fingers had slipped inside where my penis was supposed to go. My mouth had gone dry and I couldn’t speak now.

“Ok Mark. I can sakarya escort see you’re embarrassed but you shouldn’t be.” She smiled and passed the cage to me. I took it from her and noticed how cool her hands were.

“Oh, and don’t worry, I won’t say anything about this to anyone.”

“Thank you.” I managed, and followed her through to the front door unaware that I was carrying the cage with me now. She opened the door and stepped out but then stopped and nodded towards the cage.

“You’ll have to let me know how you get on with it.” A wry smile and she walked the half-dozen steps to her own apartment and went in. I stood there for a while unable to process what had just happened. I had obviously wanted to approach and talk to Lisa for ever but knew that she was totally out of my league, now unbelievably we had broken the ice and it had been because we were discussing my chastity fetish.

Once I was back in the apartment I actually couldn’t wait to look at and play with the chastity device. Obviously I’d seen many hundreds of them on Tumblr and other porn sites but I’d never held one before, never felt the weight of it. I was fascinated with the movement and dimensions of the cage and kept locking and unlocking the mechanism. I hadn’t really known what I was looking for when I ordered it or what size I might need. When flaccid my dick shrinks down quite small and I wanted one that would accommodate this size fluctuation so I had opted for a model called a ‘Pepper-pot’. It was only about 50mm long and made of stainless steel.

I unconsciously mimicked Lisa and slid my two fingers inside. I’d forgotten or at least repressed my earlier embarrassment and was excited to try on my new purchase. Undressing quickly I stood in the lounge naked and tried to wear the cock ring base first. I knew that the ring needed to slip over both testicles first and then have my penis follow through but I was completely erect now and this simply wasn’t a viable option. I stood stupidly with the base ring encasing my nuts with no possibility of getting my dick through. I went and sat in front of my PC and closed down the game I had been playing and logged on to the alternate profile I keep just for my porn stuff.

The welcome page loaded and I was confronted with the image of a reclining sissy wearing lingerie and with his cock firmly locked away in a device not dissimilar to the one I was holding. I navigated to Tumblr, not difficult as there was a link on the desktop and soon found material to wank to. I usually sat and masturbated here in front of the computer at least twice a day although in my head I anticipated that might be less due to my own self-imposed denial. It didn’t take long for me to cum especially as the image of Lisa handling my cock-cage was in the forefront of my mind but I was still too engorged and erect to get the ring on and I worried that I had wasted my money and bought too small a device. I decided to occupy my mind a little and once again changed computer profiles and decided to kill some time checking Facebook and Emails.

After several minutes I realised my dick was totally flaccid and soft and I swiftly slipped the ring over my balls and then squeezed my dick through the remaining space to fully surround the base of it. It was an incredibly tight fit and as my subconscious caught up with the fact that I was wearing part of the chastity device I began to stiffen again. OK, I realised that I needed to fool and distract myself for this to work so I positioned the cage itself and the small padlock that had been supplied with it nearby and went back to browsing on the internet. It took slightly longer this time as I was conscious of my dick constantly and any reminder made it swell slightly.

At last, after reading a long article about nothing in particular I realised my erection had subsided totally and I leapt into action before my libido could catch up with current events. I placed the cage over my soft penis and located the locking stem which connected both pieces. Once I had my dick encased, although I could feel the blood inside trying to pump up my erection, the cage restricted me and kept me soft. I slipped the padlock through and clicked it locked. Wow! That first moment wearing a cock-cage was so thrilling and exciting. I stood up and walked about the apartment fascinated by how it felt and how it hung. I teased myself by looking at porn for a while, amazed at the feeling of helplessness and submission but ultimately only kept the cage on for an hour or so before my will broke and I unlocked the cage and masturbated furiously.

Over the next week or so, I wore the cage quite samsun escort a lot, enjoying the thrill of going out to the shops and once even to work wearing it. I loved having a secret that nobody else would or could ever know about. I wasn’t actually masturbating any less as my lack of self-discipline was shocking. I toyed with the idea of mailing the padlock key to myself so that I would be powerless to unlock myself until the key was redelivered back home but was frankly too scared to attempt this.

“Oh. Hi Mark.”

I had just stepped into the communal foyer and Lisa had been checking her mail box. I hadn’t seen her since she had brought me the chastity device and decided to act as if nothing had ever happened between us and we were just completely normal neighbours.

“Hi Lisa, you ok?” I answered nonchalantly.

“Yes, all good thanks,” She smiled and then asked,

“How’s the cock-cage?”

“And there was me hoping we’d never mention that again,” I tried to defuse the situation with a little humour.

“Really? I honestly can’t stop thinking about it.” She was laughing now.

‘”That’s embarrassing to admit, I guess… I just mean I find it really fascinating. I studied psychology at college and I can’t help but be fascinated by a guy intentionally locking his dick up so that he can’t orgasm.” She stood there now as if this was the most normal conversation to be having.

“I really don’t think I could explain it to you, to be honest, I can’t really explain it to myself.” I said candidly.

We were stood facing each-other now, her with several letters in her hand.

“Would you try please? I am really interested. I tell what, why don’t you come up for a coffee?” she invited.

“Uh, I really appreciate the offer but…”

“Oh please? We live next door to each-other for goodness sake, it’s not as if it’s far and if you get too embarrassed or uncomfortable I’ll let you leave, I promise.” She was smiling and batting her eyelids coquettishly and I had time to adjust to the embarrassment and shock I’d felt the previous week.

“Ok, I guess.”

I followed her up to her apartment wondering if I could make an excuse to slip into my own apartment long enough to take the cage off. I had been out for a few hours and of course had elected to wear the cage, getting off on the thrill of it but now was decidedly uncomfortable wearing it in front of Lisa especially as chastity was going to be the topic of conversation. I decided to bluff it out and followed her through into her lounge. I asked for coffee and she left me alone to fetch our drinks. I sat on her couch now, tense and nervous but also prepared to honestly answer her questions about chastity. It was surprisingly liberating to contemplate talking to someone else about this fetish. When she came through carrying our coffees I decided to try and take the initiative.

“Ok, Miss psychology, What do you wanna know?”

“Hmm. So bold. Well, that depends. What do you want to tell me?” She countered.

“I guess the attraction is about loss of control, and not being able to cum when you want is quite an important loss.” I said reasonably.

“And have you been cumming less then?” She asked unexpectedly, making me laugh.

“Erm, no probably not in reality,” I answered honestly surprised at how easy it was to open up and be natural in front of the beautiful girl, someone that would normally have totally intimidated me.

“Why not? Does it not work?” We were both seated now and I realised that she was flirting with me a little which was surreal in the circumstances.

“No, it works fine, I just keep unlocking myself. No discipline I guess.” I told her. I then went on to explain my idea about posting the key to myself.

“Ha! Can you imagine if that letter came to me too?” She was laughing loudly now but then stopped and added,

“Actually, there’s your answer. Give me the keys to look after,” She was looking smugly at me now.

“Yeah… I really don’t think so,” I grimaced and unconsciously reached down to touch the cock cage at my crotch and Lisa burst out laughing again.

“Oh my God! You’re wearing it now… Oh, let me see? Please? Pretty please?”

“There’s no way I’m dropping my trousers here and showing you my locked up dick, thank you very much,” I tried to look adamant and stern but clearly failed.

“Why not? I’ve seen plenty of penises before, I’m just curious to see one in chastity.” She persisted.

“You came up here to talk about it, is showing me so really different?”

“Lisa, I don’t really know you well enough to show you my dick.” I tried logically.

“Listen, ankara sarışın escort you have to agree that I’d make a great key-holder for you? And I can see you’re thinking about it… Seriously, who else could it be? And if you take that logic a bit further then I’m going to have to see your penis.” She sat back now and folded her arms.

I actually was thinking about it. Keeping myself in chastity clearly wasn’t going to work, I hadn’t managed to stay locked up for more than 24 hours. Lisa already knew about the cage and I certainly didn’t want anyone else to ever know. Plus she was offering and willing to do this and she only lived next door, it was almost perfect. I just didn’t know if I could trust her though, I really didn’t know much about her other than she was beautiful and sexy and I realised I was deeply attracted to her. I was about to open my mouth to agree but she clearly sensed my acquiescence.

“Ok, take your trousers down” She said leaning forward.

I stood slowly and reluctantly unbuckled my jeans. I slowly slid them down although my dick and it’s cock-cage were still shrouded by my boxers.

“Step out of them and come here,” she commanded.

I meekly did as she said and stood in front of her preparing to pull my boxers down and expose myself to her. I was blushing madly and nearly swallowed my tongue when she raised her hands to my waist and tugged the shorts down herself.

“Oh my!” She gasped.

“I’m sorry Mark, I know this is probably not what you want to hear but it just looks so tiny.” She was smiling now as she took my dick in her hand and lifted it up, examining it. I was dumbstruck at how quickly this situation had got out of hand. I was blushing uncontrollably but was really enjoying the attention and even the humiliation.

“When was the last time you came? Be honest.” She looked me in the eyes but I struggled to match her gaze.

“This morning” I admitted.

“And what’s the longest you’ve been locked up for?”

“I dunno, a day I guess,” I said shamefaced.

“Where are the keys now?” She was not quite stern but very direct and straight-forward leaving no room for disagreement or questions.

“I have one in my wallet and there’s a spare in my apartment.”

“Right. I want both of them now. Go to your apartment and get the spare.” While we’d been talking she had picked up my discarded jeans and had pulled my boxers down completely indicating that I should step out of them, which I had meekly done. Now she was neatly folding them beside her on the sofa.

“Yeah, alright…” I agreed meekly, “but Lisa I think I may need to put my pants on.” I indicated the folded clothes next to her.

“Why? You’re only popping next door,” she met my gaze.

“Well, I can’t go like this can I?” I looked down at myself dejectedly. I was naked from the waist down with the obvious exception of my cock-cage.

“Seriously, when have you ever seen anybody else on this floor? You’ll be fine, now hurry up.” She looked as if the matter was settled.

I walked to her door feeling very uncomfortable. In reality she was correct, we lived on a floor with six apartments but each side of the block had three each. Where Lisa and I lived, the third apartment was owned by a couple that spent most of the year abroad and I’d never actually seen them. Still I felt unbelievably exposed as I hurriedly negotiated my locked door and ran in to get the spare key from my bedroom. I thought about slipping on some track pants to go back across the hall but felt instinctively that this would be a mistake. Again, I darted across the passageway into Lisa’s apartment and went back to her with my caged cock still exposed. I meekly handed over both keys and realised with a start that I was for the first time completely helpless and locked in chastity, at the mercy of someone I hardly knew.

“Ok, It’s Monday today. How about we meet here again on Wednesday? That’ll be forty eight hours or so for you without the ability to masturbate or cum, a new record.” She smiled as if she were calmly making an appointment for the dentist.

“What time shall I come over?” I asked meekly, almost stuttering.

”Well, let’s agree to half six. Oh, I really need somewhere safe to keep these.” She was laughing now as she tossed my keys loosely in her hand.

“Can you imagine if I lost them?” She teased.

I was blushing furiously now and decided I should be leaving. Lisa escorted me to her door and handed me my clothes, I once again passed trouser-less through the communal hallway back to my apartment and closed the door behind myself. Dumb-struck I stood in my apartment as the enormity of the situation hit me. My cock was locked into a steel chastity device and I had given the only keys to my neighbour, a woman I actually knew very little about in reality. I nervously fondled my enclosed cock and realised I was at her mercy.

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