Subject: F1 World – Marina Bay Free Practice Disclaimer: Hey folks, this story is just a fantasy and I have no evidence that this actually happened, but we can all dream. Happy reading. Previously: Magic Monza Pierre beamed at the teeanger and his slim frame as his head bobbed in and out of his crotch. Pierre moaned before leaning over to take Lando’s cock in his own mouth in a misshapen 69. F1 World – Marina Bay Free Practice Pierre arrived in Singapore feeling optimistic, two weeks ago in Italy he’d managed to score the best consolation prize for finishing in 11th and he had been smiling again ever since. The chauffeur took Pierre and his team to the fantastic Marina Bay paddock. Dropping his stuff in the Torro Rosso motorhome he set off through the paddock taking in the lights and glamour, the spectacle of F1 under the glorious night lights of the picturesque city of Singapore. Nearly two weeks had passed since his after-party with Lando and he couldn’t wait to see him again. The McLaren driver however wouldn’t arrive for another 24 hours. “Why aren’t you here naughty boy? Pierre = HORNY! ­čśë (Aubergine) (splash)” the French driver sent to Lando. It wasn’t long before his phone vibrated. “Media event :(. Might have to wait until the after-party again.” Lando replied, Pierre smiled, this he already knew but it was cute Lando felt the need to explain himself. A moment later Pierre’s phone buzzed again, “George is bored watching a film in the Williams motorhome. Send him a message (wink).” Lando suggested. Pierre read the message surprised, [I guess he did say they were close friends] Pierre thought to himself. “Are you sure, what if I have more fun with him? (Tongue out)” Pierre replied, “you won’t, but some fun is better than no fun.” Pierre swallowed hard and his phone buzzed once more, this time Lando had even sent George’s contact details. [Fuck it,] the French driver rolled his eyes, “Salut George, Lando says you need some entertainment. So do I. Do you want to come over?” Pierre exhaled sharply after hitting send, his heart racing. A few minutes went by with Pierre twiddling his thumbs nervously, his phone buzzed again causing Pierre to jump in fright. The Torro Rosso driver peered at his phone screen, it was Lando again, heart sinking Pierre opened the message. “Just in case you forgot (wink) (devil) (aubergine).” As Pierre read the first message a second message came through, Lando had gone to the bathroom and sent a selfie of himself in the mirror, Pierre’s eyes were instantly drawn to the sight of Lando’s trousers pulled down and the McLaren driver’s peachy arse smiling back at him. Pierre’s cock quickly began to stiffen which he rearranged within his boxers. Pierre’s phone buzzed again “Hey Pierre, I’m outside your motorhome! GR” The French driver’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets, quickly straightening up his boner he made his way to the front door. Opening up there stood George, the tall slim Brit stood in the humid night air wearing a branded Williams F1 polo shirt with a pair of navy chino shorts and navy boat shoes. As the door swung open George’s face broke into a smile, “hey man, come in!” Pierre offered and George moved inside following Pierre to his cabin. “Take a seat.” Pierre gestured towards the bed and George sat down. “Do you want a drink?” Pierre smiled, “Nah, you’re ok. Lando warned me about your cola trick.” George winked, Pierre smirked mischievously, “What else did he tell you?” he replied leaning closer. “Lando said you’re a nice guy, with a great smile.” Pierre’s face continued to advance, “gorgeous blue eyes, cute messy hair.” Pierre was within inches of George’s face and closing still, “a great body and that you smell amazing.” George breathed as Pierre’s lips met his. The Torro Rosso driver pushed himself softly against George, both of them processing the sensational embrace that was taking place. Their tongues danced merrily as Pierre’s tongue wriggled between George’s lips and swirled around the inside of his mouth. The 21-year-old responded by advancing his tongue into the French boy’s mouth, blood rushed to his face and his cock while his heart hammered excitedly. The pair of them jockeyed for position in the other boy’s mouth, Pierre pushed forward leaning into George. The Brit relaxed his muscles allowing bursa escort Pierre to push him backwards, George fell sideways on to his back with the French boy following him down. Lifting his feet, George kicked off his shoes exposing his naked feet, swinging his hips and lifting them up to the bed. Pierre placed his hands on the bed and pushed himself up to allow George’s legs to pass underneath him whilst the French boy kicked off his trainers leaving on his white Puma trainer socks. Pierre grinned looking down on George’s skinny, hairy legs, the Torro Rosso driver lowered himself onto George’s stomach and they resumed kissing. The Williams driver closed his thighs together trapping the French boy between them as they kissed. Pierre’s hands ran up the outside of George’s thigh, tickling the hairs on the English boy’s legs. The Torro Rosso driver’s hands slid inside George’s shorts and stroked the 21-year-old’s hamstring. George’s hands ran along Pierre’s sides and slipped underneath the French boy’s shirt. Pulling upwards, George lifted the shirt up and over Pierre’s head and dropped it to the side. George got a decent look at Pierre’s body, his tanned skin had a fair amount of dark hair between his pecs, his nipples were tight and erect, his abs were lightly defined and his treasure trail led down to his shorts. Pierre returned his lips to George’s face and pushed his hand further inside the English boy’s shorts firmly grabbing the Williams driver’s arse through his boxers. The 21-year-old gasped through his nose as Pierre’s fingers squeezed his arse through the soft fabric. George unbuttoned his polo and broke their kiss again by pulling his shirt over his head and dropping it on top of Pierre’s. The French boy lowered himself again, sucking George’s neck. The Williams driver moaned as Pierre’s tongue pushed against his neck skin while Pierre’s lips sucked. George’s searching hands wandered across Pierre’s body down his sides and came to rest on the Torro Rosso driver’s arse. [Nice and peachy] George smiled to himself as Pierre moved down to his pecs kissing between George’s muscular chest. His tongue continued to descend over George’s defined abs and down to his belly button. Pierre’s tongue lapped at the mini hole in George’s stomach meanwhile his hands began to fumble around at the WIlliams driver’s short button. George’s hand responded by moving around to the front of Pierre’s shorts and locating the bulge at the front of them. Pierre popped open George’s shorts and in unison each grabbed the other’s hard cock in their hands. There was a deep exhale from the pair of them as they ran their hands along each other’s shafts for the first time through fabric. George squeezed Pierre’s 6.5 incher through his shorts, the French boy felt thick and ready for action. Pierre had made his way inside George’s shorts and gently teased the Brit’s 8.5 incher with the back of his hand. The Williams driver’s cock pulsed angrily causing Pierre to pull away and smile up at him. George quickly unbuttoned Pierre’s belt buckle and unbuttoned his shorts peeling them down along with his boxers in one swift motion. The Torro Rosso driver’s cock sprang free pointing straight upwards. Pierre leant in to kiss George again as he placed his fingers under the waistband of George’s navy boxer shorts and pulled them down. George pushed his hips upwards to allow Pierre to pull his shorts down below his knees before George kicked them aside. George’s cock smacked hard against his crotch, a neat arrangement of dark pubes located around the base of his massive cock and balls. “Fuck me, you’re huge!” Pierre exclaimed with a grin, George blushed. The Williams driver took hold of Pierre’s cock in his hand as the French boy leant down taking George’s uncut head in his mouth, using his tongue ran it along the inside of George’s foreskin. The British driver exhaled deeply, his blue eyes spun wildly as the Torro Rosso driver expertly teased his pulsing head. George’s hand gripped Pierre’s hard cock and began to slowly jerk him, Pierre responded by opening his mouth wider and swallowing half of George’s monster. The Williams driver exhaled deliberately again as he watched Pierre’s fuzzy head begin to move up and down on his bellend. Pierre’s throat sank on to George’s thick escort bayan bellend and down his shaft, the French boy fought the urge to gag as he advanced towards the Williams driver’s bushy dark pubes. Pierre’s hands wandered across George’s rock hard body, the British boy’s abs were chiselled and the Torro Rosso driver’s fingertips explored their ridges. The 23-year-old’s fuzzy head bobbed up and down on George’s massive shaft sinking closer to his sweaty pubes each time he returned south. George jerked Pierre harder as the French boy’s mouth accommodated more of his pulsing cock. George’s balls quivered as the Torro Rosso driver’s gentle fingertips traced their along the wrinkly hairy skin. Pierre felt the vibration of George’s quiver, he smiled to himself and sank the whole way down the Williams driver’s massive cock. George could only grip Pierre’s hard cock tighter. The British driver’s wrist pumped a little faster on Pierre’s crotch as the French driver’s cock began to pulse in his hand. George’s eyes rolled around in their sockets, the Torro Rosso driver’s tongue slathered his hard pole hungrily. The English driver’s eyes focussed in on Pierre’s shaggy hair, “Pierre, move round so I can suck you too.” George instructed, Pierre grinned and shuffled his body around whilst continuing to service George’s rod. Pierre’s toned, tanned body, his golden skin smattered generously with hair across his legs and chest moved over the 21-year-old. George lowered his head to the mattress as Pierre swung his leg over the Williams driver’s head and there hung his 6.5 inches in a nest of curly pubes. George reached up and pointed Pierre’s cock towards his mouth, the French boy paused as for the first time The Williams driver devoured his pole. George was pretty good, he paid plenty of attention to the head whilst making sure to hold Pierre’s cock steady and play with his balls all at the same time. The Williams driver’s tongue teased at Pierre’s slit prodding it tantalisingly before devouring Pierre’s entire rod again. The French boy’s thick head glazed George’s tonsils with an offering of precum. George smiled to himself through a mouthful of Pierre’s cock as he pushed up to the Frenchman’s pubes again. The British driver’s own head felt incredible, Pierre’s tongue sent tingles through George’s body as the pair egged each other on with their oral skills. Pierre cleaned George’s long thick pole, feeling the muscle react to every movement of his tongue. Hungrily he pushed the Brit’s head to the back of his throat again and felt it throb inside him. George continued to slide along the French boy’s hard shaft as a cheeky thought came over him, he paused to wet his middle finger before tracing it around the French boy’s exposed entrance. Pierre exhaled deeply through George’s cock as the British boy’s finger pressed at his ring before slipping inside. The Williams driver’s wet tongue slathered along the French boy’s pole which pulsed repeatedly in response to George’s searching finger. Pierre’s ring tingled as the tip of the British boy’s finger prodded at him. A large offering of precum spread across George’s taste buds, encouraged, he swallowed Pierre deeper still. George’s own head pulsed again as the Torro Rosso driver’s fingers continued to trace his balls. Pierre’s oral skills were phenomenal, his tongue teased at the British boy’s head which grew inside his mouth. George’s head rubbed Pierre’s tonsils, the French driver sucked deeply on George’s hard pole. The Williams driver’s fingers swirled around the inside of Pierre’s ring. The stimulation forced a growl out of the Torro Rosso driver whose mouth remained stuffed full of the English boy’s throbbing monster. George’s wet mouth though was amazing, as his finger poked away pleasurably at the French boy’s hole, his tongue swirled around Pierre’s pulsing head then pressed tightly against his shaft as the Williams driver slid up it and into his crotch. Along with the pleasure of George’s mouth and fingers, the English boy’s huge cock added to Pierre’s arousal. The Torro Rosso driver choked on George’s fat cock, the thick head pressed hard on his tonsils causing Pierre’s cock to pulse hard again in George’s mouth. The Williams driver’s finger wandered around inside Pierre’s ring stretching his opening bursa escort a little wider. Pierre’s hairy balls felt tight as the French driver matched George’s rhythm and pressing his cock into the 21-year-old’s mouth. George’s hips stuffed his cock up into Pierre’s face, the English boy’s bellend constricted the Torro Rosso driver’s airway and Pierre could feel himself reach the point of no return. “I’m going to cum.” Pierre groaned before returning George’s cock to his mouth and sucking hard. His hairy nuts juddered in their sacks forcing his milk down his shaft, the Williams driver hungrily sucked Pierre deeper and harder waiting for his imminent reward, George’s own hips bucked harder up into Pierre’s face. The grunts of the French boy through George’s cock announced the arrival of his orgasm. Pierre felt the jizz pumping from his balls through his shaft and unloading freely into George’s throat. The WIlliams driver’s mouth began to fill with Pierre’s hot seed as the thick jizz collected at the back of George’s throat. Still the cum poured into George’s mouth, Pierre continued to moan through his nose with George’s cock pressed against the ceiling of his mouth. George swallowed the thick salty liquid, his tongue swirled around the 23-year-old’s head as Pierre’s orgasm finished. The English boy removed his fingers from Pierre’s arse, his tight ring returning to normal and George pulled off Pierre’s cock rolling the last globs of cum across his tongue before swallowing it. The French boy’s hot load, added to the ceiling of his mouth sliding over George’s swollen head teased his own balls. The Williams driver moved from between Pierre’s legs, the Torro Rosso driver allowing George to move under his leg then raising his hand George moved it behind Pierre’s head holding the French boy’s shaggy hair. He gently pressed Pierre deeper as he continued to bob into George’s crotch. George squeezed Pierre down harder still as his balls tightened, Pierre handled George’s cock pressing against the back of his throat fighting the urge to gag and a moment later a deep gasp from the English boy was followed by a throbbing sensation. George’s thick head fired his cream up into the back of Pierre’s throat, the flavour of George’s cum filled the French boy’s taste buds as the Williams driver’s load emptied from his sack. Pierre swallowed every shot as the English boy fired repeatedly into his willing mouth. George’s thick shaft fired its final few shots before subsiding with a final deep groan. George’s hand released Pierre’s head, the Torro Rosso driver stayed attached to George’s cock a few seconds longer savouring the thick meat his lips were tightened around before sliding off it slowly and falling back on to the mattress. Reaching over, Pierre pulled at George’s arm and the English boy allowed himself to swing around resting next to him. They stared into each other’s eyes, smiling silently before Pierre spoke, “have you got anything planned after the race is over?” “Just the flight home I think, how about you?” George replied, “finding out what your cock feels like inside my arse I think.” Pierre beamed. END Thank you for reading, I really hope you enjoy the story. If you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions about this story or any other scenarios drop me a line on ail. AND if you would like to contribute to my Amazon account drop me a line. 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