Making Mindy Mine


The morning sun was barely filtering through the blinds, not yet casting its glow over Mindy as she peacefully slept by my side. I watched in quiet fascination as the spreading light gradually transformed her hair from monochrome shades of black and white into the lustrous, golden sheen I knew so well. Touched by the sun, her hair shimmered like liquid gold as it flowed over her shoulders.As the room filled with light, I made out a graceful shape under the sheet: her pleasantly rising hip tapering down to slender legs. She was on her side, back toward me with her arms tucked comfortably in front, hugging a pillow to her breast. I sighed deeply, taking in her beauty and wondering what the hell I’d done. At just eighteen, Mindy was twenty-two years younger than I. She was only a girl, really, and one I certainly had no business taking as my lover. At one time, she was my adoring, young step-daughter. Christ, I could imagine what her mother was going to say.  It wasn’t like we’d planned this. I tried to justify taking her the way I did — but a man my age ought to know better. ‘Gloria is going to shit kittens when she finds out about this!’But, damn, sex with her was amazing. Even as I lay next to her, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around it. One moment I was angry, grabbing her by the arm and spanking her ass, and the next, holy hell… It was the best sex of my life. I expected her to resist and lash out in anger at the liberties I was taking, but Mindy responded with a need as passionate and powerful as mine. I’d turned her ass bright red and fucked her in every way possible, and she thanked me for doing it! The thought of being a submissive turns me on. That’s what she admitted afterward but I barely knew what a submissive was and I certainly never considered myself as the dominant type. Now, that seemed to be exactly where we were headed. Maybe I should have been excited. I was certainly honored she wanted to share this with me, but in truth, I was scared.Yet, the idea turned me on. Simply watching her asleep was heating my blood. Part of me desperately wanted her again. My erection grew thick and hard as memories of her scent and the sweet taste of her skin flickered through my mind. I reached out to stroke her bare shoulder, but withheld my touch mere inches from her flawless skin. Instead, I resolved not to push her. I didn’t want her to think I expected more. Not, at least, until I found out if this was truly what she wanted. Relaxing back into the bed, I gathered the sheets around me while dawn turned into morning. It was still very early, and after such an amazing night, we both needed more than a couple hours of sleep. Reluctantly, I rolled over and drifted off. ***The clattering of glass, and the light pressure of her kneeling on the bed, woke me. It seemed only moments since dawn, but as sometimes happens, I felt several hours had passed while I dreamed.”Hey, Hanky, wake up. I made some breakfast for you,” Mindy happily chirped, setting a tray next to me.”Good morning,” I replied with a yawn. Rolling over, I was treated to a smiling vision of blond hair and youthful beauty. Mindy was absolutely radiant with nothing more than one of my white tee shirts covering her slim body. The men’s shirt fit her like a dress and clung to the rise of her breasts just tightly enough for protruding nipples to make sexy little tents. My gaze flowed down her body until it came to rest on the bare skin of her legs. God, even with her hair mussed, she looked incredible. Her immaculate face was alight with a welcoming smile.  “What’s this?” I asked, tilting my head toward the tray. “Breakfast in bed? That’s very sweet, but you didn’t have to go to all that trouble.” “It was no trouble. It’s just a bagel with cream cheese, half a grapefruit, and some coffee. Besides, I wanted to do it for you. You need it after last night.” She was adorable and so proud of herself I couldn’t resist smiling as I lifted half the bagel and handed it to her. almanbahis şikayet “Thank you, Mindy. That was very thoughtful.”Mindy shook her head at the offered tidbit. “No, that’s for you… Sir.”‘Sir?’  The word echoed in my thoughts, bringing back the night before in stark detail. After our heated but unexpected coming together, she’d revealed her desire to be a submissive. Until this moment, I was sure it had been said just in the heat of the moment. Now, with the breakfast in bed and her use of that particular honorific, it seemed she was intent on following through with what we’d so inadvertently started. I wasn’t at all sure how to proceed, but regardless, I wasn’t going to be deterred. “No, I want you to eat it. Consider it a command, if you like.” Sheepishly, she sat back on her haunches before tearing a bit off and slipping the tiny morsel into her mouth.Feeling strangely pleased. I watched her chew while I gathered my thoughts. “I think we need to talk about last night,” I said, watching her lick a bit of cream cheese from her finger. Mindy actually blushed, but she nodded. “I know, Hanky. This is all really confusing, but I was serious about wanting to be yours.” Then her face grew pale. “You do want me, don’t you? I mean, last night you were so…” “Mindy,” I responded quickly, stopping her in mid-sentence. Cupping her smaller hand in mine, I gazed deeply into her eyes. “Of course I do. God, last night was incredible, but it was dangerous for us. I need to be sure you know exactly what it is you are offering.””But, I do!” she declared with a flourish of her hands, actually bouncing a little on the bed. It was one of those cute things young women do, and I repressed the urge to smile at her insistence.”Really?” I countered, perhaps more sharply than I intended. “Because I’m not sure I do. Just being intimate with you has rocked me, let alone the idea of being your Dominant. I’m not even sure what that means. How can you be so sure?” Mindy’s lip curled in a half smile and she pulled another piece off the bagel before slipping it between my lips. “I understand, Hanky. This is as much a shock to me as it is to you. I didn’t plan this any more than you did. But I did feel this desire long before we ever happened.” “With me?” I asked incredulously. Mindy giggled and shook her head with a reassuring playfulness. “No, of course not with you. I learned all about this at work.”“You mean at the Kensington’s Fetish Club?” I inquired. “That’s some hotel you work for.” Mindy had told me about her work as the hostess for Club 13, and how she entertained and encouraged the couples as they engaged in all manner of sexual extravagances with others who shared their tastes. I was amazed to discover such a place could even exist.Mindy smiled wryly. “It really is, Hanky but, gosh, if you could see the adoration the Doms and subs share. I’ve never seen such trust and devotion. I’ve spoken to several of both, and there is something about their relationship that appeals to me on a deeper level. I had it in mind to find a man I could share this with, but now I know I’ll never find anyone I could trust enough. No one besides you.” I tore another bit off and fed her as she finished. “Be careful with that thought, Mindy,” I warned. “It’s too early to be talking about love or long term here. It would be very complicated for us, and I’m so much older than you.” “Forty is hardly dead, Hanky,” she replied after swallowing. “Besides, I’m not getting all googly-eyed here. I’ve thought this through, even if I never imagined submitting myself to you.”Mindy looked at me with a seriousness I’d not seen before and she squeezed my hand in hers. “I need to know if this is a lifestyle I really want to live. I’m not suggesting we get married or have kids, but we’ve been together now. We’ve had sex, and it was fantastic. All I’m asking is that we try it. I know I can trust you to treat me the way I want to be treated, even if it hurts at times.”Oh, almanbahis canlı casino shit. Images of things I’d done to her flashed through my mind. “Yeah, about that,” I said, “how are you feeling, anyway? I hope I didn’t go too far.”Mindy bashfully sucked her lip as she rubbed her bottom. “I’m a little achy, but in a good way. I think my ass may be bruised from the spanking, and when you, um, you know… wow. That still feels a little sore.” Stark memories of having her bent over the couch while I fucked her in the ass sent a hot flush of shame pouring through me. It all sounded foul, and I suddenly felt as if I’d abused her terribly. “Oh, my God, yeah. I’m so sorry about that. I lost control. You aren’t angry?”Mindy’s eyes sparkled in sapphire blue and her face turned beetroot red, but her smile never wavered. “No, don’t be sorry. I’m not mad. It did hurt, but… how do I explain this? It was something I wanted to feel. The spanking and having you be so forceful? That was amazing, and I’ve never had a man in my ass before, but damn, it was incredible.””It was, wasn’t it?” I replied with a grin. Mindy laughed but her cheeks kept their rosy-red hue as I held her in my gaze. Taking her anal virginity stroked my ego more than I wanted to admit, but it also answered the first of my many questions. I understood then she was on a quest of sexual discovery. That meant the sharing of new experiences was going to be critical in our new relationship. To ensure that, I needed time to plan. From what little I knew of such relationships, it would be important for me to keep her off balance and to push her in ways she didn’t expect. She needed to find her limits, limits she couldn’t possibly yet know. I needed time to prepare, and that wasn’t something I could do with her by my side. I was resolved to join her in this journey, and I eagerly looked forward to enjoying her vibrance and sexuality along the way.“If you truly want this, I need to go out and prepare,” I said. “I will be gone most of the day. In the meantime,” I paused, trying to improvise some Dominant-sounding rule for her to follow. Finally, I smiled, idly fingering her nipple through her white cotton tee. “I don’t want you to dress. You are to remain naked and clean the house.”  Mindy nodded, accepting my command, but the slight rise in her smile gave me pause until I caught my mistake. “You are also not to touch yourself. If you fail in any way, you will be punished. Do you understand?” “Yes, Sir,” she responded and her smile turned to a pout. It was a pout that only deepened as I slipped out of the bed. “But, Hanky, don’t you want me before you go?”Holy hammers! Having her offering herself so easily made my cock throb, and although I was sorely tempted, I resisted the urge. This is going to be harder than I expected.The truth was, I wanted her desperately, but somehow I knew it wouldn’t be easy to recapture the moment we’d shared. What Mindy sought was more than just sex, and I was coming to believe we needed something different if we were going to make this work. The problem was, I knew almost nothing of dominating a woman. I needed to learn fast.”I do want you,” I admitted, “but I want you to wait. If you are going to be a sub, you need to learn discipline and patience.””Yes, Sir,” she said, quietly. Her look of disappointment was absolutely delicious, and knowing it to be true, it almost broke my will. The game had barely begun, and we were already pulling at our restraints. That I could truly have my way with her — in any way I wanted — sent a thick surge of hot lust racing through me. Knowing I couldn’t resist much longer, I sent her out of the room while I showered and dressed. Erotic ideas raced through my mind as I pondered what I would demand of my new and obedient slut. The opportunities were endless, and my heart was pounding when I met her in the living room.  Mindy had dutifully stripped out of my tee and was cleaning the mess we’d made of the almanbahis casino room the night before. Being nude while performing such mundane tasks was clearly new to her and she actually blushed when she noticed me watching. For a moment, she froze as if struggling with her modesty while my gaze burned with undisguised attraction. Then, her lips turned upward in a shy but excited smile.“Do you like what you see?” she quipped, pirouetting. I took in her beauty. “You know I do. I doubt I’ll ever get tired of seeing you like this. You may not get to wear clothes around here very often.” It was said half in jest, but God, she was beautiful. Her blond hair was up and off her shoulders, exposing her graceful neck. Her breasts were firm and high, and her pink nipples were hard, protruding from her rosy areolae. I was fascinated by the arch of her back and how gracefully her thighs flexed as she moved around the room. Seeing her nude in such a natural way made my blood run hot, and my awakened cock was throbbing insistently in my slacks. Moving behind her, I held her close, nuzzling her neck. “I’ll be out for a while,” I whispered into her ear, “but there is something I need before I go.” Mindy’s body melted into mine and she purred. “I will do anything for you, Sir.” Sliding my hands up her belly, I cupped her breasts, roughly fondling them. Her boobs were large enough to fill my hands and felt wonderfully heavy in my palms. Firm, pliable and soft, I delighted in digging my fingers deeply into her flesh. Mindy cooed, relaxing into my chest until I pinched her nipples sharply enough to make her gasp. “Watching you has made me hard. Do you think a proper sub would let her Master leave his home with his cock ready for her touch?”Mindy winced and sucked in a hiss as I pinched her nipples more viciously. Holding her tight against my chest, I bit and kissed her neck as she reached between us, squeezing my cock through my slacks.  “Of course not, Hanky.” she purred in response. “I would never want you to leave without taking care of you first. Please, take me back to the bed and fuck me before you go. I’ve been wanting you inside me all morning.” Her continued use of ‘Hanky’ instead of ‘Sir’ or ‘Master’ made me pause, but I quickly decided I preferred her pet name. She’d called me Hanky as a child, long before we lost touch. It was ours, and it carried far more meaning for us than any type of honorific. Turning her around, I tilted her head up with a single finger under her chin. “You’ve done well, so far. So well, in fact, that I’m tempted to take you right here and give you the fucking you deserve, but that will have to wait. What I need now is for you to show me that you really want to serve. Pull out my cock, and show me what kind of slut you can be. Are you willing to do that for me, simply because I told you to do it?”Mindy’s eyes flashed, and she seductively wet her lips, nodding in agreement. “Yes, Sir. I would be happy to suck you off before you go.”  Her excitement was palpable and her hands trembled on my skin as she glided to her knees. I was sure this was the first time she was truly given a command to submit to a man sexually. It wasn’t a request and it had to be a powerful moment for her. I wanted to be sure I didn’t break the mood. “When I get back, I want you on your knees, just as you are now, understand?” “Yes, Sir,” Mindy replied, her fingers tracing the growing bulge in my slacks. “I like making you hard, Master. It excites me to know I do this to you. Last night, everything happened so quickly I didn’t get a chance to really appreciate how nice your cock is. I want to now, if it pleases you?” The question didn’t need a response and I sighed as she squeezed me through my pants. Mindy’s hand felt small, but her grip was strong and I became even harder as she stroked me through the cloth. Perhaps a Dom should be more aggressive, but I was happy to allow her all the time she desired if it made her happy. I was taking in every nuance of her beauty as she knelt before me. Her chest rose with each breath, causing her nipples to protrude through the mass of blond hair falling over them. Her tongue flicked over her lips, wetting them as if she were already anticipating the masculine…

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