Lydia: The Bachelorette Party Ch. 01


Please note, this is a true story. However, I’ve changed the names, ages, places

and occupations to protect the other person’s privacy. I have no shame so enjoy, LOL.


Brokenhearted and hurting but does sex heal?

A few weeks after finding out the truth about Vivian, I was still really messed up. I didn’t know if I was more upset at her for deceiving me so easily or myself for being deceived. I got a certain good yet bad advice at the same time. Lydia said, “Go out and fuck to help you forget.” Well maybe the execution of this advice may have gotten me in more trouble then I wanted.

Lydia was a 30 year old lesbian who I became friends with while she was dating a friend of mine. We stayed friends after they broke up. I told her what happened with Vivian. She invited me to stay the weekend in a city she was going to be in a few hours from me. She was invited to her obnoxious cousins’ bachelorette party next week. On Friday night they’d have the party with the rehearsal dinner the Saturday and wedding on Sunday. Since she didn’t have a date and was taking a break from relationships, I was invited to accompany her for the weekend.

The bride and groom were loaded and paid for a large block of hotel rooms in a 5 star hotel. Lydia got a nice room with two queen size beds. She was very happy she wasn’t in the bridal party. We spent most of the day hanging out and not having to do wedding stuff. She could tell I was hurting. Lydia gave me that “great” piece of advice. She also added that since many of the women at tonight’s party were single and they’d be pretty horny after the stripper did his thing.

Lydia’s plan was ingenious. She gave me a rundown on the single women that would be there. Whoever I’d be interested in, she’d pull her away from the pack after the party and help get us some “alone” time. She would also cover for the woman I picked by telling the others things like she had too much to drink so she took her back to her room. Lydia was like my very own wing chick.

The bachelorette party was happening in one of the hotel’s smaller conference rooms. The men were having their own party as well but I wasn’t invited. However, I had my own plan for that as well. The different parties kicked off at different times. Since the ladies party included some of the older relatives they had it earlier.

It was about 9pm and the drinks were already flowing. I was down the hall and saw the stripper leaving. I knew at least one major part of the event was over and the plan was about to begin. The person I had chosen to fuck made Lydia squeamish and hesitate in helping me. Sandra was 46 and 22 years older than me. But it wasn’t the age that shocked Lydia it was that Sandra was her aunt and the bride’s mom.

Yes, my attraction to older women was strong but also to big breasts. Most of the women at the wedding didn’t really have a big rack I was eager to dive into. I wasn’t looking to date just a great fuck. Sandra was a little thicker around the waist but I didn’t mind. She has a 36D chest that I was definitely wanting to taste. She was divorced and not seeing anyone at the time so she was fair game.

Lydia protested at first but I reminded her this was her idea. She relented and was now walking Sandra down the hall. I “accidentally” bumped into them. I was introduced as Lydia’s friend and I offered to help Sandra to her room so Lydia can go back to the party. As I was walking her to the elevators I began flirting with her heavily. In the elevator, she started flirting back and I could tell she was enjoying it. We were both handsy from the elevator to her door.

The moment we arrived at her door I made my move. I held her face, looked her in the eyes and told her, “There isn’t another woman here I want more then you.” And it was the truth. Then I kissed her on the lips and too my delight she kissed back. I grabbed her room key, opened the door and we both went inside with a goal in mind. We were going to fuck.

The second we entered the room I unzipped her dress and she removed my clothing. Her underwear wasn’t sexy but those breasts were. I freed them from captivity and she moved my head to them like she was breast feeding me. As if she knew what I wanted. They were large and soft with big areolas. I could’ve and would’ve spent all night tasting them. But I was looking to fuck her and go.

I moved her to the couch, got on my knees and pulled off her panties. She probably wasn’t expecting to get any so she was not as trimmed down there. But I went in face first anyway and followed by multiple fingers. Her large, engorged güvenilir bahis clit was such a turn on. Looking up at her while I was eating and fingering her, I saw this sexy woman squeezing her breasts in such a sexy way.

She gave me a few directions on when to speed up my tongue and slow it down. I was like yes ma’am. Each woman is different and it’s nice sometimes for her to take the lead. If I learn an new technique on how to get a woman off, I’m all for it. And get her off, I fucking did! It was like someone threw a cup of water in my face. I freaking love older women and their communication skills.

Sandra stood up then pushed me down onto the couch. She climbed on me and my cock entered her wet heaven. Her hips began grinding against me. My hands and mouth went back to her breasts for another round. Those skilled hips alternated a circular motion then a forward and back motion. This MILF knew what the fuck she was doing.

Sandra had me floating on cloud nine with her skills. Then she jumped off and went to sucking my cock. Her mouth began enthusiastically bobbing up and down my wet hard shaft. Like she was cleaning her juices off my cock. Then she jumped on me again, rode my cock for a few minutes. Out of her pussy and back in her mouth.

Holy fuck, this back and forth was making my head spin in delight. My orgasm was approaching and let her know as I was in her mouth. She said I could cum anywhere I wanted. My answer not shockingly was in her pussy while sucking her her breasts. She smiled and rode me again with my mouth full of her melons. It didn’t take long for me to fill her up with my orgasm.

As I was cumming I pulled her in for another kiss. I didn’t want to stop. However, my cock was on a top secret selfish feel better mission to fuck multiple women this weekend. I got up and thanked her for a wonderful time. I told her I hoped to see her again this weekend. As I was leaving she gave me a very mischievous look as I was leaving like she knew I was up to something.

After I left Sandra’s hotel room, I went back downstairs to see who else I could fuck next. I popped my head into the party and waved at Lydia. The party was winding down. There was maybe six women left just drinking and chatting. My eyes see the next woman I was going to fuck. Lydia came over to me and before she could say anything I pulled her outside.

I told her who I wanted to fuck next. She said, “Next.” I cut her off before she could say anything else. In a serious tone I said, “I want to fuck Cynthia next.” Again I surprised her as she thought I only planned to fuck one woman. Kind of a rebound fuck, feel better and move on. Man was she wrong.

She was again hesitant. I was like this is your idea, I’m just taking it to a different pace then she thought. Lydia gave me a vivid smirk. But she agreed and went back inside the conference room to grab Cynthia. I went back down the hall to wait in the same spot like I did earlier in the evening. About 10 minutes later they came out together.

Lydia introduced me to Cynthia, a cousin from a different side of her family. She was 26, 5’7 with a 32B chest and a nice firm booty. In her slightly drunken state said to Lydia, “He’s cute, I thought you preferred woman.”

I answered for Lydia and made my move, “Oh were just friends, she asked me here to meet her hot younger cousin.”

She smiled and blushed. That’s when I moved in and kissed her. She kissed me back just as aggressively as I kissed her. My hands moved down to that nice rear of hers to squeeze. It was a nice combo of firm yet plump. I knew I wanted to spank that ass. While we were lip locked, I waved see you later to Lydia. I pulled Cynthia into the nearby handicap bathroom.

Once we got inside I locked the door and began undressing. She took off everything except her bra. She moved to kiss me and I stopped her. I pushed her against the wall, with her hands bracing the wall and pulled her hair back. I firmly asked her, “Do you want to be fucked?”

She let out a horny and delirious, “Yes!”

One of my previous cougars taught me this move and it works most of the time. I slipped some fingers between her legs and started to get her pussy worked up more. Once she was very wet I penetrated her pussy with my hard cock which still had Sandra’s dried juices on it. This was another fuck and go situation. I was hammering her pussy. My cock was giving her no mercy.

My hands were at her hips and grabbing her firm ass. Cynthia was making all kinds of erotic noises from my cock using her pussy for pleasure. I raised my right hand and smack. Right there and then güvenilir bahis siteleri I knew she was someone I could spank as often as I wanted. She let out one very specific word reacting to my smack, “More!”

Well as the gentleman I am I granted her request. But I did so with more of my pleasure in mind then hers. I alternated cheeks so both could enjoy the sensation. Smacking that ass while I fucked her. I was trying to coordinate my thrusting with my spanking. That rump was getting a spanking like she had been a very bad girl. Ironically, with what happened after this night was over I was the one who deserved the spanking.

I was probably pounding her about 10 minutes before I was close to an orgasm. I spun her around and pushed her to her knees. I shoved my cock into her mouth and began fucking it. She struggled a little at first but she too was really horny and wanted sexual gratification. My load went into her warm mouth and she swallowed some of it.

I was not finished with her just yet. I pull Cynthia to her feet and push her back against the wall. My lips quickly finds hers and my right hand finds her wet pussy. Our kissing was very hot and my finger fucking of her was relentless. I wasn’t leaving until I got her off. Cynthia’s legs were getting weak, her body was shaking more and her lips were melting into my mouth.

Cynthia screamed into my mouth when her orgasm hit. As soon as it subsided, I helped her get dressed and up to her room. In the elevator we kissed some more. I was grabbing her ass all the way back to her room. Once again I did not stay. I told her needed to make sure Lydia got back to her room ok, which was true. And I’d find her at the wedding.

I went back downstairs and headed for the men’s bachelor party. The door to their ballroom was slightly ajar as a way to deter any “funny” business. The stripper dancing was very sexy. She was sort of going to be the next target I was looking to fuck again. But I did also wanted to show my appreciation to and check on Lydia. She hooked me up and I was going to hook her up as well.

I went to one of the courtesy phones in the hallway and called up to Lydia to see what she was doing. She had changed and got into a robe, laying in her bed and watching some tv. I told her I’d be back soon. I waited in the lobby for the female stripper to come out. About 30 minutes of waiting I saw her and introduced myself. I propositioned the stripper (“Star”) but not for directly for me. I told her one of the ladies on the brides’ side wanted to know if a tryst was possible. We agreed on a price and she went to drop off some stuff in her car.

Star was 5’7 with a 34DD chest and a killer body. She met me back at the elevators. On the way up we discussed some more details on how this would go down. When I opened the door to the room I saw Lydia writhing in pleasure. She was touching herself while watching some girl on girl action on the tv. She jumped up when she noticed us and closed her robe.

To Lydia’s surprise, Star walked over in a slow yet sexy way in front of the tv facing her. She lifted off her crew neck sweater and dropped her sweatpants. Star’s hot body came into full view. She was still wear her bikini top and the thin stripper thong from the party. Lydia looked over at me stunned. I walked over and whispered in her ear, “You get to enjoy her and I get to watch.” Lydia was already so turned on from the whole evening she pulled Star onto her.

While my eyes were enjoying the scene unfolding in front of me, I started to undress and work my cock. Star and Lydia were madly kissing. Lydia’s robe opened, exposing her naked body. At 5’4 she had a very toned and firm body. She had a 34A chest and these sexy nipples that would pop out pretty far when aroused. Both women had their hands roaming all over the other.

Lydia rolled over Star onto her back. Then began tasting her sweet honey. Star was very smooth down there with a smaller yet very responsive clit. While she was being eaten alive her hands went to take off her bikini top and fondle her breasts. She had two different size nipples and I found that hot. Lydia was going to town down there. Damn if I could perform cunnilingus like that I could I’d charge for it, LOL.

Lydia’s mouth was all over that pussy for a solid 8 minutes straight of tasting. She started to combined her licking with fingers. Star was thrashing in pleasure. The OMG’s coming from her mouths was such a delight to hear. Star’s climax hit and it hit her hard. Star’s fluids were going everywhere as Lydia’s mouth owned that pussy.

But Lydia not satisfied with just iddaa siteleri ravaging Star’s pussy with her mouth. She turned her body with her legs toward Star’s face. She began to grind her tunnel against Star’s. This scissoring technique/position women do to each other is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. They began fucking each other in a way I’ll never fully be able to physically experience. It was flat out mesmerizing seeing them in this position and seeing their facial expressions.

I was so turned on I couldn’t just sit back and watch anymore. I moved over to Star’s face and moved in almost all the way. I actually wasn’t sure if she had sex with men despite she was just dancing for them. She reached and pulled me the rest of the way in. Lydia didn’t seem to mind. She started amping up her grinding of Star. Then I could feel Star’s second orgasm through her kissing. Lydia had this sexy woman shook.

My hands went to her boobs but only for a short time as I was pushed off Star. Lydia held Star’s down and mounted her face. Lydia began face fucking Star with her pussy. This woman was possessed. While Star’s face had Lydia’s pussy roughly grinding into it I moved to fondle and taste those delicious breasts. Lydia who was touching herself to climax was interrupted by us earlier was now ready to explode.

I heard a loud “YES!”, while Star’s face became soaked with love juices. Lydia plopped down on the bed next to her. She took a quick breather. I was still enjoying those delicious breasts. Star was looking down at me with this big grin. I swear her eyes were saying, “Someone’s hungry aren’t they.”

Lydia went to grab a warm towel and wipes Star’s face. Then she pulls her on top and they begin kissing again. I went behind Star put one finger in, then a second. Star knew I wanted to fuck her and lifted her face briefly to say one word, “Condom.” I went to grab one and put it on. This 3-way was not planned but we were all living in the moment. She was so wet down there, I penetrated her with one thrust.

I started hammering her pussy with my thrusts. Watching them and enjoying those breasts had me worked up. I was not going to last long. I’m aiming for my third release tonight. Lydia crawled from under Star and forced her face back into a very wanting tunnel. The scene in front of me was a physically great feeling but also like ecstasy for your eyes.

I’m fucking Star on all fours while she ate out Lydia. This was those moments where you want to cum but also have it last forever. I wet a finger and slid it slowly into Star’s asshole. It was tight and anal sex was probably not on the table tonight but she was ok with me finger fucking her asshole. Lydia writhing in pleasure from Star’s mouth now looked lost in pleasure.

I begin to get a second finger into Star’s hole. As I got into a good pace finger her ass, I exploded into her. Holy fuck, what a night I thought. Not long after, Lydia let out all over Star’s face again. It is always great when you’re having intimate relations with someone who’s down to just enjoy and not in their head all the time worried of what others may think.

After we both finished, Star got up. She cleaned herself, dressed and left. Lydia laid there for a while speechless at what just happened. Obviously, she didn’t expect that to occur. And she definitely didn’t expect what I did next. I gave her some time to come down from that high then crawled on top of her. I looked in those brown eyes and told her, “Thank you for helping me have a wonderful night. I want to show you my appreciation some more. Stop me at any time.”

I crawled down her body and reached her tunnel entrance. I slid one finger in and placed my mouth over her clit. I began pleasuring Lydia in an aggressive way. I didn’t plan on putting my cock in her. This was going to be a primarily oral moment. She started squirming and gripping the comforter we were on.

Her moans filled the air. I lifted my head up and finger out. I gave her one solid pussy smack. Her body jumped a bit but I can tell she liked it. So I did it a second time, then a third. I could tell by her moans she wanted more. I moved my whole hand over her very sensitive clit and started rubbing it. With my fingers slightly open her clit was going back and forth between them. I started to speed up. Her moans turned into some “oh my and oh my god” words flying out of her mouth.

Just as she seemed close, I slid two fingers together into her pussy at an upward angle and hooked them in a grabbing motion using upward pressure then pulled out quickly. I did this a few times and then she erupted. She was definitely not expecting any of this. Laying there on the bed very satisfied. I grabbed her robe and covered her. I went to sleep sexually satisfied but not feeling much better about the Vivian situation, maybe I needed to find more pussy.

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