Lusting After Lisa Ch. 01

Female Ejaculation

It started like this: one day, while alone in the office, spending my Saturday catching up on work, I was incredibly horny. It was during a time when I had no girlfriend and the only action I was getting in on was stroking my cock to porno or while thinking about some of the office women I worked with. There was Virginia, our D-cup 40-ish MILF. There was Sally, the receptionist with the long blonde hair, and then there was Lisa. Feeling tingly in the balls, I got up, and walked around.

I went into Lisa’s office. Lisa was the controller in our company and she was the hottest woman there. I had beaten off regularly thinking about her. Here I was, all alone and horny. A nasty thought occurred to me.

The office was spacious, but it was Spartan. Aside from a plant in the corner and a few personal items scattered about, there was not much here save for a table with the fax machine on it, a couple of file cabinets, and a large L-shaped desk with her computer on it. It was not what you would expect from a29 year old woman who liked to make quilts and other crafts in her spare time. Then again, you might not expect some woman who engaged in such “homey” pastimes to wear those incredibly short skirts, revealing such long legs, either.

As I stood in the doorway her darkened office, the electric, tingly feeling that was in my balls spread up into my dick. It began to swell in my pants. She wore the same perfume just about everyday, and it was all around the office, faint traces of her. I moved my thighs together a little, enjoying the sensation of my cock getting rubbed. How lewd, I thought. Just the isveçbahis smell of her could do that. Smiling, I went inside. It was like having her all to myself, me an average looking guy who worked in sales who she was always friendly too but never really spent much time with. I walked around the office, touching her desk, looking at the sole picture on her desk: her with her husband. They were standing by some fountain somewhere, smiling.

I looked at the picture intently. Her long brown hair was loose and spilling over those soft shoulders. Her long fingered hands resting on her husband’s chest. She was wearing a tank top and short pants. Her legs were long and tan and she wore sandals. I could make out her long, freckled face and wide, smiling mouth with those full lips. Her breasts were hidden from view as her husband held her firm, lithe body closely to his. You lucky bastard, I thought.

I sat down at her desk, reveling in just sitting her chair. I know, it may sound pathetic, but there I was, the quiet guy, the nice guy at work, getting turned on just by sitting in some woman’s chair. I began to get really horny. The feeling persisted in my cock and balls and I wanted to touch it so badly. I couldn’t hold back, not while looking at her picture.

“Oh, Lisa,” I said quietly, and began to rub my cock through my jeans. “Oh, Lisa.”

I thought of her, and what she and her husband were doing at this moment.

“He’s probably fucking you,” I said, a tiny bit louder, and still rubbing my crotch. “He’s probably fucking your sweet little brains out,” I added. It felt so good to rub my cock. isveçbahis giriş Then another though occurred to me.

The place had no internal security camera system: if it had, I wouldn’t have even gone this far. I decided, it was time to go all the way.

I unzipped my pants, taking out my fat six-inch cock. It sprung to life now that it was free, and it felt so god to have it out, standing up straight, bobbing at attention in front of Lisa’s picture. I curled my fingers lightly around it and began to give it gentle squeezes and strokes.

“You like that, Lisa?” I asked her picture. “You like seeing my cock?”

I began to stroke harder and faster. It felt so good, and then I thought, what would it be like to feel her chair with my ass?

This was a little more dangerous, but I didn’t care. Soon, I had wriggled out of my pants and skivvies, and I took my shirt off, too. I sat back in her chair, feeling it on my naked body, and stroked my cock, enjoying the sensation of my hand stroking the shaft, then squeezing the head a little, and then stroking it some more. With my free hand I played with my balls, gently fondling them.

“Yeah, Lisa,” I said to the smiling girl in the photo, “That’s it. Play with my cock and balls.”

I was almost totally naked in her office. I didn’t care. I felt so free. I rubbed my cock head over Lisa in the picture, put it up against the phone, where a little precum flowed out over the receiver part of the headset, and all over her computer, so, that when she went to put her hands on it on Monday, her fingertips would be touching where my cock had isveçbahis yeni giriş been. Finally, I could stand it no more. I got up and I shot my load into her wastebasket, two long, white ropes of cum and then a few more drops and my perverted moment of ecstasy was over. Still standing over her wastebasket, naked except for my socks, I squeezed the head a little more, forcing the last of it out. With cock in hand, I went back to her desk, and then wiped the remaining cum from my dick so it spread thinly around the lip of her coffee cup. Sitting naked in her chair, where a few more drops leaked out to soak into the cushion, I rested for a moment, and then dressed. Checking over the entire office completely, she would not have known I had been in there.

On Monday, I was the first person there. I did a quick double check that everything looked okay in her office, and then got to work. When Lisa arrived at 7:30, I made it a point to be in the coffee room to greet her. Sure enough, she walked in, dressed to kill in her hippie skirt and faded cotton blouse, with the top two buttons undone. Her hair was held in the front by a barrette but otherwise flowed freely. She gave me a friendly greeting and I tried not to get hard when I saw her not even bother to rinse out her coffee cup (having done it before she went home last Friday) but fill it with coffee and cream and then raise it to her lips. Lisa was putting her lips to my cum!

I watched her take her first sip, enjoying the sight of those lips, and her throat bobbing ever so slightly, imagining it was a gallon of my cum.

“Mmmm,” she said, licking her lips, “this coffee tastes good today.”

I know my cum had been spread so thinly over the cups and it had long since dried, so there was no way she was really tasting my cum, but I couldn’t have agreed with her more.

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