Subject: Lust in Group Therapy Part 1 /LESBIAN ROMANTIC LUST in GROUP THERAPY Part 1 Elaine was late for her therapy group. Another Saturday morning of torment from strangers who were too wrapped up in themselves to even see her pain and anxiety. She was slightly overweight around her middle, her muscular thighs and strong legs belied her expansive gut which was a victim of her out of control binge eating after dinner. She would spend hours at the gym doing bike, swimming and nautilus work to try to keep her weight to managable number, but most months it was a losing battle. She liked hearing some of the other people in the group, but felt too uptight to share openly about her food problems and fantasy addiction. She knew it was a problem, she hadn’t had a serious relationship with a man in months and she’d prefer to stay home alone and watch shows and read rather than engage in small talk with anyone. Her anxiety and stress made her depend upon watching romantic shows involving really attractive women who she would fantasize about being with in bed. Sometimes she would be seduced by one of them, or vice versa. Elaine was 43, raised by two parents who had left her a reasonably big inheritance, she worked from home arranging appointments for contractors in various home repair jobs in her county. She was intelligent enough to realize that computers were taking over her job and she had other ways of making a living lined up when this job faded away. Elaine always had a larged framed body but she knew she was sensitive, smart and sassy not always in that order. She perspired profusely when she got excited about something, even a good meal. Recently she was at her gym and caught the eye of another middle aged woman. They made direct eye contact and when she continued getting dressed she realized she was getting aroused. From that moment on, she wondered if she indeed was bisexual or just too lonely to admit she would never find her ideal man. Lauren, one of the women she enjoyed talking to at the group shared first. “I don’t want to admit that I’m a loner and love fantasizing about finding a partner who I can enjoy doing things with, but I have to. That’s why I signed up for this shit. Besides, if I don’t try to do something already, I’ll start to lose my mind. My last relationship with a woman was so dysfunctional we were always getting into fights at home, at the mall, it was a train wreck!” Lauren was one of two women who openly admitted they were gay. She was also about the same age with a great sun tan in the middle of winter. Her figure was totally height weight proportional and she had lovely brunette hair with bangs which made her look younger than she actually was. Today she wore a light sweater and jeans but Elaine could tell she had not worn her bra, as her ample breasts were making such an impression on her soft light orange sweater. Dyanna, our facilitator always chimed in with her take on what she saw as our progress or lack of. “Well Lauren, I think that was a good first admission of your problem, I hear some progress in your desire to be more honest with the group, who wants to share next?” Dyanna had placed ads on the internet for a therapy group she needed to start to finish her social work degree. They all knew this was going to be a free therapy situation and only lasting a few weeks so many men and women tried to sign up. Dyanna was a very attractive young woman with straight, medium length, jet black hair. She had to be about 5 ft 8 and only about 150 pounds, and wore very comfortable but revealing clothing. Today she wore a sleeveless top which accentuated her medium bust bursa escort line and just a pair of tight jeans. Elaine assumed she was of Italian American descent, but wasn’t sure. Soon it was Elaine’s turn. She shared openly about how difficult it was for her to get out of her house and do serious exercise. She also shared about her food problem, which she was just about to admit to being a full blown addiction. Then she surprised herself by sharing very openly and graphically about how she’d fantasize about other people and how it makes her stay away from social situations. The session went on for an hour and a few men shared about their weight and porn addictions. One guy shared about his fascination with fashion dolls, which is how he made a decent living. At the conclusion, Lauren came up to Elaine. “Elaine, I really identified with your share. Do you want to get some coffee sometime? I bet we have a lot in common,” She said with an alluring look to her. Elaine was a bit shy and taken aback that a more attractive woman would want to even want to meet with her outside this group. Her self esteem was in the toilet. But somehow after considering for only a nanosecond how attractive she found her, she agreed and said, “How about now, I’ve got the rest of today free, but if not, we can do it some other time?” Lauren paused, and then said yes. They drove to a local Starbucks and sat at a table. Lauren chose to sit on a right angle to Elaine so she could touch her new companion under the table as Elaine soon found out. Their conversation took off instantly. “So this woman I was dating, her name was Selena. She was mixed race, Mexican and Guatemalan. She was a really smart woman who had wanted me to sponsor her citizenship. So I did, and we became friends and then lovers! She had never been with another woman before, and almost had to marry a man back in her home who was a gang member. She was terrified and escaped and came to America. Isn’t that just a timely story considering what’s going on now with immigration and this dysfunctional, dumb president we have? “It IS!” Elaine agreed. She wanted to hear more about her life and Laura was like an open book, sharing about her feelings and thoughts on many things as we ate our simple deserts. Lauren wanted to hear more about Elaine’s fantasies too and share about some of her favorite actresses and how she would place herself into their lives and become their lovers. It was so strange sharing this with Lauren. As the older woman kept sharing she noticed Lauren’s eyes getting wider and wider when Elaine shared more explicit sexual things. Elaine could feel she was getting turned on as well. As Lauren’s hand stroked Elaine’s leg under the table, she seemed to enjoy it. Elaine figured she must prefer stroking a strong- legged woman, who’s only slightly overweight. She wanted to reciprocate, but didn’t want to throw things into high gear just yet. “Elaine, we have so much in common! I fantasize about the same women sometimes! Do you ever find yourself watching porn? “Lauren, I do and have never told that to anyone! I love to watch big women like myself too and big MILFs too! “Elaine, I’ve always been attracted to big women, especially women who are proportional and have lovely faces like you do. She leaned toward me and we kissed. I put my hand on her shoulder and our tongues exchanged and we felt each other’s blood getting very hot. “You have to come back to my place, we can have some fun together!” Lauren demanded. Elaine couldn’t refuse she was smitten. Lauren lived alone with her black and white cat, luckily Elaine escort bayan loved cats also. Her place was decorated simply as her income was not substantial but she worked hard as a receptionist in a doctor’s office nearby. As soon as they were alone, and the apartment door closed, Lauren approached her and kissed Elaine passionately. The younger woman pinned Elaine against the wall, almost knocking off some art which was hanging close by. Now as it turned out, Elaine used to wrestle women as a sideline gig during college, mainly as a sport. If she wanted she could’ve thrown Lauren around but instead relented and let her have her way with her. Elaine was totally aroused and was sweating more profusely than ever. She was also nervous, this was her first fling with another woman. The weird thing was that Lauren was also perspiring quite a bit too! They laughed about it and kissed, taking off our clothes and checking each other’s bodies out for the first time. In some general ways these two women were made for each other, and would find out many other commonalities soon. Lauren had a VERY shapely figure under those deceptive clothes. She was a good 34 -27-36 with wide dark nipples and lovely suckable breasts. Elaine was quite busty with very wide aureolas and dark protruding nipples. She also had always kept her pubic hair trimmed to a minimum around her extremely thick labia. Lauren grabbed Elaine by the hand and lead her to the bathroom. “Let’s shower together first, we’re both nervous and I love doing that first to break the ice!” Lauren turned on the water in her shower and stepped in offering her hand as Elaine joined her. “I love your large breasts Elaine! I’ve always wanted a pair of huge ones like yours,” “I’m a 40DD and they’re all mine! “I don’t care about your tummy, I want to please you tonight, and let you know how much I’ve been thinking about you!” “Wait, you planned this?” She asked in amazement. ” No, I’ve just wanted to do meet you for a while. Ever since I first heard you share, I’ve had this feeling you’d be open to being with another woman,” Lauren smiled as the water began to spray our bodies. They embraced and kissed holding each other’s arms their erect nipples met, it was a moment they would never forget. Tongues collided as their breasts mashed against one another, hands groped and felt the curves of each other’s wet bodies. They dried each other off and went to her bed. Lauren went down on her first as Elaine lay there taking in her ministrations. Lauren’s experienced fingers parted her partially shaved vagina. Her labia was extremely large and flowerly, thought Lauren. She’d never seen a clitoris so long either, it was almost like a mini penis! The younger woman was totally engrossed as she fondled, fingered and kissed her womanhood as Elaine’s body trembled and shook with more sensations she’d never experienced with any man before. She was totally into being taken by this lovely young woman. Lauren slowly took in the fragrance of her wetness, her fingers plied apart her swollen labia, her tongue explored her erect clitoris. Her tongue encircled it and took it deep into her mouth. “Oh fuck yes Lauren, Yes suck me babe, oh, OH!” Lauren was exceedingly cautious not to hurt her and not bring her to climax too soon. Her right hand on Elaine’s pussy and her left fondled and tweaked her ample breast. Lauren moaned as she took in her first juices, Elaine desperately wanted to taste her too. But Elaine surprised her new lover and pulled her up towards her and Lauren responded by placing her flowering womanhood right over Elaine’s super erect nipple. bursa escort Lauren kept her mound trimmed too, although she had considerably less hair than Elaine. Lauren let out a low moan as she rubbed her wetness directly on Elaine’s massive breasts. Lauren’s ground her hips a bit and then surprised Elaine and mounted her face. Elaine had only fantasized about being on the bottom as another woman did this but now it was happening! The older woman instinctively grabbed her hips and slowly sucked on her sweet mound. She had to use her tongue to separate her labia, which was quite aroused and already very wet inside. Elaine’s strength was obvious to her and she lifted her entire lower body over Elaine’s mouth and sucked her until she moaned louder. Lauren gyrated her hips feverishly into her mouth as she moved to support herself with her knees with hands on the headboard. This freed up Elaine so she could finger her dripping vagina as her tongue swabbed furiously around her clit. Lauren adored the way Elaine was doing this and thrust her mound deeper into her mouth with a deliberate rhythm which made her bed creak and knock loudly. “Ummmggghhh,” Elaine moaned as Lauren increased her force on her mouth. Elaine loved the way she was doing it and it got her hotter too, as she sucked her clit with even more determination. “Oh fuck yes, cummming, cumming,ahhhhhHHHHHHHggggGGHHahh!” Lauren bucked and shouted as a short spurt of her love juices shot into Elaine’s wanting mouth. Lauren kept thrusting and humping her mouth with a few last gasps of her hot orgasm. They settled into each arms and kissed some more. “Have you ever tribbed with another woman Elaine?” “No, but let’s do it!” They both went on their bottoms and interlocked their legs. Elaine took her big toe to her mouth instantly and gave it a good suck. Lauren loved that so much! After a few seconds of adjusting their positions, their labias met with a firm contact, as their legs rubbed against each other in a heated friction. Elaine felt her extended clit touch Lauren’s and it felt like a shock of electricity went through her body. Elaine started to hump and grind herself into Lauren’s sweet body with all of her back strength. She desperately wanted to rub her entire body against her wet mound. Elaine had never done this before, and watching Lauren’s lovely body gyrate and bounce in front of her got her much hotter too! Elaine so wanted her first orgasm with Lauren to be special. They both forced themselves into one another in rhythm with each other. Their intense physical feelings seemed amplified by their newly discovered closeness in many other things. Their eyes met as they fondled and ground their sweaty bodies into one another, finding a special place for a new beginning for both of them. In many ways it was much more than pure lust, the two women knew they had to explore a real relationship now. Elaine’s thrusts became more intense as her body arched into Lauren and she came, with a huge gushing orgasm which spread her juices onto her new partner and soaked her sheets too. They held each other closely afterwards and kissed until they passed out. The next day was a Sunday and the two women made plans to see each other as much as possible. Over the course of just that week their lovemaking got even more creative and intense. Things were shared, food and exercise routines meshed with massages and loving thoughts they never thought possible before in their lives. At dinner later that first week, they realized they would have to share this with Dyanna and see if she was okay with letting them talk about it in group. Both women laughed and imagined (and of course fantasized !) about seducing Dyanna some day. End of Part One Did you enjoy this story? If so please let me know one way of the other! ALL FEEDBACK GREATLY APPRECIATED HELP SUPPORT THE Nifty Archive � Sappholust 2018

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