Love in a Heartbeat


Looking into your loving eyes,Feeling your caress on my skin,That gentle smile fetching my warmth,Drenching in the silence of your wants,Feeling your thirst on my chest,Trying to resist your every move,Carving more the way you press,Deepening down the heavenly etimesgut escort feel,Letting your assaults rub my soul.Breaking freely in your arms,Touching every part of your soul,Ripping through you, innermost,Tapping eryaman escort on your secret doors,Grasping every Inch of skin,Tasting the nectar of your desire,Running even deep within.Stroking your flavours on my sincan escort lips,Gracing the touches on my cheeks,Feeling the warmth of your strokes,Blushing out pleasure and shame alike.Tearing through my flowers apart,Looking through your ecstatic eyes,Giving into your wicked games,Finding an eternity in your pain,Soaking you in my rain.Shivering on your steady chest,Hearing your needs further in,Urging your thrusts to sink deep,Breaking your locks and drowning in,And when your passion is falling within,Feeling your love as my heart speeds.

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