Lorena’s Double Pleasure (Final chapter)


After the wild threesome I had with Lorena and her friend Katherine, somehow, I felt I should compensate Lorena for the amazing night she had provided me with. One afternoon, we were lying in bed talking about things we would and would never do in our lives, and as we replied to our questions, I decided to ask her something.”Would you ever have sex with two guys at the same time?”She looked at me suspiciously. Then, after a long pause, she replied.”I guess that… If I like both guys, and the context is the right one, I think it could be hot. Why are you asking me that?””Well, I just feel that just like you let me have that experience with Katherine, maybe I could also give that to you.””Do you mean me, you, and another guy?” she asked me.”Sure, as long as both feel comfortable with the other person.””Do you have someone in mind?” she asked.”Yeah… My cousin Lou,” I suggested.Lorena looked at me surprised. She had met my cousin Louis over Christmas as we had traveled to his house to spend the holidays there. Both had seemed to hit it off, and I even had a hunch that she liked him.”I think he’s a good choice,” she said smiling at me sexily.I talked to Louis on the phone some days later and told him my girlfriend wanted us to fuck her. Initially, he thought I was playing a joke on him, but then, after I explained everything very well, he understood I wasn’t kidding.We agreed to meet two weeks later. He would drive to my place on the weekend to share an afternoon with us and have fun. I must admit I was a little bit nervous about the encounter while Lorena seemed to take it easy.The time almanbahis passed and the day finally came. Saturday, 12 pm, Louis called me and told me he was a few miles far from the town. We had invited him to have lunch at my apartment, and Lorena and I had cooked a delicious meal.Louis arrived some minutes later, and he and Lorena held each other in a warm embrace for a couple of seconds as soon as she opened the door. She liked him, I could tell.We had lunch and laughed at Louis’ jokes. I guess that is one of his greatest qualities: his fine humor. Plus, I must admit that he’s good-looking.After lunch, we went to the living room and sat there. I made some coffee, and we listened to music. We all loved punk rock, so I played The Clash, Rancid, Ramones, and so on. Later, I brought a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and poured some wine.It was a hot spring afternoon, and the temperature inside my apartment was high. We had been sitting in the living room for a couple of hours when Lorena decided to start it all.”Jeez! So fucking hot today, huh?”We were going to reply, but the image we were about to see left me and Louis speechless. As soon as she uttered those words, Lorena took off her T-shirt. As she wasn’t wearing any bra, her sexy boobs were exposed to our surprise.”You guys should take off your clothes, too,” Lorena suggested as she knelt in front of my cousin. “Here, let me help you,” she said as she unbuttoned Louis’ pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. “Oh my gosh! Your dick is so white and cute,” Lorena told Louis, and immediately, she began stroking his cock until it became almanbahis yeni giriş completely erect.Louis was motionless as she played with his cock. It appeared as if he wanted to touch her, but he didn’t find the courage to do so. However, some seconds later, Lorena put his dick into her mouth, and so Louis started to caress her tits.I remained sitting, watching my girl sucking my cousin’s cock. I guess other guys would feel offended if they had to contemplate such a scene, but that wasn’t me. It was so arousing, and all I wanted was to take my cock and put it inside Lorena’s pussy.Lorena continued sucking his dick, slowly, going from the tip, moving along his shaft, and stopping on his balls, licking one at a time. Louis was in ecstasy, I could tell. After working on my cousin’s cock for a couple of minutes, Lorena turned her head and looked at me.”Why haven’t you removed your clothes, hon?” she asked.She snapped her fingers to rush me as she filled her mouth with Lou’s cock again. I followed Lorena’s order and got undressed quickly. When she noticed I was completely naked, she beckoned to me to get closer.I stood next to her, and she grabbed my erect cock. There she was sucking Lou’s cock while she stroked mine. After a minute, she began taking turns. She would suck mine for a while as she stroked Louis’ dick, and then she would eat my cousin’s and stroke mine.By that moment, my cousin had already taken off her shoes, put his pants away, and removed his polo shirt. So after a while, Lorena stood up and took off her shorts. Then, she grabbed her glass of wine, got hold almanbahis giriş of my dick, and immersed my big cock in the glass.I felt a slight burning sensation that increased some seconds later when Lorena took my dick out of the glass and placed it inside her mouth. She sucked it slowly, enjoying every single drop of wine that covered my shaft. I put my hands on her head and pulled it gently, making her eat all my powerful cock.Then, she took it out of her mouth, grabbed the glass again, and submerged two of her fingers. She approached Louis and placed her fingers on his cock. She spread the wine all along his solid shaft and then his balls, making sure to cover it all with the red liquid.Louis hissed while Lorena licked the wine out of his dick and testicles. At the same time, I knelt behind her and grabbed her medium-sized boobs while one of my hands slid down her back, felt her ass and anus, and continued all the way until it reached her pussy.I rubbed her cunt for a couple of seconds, and then I began fingering her very slowly. Lorena moaned softly while she kept my cousin’s cock inside her mouth.All of a sudden, Lorena stood up, sat on my cousin’s lap, and grabbed his cock.”Do you mind?” she asked, and as Lou shook his head, she introduced his dick into her pussy.She began moving calmly, enjoying every single movement, and as she rode Louis’ cock, he tasted her delicious tits, eating one at a time. I sat next to them, and while I watched Lorena fucking my cousin, I stroked my dick slowly.They would kiss every now and then while they enjoyed their bodies, and finally, after a couple of minutes, Lorena remembered that I existed. She looked at me, caressed my chin, and immediately grabbed my cock and stroked it for a while. Then, she told me to stand up, and when I did, she got hold of my cock and began sucking.

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