Long Day at the GloryHole Blacken


Long Day at the GloryHole BlackenAlthough Jeanette Patterson loves sucking cocks, she wants to avoid having a reputation as a slut who likes to suck cocks. That might seem to some people to be a contradiction, but she has no problem with the concept. In order to do what she revels in doing without having anybody know about it, she goes to the locker room area of a gymnasium in the local community college where she is a sophomore. There, she sits on a toilet in the rest room, divests herself of her bra and dress or skirt or jeans, and sometimes more than that, and hangs some of them on a hook on the inside of the door. Naked as she wants to be, she waits for men beside a hole that has been cut in the partition dividing the last stall in the women’s area and the first one in the adjacent men’s room.She doesn’t usually have to wait very long because most of the male students are aware of the glory hole and know there are women who go there and wait for stiff cocks to be poked through the opening in the partition, where they sit and wait. Years ago, the gym was used for intercollegiate sports but, after the college began fielding both men’s athletic teams and women’s, a new building was erected. The old gym, which was then used for physical education classes and the locker room, which had been used only by men, was divided into one for men and one for women.The installed partition was plywood and a toilet stall was left on either side. Shortly after the remodeling, some enterprising person had cut a round hole between the stalls and they became a popular place for anonymous encounters between women who favor impersonal sexual trysts and men who share that preference.On this particular day, Jeanette had gone to the glory hole and removed her shirt and bra and hung them on the hook inside the door. After that, she removed her jeans, folded them to form a thin cushion and placed them in front of the hole. When she was ready, she d****d a strip of toilet paper between her stall and the one next to her. That was a signal to any man in the other stall that somebody next door wanted to suck him off. With everything ready, she sat on the commode and waited, hoping for a well-hung horny man, preferably black, to come along and offer her his stiff dick.She got exactly what she wanted. At first, Jeanette güvenilir bahis thought some joker was poking a black dildo through the hole, because it was bigger and darker than any she had ever seen. But, except for its massive size, it looked real so she gently took hold of the base with her fingertips. The cock felt like the real article and seemed to be throbbing in her hand, which felt good, and she also relished the contrast of the extreme darkness of the shaft and the big, purplish head in her pale white hand.The sensation was even better when she knelt on her folded jeans, leaned forward and started licking the underside of the huge cock or dildo or whatever it was. Jeanette quickly proved to herself it was the real thing when she felt it growing even bigger and harder under her ministrations. After a few long, slow strokes with her tongue, she pulled her face back, smiled lewdly at the massive treat that awaited her and daintily prodded the slit on the end with the tip of her tongue.”Mmmmm,” came the disembodied voice from the other side of the partition.Jeanette felt the same way but, instead of verbally expressing her delight, she started licking the head in concentric circles, slowly engulfing more until her tongue was caressing under the hard ridge. The head was nestled in her lips and she was gently stroking the shaft until Jeanette decided to take even more pleasure from the huge intruder. Moving slowly to avoid biting the cock, she started moving her mouth forward, engulfing the length of the thick cock. She would not be able to fit the entire monster into her mouth and the end was too thick for her to give deep throat but she would certainly have fun with what she could take.There are many things Jeanette relishes about sucking a big cock, such as the one that was then spreading her lips to their maximum. The feeling of fullness in her mouth is one of them and nothing in her experience had filled her as well as that of the anonymous man in the next toilet stall. With the end of the huge cock pressed against the back of her throat, Jeanette curled her tongue under and around the massive black mouthful, relishing the feel of the smooth skin stretched so tightly around it.Of course, it wasn’t only her mouth that was having fun. Jeanette’s right hand had been thrust güvenilir bahis siteleri inside her panties, where she started by stroking her pussy lips until she was producing a trickle of her lubricating juices. She dipped her fingers into that silky fluid and used them to gently pinch her clit between two folds of her inner lips. While still taking the giant cock in and out of her mouth, she started slowly stroking herself, sometimes reaching lower and scooping up fresh juices to spread on her swollen lips and clit.The pleasure Jeanette was receiving in her mouth and pussy surpassed any she had ever gotten from giving a blow job and she wanted to make it last. She moved her face slowly back and forth, caressing as much as she could with her tongue. Softly, she murmured of her pleasure, wanting the unknown man to hear her so he would know how much fun he was giving her.He was making the same kind of noises, murmuring “That’s it. That’s it. Keep sucking my cock.”That was what she wanted too and Jeanette continued slowly sucking until she thought it was time to give herself and the unknown black man another kind of pleasure. Holding a breast in one hand and his cock in the other, she rubbed one erect nipple against the big mushroom-shaped head, followed by switching hands and caressing him with the other erect nubbin. It felt wonderful to Jeanette and she spent several minutes alternating nipples until her clit started to clamor for more attention.She reverted to sucking the giant cock and fondling her clit. In the past, some smart-asses had been known to pull their cocks from her mouth and finish themselves off by hand, thereby depriving her of the mouthful of cum she had earned. To prevent this man from doing that, Jeanette gently but firmly gripped his shaft in the fingers of the hand that was not active on her clit.After a long, slow session of sucking the huge cock, Jeanette felt it start to throb inside her mouth and in her hand. She knew what that meant. Until then, she had been lightly holding that part of the cock that was too long to fit inside her mouth, but she knew the time had come to aggressively put those fingers to better use. She tightened her grip, both of her hand and of her lips and sucked harder and faster while stroking her clit at the same pace.”Uhhh. iddaa siteleri Uhhh,” the man groaned but Jeanette knew it was in pleasure, not pain that he was expressing.She responded by sucking faster until she felt the cock jerk inside her mouth. Using shorter strokes, she kept the head over her tongue so she would get the full benefit when his cum started to spurt. Jeanette heard him grunt and she heard his body thump against his side of the partition and she felt a big gusher of semen flooding her mouth, covering her tongue exactly the way she wanted. It was delicious but she knew there was more so she kept sucking until she had caught two more bursts of the viscous fluid.Jeanette could feel the monster cock starting to soften so she kept a firm grip on it when she leaned back on her heels and gazed at it. More cum was starting to ooze out the end so she leaned forward and licked that off, followed by using her tongue to clean off all the rest of the man’s juices from the shaft and, especially, under the ridge. With that gone, she placed her thumb on the underside and her fingers on top and drew her hand toward her mouth to get the rest of the man’s cum. Satisfied she had everything, she let go and the black cock disappeared back through the hole.”Thank you,” a voice rumbled to her.”No, thank YOU,” she replied. Those were almost the only words either had spoken during their fun time. As she could hear him leave.Jeanette wasn’t through. The cock was gone but her mouth was still filled with the cum it had provided and she swirled that inside her mouth, relishing the taste and texture. While her mouth received pleasure, so did her clit and her fingers started pumping even faster until she felt her own climax rise and start to overwhelm her. She moaned and panted until her orgasm exploded and she reacted by rolling around on the floor. When she was through sucking cocks, she would go straight to the shower so she wasn’t worried about keeping her body clean.The black cock had been the best Jeanette had ever sucked off and she didn’t believe she would be able to top it. Even so, she got back up, put another strip of tissue in place and sat on the toilet seat in hopes some other man would come along and feed her a ration of his cum.She did not have to wait long as she could hear someone else had entered hoping it would be a another big cock. Too her surprise as she saw the black cock it was the same one she had sucked off just before as she started to stroke it. Back for more I see? Hell ya I can nut 3 or 4 times now start sucking.

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