Living Their Fantasies in Paris Pt. 03


A couple create new lives in 40 days


(Day 10)

In the morning, Rob sent Cindy to the bathroom to get cleaned up, ‘inside and out’, and to do her hair and makeup. With a sigh she prepared and administered her enema before taking a quick shower. She found that if she relaxed and made sure the water was warm, that the enema was not as bad as she had thought. In fact, it actually felt a little good. After drying off, she then performed the familiar rituals of hair and makeup. When she came back out, Rob presented her with the white latex panties and bra. Before he had given them to her, Rob had mounted the remote controlled, vibrating plugs into their respective sockets.

Cindy took the panties and prepared the plugs and her vagina and anus with a bottle of lube that the latex shop had included with their purchase. She then slid the latex up her legs and into her holes. It felt really good!

After she had dressed in her latex, Rob had secured them on with a pair of his locks. Distracted and complaining about the uncomfortable bra, Cindy didn’t pay too much attention to the plugs, other than noticing that they were slightly heavier than the ones she’d worn, yesterday.

Rob then handed her the heavy leather, under bust corset. Cindy sighed, but following last night’s promise she slid the corset up her body and positioned its shoulder straps. She then waited for Rob to lace her in. It took quite a while, longer than yesterday’s latex corset, as it was both heavier and more severely boned. Eventually it was in place and locked. Of course, Cindy couldn’t breathe, twist or bend at all. It was much worse than yesterday. She felt light headed, like she might faint at any time. She also found that she couldn’t really sit down in any normal chair. She could only perch on the edge, lean on an ledge or kind of lounge back on a couch or bed.

Throughout the process her breasts were being poked and irritated by the damned spikes in her bra cups. As she tried to massage them, Rob spoke sternly, “Oh no you don’t! You will not touch your breasts. Only I can. If you ask nicely, perhaps I will rub them for you.”

She pouted for a moment, then asked “Rob will you please rub my breasts?”

“No, he said with a smile, you’ll have to do a better job than that.”

She thought for a moment then said “Oh master, will you please massage my breasts, they really need some attention.”

With that he nodded and stepped up to kiss, lick and massage her poor tortured tits.

After a while he told her “that’s the way and the wording you should use whenever your beautiful breasts need attention.”

Cindy immediately saw the trouble that would cause. If anyone heard that line, she’d really be humiliated. Of course, that was part of the game and it made her pussy wet just thinking about it.

Rob then handed her wedge heeled boots. With the heavy corset, there was no way she could put them on. She asked Rob for help and he looked at her with his hands on his hips until she realized the game he was forcing her to play.

“Oh master, will you please help me put my beautiful boots on?”

With that he bent down and put her boots on for her, he laced them tightly and locked them in place.

Finally, she was ready to place another pretty sun dress on over her head. Of course, it didn’t fit as well as it should. The midriff was too big for her corset reduced waist and her breasts, pushed up as they were strained the top of the dress as if it was two sizes too small.

They’d have to do some more shopping today.

Rob said that they would, but first they would be making another visit to the Louvre.


It was a pleasant day but they took a cab to the Louvre, rather than walk. Rob said that they’d be doing plenty of that, later.

Cindy found climbing into the cab and sitting on the seat difficult due to her corset. She wound up perched half on and half off of the seat, sitting tall. The movement also bounced her breasts onto the spikes of her bra. The poking of the bra coupled with the rubbing of the tight top caused her nipples to stand at attention. She caught herself several times reaching up to hold them, but then remembered the rules and backed off.

The double plugs also bothered her, in a good way. Sitting on them drove them deeper into her holes, and their movement was always arousing and distracting. Their constant pressure was a relentless reminder of her situation – a locked in latex, woman, bordering on slut.

The cabby was confused, by her antics, but was happy to watch her breasts move around under her tight dress top. Her nipples were sticking out like pencil erasers.

When they arrived at the museum, Cindy clumsily climbed out of the car. The corset hurt as did her breasts, from the contortions she had to endure.

Heading to the door, Cindy was a little confused. They’d already spent a day there, and although she’d loved it, Rob wasn’t exactly a fan of the arts.

Once inside, they niğde escort began the stroll through the galleries. Of course, this time through Cindy drew as many stares as did the art on the walls. She laughed to herself, if the men only knew what I have on underneath my dress, and if the women only knew how I was being restrained.

After a few minutes, when they were in a busy hallway Cindy suddenly felt an eruption in her crotch. She gasped and staggered into Rob, who looked at her and smiled an evil smile. A couple of the other patrons noticed her jump, but said nothing, assuming she had just tripped. It only took a moment more for her to realize that he had put the vibrating plugs into her panties. He had activated them for just a moment as they walked. She blushed, knowing what had happened, and worrying about what might happen next.

Sure enough, after they entered the next gallery and were standing amongst the crowd admiring a Monet, he activated them again. Again, she gasped and staggered a little. This time the vibrations didn’t stop, and in fact they picked up their speed and intensity. Cindy closed her eyes and moaned, rocking side-to-side with the pleasure. As the vibrations subsided, she suddenly realized that several people were standing, staring at her. Rob had taken a couple of steps back to watch. One of the men asked her “are you all right miss?” For a moment she was frozen in her embarrassment. After a few seconds she stuttered, “Yes, yes, I’m fine, thank you.”

A couple of the women looked at her suspiciously, before they moved on. Humiliated, she walked over to Rob and gave him a dirty look. “Don’t you give me that look.” he said, “I’m only helping you with your fantasy. You’re getting turned-on, aren’t you?”

She had to admit, sheepishly “yes, you’re right damn you, but please not too much.”

Again, he gave her that evil smirk, “you’ll just have to learn to control yourself. You know you want it. And I love watching you dance.”

“Grrrr” she growled through clenched teeth.

The vibrators continued their random dance on and off, high speed and low speeds, one the other, then both for the next two hours as they strolled through the big building.

Several times Cindy made a substantial scene as she lost control of her feelings when the evil machines did their dance inside her. Each time she was left gasping, moaning and squirming as people watched either in concern or suspecting the truth.

Of course, Cindy’s pussy was on fire from the attention of the plugs, and from the humiliation she felt. The tight corset kept her panting for breath and the spikey bra and tight top were punishing her tits. She was afraid that her hard nipples would tear right through the dress.

Rob kept up the torture game until a museum warden asked her to please stop her distracting behavior or leave the premises. Rob could tell that Cindy was almost ready to cry with frustration and embarrassment, so he set the vibrator in her ass to a slow, distracting speed and walked her out of the place.

By then Cindy’s mind and body were screaming for release. She needed an orgasm, and could think of little else. The slow vibrations in her ass kept her on the edge, as they walked at Cindy’s now standard, slow pace into the city.

They soon stopped for a drink and snack.

With the vibrator distracting her, and the corset preventing her from sitting comfortably Cindy didn’t enjoy the break all that much, but it did allow her to rest her legs and feet.

An hour later they were back walking the historic streets. Cindy tried to enjoy the sites but was just too preoccupied.

Whenever Rob spotted a women’s clothing shop that sold sexy fashions, he’d take Cindy inside and pick out a dress or top and skirt outfit for her to try on. If he liked the look, and if it was revealing and sexy enough, he’d buy it. He was always in total control. Each time, the process transpired as if he was buying clothes for a doll or child.

Cindy found it humiliating and demeaning, but it continued to turn her on.

He took her into a shoe shop, and with the help of a pretty sales girl, Rob came up with a pair of clear, plastic mules with 5″ high heels. he added them to their collection. Cindy wasn’t sure why.

Soon they had quite a haul and Rob hailed a taxi. But instead of going to the hotel, where Cindy hoped to get some relief they weren’t going there. She was really looking forward to saying “Oh master will you…”

Rob gave the cabbie an address that somehow sounded familiar.

It wasn’t long before the taxi pulled up in front of the boot store that they’d visited several days ago. Again, Cindy had to crawl carefully out of the car, constrained by the corset and hurting her now delicate and painful breasts.

They entered the store and Rob asked if his order was ready. What order? Cindy thought with some trepidation. The woman behind the counter looked up his name and said “yes indeed your order is ready, if the lady would sit nişantaşı escort over there, we will bring out her new boots.”

Cindy looked questioningly at Rob, but he just nodded and pointed her to the chair indicated. Cindy was, however unable to sit in that furniture, instead she went over to a lounger, and sat gingerly back into it.

Rob immediately bent down and removed the padlocks on her boots.

After a few minutes the saleswoman came out with several large boot boxes. When she opened the first one Cindy saw a pair of very tall, thigh-high, boots in black leather. Only upon closer examination did she realize that the soles were the large semi-circular, flat ones with no heel that they’d been shown the last time they were in this shop. As she studied them, she saw that the soles looked strangely like horse hooves. The most disconcerting aspect, however was the steep position that they’d hold the wearer’s foot in.

The woman asked if Cindy would like to try them on. It was Rob who answered with an ‘of course’. He continued by asking for the white ones. This surprised Cindy, how many boots has he bought? She certainly liked the sexy boots, but did Rob intend her to wear them often? She wasn’t sure she could handle that, but as always lately the thought made her hot.

The saleswoman knelt down in front of Cindy, grabbed her leg and began unlacing the boots she was wearing. Once both were off, the white version of the hoof-like boots were readied. Cindy had to lean back so the new boots could be slid all the way up her legs. They were so tall they almost reached her crotch, making her nervous that the woman would see her latex panties.

As the woman pulled the boots up her legs, her foot slid into the bottom of the boot. Cindy realized that in these she’d be walking only on her toes, and a small part of the ball of her foot. Her heels would be around 7 inches above the top of the sole, which itself was around two inches thick. There was a considerable amount of padding built in. It felt more like foam rubber the way it formed around her toes and feet.

After they were laced tightly all the way up Cindy’s calves, over her knees and up to the top of her thighs, Cindy realized something else about these boots. Like the others they had corset-like stays in them. The stays held her legs almost straight. She could bend her legs at the knees, but it took some effort to make it happen.

Good lord! How could she walk in these things? How could she sit? And how much would it hurt?

As soon as the lacing was completed, she found out. Rob had to help her stand up. Once she was vertical her situation became painfully clear. Although she could stand, her feet and ankles immediately began hurting. With Rob’s assistance she took a tiny step finding that it was like walking on stilts. She had to swing her legs forward at the hip, as she was able to bend her knees only a little. Moving just six feet from her starting position was a major chore. She began to doubt that she’d be able to wear the new boots at all.

Rob, though was delighted. He declared them the sexiest things he’d ever seen. His excitement, excited her. Cindy had to admit to herself that the new boots were indeed very sexy. The restrictions they forced upon her fed her submissive fetish dreams and turned her on.

They continued to walk slowly around the shop. At first Cindy didn’t dream of walking without Rob’s help, but the more they practiced, the more confident she became, and after a full twenty minutes she was able to move about on her own. That didn’t mean that she wasn’t hurting! Her feet, ankles and calves were killing her. She didn’t like the way she had to swing her hips to take each step, and she still couldn’t figure out how she could sit in the boots, especially with the strict corset in place. Eventually she just had to take a break.

She asked Rob for help and he escorted her to a high stool, nearby. The stool was tall enough that she could lean on it, bending her knees only slightly. At that point she asked the sales woman how people could possibly walk around in boots like this. The woman explained that the more one wore the ‘pony boots’ the more they ‘wore in’. The leather at the knees would loosen up, and the feet and ankles would get used to the severe vertical angle.

As Cindy perched on the stool, the saleswoman opened the other boxes. She pointed out that the black pair of hoof boots were exactly like the white pair that Cindy wore. Would it be necessary to try those on?

When Rob said that he was confident that they would fit properly, so there was no need, the woman pulled out the other two pairs of boots. Cindy saw that they were white and that they matched the black pairs they’d previously purchased. One pair had the tall wedge heel and the other the tall spike.

Again, Rob said that he didn’t see any need to test them, as they were exactly the same size as the black boots that Cindy had worn for the past several ankara olgun escort days.

“These are all perfect” he told her. “We’ll take them all. Could you box them all up, please?” Then looking at Cindy, he continued “She’ll wear those out. Please put her older boots in their box.”

“Wait, what?” Cindy said, coming out of her funk. “I’m not sure I’m ready to go anywhere in these.”

“Of course, you are” Rob said forcefully. “Remember what the lady said, the more you wear them the more they will break in, and the better you will get. Why don’t you continue to practice around the store, while I pay?”

With that he walked over to the sales counter, leaving her in no doubt about what was to be.

Cindy resigned herself to another long, difficult walk back to the hotel. That thought, however made her think of her bladder, and that was a mistake.

When Rob came back with the large bag of boxes, he confirmed her fear about the walk. “We should really just take a taxi back to the hotel, but we need to eat, and I don’t think that you could climb into a car with your corset and those boots getting in the way. So, let’s head out. I can’t wait to see you moving down the street, and the reactions to your new boots.”

Cindy looked him in the eyes, realizing that in the new boots she was actually a little taller than he was. She whispered “Oh Master, I have to pee, please could you help me?”.

Rob, the fiend, pretended he couldn’t hear her.

Humiliated, Cindy said loud enough for the saleswoman to hear. “Oh Master, I have to use the toilette, please could you help me?”.

“Of course, my dear.” He turned to the saleswoman and asked “Is there a toilette my lady can use?”

With a smirk, the saleswoman pointed to a door in the back of the store, and was a little surprised when the two of them walked back and entered. Cindy was beside herself with embarrassment, knowing that the saleswoman was watching them and speculating on their situation.

Once inside the small bathroom Cindy realized that the trouble was only beginning. She had to strip off her dress and Rob had to unlock and peel off her latex panties with the double plugs, just so she could pee. But that was only part of the challenge as because of the corset and the stiff boots Cindy could hardly bend over to squat above the toilette. The small space didn’t help either. Rob had to help a lot and they finally succeeded, after bumping the walls and rattling the door, they both started giggling thinking of what the saleswoman in the store would think. Rob mumbled that with their luck a bunch of customers had probably walked in to shop. That thought sent Cindy into a tizzy, as she pictured the humiliation of it all.

Eventually she was done, and Rob had to wipe her, as she couldn’t reach. More embarrassment for Cindy. It got worse when Rob asked her for some lubricant. She had slipped the small bottle provided by the latex shop in her purse, for just such an eventuality.

He then pulled her latex underwear back up, pushed her plugs back in, and zipped and locked her back up.

Just as she took up her dress, a new thought hit her. She paused and said in in a plaintive whisper, “Oh Master, please massage my breasts. They’re so sore.” It had been a tough thing to ask. She still wasn’t completely comfortable with the ‘master’ concept, and having to beg to get some relief for her aching tits was mortifying, but she did need some respite from the constant pricking of the evil bra’s cups.

Rob responded pleasantly, “Of course my dear, I’d be delighted.” He bent slightly forward and gave each exposed nipple a slow lick and suckle, and then with a hand on each wonderful breast he began a slow massage that felt delightful to his lovely wife.

After a few minutes Rob stopped. “We’ve been in here long enough. We have to get going.” Cindy didn’t want it to stop, but understood. So, she took a deep breath, as deep as she could with the corset and began pulling her dress over and down. Of course, she paid for both the breath and the movements with more pricks to her sore tits.

They opened the door tentatively, and were relieved to see that the saleswoman was the only one in the shop. She ignored them as Rob picked up the big bag and taking a still shaky Cindy by the arm escorted her out the door.

Cindy didn’t really want to tackle the long walk home in her current state, but she understood the problem with taking a taxi, so she just made her mind up to do the best she could under the circumstances.

She concentrated on taking one short, painful step at a time. Not really looking around. She knew that Rob, her husband, lover and master would take care of her. The ‘master’ aspect was new and exciting. She had from time-to-time fantasized about being so under someone’s control that she would call them ‘master’. She had never dreamed that her dear husband could or would put her in that position. It both thrilled and scared her. She knew one thing for certain. These recent adventures had produced the best times of her life. She owed it all to Rob, and his drive to fulfill her long-hidden fantasies and, she supposed, his too. She had never loved sex so much. Never before had so many mind-blowing orgasms and never felt so submissive, controlled, restricted, humiliated or horny!

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